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Ultrasound Daily Digest Sat, 27 Mar 93 Volume 2 : Issue 82 Today's Topics: Bad description for .../sound/patches/util/mt32.zip Boycott Sierra? buying GUS in Germany [Ultrasound Daily Digest V2 #75] GMOS GMOS, and using GUS as a normal midi synth GUS - base address determines what???? GUS and Intel SatisFAXtion/400 GUS New Install Disks GUS questions line out blues Midi TSR New Gravis Disk (on EPAS) Noise in Recording Sierra is really confused! Ultrasound Daily Digest V2 #81 Using GUS as a normal midi synth Various GUS issues... X-Wing and Ultrabots XWING Joystick/GUS problem? Information about the UltraSound Daily Digest (such as mail addresses, request servers, ftp sites, etc., etc.) can be found at the end of the Digest. *** HEY!!! *** Before you ask a question, *** READ THE FAQ ***. It's available on the request server and the ftp sites, or check the newsgroup archives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 16:15:32 -0500 (EST) From: Morgan Stair Message-Id: Subject: Bad description for .../sound/patches/util/mt32.zip To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Here's the description file: GRAVIS ULTRASOUND FTP SITES DIRECTORY INDEX ========================================================================== Ftp Site: archive.epas.utoronto.ca Directory: pub/pc/ultrasound wuarchive.wustl.edu systems/msdos/ultrasound -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subdirectory: ..../sound/patches/util Filename Date Description -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00Index ------ This index file mt32.zip 921205 MT32 patch map for the Ultrasound mt32pat.cfg 921206 Configuration for MT32 patch assignment mt32.zip contains one file, "mountain.mid". I think this is a demo midi file for the mt32pat.cfg setup that just remaps ultrasound patches for mt32 files. I'm not sure about the purpose, but mountain.mid is definately the only thing in mt32.zip. Let me know if I'm mistaken. -Morgan ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 01:46:30 -0600 From: wity@iastate.edu Message-Id: <9303260746.AA06838@iastate.edu> Subject: Boycott Sierra? To: Ultrasound Daily Digest >Date: 25 Mar 1993 08:26:20 -0500 (EST) >From: DEATH BEFORE DISCO >Subject: SB and Hardware Noise >Why does Sierra INSIST on using 639.99999999K of my lower memory? Hmm, maybe incompatibility problems with your computer setup? >Why does Sierra's sound effects suck? Really? I like their music and sound effects, although LucasArts does a better job. >Why does anybody even bother? Their inept programs aren't worth it. >On the other hand, wny is the patch for Aces 1.2 STILL, after about >five (5) months, NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH FTP? That was not Sierra's fault! Usually people who download any game patches will upload them to ftp site. >Instead, they have generously decided to offer it through their >speedy 2400 baud BBS...I guess $250 is too much to spend on their >customers (for a 14400). Never mind that the call is long distance for about >99% of the US. Evidently, they want your money and forget you. Wrong! Sierra's BBS supports up to 9600 baud speed. >Keep this in mind. If you boycott Sierra, not only are you protesting their >lack of GUS support, you're probably saving youself a major software >dissappointment. I really don't see any point of getting angry at Sierra, because they do not support GUS. When Gravis has really advertised GUS and people starts buying GUS, then they will support GUS. It makes more sense if people boycott Gravis, until Gravis really advertises the card. :-) -Wity- ps: Btw, I'm a happy GUS owner, and I have convinced two of my friends to buy GUS. :) ------------------------------ Date: 26 Mar 93 12:39:45 GMT+0100 From: "Alexander Majarek, Sascha, SAM" Message-Id: Subject: buying GUS in Germany [Ultrasound Daily Digest V2 #75] To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Hi out there! Before ordering the GUS in the US, try "Media-Markt". I hope this has the same name in germany. Here in Austria the price was something below ATS 2.000,-- and that's much cheaper than US-price + transport + custom + VAT + .... HTH SAM ********************************************************************* *Alexander.Majarek@uibk.ac.at * There are 3 ways (fast, sweet, sure)* *Perthalerg. 