+gt;From bladex@wixer.bga.com (David Smith) Date Tue, 7 Sep 1993 002916 GMT The +quot;Hum

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>From: bladex@wixer.bga.com (David Smith) Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1993 00:29:16 GMT The "Hum Drum" issue of..... babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby babybaby yba aby byba abyb byba babybaby babybaby bybabyba babybaby byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba babybaby yba aby yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabyb yba babybaby byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba aby byb yba aby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby ...is now available _________________________________________________________________________ | | | | Editor : Blade X | | | | bladex@wixer.bga.com | | | | Neo-Wobblie Node # 269 | | |_________________________________________________________________________| So like R. Patrick Jones puts out this hip e-zine called Drum, a cut-up collage involving the medical effects of psychopharmaceuticals, Generation X revolution rants, images, magik, mescaline, and mdma, all under the general homage of information as drug, information as altered reality. So like there is a space at the bottom for people to insert their own text and then ship it off, so I'm like, yeah, gonna do it. So the first thing I include is this shameful exploitive blurb pimping a porno film. Go figure. Another parody of software licensing restrictions, subscription information, tips for wanna-be ezinesters, Reservoir Dogs, Fringeware Review, and the usual litany of disturbing, fragmented, pull-no-punches quotes and sayings. The Hum Drum issue. BABY GOT BACK ISSUES There are so many easy and fun ways to get current and back issues of Scream Baby, there is really no excuse for anyone not to have their very own copy. You Are Number Six includes a Legal Disclaimer, Subscriber Information, ediborial on cyberpunk e-zines, Interview with David Blair (creator of _Wax_), news about Agrippa : The Book of the Dead, and reviews of Stephen Seagal's Under Siege, the Cyberart Gallery in Sin magazine, Sound Photosynthesis catalog, Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, the video arcade game Lethal Enforcer, and the zine Gray Areas. I also was struck by some sort of virus that attached shameful and degrading text to the end of this issue: information about Apartmentopia, a New Edge apartment complex and a Q&A column by Blade X Lax, "the cyberpunk's cyberpunk" Leri-L Issue By day Scotto is the list moderator of the Leri-L Mailing List. By night, he secretly aims for net.personality.dom. As guest editor of Scream Baby, his wildest fantasies are unleashed. In addition to Scotto's writings, we have contributions by @rez on Hypertexture, an excerpt from Rheingold's _A Slice of Life in the Virtual Community_, Andy Hawks, and many more little mind altering blips of information interspersed throughout. The Talking Raven Re:review Starts with a review of Antero Alli's Talking Raven : The Journal of Imaginative Trouble and then it just kinda........decays. Frankly, I don't know what the hell I was talking about or meant to say, but am quick to cover my ass by labeling it "experimental" and "gonzo". Shotgun splatter approaches to reality sometimes end up....messy. I apologize for nothing. The Torn Issue The master copy of this issue was accidently left unguarded in the same room as a small four year old child who had access to a pair of scissors. I taped it back together, best I could, but could only find electrical tape. In between you'll find such things as K-Mart Stocks Fractals, Transmission Error, Baby Got Back Issues, an X-change with Paco Xander Nathan (Technology and Consciousness Editor for bOING-bOING & Mondo, owner of Fringeware, all-around groovy guy), and a new subscriber information / poll. The Andy Hawks Interview issue Software License Agreement, Subscription Information, an ediborial, review of Public Enemy, _Greatest Misses_, and an interview with Andy Hawks, creator of the Future Culture mailing list and FAQ, conducted by Jagwire X, creator of the Autopia project and soon-to-be-started zine, Sun Dog. The September 26th, 1992 Issue Every word written in a 24 hour period, fueled by rage, nervousness, and caffeine. Ediborial, Subscription information, Software Licensing Agreement, A Tribute to Isaac Asimov, A Tribute to Isaac Asimov part 2, List of Cultural Artifacts, and reviews of bOING-bOING, Bruce Sterling, Ministry, NiN, Malcolm X (audio-tape), Mark Leyner's _Et tu, babe_, Negativland, and the Cop Killer controversy HOW YOU GET ALL THIS STUFF........ FTP SITE etext.archive.umich.edu --> /pub/Zines/ScreamBaby PRIVATE BBS SYSTEM Tejas BBS (512) 467-0663 16.8 HST modem, fast pick-up site STOP BY MY HOUSE when I'm home and copy it DIRECTLY FROM MY COMPUTER SYSTEM. Bring your own 5.25" 760K disks, please. Bring me some food while you are at it. SUBSCRIPTIONS Forget this listserv thing, too damn easy. Technology disconnects, displaces, and disorients. I make ya work a little harder. Each issue contains a different method of subscribing. Choose the one you like best, if you like one of the old, stale, boring methods, but the latest one is this: Send an answer (20,000 words or less) to bladex@wixer.bga.com, answering the following question: What is post-cyberpunk? -- David Smith bladex@wixer.bga.com EFF-Austin Vice-President underground digerati


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