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PULSE MAGAZINE ============== Pulse is a monthly magazine for Gay Men. Edited in Scotland Issue 27 - November 1994 ELECTRONIC EDITION To subscribe: Send a mail message to listserver@drink.demon.co.uk The first (not subject) line of the message should be subscribe pulse-list (If you are subscribing for a different address from the one you are using to send the request, you should preface your request with a line of the form set address myotheraddress@my.other.system instead) To unsubscribe: Send a mail message to listserver@drink.demon.co.uk The first (not subject) line of the message should be unsubscribe pulse-list (If you are unsubscribing for a different address from the one you are using to send the request, you should preface your request with a line of the form set address myotheraddress@my.other.system instead) All Material Copyright (c) Claypoke Limited 1994. Permission is hereby given to distribute this material provided that this copyright notice is included and that distribution is specifically for non-profitmaking reasons. Distribution for profit must be done only with prior written consent of the magazine any deviation from this will be seen as an infringement of copyright. Hardcopies are limited to one per person for personal use only and such hard copies are subject to the same copyright restrictions as laid out above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this edition: Read Me - the Pulse Editorial - Civic Pride Scene News - Out and About Re-view - Film Reviews Health Matters - Spin Baby, Spin! An Amsterdam Odyssey - with Betty Sluis-gate Star Gayze - Pulse Horoscopes Backtalk - Halt at Major's Road Ahead Focus - Edinburgh Snippets - News Shorts Contacts - The Pulse Meet Market Venues - Where to go Helplines - Switchboards and Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------- READ ME! ======= CIVIC PRIDE The big thing these days is to have one's city or town chosen as the International City of Culture or some such meaningless title. Glasgow is still basking in its tenure of that title - and it's true that a lot of money went into tarting the place up. Sadly, the real working class culture of that great industrial city has been downplayed as the city centre has been yuppified. Don't forget that the City Father's wanted to close Paddy's Market in order to hide the poor from the gaze of the world! Edinburgh and Glasgow are currently slogging it out for an Architectural award. Douce Edinburgh is holding its beanfeast for the selection committee in Holyrood Palace whilst Glasgow has chosen to show off a god awful modern tenement as the crowning glory of the city's architectural heritage. Yet, both cities have been guilty of much wanton vandalism of that self same heritage. In Glasgow, the motorway, despite Glaswegians having one of the lowest car ownership rates in Europe, drove a swathe through the centre of the city. And Glasgow's love affair with the car continues with the latest plans to upgrade the road system at the expense of the environment. Edinburgh, whilst having rather more of the city centre left intact, has suffered from the vandals too. It's true that the South Side was saved - but only just! And Leith Central Station's trainshed was recently demolished to make way for a crappy supermarket despite excellent plans for the refurbishment and conversion of the original North British Railway building featuring in 'New Uses for Older Buildings in Scotland'. Edinburgh is also dabbling with the idea of a revolting fun fair at the foot of the historical Royal Mile. Hardly what architectural greatness is made of! Nevertheless, if we had an International Lesbigay City of the Year, Edinburgh would be high amongst the list of hopefuls with its own gay village rapidly developing in the shadow of Calton Hill. Glasgow would score highly too with its vibrant scene spread throughout the city. But the UK winner would, undoubtedly be Manchester - its is not only well established but central and friendly - and the beer and men aren't bad either! Abroad, Hamsterjam and San FranCrisco would be the clear favourites - but they couldn't win EVERY year so the British Isles would be in with a chance sooner or later - especially if we get an equal age of consent. Such an annual competition needn't cost much to organise and would generate much good publicity for gay businesses and our communities in general. Wouldn't it be nice if the International Lesbian and Gay Association took the idea on board? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blackpool: Well I don't need to remind you that Grace Jones hit Blackpool last month, and boy did she do it in style. The highlight of the evening was her appearance at the Trades Hotel after the show much to the delight of the hotel's residents. Weeks later we are still talking about the fantastic show. Grace isn't the only star lined up for the Flamingo. Later on in the year Deborah Harry is booked in for an appearance. Watch this space for further details. Even though the holiday season is drawing to a close, Blackpool is far from ready to finish. The Illuminations are switched off on November the 6th. However, November the 7th will see what promises to be the biggest ever all day charity Bash (in aid of H.E.A.L.) at Basil's, Pepe's and the Flamingo. So turn out to see if you can beat the record amount of cash raised. Tuesday nights at the Flamingo now have a new look - as well as cheap drinks there is also top class cabaret such as Angie Gold and Carol Jiani. The Lovely Linda from Lucy's is also waiting to see you, the new membership policy gives Lucy's longer hours for you to enjoy its delights. So don't let the winter nights put you off the north of England's most popular resort. See you on the 7th. Tara for now. Love Tony. Edinburgh: It would appear that thing were not as they seemed at the now closed Laughing Duck. What with the disappearance of the former manager Kevin Crawford and with a stock and cash shortage being claimed by the pub's owners, Thistle Inns, the future of the pub is very much in doubt. November at QTs sees the start of the 'Weekend Cabaret' with such class acts as Mopp and Bucket, Les Girls and the Totally Naff Tarts. For those seeking a bit more raunch then look out for Blue Mondays with Bullet, King Shaft, The Boyz, and the one and only Blue Steel. Over at C-C-Blooms it's