1c/11 * for a man to ruin himself: * *A-6020 Innsbruck * 1. Gamblin' (fast), * *AUSTRIA (EUROPE) * 2. Women (sweet) & * *Tel.: 0043-512-84-26-15 * 3. Computers (sure) * ********************************************************************* ------------------------------ Date: 26 Mar 1993 18:22:35 +0800 From: TC Message-Id: <01GW9V0014DUAC49JA@NTUVAX.NTU.AC.SG> Subject: GMOS To: Ultrasound Daily Digest > I've heard many suggestions on this project. I've heard ideas on how > to do it, arguments for/against dynamic patch loading, suggestions for > .cfg files for each game, suggestions for a GM patchset that loads in > 1Meg, and lots of others. The thing that strikes me as strange is that > NOONE has mentioned one crucial fact: In order for this thing to be > TRULY useful, it has to work WITH SBOS!! Not really. It just has to handle the digitized stuff. The FM stuff are not particularly useful :) > I think that GMOS should be able to handle both GM music, and SB > digital sound. In this way, we don't have to worry about the SBOS FM > patches, and we get digital effects, and decent sounding music no matter > what method of patch selection we wind up using. I did suggest a minimum of 1MB GUS (sorry guys! but it's difficult to do everything with less than that) with 64K reserved for the SB DAC emulation. What I would suggest is to work on the GM side of things first (leaving that 64K free there) and add the SB DAC emulation (*IF* we can get the info out of Gravis). > a programmer) or if you just have some ideas on how you'd like to see > this thing work, send me some mail about it. I'll collect the replies, > and post a summary. Maybe Dave Debry will even make a GMOS mailing Please check out my earlier posts on hardware/software combo and modes of operation. Thanks. .tc ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 08:43:22 EST From: "Burns Fisher, VMS Engineering 26-Mar-1993 0844" Message-Id: <9303261343.AA07871@us2rmc.bb.dec.com> Subject: GMOS, and using GUS as a normal midi synth To: Ultrasound Daily Digest >> Me: >> Now that there's talk about someone (if not Gravis, then someone) >> writing a GM driver (possibly), here's a potential (?) problem. I >> ALREADY have an MPU-401 type MIDI card in my system. You'd think if >> there was a driver making the GUS emulate another MPU-401, games (or >> whatever is trying to utilize the MIDI) would become confused as to >> which port to dump to, unless IRQs and what nots are explicitly defined. > > TC: >If you already have an MPU401, you have an external synth right? Why >would you need to run the GM emulator? In the event you don't have a >external synth, can't you remove the MPU card? Because my external synth is a D-110. Only vaguely GMish patch mapping, and not enough voices, and those it has are LA synthesis rather than sample play. However, I don't want to remove the MPU-401 since I have a number of programs that require it. > >Alternatively, the hardware combo I suggested (ie routing the MIDI-out >to serial-in) will WORK, regardless of whether you already have an MPU >or not. This type of driver will not care a hoot where the MIDI-in comes >from, it simply interprets the midi messages and plays them on the GUS. >:) > >.tc Wait. This is the question I was trying to get at before. I agree that your solution might be good if you DO have an MPU-401. But if all you have is a GUS? The question is, how many games etc which claim to support GM support it via either the GUS MIDI port or an SBOS-emulated SB MIDI port? (The last two may conceivably be the same from a program's point of view). My guess is that if a game says it supports GM, it probably expects to see an MPU-401. It may use it in dumb mode; it may not. If it uses it in dumb mode, it *may* be enough to simply point the game at the GUS's MIDI address, but I don't know that and I have not heard anyone say that they know. I think we need to answer elementary questions like this before we get very far along on just assumptions. ============================================ Related info: >Is there an easy way to route the midi-in port so that the GUS listens >to it? ie, can I plug my cheap midi keyboard into the GUS and play, using >the GUS for output rather than the keyboard? > >Tony I did an experiment last night. As related above, I have an MPU-401 card. I don't have a MIDI box on my GUS. What I did was to plug MIDI in physically into MIDI out. Then under Windows, I ran Cakewalk, and set it to echo MIDI in to the GUS. Finally, I ran "Tetris Classic", a game which runs under windows, but which does not use the Windows drivers...it wants to see SB or MPU-401 hardware directly. I set it to play to the MPU-401, and voila! the music came on the GUS! (I had to figure out which patches to load manually, of course). So the answer to the question is, "Yes". Use a sequencer (I imagine that Winjammer will work also) to reflect the GUS MIDI-in to GUS synth (not GUS MIDI out), and you can play your keyboard through