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\ \ \ \ \ \ _____________________________________________ \ \ | | \ \ | We are tired of the slick, contrived, | \ \ | choreographed, clean. We want to see | | \ | something that is live, raw, and dangerous. | | | | | | | | "Power to the People: A Lollapalooza Diary" | | | | Photo essay by Maxwell Hudson, October 1992 | | | | _Spin_, p. 61 | \ \ |_____________________________________________| \ \ babybabybabybabyba\ \ybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby babybaby yba \ \ aby byba abyb byba babybaby babybaby bybabyba \ \aby byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba b\ \by yba aby yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabyb yba b/ /by byb yba babybaby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybaby yba / /aby byb yba aby byb yba ba ba babybaby babybabybabybabybab/ /babybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybabybaby / / / / The Torn Issue / / / / _______________/ / November 2, 1992 / / / / _________________/_______________________________________________________/ / | / /| | Cyberlicious | Editor: Blade X | The Bamboo Gardens / / | | PO Box 4510 | bladex@wixer.cactus.org | (512) 385-2941 / / | | Austin, TX 78765 | WWIV : 46@5285 | Neo Wobbly Node # / / | |__________________________________________________________________/ /____| / / INDEX / / / / Ediborial............................................../ /.. K-Mart Now Stocks Fractals!.........................../ /... Transmission Error.................................../ /.... Baby Got Back Issues................................/ /..... X-change : Paco Xander Nathan....................../ /...... New Subscribers Info / Poll......................./ /....... Smart Drugs; Dumb Kids : Why Johnny Can't Morph../ /........ / / \ _______________________________________/ /__ \ | / / | \ | I think cyberpunk is the latest at/__/t | \ \ | by American hipsters to escape the squalid | \ \ | intellectual climate that surrounds them. | \ \ | | \ \ | This is not a bad goal. | \ \ | | \ \ | Karl Myers, "Cyberpunk Thing" | \ \ | Talking Raven Vol II, No. 1, p. 4 | \ \ |_____________________________________________| \ \ \ \ \ \ EDIBORIAL \ \ \ \ ___________________________________________________ You're back! \ \ |__________________________________________________ \ \ Once again, all\ \little cyber-buddies, it's time for another issue of _Scream Baby_. \ \ow that I told some of ya that this would be the Public Enemy theme issue\ \t since making that statement I have discovered that I really don't have \ \attention span to do a theme issue. Go figure. \ \ Actually, I've notic\ \hat my attention span has been getting shorter and shorter as the nights\ \w longer. In conversations I can barely stay on topic for longer than \ \minutes before wanting to jump track and follow some tangent. \ \ \ \ Good thing I've already g\ \ated.....else there might be trouble. \ \ Before we get grooving, let\ \apologize for the condition of this issue. I carelessly left the master c\ \of _Scream Baby_ lying around and one of my friend's four year old tried \ \ake Halloween decorations out of it. Scissors and small children do\ \mix! Anyway, I tried to tape it up, best I could, but only had a roll of e\ \rical tape available. Hope it doesn't cause any confusion.... \ \ _______________________\ \________________________________ | \ \ | | Who s\ \ the soul? | | \ \ | | Whoever took my PE _Greate\ \isses_ tape during my last | | party had better hope I\ \'t catch him/her..... | |_____________________________\ \__________________________| \ \ K-MART STOCKS\ \CTALS! \ \ I walked into my roommate Bayard's room the\ \er day and was like Wow!, what a cool psychadelic poster of fractals. Wher\ \d you get it? \ \ "Oh, I saw it at K-Mart....pretty cool, huh?" \ \ \ \ Fractals are a commodity now found at K-Mart is \ \this blurb wants to say. I'm__till holding out for fractal wallpaper. \ \ / / \ \ / /______________________________________________\ \____________________ / / \ \ | /| One way to determine how and what to think is b\ \lling