things as per normal this month, with Big Karn, Betty-B and Co churning out the fun and games as usual. We hear that the finishing touches to CCs Christmas programme are under way, we will let you know all about it in the next issue. Glasgow: The refurbishment at Bennets has been put back until the end of January, to allow the design team more time to get the job just right. Manager Bobby Gibson tells PULSE that the wait will be worth it. The club is to have a very different and more rounded look. The latest addition to Glasgow's gay scene, 'Eat Out' has opened with a busy, busy bang. The cafe, part of the same building as GHQ, has taken to the heart and stomach of the local lesbian and gay community. When PULSE called around 1pm in for a coffee, it was already getting quite busy. So what makes this TRON/CCA clone different from its competitors. Well, for a start, when you buy a coffee at a reasonably priced ukp1, you are on for at least one top up. We hear that a new menu is planned (not that there is anything wrong with the current one) after a short period, once the customers have had a chance to establish what they would like to see on the nosebag list. On the drink side, I was pleased to see that if a few of you want to purchase Evian water it is possible to purchase the large bottles instead of several small and of the more expensive smaller versions. The cafe also sells a selection of bottled beers. Partners in the business Stefan Major and Brendan Nash told Pulse that they would like the cafe to be 'Mother in law friendly'. Just the place to take the in-laws to 'Eat Out'. Liverpool: The latest addition to Scouseland's gay scene is Time Out. Only a few minutes walk from the other pubs, Time Out is proving popular with the 18-25 age group and students alike. Having a very laid back atmosphere and good bar prices, the pub has plans for a second bar in the future once the local City Fathers get their act together. As we go to press we hear that enquiries are being made as to the possibility of opening up a new gay disco in Liverpool after the turn of the year. It is hoped that the two guys behind the venture will be able to combine a cabaret club and disco to be open seven nights a week. We shall keep you all up to date as we hear more about it. If you fancy joining the PULSE team as our correspondent for the Liverpool area, please give us a call on 0505 - 335021 and leave your details, we shall call back as soon as we can. Manchester::: One of the busiest discos in the area CRUZ 101, is one of my favourite places in Manchester. Now some will say that is only because of the cheap drink and free entry Tuesday to Friday and only ukp1 entry on a Monday. Not true, I have been seen to pay for somethings sometimes, oh yes! Do you live in the Manchester area, and go around the gay scene? Well if you do, and can write around 150 words per month, we at PULSE might be interested in having you join the PULSE team as our Manchester scene correspondent. Fancy the idea? Well, give us a ring on 0505-335021 and leave your contact number or address and we shall get back to you. OK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE-VIEW ======= FRANKENSTEIN Ken Branagh 1994 120 minutes This is Ken Branagh's long awaited epic - yet another adaption of Mary Shelley's horror story. This time it stars Robert De Niro (but only for 20 minutes of the movie) Kenneth himself, and the very talented Helena Bonham Carter and John Cleese. To my surprise, there is no sign of Emma Thompson - is there possibly trouble in paradise? What has happened to the British film industry's favourite couple? But although it's an epic movie it's little else. It is not as though we don't know what is going to happen in the movie or do we?. THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT Steen Elliot 1993 This is one of the best gay movies of the year. It has Terence Stamp, the former 1960's heart throb as a fading drag queen touring the outback of Australia with two other drag queens - Hugo Weaving and the former Neighbours hearthrob Guy Pearce. As a rule, l hate drag as l fail to see why any normal gay man would want to wear a dress that wasn't made by Coco or Calvin. However, in this movie, it works well. A drag show at an aboriginal camp will have you rolling about. Some of the banter between the the three performers seems a little forced, particulaly that of Guy Pearce, but if you accept that he is straight then it is understandable. THREESOME Andrew Fleming The poster for this film promises much - "ONE GIRL, TWO GUYS, THREE POSIBILITIES". However, this is a Hollywood movie! It is the story of three college students who because of a minor error have to share a flat. It features Lara Flyn Boyle, Josh Charles and, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers, Steven Baldwin. Josh Charles plays the gay role and is in love with Steven Baldwin, who is in turn in love with Lara Flyn Boyle. The story does not really go anywhere, there is very little sex, and I won't ruin the movie by telling you if Josh gets his man! FOREST GUMP 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you will get' - or so Tom Hanks is told by his mother. This film deals with some of the great issues of our time: civil rights, cancer, Vietnam and AIDS. Nevertheless, it is the kind of movie you could take your mother to see without any problem. It's a feel good movie - sickly crass but nice. There are some funny moments and jokes about Little Rock and Nixon even LBJ. I watched with a 18 year old french au pair who asked me after the film why I didn't laugh. "Is it an English thing people not laughing?" she asked. l replied that l am not English. Take your mother to see this, have a brain transplant and you too will understand. PULP FICTION This one of the most hyped films of 1994, the winner of the awards at the Cannes film festival, directed by the current hottest property in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino, who made his directoral debut with RESERVOIR DOGS. It has an amazing cast with John Travolta playing a heroin addicted assassin - it's his best acted role for years. There is another outstanding performance from Bruce Willis as a washed up boxer, the others in the cast give brilliant performances - Tim Roth, Eric Stolitz, Roseanne Arquette, Harvey Kietell even Tarantino himself. The film has amazing images, with fantastic characters