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The following program, "BUNS OF STEEL" is a paid advertisement by ...... babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby babybaby yba aby byba abyb byba babybaby babybaby bybabyba babybaby byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba babybaby yba aby yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabyb yba babybaby byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba aby byb yba aby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby November 21st, 1993 __________________________________________________________________________ | | |Issue #9 | Editor : Blade X | Back issues found at: | | | | ftp | | | Neo-Wobblie Node # 269 | Tejas (512) 467-0663 BBS | |__________________________________________________________________________| Contents, this issue: Ediborial News, Views, re:Views, and Clues! n6 Unplastic News Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer Johnny Marr Murder Can Be Fun Calendar 1994 Subscribers Strike Back! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Not that I know of a way to heal this world, or to make a better one | | from scratch. I just want to see the whole fuckin' world erupt as we | | reach the bitter, scalding end. | | -- Evil Elf, premiere issue Nexus Six, page 2 | |______________________________________________________________________| Ediborial It was obvious. Months were passing in between issues of Scream Baby and once again I was bored with my creation. So I think, what could re-spark my interest? How about a weekly format? more "news"? less anger? more personal? Ok. Let's see. I plan to sit down every Sunday evening, and spend 2 hours or so to see what I can come up with. I ain't making no promises, though. As far as writer's submissions go, don't take the "fuck you" mentioned in the "Find Out Why They Call Me Stumpy" issue personally. There is not a week that goes by where I don't see at least one "I'm starting a zine, so send me contributions!" message from somone who will never be heard from again. If you can't fill at least 20+ pages on your own before having to resort to contributions, then maybe you don't have anything worth mentioning. Maybe I'll change the policy to "don't waste my time", but for now, I have to keep at least one indecent word in each issue of Scream Baby, simply for the purpose of triggering any and all corporate filter programs. NEWS! VIEWS! re:VIEWS! and CLUES! Nexus Six Magazine POB 1394 Hollywood, CA 90078 What I love about N6 is not necessarily the information presented, but rather the attitude. Clearly present is a commitment to using technology in innovative ways to communicate, to explore, and to create. So whenever one comes face-to-face with the sheer stupidity of mainstream bullshit you want to scream with anger and rage until you choke up that hairball, and you can go back to saying, "this is cool, this is cool, and this is cool......" Premiere Issue : Gutter-Tech Editorial on low-tech & Generation X; news blurbs on technology; instructions on commiting suicide on the same page with a contest and call for entries on stalking celebrities; a reprinted post from alt.satanism on how Closed Caption decoders are actually an attempt by the government to spy on you; Interviews with Jennifer Lynch (director of Boxing Helena), John Bergin (graphic artist, musician, Bonesaw, The Crow), Chemlab, and Christ Gore (editor of Film Threat); reviews of cyberpunk music, videos, books, software, computer graphics, and digital demos. Nexus Six sent free copies of their premiere issue to anyone who responded to an advertisement placed on newsgroups and mailing lists. No more free premiere issues are available. The cover price is listed at $2. No subscription information is listed, but future news stand distribution is hinted at. UNPLASTIC NEWS BOUNCES BACK! The editor of Unplastic News sent me e-mail, saying that the "Ugly" Issue would be out soon. Last we heard from Todd was in April, where he was planning to head cross country and set up in California. If you don't know what Unplastic News is, then your e-zine history is missing some holes. Check out back issues at [And if you don't know that this ftp site is the major hub for e-zine distribution.....well you do now.] Unplastic News can now be reached at HENRY : PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER Henry is a serial killer whose method to escape being caught by the police is not to set up a modus operandi. So you stab one, strangle another, use a .45 on one, an electric drill on another. It's not that you can't use a gun, it's that you don't use the same one twice. This advice Henry gives to Otis, his roommate, a gas station attendant on parole who deals marijuana to high school students and who ends up raping his sister, Becky, who moved in with Henry and Otis to escape from a history of sexual abuse, her husband Leroy (now on bond for $1 million for murder, and having left her daughter with her mother to move to the big city of Chicago, get a job washing hair in a beauty salon. You don't really care. Bleak, boring, and