strangers | / | from other areas. Their hurried reactions to\ \tiple choice | / | selections provide one example of how to think abo\ \mportant issues | | in your life. \ \ | | \ \ | / | "A Brief Exegesis of ONO Polling Techniques", _Offi\ \umber One_ |/ | Volume 1,811,401 Issue 61, August 15, 2004 4:11:3 \ \ page 8 / |________________________________________________________\ \__________/ / \ \ / / TRANSMISSION ERROR \ \ \ / \ \ For some reason inexplicable to me, all cybernauts seem eager to\ \t to discuss their hardware & software system set up. ! products will be found there. \ \ \ \ PRIVATE BBS SYSTEMS \ \ \ \ Cyberlicious ! products are available 24 hours a day at Tejas BBS, 5\ \ 467-0663. The sysop, Boattail Bob, should be famous for saying, "Softwar\ \ the currency of the digital underground" \ \ \ Then there is also The Bamboo Gardens, 512-385-2941, which is a virtual \ wayward home for information junkies. Hundreds of textfiles of good, prime, \ uncut stuff. Or feel free to STOP BY MY HOUSE when I'm home and copy it DIRECTLY FROM MY COMPUTER SYSTEM. Bring your own 5.25" disks, please. Bring me some food while you are at i___ / / While we a/ /n the issue of issues, my Codehound A.I. informs me that various bootleg _/ /am Baby_ copies are floating around cyberspace, in violation of the *STR/ /Y* enforced distribution restrictions [1]. We will track you down. / /while I am not a member of the Software Publisher's Association, I can ju/ /s easily hire some thugs of my own. / / Endn/ /: / / [1/ /e Software Licensing Agreement : Some people just don't get it. / / _______________________________________________ / / | | / | If black and white adults don't have anything | / | in common, well, black and white kids do. | / | And what is that? | | | | It's the music. | | | | Hank Shocklee, Public Enemy Producer | | October 1992 _Spin_, page 46 | |_______________________________________________| X-CHANGE : PACO XANDER NATHAN 10-29-92 Only in Austin will you find someone with a tatoo of the international symbol for recycling. Paco told me that it was "instructions in case someone finds my body. They'll know what to do with it." Paco Xander Nathan is the Technology Consciousness Editor for bOING-bOING, an increasingly regular contributor to Mondo 2000, a programmer (MenStat & probably more), but is probably best described as "the guy with all the cool brain toys" Scream Baby caught up with Paco following the EFF-Austin Public Forum : The Hacker Crackdown, a speech and book signing by Bruce Sterling. Here is an edited excerpt of that conversation : ___ ___ \ \ / / PXN: Hi. My name is\ \o Nathan/ / actually _Wired_ may be an interesting maga\ \ but _/ /o_ is going to sneak up on everyone in the real near fut\ \ / / \ \ / / \ \/ / [Bruce had taken a quick jab at \ / / Mondo during the Q&A session] / / Scream: That might be a litt/ / \ ed opinion there. / /\ \ PXN: Actually that's so/ /ns\ \ info. / / \ \ Scream: Oh. Can you give/ /some i\ \er info about the next issue of _Mondo_? / / \ \ /__/ \__\ PXN: Oh sure. Which one? The one that is coming out in about two days? Scream: TWO DAYS?!?! PXN: Seeing as I wrote a lot of it. ___ / / Scream: TWO DAYS?!?! REALLY? / / / / PXN: Well no, it will probably be coming o/ /bout next week or so. We're really on the print deadline right n/ /..I have a biotech piece in it and a few other pieces as well. / / / / Scream: Is it as glossy? The last issue / /le talked about it taking a "step down" from being heads in / /clouds. / / PXN: Yeah. I think what's happenin/ / that some of the art staff is really congealing and startin/ / come in to their own, and hitting their prime. I think the co/ /of the last issue is just primo compared to what's been hap/__/ng before. Scream: What's going to be on the cover? PXN: I was down at the offices a few weeks ago and I can't talk about it. ___ Scream: Oh come on. I've got to h| |inside information in each issue [of _Scream Baby_] and the onl| |ing I'm sitting on now is that the manager of Public Enemy is| |ting together a rap version of Lollapalooza. That's the | | thing I'm sitting on right now. I