who all double cross and triple cross each other and the dialogue is the best in a film since..... RESERVOIR DOGS. Tarantino allows the characters to talk and it works - they have you laughing, wincing, even crying in this ultra violent film. The story crosses over, backwards and forwards It has some very violent scenes including one male rape but this is in the context of the film as a whole and l do not see it as a problem. It is, put simply, one of the best films ever made - go and see it see it once and you will want to see it again . ------------------------------------------------------------------- HEALTH MATTERS ============== Spin Baby, Spin! Many of us have a very busy and time-consuming lifestyle. But is that a good enough excuse for not looking after your most precious asset, your health? My health is important to me, I respect the people I travel on the bus with, by covering my mouth when I cough, I expect the same in return. It's pretty gross if you're sitting next to someone who spends the entire bus journey coughing and sneezing into your face! I also respect the people I sleep with by protecting myself from STD's (and therefore protect them too). I find it easy to cover my mouth when I cough... It's not a big deal, but when it comes to protecting myself against STD's, the goalposts move slightly, after all, it would mean going to a GUM clinic, wouldn't it... What if someone saw me? Oh dear... Some people don't get freaked by the idea of going to the GUM clinic but there are those of us out there who do get embarrassed. The first time I went to the GUM clinic I was really nervous but I did it none the less because I had decided deep down just how important my health is to me. I decided that if I did meet someone I knew, then it was no big deal and if they wanted to make it a big deal then they could go put their legs behind their ears and spin like a top! Incidentally, at my first visit, the doctor that I saw asked me if I'd considered having the Hep-B vaccination. At that time I didn't even know it was available, but he explained it to me and it sounded like a really good idea. That's because it is a really good idea! It only involves getting three jabs over a period of a couple of weeks. You can get it done for nothing at the GUM clinic and if you're so inclined, your GP can do it for you too. Is there a catch? Nope, not really... The things you have to remember about the Hep-B vaccination are that you need to have all three injections. Two won't work, neither will one. Also, once you've had you're third injection, you need to wait for a while and then go back to the doctor or clinic to see if the vaccine has taken. Once you've had the result, then you can be immune to Hep-B for a period of years! (It wasn't a lot for me to pay for peace of mind, especially considering that Hep-B is a pretty nasty disease if you do catch it). Unfortunately, some people who start getting the jabs don't finish the course. It's like antibiotics, you're not really protected until you do. Don't give up hope though! If you had the first two jabs in the last 12 months, then it isn't too late to have the third one! After that you can have the blood check and know for definite if you're protected. If you only had the first injection more than three months ago, then you'll have to start all over again. Do it! Trust me, because it's really worth having that peace of mind! I have a badge now that says (in BIG letters) 'I've been to the GUM clinic'. Some people think I went because I was up to naughty' things... So what if I am? The chances are that they are too, but at least I'm not afraid to admit that I am, and I know that I'm in the clear. My answer to these people? 'Spin baby, Spin.' For more info, contact the Steve Retson Project (041-552 3535 ext 4753/4) or look up the local Switchboard in the helplines column. Be Safe, folks! CYA :) AD ------------------------------------------------------------------------- AN AMSTERDAM ODYSSEY ==================== For many queens, the main attraction of Amsterdam has got to be the night life. The choice and variety is immense - however there are many interesting daytime queen-like activities as well. For us poor Calvinists, Amsterdam is viewed as some sort of 'Mecca' where almost anything goes. One can relax - take off one's knickers and let rip - and quite rightly I suppose SEX features very highly on the list of activities - it certainly did on mine. After touchdown at Schipol and several very large 'sherries' from the Air UK conductresses, my Court and I were whisked into the heart of Amsterdam by the very clean and efficient train service, and what about those dishy conductors - (my knicker elastic keeps snapping at the very thought) - and the rush hour men on their way home - god the sluice gates were a tremble. Brushing aside the casual rent numbers that proliferate around Central Station, we ensconced ourselves in the hotel, shower, clean knickers and drinks in that order and it was off to the nearest bar 'De Spuiker' (it means SHAFT) where we were given a warm welcome by the mildly denim clad clientele. For the occasion, I wore a little off the hip Calvin Klien denim Miniskirt. From 5-7pm drinks were at half price (double money), very welcoming if you drink Scotch Whisky or English Gin. One interesting fact for the young at heart among you is the way the bars run the cartoons alongside the porn movies, amusingly the visitors were the ones watching the porn. Naturally the skirt had to be lifted, so I ventured up into the 'back-room' forgoing a game of pool with a Dutch dish who looked as if he had a salami tucked in the leg of his demins (I later found out it wasn't - a salami I mean - and was for real - I even had to take out my teeth for that one!) Backrooms can be fun, but as always the purse has to be filled with condoms, and of course my handy church blessed large candle helped me out in the dark. Amazingly in Holland, condoms do not come free, so take plenty with you. I had of course brought several boxes full and of course the matching KY to set the hair. (I don't need it for anything else as my sluice gates are already water based). I had thought of setting up in business outside the dark rooms selling half priced condoms and ice creams. However I was just to busy too do it justice. Emerging from the dark room (somewhat refreshed - time scale unknown) I was swept off to one