the GUS. ============================================ One more bit of related floatsom and jetsom: Has anyone noticed the MIDI Mapper GUS1024 GUS512, and GUS256 maps? I saw them mentioned somewhere, but did not really understand till I poked further. It turns out than in \ultrasnd\midi there are some files called similar names (e.g. GUS1024.MID) which load 1 meg- worth of patches. Then the MIDI Mapper's GUS1024 map will map all the GM patches into this 1-meg worth of stuff. That's a workaround for non-patch-caching Windows apps, but it is also a start on how to do the patches in GMOS. Burns ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 15:55:12 GMT From: ken@austin.ibm.com (Ken Goach IBM) Message-Id: Subject: GUS - base address determines what???? To: Ultrasound Daily Digest O.K. I'm still trying to track down my problem. In the README, it says the GUS uses a variety of address, and that you should check to see if there's a conflict on your machine. The README gives some addresses in the form 3x0, where "x" is determined by the base address. My question is - how? How does, say, a base address of 220 translate to "x"? Or 240? The reason is on my system the floppy drive controller uses either 3F0-3F7 or 3E0-3E7, and I think there may be an address conflict with the GUS from this. So if anyone can tell me how the different base address setting affect "x" in those addresses in the README, I'll rain down net praise upon you! Thanks, Ken -- THIS POSTING DOES NOT REPRESENT THE OPINIONS OF MY EMPLOYERS. ------------------------------------------------------------------ "I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave the store, mam" Ash, AoD ================================================================== ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 8:29:51 CST From: ibmpa!hartmann.austin.ibm.com!lance@ibminet.awdpa.ibm.com (Lance Hartmann) Message-Id: <9303261429.AA14757@hartmann.austin.ibm.com> Subject: GUS and Intel SatisFAXtion/400 To: Ultrasound Daily Digest ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 23:40:52 -0500 (EST) From: Greg K Chung Message-Id: Subject: GUS New Install Disks To: Ultrasound Daily Digest As much as I'd like to get the new GUS setup disks (with new SBOS) I haven't been able to yet. And this brings me to my main problem: I'd really like to just download a few new files (PLAYMIDI, PLAYFILE, etc). But -- from the looks of it, the new disks are compressed across the five disks. I *wish* the new software could be released as compress files, not compressed disks. Supposing one of the files gets corrupted on my HD... I'd have to reinstall the whole thing rather than just copy that one file back? ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 20:38:16 EST From: apervazo@sas.upenn.edu (Adrian Pervazov) Message-Id: <9303270138.AA05353@mail.sas.upenn.edu> Subject: GUS questions To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Now that I have the GUS, I downloaded the new version of the Winjammer (2.24, I think). The readme file says that the bug concerning the GUS is fixed. Yes, the sequencer can play the midi files OK. But as soon as I try to record something (I'm using GUS as the output and MPU401 as MIDI input), the program crashes, and Window, too, crashes quite often. Anybody knows how to deal with that? This is a real problem, because I would like to use Winjammer for MIDI recording - if I need playback, I could use playmidi or the Media Player. Another question about patches - is it possible to convert samples from a sampler (Akai or EPS) to the GUS format? Somewhere (I don't remember if it was in this group) I read that you can convert EPS samples. I downloaded some files from the EPS ftp site - eps.reed.edu, but I don't know how to deal with them - the utilities I got from there don't seem to be capable to do the job. Any suggestions? The final question is about the Patinfo program. The version I downloaded from epas doesn.t work in the same way as described in a posting earlier - for example, I don't get any information about the envelope or the flags? Am I using an old version? Or it doesn't work in the same way with the new patches? -- |===============================================| | Andrian Pervazov | | University of Pennsylvania | | Music Department | | Internet: apervazo@mail.sas.upenn.edu | | Phone: 215-382-0798 | |===============================================| ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1993 01:15:57 -0500 (EST) From: Yoo-Shin LEE Message-Id: <9303270615.AA25453@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca> Subject: line out blues To: Ultrasound Daily Digest hi, This is the first