need more. | | | | PXN: Inside information on _Mon| |is just that there is a lot of fresh blood and it's going a lot| |e technical. We are talking about bringing in a lot more you| |, less-known writers who are actually right now in the technolog| |d I think this is going to make a big change because these aren'| |ople who are esconsed in post- modernism. These are peop| |ho are living in the tech and I think that will make some change| |I think that the art stuff is really pulling in tight. The big| | thing that is happening right now of course is that the circula| | is just booming because of Walden books and things like that| |nd of course Mondo also has a new host __________________________| |_______________________________________ |_____________________________________________________________________ Scream: You're the new Mondo host? You and Jon [Lebkowsky]? PXN: Yeah, Jon and Sirius and I. Scream: Is R.U. Sirius coming to Austin for a book signing tour? PXN: We've been talking about that. I'm one of the few people trying to \ negotiate that here in Austin. It's just up in the air.... there's \ definitely at least one person here willing to host it. \ \ \ [wandered into a discussion of local Austin counter-culture scene. \ \ Named names! Told other businesses how to run their jobs! Hyped those \ \ who we like! Dissed those who we don't! Who is going to lease that \ \ sombrero-topped-restaurant on the Drag? A New Edge store in Austin? \ \I've said too much] \ \ PXN:\ \think that a lot of the New Edge community here in Austin is \ \lusive. Here in Austin it's very large, but it's very exclusive. \ \ou're not part of the in-thing, you're not part of it at all. The E\ \side is just so damn bifurcated how can you consider it to be ex\ |ive? Why is you have to wear black in order to be part of the in-\ |wd? You can't define it. You have radical feminists over here/ and \|ople who are sawing off their arms and putting on electronics / over here and it's all part of the same thing..... / / / I've just finished some work on wear-ables right now. I don't ha/ / any units to work on but hopefully pretty soon. And when we do / / be doing a party like [see bOING-bOING #9]. Wearable computers/ /t's my big kick right now. I really think there's going to be a lo/ / happening with wearables. I've been talking with too many pe/ / who are going to market right now. / / | | Scream: What's a wear-able? | | | | PXN: A wearable is when you take a laptop, gut it, and make it in| | basically about 3 or 4 pounds. There are people who have it| |n to 7 chips, with 100 meg. Serious 386 machines. | | | | Scream: What was the parody I saw once...........keyboard chaps? | | | | PXN: I think it's going to turn something inside out...You talk | |he VR people and the VR people are beating each other over the he| |ver reality emergences and how it can be effective and how many| |les can take the bandwidth. |__| Scream: That's one point I wanted to make about Bruce's speech was that the military is a major support of VR. That without the military there would be no VR industry. PXN: I'm going to jump out of the field right now and play devil's advocate. I think right now that a lot of the emergence stuff is just bullshit. I think you and I already have realities. And I think that if you go into more of the computer augmented overlay. To be able to have something projected out so I'm looking at you and so I can be updated at the same time. Scream: Random mindsplatter. Now you can see why Scream Baby is like it is. I can't keep on-topic for longer than five minutes. I have just ordered a copy of Wax....[discussion of bringing Wax to Austin]...on Monday and I'm just upset that it's not here yet. I want my information faster than that. One of the ideas I had while thinking about David Blair....the technology already exists to do what he did...... ____hen are there not more people doing it? \ \ PXN: You would b\ \zed at how accessible technology is. You can walk down to Radi\ \ck....I don't know what your expertise in circuits is right now.