of the many porno shops. My dears, they cater for every, and I mean every taste. Winding your way homeward after the bars can be fun, yours truly had a ball (or two) including one against the Post Office door. A friendly Moroccan obliged, and I was well stamped first class. I felt the glow for days afterwards. The next day saw us huddled round the HOMOMONUMENT, dedicated to those shipped off to the concentration camps. Nice to see the flowers and the straight visitors as well. On to one of the fab saunas for a refreshing clean up and de Max Factoring. No sooner had I made myself at home, when, swathed in body and head towels just like a modern day version of Mata Hari, I began to slink around the cinema and private cabins. I felt the urge to throw one of my very private parties, in one of the very private cabins. This of course transpired several times during the day, and fun was had by all (the butcher, the baker, the Dutch shoemaker). Everyone emerged with a glow ready to face the night life once again. Incidentally, for those interested in body piercing and tattooing, there are excellent shops available - no I didn't get my royal tits done - this time. Rumour has it I had my royal 'sluice gates' ringed. The temptation to keep them open proved too much. The Lesbian cafes and bars are excellent as are the all women shops and disco and most of them are male friendly. For the boys there are too many cafes and bars to mention but the Warmoestraat area abounds with mild and heavy leather and denim scene. Many of the bars have Jack Off Parties as a feature. The thought of 40 or so men tossing off in one room was too much even for a seasoned campaigner like myself. Imagine the poor old queen who has to clean up the next day in her wellies. My friend Nola thought Jack Off was a sailor on weekend leave - silly bitch. However she soon caught onto the idea of the backroom. The Amstal area abounds with everything from low life to boys and girl in the windows. However that kind of tawdry sex is going out of fashion, with people preferring the Techno Clubs and friendly bars, of which the Reguliersdwarsstraat has its fair share. Most hotels and bars provide excellent guides to the city's hotels and bars, so there is no need to buy one. Now like many queens I was born to shop, and one of my favourites was Male and Female, specialising the erotica. I can't wait to try out my diamante tit clips, and my new diamante studded riding crop will meet with the approval of some of my more 'humble' pupils. The city is quieter than it used to be, and it is a pity that drinking outside has been banned. The 'Waccy Baccy' is widely available. However, don't bother if you haven't tried it before as there is so much on offer otherwise. You don't need it. So whether you are looking for a leather and rubber X-travaganza, or simply a cockring in Rose's Cantina - Amsterdam still has a lot to offer. One of my favourite purchases was a T-shirt which states very simply 'Fuck You I Have Enough Friends'. Watch my tits this Autumn for a preview. Well, time I was up and away, so I kissed the boys good-bye, lifted my royal skirt and was gone. Tots Ziens (cheerio) Elizabeth ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAR GAYZE ========== Libra Sep 23-Oct 22. Passion and pleasure are highlighted, but careful planning will be required to keep a lover keen. An unexpected insight into your lover's emotions takes you by surprise. So tread carefully! Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 22 Frustrations and setbacks are even more prevalent this month. Try to deal with all outstanding paperwork. An invitation will open up doors for you but the man in your life won't be to happy. Sagittarius Nov 23-Dec 20 Don't be fooled into thinking that this period of tranquillity is permanent. You will try to sort out some intimate things that might lead to stress. Go easy on your loved one. Capricorn Dec 21-Jan 19 You will be over the moon this month when a friend does you a big favour. You will be firing on all cylinders later on in the month. Look out for the colour yellow and the number 24. Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18 Nobody seems to be giving you the credit you deserve, this will get you down a bit. A younger person will be giving you all the attention, however this will only lead to a brief fling. Pisces Feb l9-Mar 20 A spot of good fortune is going to come your way, with Jupiter in good aspect with Neptune. You have been going round in circles recently, set yourself some bigger targets this month. Aries Mar 21-Apr 20 You appear to be up to your eyes in things at work, and there seems no end to it. Matters of your private life seem very large at the moment, but don't let them get out of hand. Taurus Apr 21- May 20 A good move on your part at work will bring good financial rewards soon. A series of whirlwind developments will give you lots of extra scope this month. With Venus on your side, make a grab at freshening up your love life. Gemini May 21-June 20 Someone at work is trying to upset your plans. However some quick thinking will overcome this. Your social life is also under a brighter star, you will be amazed as to how it all works out. Cancer June 21-July 20 There is no way of freeing yourself from you humdrum lifestyle, so just let things roll over your head. A business appointment will come along that you must keep. Black and 8 are good for you this month. Leo July 21-Aug 21 What you learn in a confidential way will startle your emotions in a big way. The changing moods in a loved one will throw you out a bit. However things will be clearer nearer the months end. Virgo Aug 22-Sep 22 Romance isn't as auspicious as you would like it to be, this is down to your selfishness. You will be having some small windfall soon, but don't spend it all in one leather shop! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKTALK ======== HALT AT MAJOR'S ROAD AHEAD Tories have been taking a bashing recently. First was the straight press making much of Tory Sleaze. Then some of the lesbigay press had a go at gay Tories and accused them of snuggling up to our oppressors by supporting a homophobic party. They've both got the right targets - but it's the wrong ammunition. 