time I've written, so I am wondering if someone will answer my question? Anyways, My problem is that my line out and my amplified line out both produce "buzz" when I connect them to my roomate's mixer. My roomate suspects the buzz is around 60 hz for the regular line out. I also connect my amplified line out to a pair of mini speakers but do not get any buzz. I am wondering what this buzz is caused by and whether anyone else is getting this noise when connecting the gravis to a stereo system. Ps- the line out level is very low when we connect it to the mixer. WE have to put the line level very high on the mixer. I would like to record using the gravis, but with the buzz it is useless. spader@cs.mcgill.ca ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 22:48:34 PST From: brian@ccnext.ucsf.edu (Brian Huddleston) Message-Id: <9303270648.AA27857@ ccnext.ucsf.edu > Subject: Midi TSR To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Greetings all, I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of any good FTP sites for MIDs? I know where there are some good mod sites, but hardly any good MIDI sites.. Also, What are the chances of a MID player for the GUS that can be just like GTSR. and play in memory while you are running another program. brian@ccnext.ucsf.edu ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 13:22:06 EST From: warrenl@graphics.rent.com (Warren Lieuallen) Message-Id: Subject: New Gravis Disk (on EPAS) To: Ultrasound Daily Digest I know I'm sure getting tired of reading everyone's little story about their experiences with the new GUS disks, but thought I'd chip in my own version, since it seems to be a bit different than most folks.... I deleted all my GUS "stuff" (Windows, too), and then ran the Install program. Wow, what an improvement. I've got a standard 386-33, but the original SetUp locked (apparently while testing the DMA channel). This one works great, and is a lot "friendlier"; I wish all install programs were so careful about telling you about each step, and letting you see what's going on. The only problem I had was that I wasn't set up for running Windows (I have several different CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, and switch them as necessary). So, when Windows was run to set up the GUS, it didn't quite make it. No big deal, I just copied a few files from ULTRASND\WINDOWS to WINDOWS\SYSTEM, and was all set. For those of you having problems getting Media Player to work, you must copy the MIDIMAP.CFG file as well as MIDIMAP.DRV. Everything I've tried has worked flawlessly. The new interfaces to PLAYMIDI, GUSMOD, etc. are much better. The new SBOS (2.04, NOT the 2.02 that comes with the disks) is a big improvement, the new MIDI patches are quite pleasing (to my admittedly unsophisticated ear). All in all, I'd like to congratulate Gravis on a job well done. I wish all vendors put this much work into improving their software, in this short amount of time. Let's face it, the GUS is a new product, so there's going to be an initial "breaking in" period. So anyway, that's my story. If someone's having major problems, I'd be happy to send you a list of my directories, and try to help you figure out what goes where. But, as far as I can tell, if your computer is set up to run Windows, the Install program will take care of everything for you. Just sit back and watch the pretty colors! ======================The Graphics BBS @ (908)469-0049===================== Dr. Warren G. Lieuallen R.W.Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute InterNet: warrenl@graphics.rent.com ===="Imagination is more important than knowledge." -- Albert Einstein ==== ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 19:55:28 -0500 From: "Robinhood -- Marshall Lai" Message-Id: <9303270055.AA15741@crux2.cit.cornell.edu> Subject: Noise in Recording To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Hi, I current have a GUS with 1MEG on board. I am using the newest set of software available from EPAS. But when I try to record from a CD player, there is a large amount of noise present. The problem does not exist if I use a microphone for input (or maybe less severe to the point that is not noticeable.) No the audio line connecting my CD player is not at fault because I can play the CD straight thru the GUS with no noise whatsoever. Also, I tried switching the line in (ie from the CD player) with the mic in (from the microphone) inputs on the GUS. Surprisingly, the recording is louder but the noise is still there. Also when I disable the mic input and enable the line in input, the mic is not actually at volume level 0. I can still hear a faint echo from