\ \ \ \ Scream: Zerooooo. Big \ \ng zero. \ \ PXN: You can buy a boo\ \t will show you how to do really interesting circuits that sell\ \$2.39. Anyone can just walk in with a grammar school education an\ \rt wiring circuits. Why don't people do it. \ \ Scream: There is a certain le\ \f technical knowledge a lot of people jump in and start hacking i\. \ lot of people do it, a lot of people don't. A lot of people\ \t understand the technology that surrounds them. This is\ \ght up mostly in _Zen And The Art of Motorcycle_. They don't \ \how it works as long as the food is hot when it comes out of the m\ /wave. Push a button, and that's it. That's all you need to know\/ And that's one of the ironies that as technology becomes more commonplace, your understanding of it decreases. PXN: I don't know, I kind of play counterpoint. I think overall, if you look at a cross section, yeah, but I think for individuals as it becomes more commonplace it starts to fuse together... Scream: Tech is more specialized. 100-150 years ago, something in your house broke you could fix it. You could repair it. Now there's [hardly] anything in your house you can fix yourself anymore. PXN: It bubbles through so. A lot more of the weird specialized functions are being offloaded into th___oftware. So if you understand what the hell an RS 232 port is and| |understand how to debug software you certainly can fix a lot mo| |ings that used to be little specialized black boxes th| |u would never have a clue about how to keep up. It kinda bubbles| |t and goes through stages of being very esoteric and very sta| |ized. | | Note: At this point in the convers|___|, Mike Mooney, of the alternative rock band None of the Above, breaks in and offers an analogy involving time travel and a toaster. Which probably was great, except he spoke so softly that the tape didn't pick it up. There's a lesson involving media hipness in there somewhere. __________________________________ \ | | \ | K-mart Sucks | \ | -- Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man" | \ |__________________________________| \ \ \ \ SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION / POLL \ \ Tom\ \ is Election Day! I know that you, like me, are just giddy with this demo\ \c voting feeling. There's something about bubbling in the slots next to 14\ \ntested races that enlightens the true nature of democracy. \ \ Their d\ \acy, not mine! Here's what I've done. I sat down and made a list of sever\ \ssible long[er]-term Cyberlicious! products. All are within the scope of \ \ilities. Which to choose? Which to do next? \ \ Here's wher\ \ come in. Following is a what-was-supposed-to-be-short description \ \ch project. Study the issues carefully. At the end is a ballot, which\ \equired of people who wish to become a _Scream Baby_ subscriber, an\ \t plain fun for those who already are. \ / \/ PHOTO PORTRAIT Ever since I saw the photos for Suffer Trough, a local campus radio show, I've been aching to do something similar for _Scream Baby_. Essentially this would be a portrait of me in a bleak, dreary urban landscape making some sort of vague socio-political point. This would also be a "I'll show me mine if you show me yours" type of deal. I'll give it away free to subscribers who send in a photo of themselves and a SASE. Else it costs money. STICKERS ___ | | This would be a collaboration between me and my art| |riends to create a sticker that could be placed anywhere, but especial| | the side of your computer so all can see you for the radical telecom| |ator that you are. Something like the BCP! Memetic Antidote. | | | | MACNERVOUSBOY | | | | Nervousboy is one of those artists who doesn't want| |le to know that he's an artist. [If that was *really* the case, though,| | stop dressing like the Beasties Boy, an identifying mark of Austin art| | With a Masters in Fine Arts from The University of Texas at Austin, h| |ks at Kinko's Copies. Once, he ran a T-shirt transfer through the machine| |wing that it would leave an impression on the rollers. Then he copied| |reds of resumes, imprinting "I have a felony conviction" on the back| |ight ink. When confronted, he pleads that he didn't know that