'Tory Sleaze' seems to consist of politicians on the take and quite a few indiscreet enjoyers of sex outwith marriage. That's not something that's confined to the Tory Party - Labour, LibDem, SNP - hell, even my own party the Liberals - we all have our fair share of shaggers and pocklers. As to gay Tories, well, the leftwing thing about Tories being the party of Family and Homophobia is a gross oversimplification. True, many Tories are homophobic - but that tends to be a personal crusade - it's not intrinsic in any way to the modern capitalist message promoted by the Tories. Again, I can point to homophobes in all parties. And the Tories are clearly changing. Who would have thought that so many would have voted for lowering the age of consent only a couple of years after passing Section 28? Given a few more years, I believe that the Tories will mirror the Labour Party in their acceptance of homosexuality. No, the real ammunition is in what the Tory Government - first under Thatcher and now Major - has done in wrecking the economy and social fabric of the UK. When I was growing up, it was in the post war consensus - when the only real difference between the Tories and the Labour Party were in their attitudes to Nationalisation. British Railways, the GPO, the National Health Service, the Electricity, Gas Water and Coal Boards - all were operated for the good of the citizen. OK, some of the management was crap, they suffered from lack of investment, and it was a matter for political debate as to what 'the good of the citizen' actually meant. Nevertheless, there was an ethos of public service. That ethos today only really remains in the Health Service and that's fast disappearing despite the best endeavours of those at the sharp end of caring for others as the Government runs helter skelter to privatise anything that moves. Instead, we have a society where profit rules supreme - where people don't really matter and where the Government is moving towards the Criminal Justice Bill and Identity Cards just so that they can keep us under control. In North Sea Oil, we had a windfall which could have been invested for the benefit of us all. Instead, it was squandered on welfare handouts as our unemployment rate soared due to the destruction of our industrial base - a destruction caused directly by Government policy. The People's Privatisation (in which people bought what was already theirs) has petered out as individuals sell their shares (some at a loss) and the big boys take control. Yet privatisation has been wonderful for the Tory paymasters in big business - just look at where all the contracts are going! Now that Trades Unions have been effectively emasculated, wage rates are being forced down, workers' rights removed and living standards eroded. People suffer. No, a few minor scams and a bit of shagging are a mere diversion from the real guilt which accrues to those who have brought this country down to the stage where there are homeless people begging on the streets. And anybody who can find it in their heart to support the Conservative Party is just as bad - be they gay or straight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOCUS ON EDINBURGH ================== The Athens of the North, Edinburgh, has seen its gay scene go through many changes over the years from the Cobweb Disco to Fire Island and now the emergence of a Gay Village. During this time there have been many pubs that have come and gone through the scene and some that have stayed the course. FOCUS looks at the current pub scene in the capital today. C-C-Blooms, one of the newest and freshest additions to the scene has opened with a bang. Providing a mixture of Quiz nights wit Betty-B, Karaoke (with Big Karn), live cabaret, disco sounds and what must be one of the best value for money menus about. The clientele is a fairly mixed age group with a very lively feel to the place. The young and vibrant staff go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. Like some of the other venues CCs benefits from having their own in house disco/bar in the basement. A few door along the road we find Chapps Club Bar. The first gay bar in this area, Chapps is unusual in as much as that it only opens after 2100hr, and does not really get busy until getting on for midnight. Once it does heat up, the night owls that frequent Edinburgh are supplied with a very good mixture of chart and dance sounds to sweat the night away. Chapps used to be the haven for Edinbugh's leather scene. Now that has wained the pub has a more general mixed feel to it. A hundred yards away we find QTs/Insinuendos. Like C-C-Blooms, QTs is open for business all day and has a fairly transient trade which keeps the staff ticking over. As in many gay bars QTs really gets busy at night time. One of the reasons for this is Insinuendos night-club in the basement. A major venue during the Edinburgh Festival, Insinuendos regularly put on stripper and drag acts as well as hosting their own Karaoke nights with Mini La Minx. Going West, the next bar we came across was the Star Tavern, owned by one of the proprietors of C-C-Blooms, Brian Walker. Tucked away in a lane, the Star is well worth the hunt, especially if you are a real ale drinker. Being one of the countrys best real ale pubs is supplemented by the fact that it also has a small beer garden with room for that summer Bar-B-Q. A friendly bar, the Star has a feel of a local's pub, and what about the lovely barman Steven? I am led to believe that he is straight - what a waste. The one bar that is furthest away from all the rest is French Connections (Frenchies to the locals). Just off Rose Street, Frenchies is a small but well defined addition to the scene. As one of the older gay bars in town, it has several features that make it what it is. Barmaid Babs, who has been around the scene ever since I can remember and probably long before that as well, and drag artist Lady Samantha are only a couple of the reasons why this town centre bar is still as popular as ever. One of the most popular nights in Frenchies is their Karaoke night. A night with a difference! Well that's it for now. Next month we shall be having a look at Blackpool's pub scene. ------------------------------------------------------------- SNIPITS ======= A proposed Grand Pink Ball in Glasgow's Plaza was at the centre of a row in the city last month. An advertisement claimed that the Ball was to be sponsored by Scottish AIDS Monitor. On contacting SAM, PULSE were told by project manager John Wilkes that SAM knew nothing about this matter and would be