the mic. Can I solve this problem or is it the 8-bit and 16-bit difference? I doubt the later, because using 8-bit will just make the sound not as crispy clear but should not introduce extra (absurd amount) of noise in the recording. Now, I am not blaming Advance Gravis for this because the GUS is a hell lot better than my SOUNDBLASTER, SB PRo, and SB Pro V2.0 (the OPL3 version). It's is a very nice card afterall. Please email me if you have any clue. Thanks in advance. Marshall ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 8:06:24 PST From: gabrielj@sfu.ca Message-Id: <9303261606.AA27871@fraser.sfu.ca> Subject: Sierra is really confused! To: Ultrasound Daily Digest Like I said before, Sierra is really screwed! Support or no support? Sometimes they say yes, other times they say no...it all depends on who you talk to. I pulled this off of AOL: Subj: Sierra Support? Date: 93-03-25 21:56:46 EST From: Adv Gravis Posted on: America Online I thought I would add these messages that I found in the Sierra forum: Subj: Sound card support Date: 93-03-23 23:43:00 EST From: Sierras Posted on: America Online Unfortunately, you will have to use the Sound blaster emulation for the time being. We will support the card in the near future due to the fine qualities of the GUS, but it will take a little time. p.s. I was just joking about the Paid-part! :) Thanx, Bill :}) And there was this one as well: Subj: Sound Support. Date: 93-03-23 23:37:20 EST From: Sierras Posted on: America Online We got a few boards in the tech dept. to test out the games on. I think the GUSd will be supported in the near future due to it's high quality and low cost. One really nice feature for our flight sim fans is the 50 MHz speed adjustable game port tha is part of the GUS. Hang in there! Thanx, Bill :}) --ENd___ I still say boycott them until we actually do get support from them. Talk is cheap! ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 8:59:55 EST From: Phat H Tran Message-Id: <9303261359.AA06677@sciborg.uwaterloo.ca> Subject: Ultrasound Daily Digest V2 #81 To: Ultrasound Daily Digest > Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 19:06:34 PST > From: gabrielj@sfu.ca > Message-Id: <9303260306.AA02161@fraser.sfu.ca> > Subject: jmprotr.arj > To: Ultrasound Daily Digest > > This is really directed at Jerry but I couldn't remember his address. > Anyways, I downloaded UltraForce's player with great enthusiasm but was > really disappointed because I don't get any sound! > > It looks as though it is playing but not the slightest bit of music or > any sound for that matter is produced. I've got GUS set to port 220, > DMA channel 7, MIDI IRQ2, and GF1 IRQ11. It auto detects fine but no > music. I don't know what to do. > I have this problem as well. The player is playing, but the volume is so low that I have to max my amp to hear anything, and even then, it's still very quiet. However, running playmidi first seems to fix the problem. > Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 12:58:15 -0500 > From: "It's your hand, Buckaroo" > Message-Id: <9303251758.AA20301@magick.tay2.dec.com> > Subject: More on Windows drivers problems > To: Ultrasound Daily Digest > [...] > > I also don't think the new MIDI patches are better than the old ones. The > pipe organ on tocatta.mid just doesn't sound as impressive as it did > before... > > DDA I disagree. I think that the new patches are better in a lot of places. The piano, for example, and the applause, not to mention the sounds that are there now that weren't before. I can't really think of a patch that is worse than its previous incarnation. The pipe organ is softer now, but it is also cleaner, while the old one was so loud that it crackled on tocatta.mid. Overall, I thought that the old patches sounded synthetic and dirty compared to the new ones. > Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 11:06:56 EST > From: phong%triples@Triples.Math.McGill.CA (Phong Co) > Message-Id: <9303251606.AA06787@triples.math.mcgill.ca> > Subject: My GUS problems > To: Ultrasound Daily Digest > > I just got my GUS a few days ago, with the extra chips to go to the full > 1MB, and installed them myself. I got a lot of static running moddemo and > mididemo, which I thought I fixed by making sure the memory chips were on > snugly. However, the problems persist. It seems that the output is > clearer when the cover is off the computer, can it be causing > interference? One of the memory chips is upside-down relative to the > others, should this matter? > If by "upside-down", you mean that one chip has its notch oriented oppositely from the rest, then YES, it does matter! Most IC chips don't have rotational symmetry of pin functions, and I assume that DRAMs are no different. Phat. ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 10:17:24 +0000 From: Clarke Brunt Message-Id: <0096A148.4F0BF7A0.3381@lsl.co.uk> Subject: Using GUS as a normal midi synth To: Ultrasound Daily Digest PHTH1@cc.newcastle.edu.au writes: > Is there an easy way to route the midi-in port so that the GUS listens > to it? ie, can I plug my cheap midi keyboard into the GUS and play, > using the GUS for output rather than the keyboard? Unless anyone knows better, I would say that you required software to do this. WinJammer will do it, if you select GUS MIDI input port for input, select Thru in the MIDI menu, select the GUS MIDI Synth as destination for Thru events in MIDI Advanced menu. Because the GUS needs its patches loading, you need to load a MID file, and play it on the GUS to load the patches for that particular MID. Once you've done that, the keyboard will play on the GUS, and if you can alter your MIDI transmit channel from the keyboard, you will be able to switch to whatever patch the GUS has selected on that channel. Things to beware: The Yamaha keyboard I used echoes its MIDI in on its MIDI out, so DON'T select GUS MIDI output port for your Thru events - result is chaos. If your keyboard sends a program select to a patch the GUS hasn't loaded, you will get no sound. The Yamaha always does percussion on channel 16, and maps the notes onto different ones, so you get funny results if you play a melodic patch on this channel. I wrote a small program (Turbo C++ for Windows) last night to echo the MIDI input port to the GUS MIDI Synth, but still loaded patches with WinJammer - loading them myself will be the next experiment. Things I haven't investigated yet: If you load patches with Patch Manager (I've not got new disk set yet), then what channels (if any) are they program selected into? Windows allows you to select MIDI Mapper as as MIDI INPUT device (and mentions this in the HELP file) - is this any use whatsoever? - I certainly did not receive any MIDI events when I did it? Can the GUS play percussion on any channel, with appropriate use of MIDIOutCacheDrumPatches (or whatever it is called)? Does anyone want a 6N138 for making their MIDI interface? I've got one spare. Please email me (preferably in the UK - would probably cost more to post it than to buy one otherwise!). And finally - I would appreciate any recommendations (by email) of MIDI keybords. Can you get ones without their own synth built in, without them being more expensive than those that do? The above mentioned Yamaha was borrowed from a friend - its keys are too small, and the non-conformance of its voices to General MIDI is a nuisance. Thanks. ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 23:48:53 -0600 (CST) From: "Neil D. Danylczuk" Message-Id: Subject: Various GUS issues... To: Ultrasound Daily Digest 1) Regarding the hot GMOS thread: A month or two ago, someone wrote about how they were using the Space Quest V program (possibly on CD?) with their GUS. He said he would load a bunch of patches in Windows, then exit Windows (?) and play the game, with the "General Midi" setting turned on. He got GM music, but the patches were not correct. If this is true, and I am remembering this story correctly, it doesn't sound as if it is so hard to do GM music in games with the GUS. Also, what about all the inferior soundboards that have cheap little MIDI emulators? I think it is a matter of time, but such drivers will come. Remember, the GUS is very young at this point... 2) Regarding Sierra games... I've tried probably 10 Sierra games with the GUS and an ATI Stereo FX. I've found that SBOS plays these games with very decent sound effects. I've never had a problem getting enough memory, missing speech, etc. Pretty much trouble-free in fact. I think their (mouse-controlled adventure) games are very good. The sounds and music are top notch, and they work well on my computer using many different versions of SBOS. I say this in response to those people who have been mercilessly thrashing Sierra here lately. (My opinion) They make quality products and are a leader in their field. 