degrading, unlike...... JOHNNY MARR MURDER CAN BE FUN 1994 CALENDAR If you're planning to buy someone a calendar for Chri$tmas, then you might consider the Johnny Marr Murder Can Be Fun 1994 Calendar. Each date contains information about homicides, suicides, serial killers, natural disasters, etc. in a well researched, no nonsense manner. I'd give you contact information, but I can't find my copy. It's around here somewhere. I bought mine at Bookstop, a major chain bookstore, so it should not be that hard to find. I still think a computer version, with dates going back for the last five years, is a really great idea. SUBSCRIBERS STRIKE BACK! Here are some of the responses I received to last weeks questionnaires, as well as some new subscription requests. Note that most have been edited, so that only the interesting sections remain. Even then, I'm suspicious about some, or whether I will do this again............ > Question 3 -- Henry Rollins > > Savage street poet or heavy metal butthead? When I was seventeen this guy was a hero of mine, because he was my introduction to shock value (you know, spit-roasting little girls in the back yard?) and all that, but lately, he's just a whiner. Musically, anyway. I think of a really grotesque and tacky Beauty and the Beast. His next album will be called "Poor Fucking Me, the Screaming Album, Part 25." And of course the true irony is that he smirked at the mere mention of Morrissey on Mtv...Morrissey, who at least can sing. Also, Rollins thinks he's saving the world by telling the Mtv generation to listen to real music, like John Coltrane. Rollins, who has *none* of the integrity of John Coltrane. Okay, I sort of like that song "Do It." Andrew Werling * * * Just thought I'd answer five out of six of your essay questions, just because I need to get up reasonably early tomorrow and it's late already. 1 - The outcome of Gabriel Garcia Marquez replacing William Gibson on The Difference Engine - Dr. Cat buys a copy and reads it. He loves anything to do with Charles Babbage, but possesses an irrational, rabid prejudice against anything associated with William Gibson. 2 - Cybroganics/cyberganics/cyberorganics/however-Paco-spells it: "We have invented a new word, to show that we are even hipper than those that find the newest invented words of others and parrot them. We will not tell you what it means, because we weren't cool enough to make up that part really, but don't want to give ourselves away." neotribalism - "we actually stumbled onto something that's of real significance but we don't understand it so we just toss around a lot of jargon about it. we only found it because we jabber about ALL weird new things we hear about, and we really aren't aware which are the significant ones. We think the brain-wave altering goggles are just as important as neo-tribalism, what do we know?" 3 - Henry Rollins. Never heard of him. But hey, is there really any difference between the two categories you listed? 4 - Please somebody get a discussion going about making an alt.cyberpunk.slag. Some of the dumb kids that call themselves cyberpunks haven't been kept busy enough by their own dumb newsgroups to stay out of the ones I like, and maybe if they had one more new group it would help. 5 - The Well is destroyed... Of the 99%+ of netizens who never once logged onto the Well, 6% shift from thinking "The Well is probably cool/lame" to thinking "The Well WAS probably cool/lame". The other 93% continue to periodically think "Oh, I don't really have the time/money to check out the Well for myself", and continue to think of it as either cool or lame indefinitely, as the frequency with which comments about it appear here and there seems to remain about the same as it had been before. No answer for number six, as I'm not Kibo. (Or am I?) -- Cat * * * Question -- Who are you? I am a hazardous waste manager with the California Institute of Technology. My job also includes radioactive materials and safety. The job very rarely gets boring! I'm also a full time student majoring in industrial hygiene. * * * I'm a physicist, undergrad, Brunel University. At the moment I'm trying to understand what reality is and it's lotsa fun being able to speak the language. I love travelling, I've lived in the UK, India and the Middle East as well as over to the States a few times. I'll see ya there next summer. [Coming to Austin for Leri@Con? Cool beans...................] Now I wanna know what/who you are and what's the deal ? I managed to find one issue to S.B. and it's got...hmmm I dunno yet but I wanna. I love reading and that includes fiction, sci fi especially and history. One cultural artifact worth your time huh ? Well no specific recommendations but find out what the Spanish Civil War was, "A Homage to Catalonia" Orwell. And remember the next time you watch " A Clockwork Orange" you're seeing my campus and this bleeding computer center most of the time. It ain't funny. also I want a reply from you, not some automailer. Zaid [Note: Zaid gets major points for demanding a personal response, but, unfortunately, I'm out of


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