seeking a meeting with the organisers TWB Promotions. An advert for the Ball, appearing in the Pink Paper, threw some confusion about with regards to the Original PINK BALL organised by the Glasgow Bars AIDS Welfare Fund Committee. Committee member Gordon Gosnell, claimed 'that this was just a cheap attempt by a straight venue to cash in on the work being done on the gay scene. Unlike any commercial outfit, all the profits from our Ball and Summer Ceilidh goes direct to the charity'. Word has filtered through to the news desk that a new Lesbian and Gay Magazine is about to be published in Scotland. SCOTSGAY, is to be launched at the begining of December. A spokesperson for the company, Pageprint Ltd says that 'the magazine is aimed at the section of the market that is being neglected by the paid titles on sale at the moment'. Four lesbian and gay rights campaigners (including PULSE's very own John Hein) have been appointed to the Liberal Party National Executive (now't to do with the Lib Dems). John was elected along with Steve Radford, Derek Curtis, both from Liverpool and Mike Woods from Runcorn. Radford was elected with the party's second largest vote. The Metropolitan Police have issued new guidelines on the possession of condoms. In a police notice which constitutes formal instructions to officers on the beat, the Met says that the possession of condoms should not be offered as evidence of intent to commit an offence if importuning charges are levelled at individuals. "Glasgow olice are appealing for help from the city's gay community in trying to find the killer of local man Derek Sheerin. Mr Sheerin's body was found behind the Celtic Supporters club on Monday the 26th of September this year. Anyone with information should contact Det Supt Campbell on 041-554 1113. Amid bitter scenes of disagreement on policy, the founder of Scottish AIDS Monitor, Derek Ogg, has been re-appointed as a director. David Taylor and Joy Barlow have both resigned and have been replaced by Alistair Hume and Edward McGough. Maureen Moore, the group Chief Executive, will remain as a director. ---------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS ======== To reply to a Contact Ad: Just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and place the envelope with your reply inside another envelope with two loose first class stamps. If you are writing from outside the UK, an International Reply Coupon (IRC) should be enclosed for each reply instead of postage stamps. International Reply Coupons are available from most Post Offices throughout the world. We are unable to send on replies without postage stamps or IRCs. Send all replies to: Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YE To place a Contact Ad: Write to the above address enclosing your advertisement copy. Ads are FREE of charge to the advertiser but can only be accepted by snail mail. MEN --- Northwest Sub-Skin Submissive Skinhead seeks sane strapping sadistic skin. ALAWAP. P2701 Edinburgh Couple 28 and 32 looking for singles and couples for safe horny raunchy fun. Interests clubs, bars and nights in/out. ALAWAP. P2702 Edinburgh 28, 5ft 9in, non smoker, receeding dark hair, medium build, quite hairy. Has own place, likes briefs, videos and mags. Seeks guys 25-40 non smokers for friendship, possibly sports partners, eg swimming. ALA. P2703 Glasgow/Edinburgh 35, 5ft 6in, medium build, seeks guy over 30 for hot fun times. Into videos, poppers, water sports, used underpants and waterproof waders. Photo appreciated and ALA. P2704 Glasgow 5ft 8in, slim blonde with blue eyes seeks energetic gay guy 21-25 for fun and friendship. P2705 West Yorkshire Sympathetic schoolmaster, charming 50, seeks deserving students 21-30ish. Offers confidential, relaxed, exciting, hospitality. Secret novices, Bicycles welcome. ALA by return. P2706 Asian Student in Glasgow Area 23, Attractive, slim, gentle seeks man of his dreams. 24-40 attractive, honest, charming, understanding and masculine. Friendship maybe 121. Photo appreciated. P2707 North East Mature gentleman offer TLC to young slim smooth guy. ALAWAP. P2708 Bathgate/West Lothians Fun loving 30, 5ft 10in, dark hair and passive, seeks other guys 20-30 for fun, friendship, poss more. Can travel and accommodate. ALA P2709 Liverpool and Mersyside Good looking Bi-sexual into keep fit, wishes to meet TV or TS for fun and friendship also to be my girlfriend. ALA P2710 Manchester Northwest Attractive 30 seeks slim good looking guy up to 35 for 2 way cp fun. Likes shorts, jocks and open air fun. Write soon. P2711 Northwest/Anywhere 43, tall, friendly with brown skin, is looking for a younger friend 21-35 for fun and poss more. P2712 Aberdeen/Scotland Young 60 seeks similar or younger for fun and friendship. Kind caring nature. Any nationality, still very lively and active. P2713 Sheffield Tall slim guy mid 20s mainly passive seeks stocky older active guy for friendship. Maybe 121. Pref non scene. Genuine replies only. First advert. South Yorkshire area. P2714 Central Fife 26 dark looks, this slim sensual Piscean needs strong macho guy, in return you will get, devotion, emotion, and all the love a real man relishes. ALAWAP. P2715 Northeast/County Durham Good looking straight acting lad, 21, 6ft 2in and 12st. Seeks guys for nights out and company possible 121. with the right guy. ALA. Come on make me happy. P2716 Edinburgh Lad 33, 5ft 9in, dark hair and blue eyes is into water sports, army gear, pants, denim, DMs and leather gear. Seeks guys up to 40 for fun. Skins welcome. Phone number appreciated. P2717 Yorks/Anywhere A student or similar young guy is sought by tall, slim academic 52, for caring 121 or just for fun times. Can travel or accommodate, non smokers only. Non working ok. Edinburgh Passive w/e is looking for active guys to please me. I also like poppers and giving red pierced tits, photo ensures reply. Can accommodate. P2719 Glasgow Mature good looking 43 is looking for new friends for light bondage and leather fun. No experience required. Love and friendship too. Non scene and discreet. ALA P2720 Manchester/Anywhere 25yrs, 5ft 10in, slim attractive, blue eyes with long blonde hair, sincere, intellegent, smooth body, non camp, non scene. Wants to meet stocky active masculine guy. Into love, romance and passion. 