3) Sierra not supporting GUS... They are simply being obtuse! The way I understand their music system, it sound like it could be VERY easily adapted to use the GUS. They (I believe) simply send a stream of notes from their software, with the occasional digital sound effect. The sound drivers then interpret the notes, send them either to a MIDI device, or else do a mini-MIDI emulation of the notes. Game programmers like to push technology to its limits (ie the Gee-Whiz Factor!) Using a board like the GUS to demo their software would only make them look better! Also, in this early period for the GUS, any company that releases a GUS-aware product will find they have a captive and eager audience. Take for example the game Star Control II. I am not impressed with the game myself, but many people have bought it ONLY because of the GUS sound support. It is just a matter of time until the companies support GUS directly. Their own (confidential) opinion might be that if their support people are spending a lot of time supporting users of an unstable product, it may not be worthwhile. They could decide to build in proper drivers in that case. In the meantime, use your most powerful vote, $. Don't buy programs that don't work properly with GUS. As soon as one software house supports GUS, the rest will eventually fall in line! 4) Has anyone got the software Midisoft Recording Session for Windows through the Gravis promotion? The demo program I have tried is unstable and doesn't support saving, printing, or patch loading. Does the Gravis-compatible version work OK? (ie Is it stable, and ESPECIALLY, how is the printed output?) ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 93 21:13:28 EDT From: "The Punisher" Message-Id: <0096A1A3F5D02B00.00015B21@acad.wit.edu> Subject: X-Wing and Ultrabots To: Ultrasound Daily Digest First off, can someone explain to this humble individual what the hell is GMOS?? Don't mind the question because I just got my card about a month ago and I am still fiddling with the %&&$ thing. Although I have gotten it to work extremely well, with such games as Comanche I have encountered a few problems with other programs. The first is X-Wing. It seems to stop for about a second and a half whenever the weapons are fired. This cause me the unfortunate pilot to oversteer and loose all bearing of where I was. Does anybody else have this problem, and is there a way to fix it. The other is Ultrabots, I got just a demo of the game, although it is now out in stores, but the problem is in the opening story sequence, the music seems to slow down and the sideways scroll, jumps. Any suggestions on the problem???? By the way pick up that Ultrabots thing, It is by Novalogic and if you like Comanche you'll love this one. Myself, I have the demo with no Documentation which makes game play somewhat interesting. -Chris Colotti (colotti@acad.wit.edu) Wentworth Institute Boston, MA ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 17:26:59 GMT From: apollo@ee.ualberta.ca (Apollo Wong) Message-Id: <1993Mar26.172659.27657@kakwa.ucs.ualberta.ca> Subject: XWING Joystick/GUS problem? To: Ultrasound Daily Digest I have a problem playing X-Wing with a new Gravis joystick. Whenever I am doing a combat, the screen switched from full screen view to cockpit view and via versa randomly. This is getting rather annoying. Has anyone else have similar problem? My system is a 386-33 with a Gravis Ultrasound card running SBOS v2.04 Apollo -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Apollo WONG S.Y. | Fourth Year Electrical Engineering, | | Internet : Apollo@EE.Ualberta.CA | University of Alberta, Canada. | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: (null) From: (null) To: Ultrasound Daily Digest [STUFF DELETED] > The problem ONLY occurs when Faxability is loaded automatically, AND > Dashboard is the shell! > I have the above faxmodem, Faxability, as well as FaxMaster. I just wanted to support your findings that no problems occur with Program Manager. I don't use any other shells, so I can't check those out (sorry). What video card are you using? S3-based boards (eg. Diamond Stealth) are known to collide with COM ports (address 2E8). I don't know whether or NOT the GUS could exacerbate the problem, but it may be worth checking out. Lance Hartmann (lance%hartmann.austin.ibm.com@ibmpa.awdpa.ibm.com) Yes, that IS a '%' (percent sign) in my network address. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All statements, comments, opinions, etc. herein reflect those of the author and shall NOT be misconstrued as those of IBM or anyone else for that matter. ------------------------------ End of Ultrasound Daily Digest V2 #82 ****************************** Digest Address: ultrasound@dsd.es.com To post to tomorrow's digest Request Server Address: ultrasound-request@dsd.es.com To subscribe, unsubscribe, and request files Owner Address: ultrasound-owner@dsd.es.com To contact a human if the server has troubles FTP Sites: archive.epas.utoronto.ca pub/pc/ultrasound wuarchive.wustl.edu systems/msdos/ultrasound


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