woul|___|pen and was very sorry. He still works there. MacNervousboy is a collection of his art information converted to computer format. Gifs, Quicktime movies, pranks, art for fucking around sakes, stuck on a disk and sent to stodgy magazines for re:view. MacNervousboy. Nervousboy has agreed to think about it. JOHNNY MARR MURDER CAN BE FUN COMPUTER CALENDAR Those damn "Today in History" calendars are *everywhere*. I hate them. Don't get mad, subvert! Johnny Marr is the force behind a little zine called Murder Can Be Fun, which is a light-hearted look at murder, mayham, death, and destruction. Last year he created a calendar that listed, for each day, some such gruesome feat. Birthdays of mass murderers, quotes, accidents, that sort of thing. I've been meaning to w_____to him and ask to create a computer version of this year's calendar,/ /'s compiling one. I've already secured an IBM program, and have leads / / Macversion. I bet there's a damn Today in History calendar program fo/ / boxes as well....grrrr...... / / / / SCRE/ /Y : THE AUDIO CASSETTE / / Loyd Blankenship, aka The/ /r, has already agreed to contribute a spoken word description of his / /t on the Operation Sundevil raid. His story is pretty funny, and deser/ / be preserved....before he gets indicted sometime in May. The Scream Ba/ /io tape would be a combination of spoken word, news, music, sounds, / /ws, and the same innovative information you're slowly becoming addi/ /o. / / /____/ APPLY TO GRADUATE SCHOOLS Hi Mom! This option is mostly for her benefit. I know she is somewhat disappointed that her son-with-the-college-degree-who-she-went-through-8- hours-of-labor-for has yet to break the $10,000 a year salary barrier. I came *real* close last year. Essentially I would like to study in a Society and Technology program. My qualifications include a B.A in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, about a 3.2 my last two years, and a combined score of 1300 on the GRE. Any suggestions? Just think.....Scream Baby....on *your* campus. ___ | | PRINT FORMAT ZINE VE| | OF SCREAM BABY | | Before you start shaking your head and | |g "how retro!" there's a lot to be said for print publication. It would a| |me to add graphic illustrations to some of the concepts. I could probably| |w in the Cyber Nuggets comix as well. There'd be little quotes running| |g the bottom of each page, just like Ben Is Dead. Columns & side bars!| || it's something you can read on the bus....but that's another story. | | | | SCUMBAG'S PLACE : | |YBERPUNK YEARS | | This option has me jumping on the case | | friends who produce an ACTV show that uses my house as a set, Scumbag's |___|. Scumbag is a mean vicious man who rules over a house of puppets. The show is essentially a variety show for people with short attention spans : claymation, musicals, singing, magic, talk show, anti-drug messages, and lots and lots and lots of puppets! We almost burnt down my house in the first episode. I already have produced a treatment for the episode, we'd need to secure equipment such as a Video Toaster or similar effects editor and we'd also need to secure a big heaping dose of motivation. Your vote for the HR Puffinstuff of the Underground, perhaps? FIND A WOMAN, BECOME OBSESSED WITH MAKING HER HAPPY, AND FORGET ABOUT THE WHOLE DAMN THING This is self-explanatory. SCREAM BABY BALLOT / NEW SUBSCRIBER INFORMATION Background Information [ ] I am already a _Scream Baby_ subscriber [ ] I'm hooked like a cheap heroine addict. Sign me up. My e-mail address is _____________________ Place either an "X" or an "*" in up to three (3) of the following options: [ ] PHOTO PORTRAIT [ ] STICKERS [ ] MACNERVOUSBOY [ ] JOHNNY MARR MURDER CAN BE FUN CALENDAR [ ] SOUND SCREAM BABY : THE AUDIO TAPE [ ] SCUMBAG'S PLACE [ ] GRAD SCHOOL -- MAKE MOM HAPPY [ ] PRINT FORMAT ZINE [ ] FIND A WOMAN TO RUN AWAY WITH Hit (R)eply now, delete lines 1 through 514, then mark your ballots with a number Pi pencil. Send your entries to bladex@wixer.cactus.org. Deadline : December 1, 1992. Not responsible for anything.


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