121 can travel. Photo helps. P2721 Chesterfield Blackpool Sunday the 9th Oct, saw you in Pepe's and spoke in the Flamingo. You pierced nipple and wearing scarf. Darren from leeds would love to meet. Please get in touch. P2722 Blackpool any employment sought Two gay lads 24 and 25. Both good looking and reliable. Anything considered, also clean accommodation sought. Deposit and references available. Please get us out of this lifeless enviornment on Merseyside. P2723 Huddersfield 40, young looking, 5ft 4in, enjoys most things in life. Pubs, clubs and a good video. Would love 121 with 21-38. Can accommodate, genuine replies with photo only. ALAWAP P2724 Blackpool Guest House Owner Wanted, good looking lad to spoil with the good times and all those little thing you have never had. GSOH and loyality a must. Photo to Tony. P2725 Glasgow /Strathclyde Sincere gay guy, 24, seeks friend 18-30, GSOH needed, along with honesty. Looks unimportant, camp guys welcome. Theatre, music,nights out or in. ALA get writing. P2726 Glasgow /Anywhere Mr Right required for 29year old, should be 21-28. Qualifications required: Love, romance, affection. honesty, GSOH. Further details on request ALAWAP. Good times available for the right applicant. Write soon. P2727 Edinburgh Guy Well built, hairy, shy, inexperienced, 37 year old would like to meet 30-50 year old who would put some good times back into my life. P2728 Ayrshire 40 year old fair haired, 5ft 4in stocky build subguy seeks 35-50 ex forces police type for raunchy wild times. Photo and explicit letter. Can't accommodate.. P2729 Lancashire You non scene single Asian. Olive skined preferred. Tached guy 30-40 GSOH Sought by smooth skinned blonde slim blue eyed guy 27 for 121. Must be genuine. ALAWAP P2730 Edinburgh Bear, 38, looking for smooth cubs who know why they are being sought. My cave or yours. ALA P2734 WOMEN ----- Wakefield Lesbian 21, new to Wakefield, seeks friends for nights at Dolphin. Good nature and sense of humour. I can't stand another straight night. Help! P2731 Spiritually Aware/Blackpool Small attractive, slim, feminine, trendy woman, 43, WLTM carbon copy Feminine woman 35-42 to discover new awareness and adventures and to go Xmas shopping together. Can travel. P2732 Glasgow Girls Two 19 year old Bi-sexuals unexperienced and feminine, are each looking for a similar minded feminine girl, for friendship, clubbing it and more. P2733 Replying To Contacts Just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and place the envelope with two loose first class stamps per ad in another envelope addressed to PULSE Magazine, PO Box 1248, Paisley, Renfrewshire. PA3 3YA. --------------------------------------------------------------- VENUES ====== Aberdeen: ======== CLUB CADERFEIDH 9 Hadden Street, Tel: (0224) 212181. Thu-Sun 9pm-2am. Popular Disco just a stones throw away from Flannies Bar. FLANNIES Stirling Street. 11am - 12am, Sundays 6.30pm - 11pm. Tel 0224 583881. PINK FLAMINGO Upper Kirkgate. 8pm-2am. 7 days a week Blackpool: ========= Basil's On The Strand 9 The Strand, Tel: 0253-293 877. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-12.30am. Sun pub hours. Pub with dance floor, bistro, Clone Zone Shop. Pepe's 92-94, Talbot Road, Tel: 0253-26691. Mon-Sat 12-5pm & 8pm-2am, Sun 12-3pm & 8-10pm. Cabaret on Weds and Sat lunchtimes. Funny Girls. Tel: 0253 291144 for details Flamingo 2001 176 Talbot Road, Tel: 0253-24901. Mon-Sat 10-2am. Sun 7-11.30 pm. Disco Club, Drag & Bistro. Sun Piano Bar lunchtimes. Galaxy Health Club 25 Springfield Road, Tel: 0253 294610 Lucy's Bar below Rumours, Talbot Square, Tel: 0253-293 204. Mon-Thu 12-3pm and 7-2am, Sat 12-4.30pm and 7-2am, Sun 12-3pm and 7-10.30pm. DJ and Cabaret. Matcham's Bar Behind Grand Theatre, Corporation Street, Tel: 0253-28309. Mon-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 12pm-3pm. Mixed Bar. 20's Tea Rooms 5 Queens Street, Tel: 0253-25713. 10-5pm. Open 7 days a week. Elegant tea rooms, serving tea, coffee, snacks and meals. Bolton: ====== Cell Bar Crook St. Men Only Bar (leather/denim) Tel: 0204 21856 Church Hotel 174 Crook St. Mixed Gay Bar with entertainments. 7 Nights. Tel 0204 21856 Mr D's 148 Crook St. Tel 0204 399325. Mixed Bar. Bradford: ======== Caligulas Nightclub and Fun bar, 7 Barry Street. Bradford. Tel (0274) 731606. The Sun 124 Sunbridge Road. Tel 0274 737722 Dundee: ====== THE EDGE 85 Commercial Street. FRI10pm-2.30am. Dundee's one-nighter disco. GAUGER BAR 75 Seagate. Tel: (0382) 26840. Mon-Sat 11am-12pm, Sun 6pm-11pm. Large bar with pool table and its very own disco! Edinburgh: ========= C.C. BLOOMS Greenside Place. Tel: 031-556 9331. Friendly Bar/Diner. Serving Quality Food. Open 12-Late CHAPPS CLUB BAR 22 Greenside Place. Tel: 031-558 1270. Mon-Sun 9.30pm-4am. Cruisy bar all types of clientele. Busy late on at night. THE EDGE 60 Broughton Street. Tel: 031-556 0852. Licensed Noon-1am. Open 7 days a week. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE 13-29 Nicolson St. Tel 031-529 6000. Cafe Lucia for the Boys and Girls. Theatre has the most well endowed stage in Britain. FRENCH CONNECTION Rose Street Lane North. Mon-Sat Noon-2am, Sun 1pm-2am. Cosy bar just off Princes Street. INSINUENDOS 2 Picardy Place. Basement Cabaret Club in QT's Bar. Acts, Strippers, etc. Tel 031-556 0499. JOY at the Calton, Calton Road. 10pm till late. Edinburgh's Saturday one nighter. NEWTOWN BAR Dublin Street. Popular Basement Bar. QT'S BAR 2 Picardy Place. Bright City Centre bar. Mixed crowd of all ages. Tel: 031-556 0499. STAR TAVERN Northumberland Place. Best Real Ale in Town. Open 12-12.30. With Beer Garden. Tel: 031-539 8070 WEST & WILDE BOOKSHOP 25a Dundas Street. Tel: 031-556 0079. Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun Noon-6pm. Scotland's only lesbian and gay bookshop. Large selection of gay titles. THE EDINBURGH LESBIAN GAY AND BISEXUAL CENTRE 58a Broughton Street. Entry through 60 as well. DRONDALE LIMITED 60 Broughton Street. Tel: 031-556 1471. Open 11am-8pm. Probably the largest gay shop north of Manchester. Worldwide mail order service. Glasgow: ======= AUSTINS 183a Hope Street. Tel: 041-332 2707. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight. Friendly and basement pub. Food lunchtimes. Karaoke on Tues, Fri & Sun nights. BENNETS DISCO 80-90 Glassford Street. Tel: 041-552 5761. Tue-Sun 11pm-3am. Very popular busy disco.,Straight night Tuesday, Packed at the weekend. CHISHOLMS COFFEE SHOP 145 Kenmure Street, Glasgow. Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm. Sun 11am-5pm. Cosy wee shop. (Ideal for quiet cuppa with a friend) CLUB EXCHANGE 25 Royal Exchange Square. Tel: 041-204 4599. Tue-Sun 11pm-3am. Large basement disco. Wednesday alternative night. COURT BAR 69 Hucheson Street. Tel:041-552 2463. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun 8.30-11pm. Small bar with basement area. The ideal place to go if you like your music below the pain barrier. DELMONICA'S 68 Virginia Street. Tel:041-552 4803. Mon-Sun 11am-Midnight. Large pub with backroom area. EAT OUT West George Street. Glasgow's first dedicated Lesbian and Gay cafe. 7 days a week. Tel 041-332 7060. GHQ West George Street. Open 6-12 daily. Tel 041-332 8005. SQUIRES LOUNGE 106 West Campbell Street, Tel:041-221 9184. Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat 12.30-Midnight, Sun 8pm-12pm. Thu, Fri, Sat DJ. Nightly Happy Hours. THE WATERLOO 306 Argyle Street, Tel:041-221 7359. Mon-Sun 12-12. As crowded and popular as ever. Cabaret every Thurs, Karaoke with Ms Hutton on Sundays. Harrogate: ========= THE DUNGEON 2 Parliament Terrace. Tel 0423 524629. Very Busy Sunday Nights, Open 7-11pm. HALES BAR 1 Crescent Road. Mixed bar with old style gas lighting. In the Real Beer Guide! BEDROCK AT THE ZOO 11 Station Parade. Tel 0423 503294. New Thursday night club from 10pm-2am with Drag DJ. Leeds: ===== THE NEW PENNY Call Lane. THE BRIDGE INN Bridge End/Call Lane. THE OLD RED LION Meadow Lane PRIMOS II Nightclub, 41-43 New York Street. Tel 0532 446300 Liverpool: ========= THE CURZON CLUB Temple Lane. Tel 051-236 5160. GARLANDS CLUB 8-10 Eberle St. Tel 051-236 3307 REFLECTIONS CLUB 24 Dale St. Tel 051-236 3946. PACO'S Stanly St. Basement Bar. Tel 051-236 9737. THE LISBON Stanly St. Nice friendly large pub. Tel 051-236 1248 Manchester: ========== BLUES Bar/Disco, 211 Slamford Street, Ashton-upon-Lyme(061-330 3212). Long Established popular Gay venue, Open Mon-Sat till 2am. CLUB LA LA All Night Disco. Tel 0706 82676 CRUZ 101 101 Princes Street. Tel 061-237 1554. Large Club open10pm-2am. Closed Tues & Sun. Members only. ETHOS AT RUBY TUESDAYS 10pm-2am. Tel 0374 747674 for details. GRAND CENTRAL 80 Oxford Street.(100 yds from Oxford St Railway Station). Also contains basement bar ('The Subway') NAPOLEON'S Sackville Street/Bloom Street. Tel 061-236 8800. Gay disco/club. Sun-Sat 9.30-2am. NEW YORK NEW YORK 98 Bloom Street. Tel 061-236 6556. Mixed gay bar. All day opening OSCARS 5 Copper Street. Tel 061-236 6007. Gay nightclub. Wed-Sat 10-2am. Q-BAR 28 Richmond Street. Tel 061-237 9329. Members only bar (Free Membership avail.). Tues-Sat 9-1am, Sun 9-11.30pm. THE REMBRANDT HOTEL 33 Sackville Street. Tel 061-236 1311 ROCKIES 4-6 Whitworth St. Tel 061-228 3078. Gay disco complex. Mon,Thurs-Sun 10pm-2.30am. Sun 1-4pm. Closed Tuesdays. Newcastle: ========= COURTYARD 2 Scotswood Rd Tel 091-232 2037 Mixed pub. HEAVENS ABOVE Above the Court Bar. Young and lively crowd. Busy at weekends. Tek 091-261 0488. POWERHOUSE Waterloo St Tel 091-261 4507 Thur-Sat 10-1am Gay club Ist Wed of month. Men only. ROCKIES 78 Scotswood Rd Mixed bar with disco, pub hours ROCKSHOTS Waterloo St. Tel 091-232 9648. Large and popular disco. Very busy. STRINGS 29 Blenheim Street, Tel 091-232 3530. Mixed Gay bar with accent on the Disco. THE VILLAGE Sunderland St.Next to Powerhouse. Mon,Thur,Fri,Sat 12-11pm,Tue,Wed 12-12pm,Sun 7-10.30pm. Preston: ======= The Trap Door 28 Croft Street. Open daily in evenings with Sat, Sun lunch. Tel: 0772 251275 Wakefield: ========= The Dolphin Pub 6 Lower Warren Gate. Tel 0924 201705. York: ==== WHITE HORSE Bootham. York's only full time gay haunt. Open 11am till 11pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HELPLINES ========= Aberdeen Tel 0224 586869 Wed. 7-10pm Ayr Lesbian and Gay Group. Tel 0292 610599 . 7-10pm. PO Box 1043, Ayr. KA6 5JQ. Ayrshire AIDS Awareness Support Group. Meetings Wed from 7pm-10pm/ Tel: 0292 619000. PO Box 1043. Ayr. Borders Gay Switchboard. Confidential Information, Advice & Counselling. Mon & Wed 7.30-10.00pm. Tel 0450 370700 or PO Box 3, Hawick, Roxburgh. TD9 9RU Central Forth Friend Tel 0786 7125 Mon 7-10pm Edinburgh Body Positive(Edinburgh) Tel 031-652 0754 (Mon-Fri) 031-661 9100 (Fax). HIV Positive Gay Men's Group, Sunday's 2-6pm Edinburgh Gay Switchboard Tel 031-556 4049. Nightly 7.30-10pm. Lesbian Line Tel 031-557 0751 Mon/Thu 7.30-10pm. Bisexual Line Tel 031-557 3620 Thurs 7.30-9.30pm Scottish Aids Monitor PO Box 248, Edinburgh EH6 5NS. Tel 031-555 4850 Fife Fife Friend. Tel 0592 266688 Monday (Women) 7.30-10.30pm, Friday (Men) 7.30-10.30pm. Glasgow Strathclyde Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. Tel 041-221 8371. Nightly 7-10pm. Lesbian Line 041-552 5768 Wed 7-10pm. The Outreach Nursing Team. Tel 0831 179902.(9.30am-4.30pm). Scottish Aids Monitor. PO Box 11,G2 2UT. Tel 041-353 3133 Harrogate Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, 5pm-10pm, M-F, 3pm-7pm S&S. Tel: 0423 524101. Body Positive 0423 524100 London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. 24hrs. Tel 071-837 7324 Newcastle upon Tyne Friend Tel 0632 737951 Mon-Fri 7-10pm Lesbian Line Tel 0632 612277 Thu 7-10pm York York Action Plus, HIV/AIDS support group. Helpline 0904-671631. 24Hr Crisis Line 0374 229133. MESMAC, 0904 612236. Leeds MESMAC, 0532 444209. National. TV/TS Helpline. Operated daily 7.30-10pm to listen counsel and give comfort. Ring Edinburgh Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 031-556 4049 and ask for the Scottish TV/TS helpline. Lesbian & Gay Bereavement Project. Vaughan M.Williams Centre. Colindale Hospital. London. NW9 5HG. Tel: 081-200 0511.(Weekdays 3-6pm) National AIDS Helpline. 0800-567123. 24hr Helpline. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PULSE MAGAZINE Issue 27 - November 1994 Editorial team: Adam Donlin John Hein (johndunedin@drink.demon.co.uk) Gordon Gosnell Published by Claypoke Limited Contributors: Kriztal Tony Laverett (Scene News - Blackpool) Gordon (Scene News - Edinburgh) Wayne (Scene News - York) Alex (Scene News - Yorkshire) Electronic Edition: John Hein (johndunedin@drink.demon.co.uk) General Enquiries: Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YA Advertising Enquiries: Telephone: +44 (0) 374 966402 TeleFax: +44 (0) 1505 335021 END OF FILE -- pulse@drink.demon.co.uk Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YA Telephone: +44 (0) 1505 335021


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