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Edited in Scotland Issue 25 - September 1994 ELECTRONIC EDITION To subscribe: Send a mail message to The first (not subject) line of the message should be subscribe pulse (If you are subscribing for a different address from the one you are using to send the request, you should use a line of the form subscribe pulse myotheraddress@my.other.system instead) To unsubscribe: Send a mail message to The first (not subject) line of the message should be unsubscribe pulse (If you are unsubscribing for a different address from the one you are using to send the request, you should use a line of the form unsubscribe pulse myotheraddress@my.other.system instead) All Material Copyright (c) Claypoke Limited 1994. Permission is hereby given to distribute this material provided that this copyright notice is included and that distribution is specifically for non-profitmaking reasons. Distribution for profit must be done only with prior written consent of the magazine any deviation from this will be seen as an infringement of copyright. Hardcopies are limited to one per person for personal use only and such hard copies are subject to the same copyright restrictions as laid out above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this edition: Read Me - the Pulse Editorial Scene News - Out and About Festival '94 - Another look at the Edinburgh Festival Focus - Edinburgh's Star Tavern And Justice for All ... - The continuing story of an innocent man Mesmac - Festival Appeal Snipits - News Bits Backtalk - A redder, gayer ribbon Kriztal Gazes - Pulse Horoscopes Health Matters - The Genital Touch Chris McCall A Highland Fling Contacts - The Pulse Meet Market Venues - Where to go Helplines - Switchboards and Info ----------------------------------------------------------------------- EDITORIAL ========= Hi! and welcome to our birthday party. Well not so much of a birthday party, more of a coming of age. Issue 25 sees PULSE enter its third year. We have come a long way since those first few tentative issues that now seem a lifetime away. The first two years were spent on making PULSE the number 1 FREE gay magazine distributed in Scotland. This done, we have now turned our attention to the North of England. Already our presence is being felt in places such as Blackpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, York, and many places in between. Who knows where we will turn up next. In this issue you will see a few changes to our layout and design. This will allow us to expand the size of your favourite magazine in the forthcoming year. One of the things that makes PULSE what it is, is that we regard it as much your magazine as ours. Your Idea's on how we can best improve things are always welcome. If you think you have an article or a story in you, or even a letter you want to get of your chest, why not get in touch. We will do our best to accommodate you. If you can think of a type of column we could run on a regular basis don't be afraid to say - we don't bite. As you can see, we have gone over to a full colour cover, this will make PULSE stand out even more amongst all those dreary freesheets that clutter up the bar (and the floor). If your local bar doesn't yet get PULSE yet, let us know about it. If you work with a charity type group and would like some free publicity, let us know about it. Or if you just fancy a bitch about the mag in general, let us know about it. (We do publish letters, even critical ones). We would like to take this chance to thank our advertisers for their sup[port over the past two years. Without them, there would be no PULSE. With our eye on the future, we are looking forward to year three. Together we can make PULSE even better. Adam and Gordon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCENE NEWS ========== Blackpool: By the time we go to press the glitz and sparkle will have hit Blackpool once again. The mega-camp switch on of the illuminations being performed by none other than Shirley Bassey. Unlike myself, the Big One (the big dipper) hasn't had a good season so far. It is however due to re-open again and will be providing you all with the ride of a lifetime. A tip to save the pennies - it is worthwhile buying a book of tickets with your friends instead of buying individual tickets. Now for those of you looking for that special bit of sparkle to add to your jewel box and costume excessories, you could do worse than pop into Price Busters next to the Tower and go downstairs where you will find a Dorothy friendly lady selling all a gal could ever want, and at very reasonable prices. Mind to take along the sun glasses though. Friday the 7th of October sees another U.K. exclusive at the Flamingo, in the shape of a personal appearance by the legendary Grace Jones. Tickets costing ukp20 are on sale now. Ring the club for details. 0253 24901. A reminder for those of you who don't already know, Lucy's Bar has its new 2am license. Tiara for now, Tony. Edinburgh: Now the old town's quietened down a bit after the festival, the main news is the closure of the Duck for ten days from the 5th of September. A major refurbishment or birth of a new duck is on the cards. Manager Kevin (is he straight or ain't he straight?) tells us that the bar will be completely reborn with a European Cafe Bar style, all friendly and laid back (know the feeling boy). On the subject of the bold Kevin's sexuality, we at PULSE are not prone to gossip, so only read this once. We can exclusively reveal that Kevin is keeping quiet about his sexuality (the boyfriend, however, is not so shy!). Glasgow: Over in Glasgow the main news is the cancellation of a personal appearence at Bennets by Michelle Gayle (Hatti of Eastenders) due to a clash of dates. It is hoped that a new date can be found for what will be a one off Scottish appearance. Talking of appearances, it was good to see some of Edinburgh's and Glasgow's finest tarts tarting up for the SAM Highland fling and really getting in the swing off things. This along with the various bars with their own T-shirts helped to brighten up an overcast day. Yet another one nighter has a go at establishing itself alongside the main gay scene. FUNKY CHICKEN at Hacienda, a club with a difference, where like minded groups of gays, straights, extroverts and the outrageous can mingle and enjoy a hassle free evening. The theme of the music being Happy House, Funk, Garage and Dance. We shall report back in future issues, providing this chicken survives. The fundraising by Glasgow Bars AIDS Welfare Committe has onece again struck a hole in the pockets of the ever generous Glasgow punters. Recently ukp600 was raised by Billy Porter in his rounds of the straight pubs and clubs. Nice one Billy. Billy also gave up his time to host a fundraiser at Cafe Delmonica's and Club X, where along with the help of acts such as David D'Arby, Kelly, Andrew Swan, Georgia and the Staff and customers another ukp700 was raised. Nice one folks. A meal with the bold Lilly Savage was auctioned and ukp500 was offered for the trip to London, however due to a mix up in dates the offer could not be taken up. The generous winner however, still managed to donate ukp100 to the kitty. Keep it coming in. It is much appreciated. As we go to press reports of muggings are coming in. A group of at least four guys are working in and around the Glasgow pubs. One guy is picking up the target, and when they go outside they are forced into a lane by the others, demanding cash, valuables and cashline numbers. The mugging team are reported to be two blonde and two dark haired guys. So be wary of going outside with complete strangers. Try to leave the cashline card at home if you can. If you see anything don't be afraid to call the police, or even just inform your local bar manager or manageress. On a lighter note how about a night out with a difference? The GLC's Autumn Ceilidh being held in the Winter Gardens at the People's Palace in Glasgow on Sunday the 18th September. Entry to the Ceilidh is ukp6 (ukp5 for concessions) includes a free buffet and entry to either Club X or Bennets. Tickets can be purchased from the CCA or by writing to the GLC, at P.O. Box 463, Glasgow. G12 8NJ. Aberdeen: Up in Aberdeen there seems to be a bit more life again, with the re-opening of Flannies and rumours of another gay bar in the offing. PULSE will keep you up to date with things as we get the latest news. Aberdeen has always been a very close knit gay community with only one club, thr Caberfeidh Club. The impending possibility of competition can only be good for the local punters. As we go to press, PULSE is negotiating with someone to act as our local correspondent, who will be able to keep you all up to date with what's going on. More in our next issue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FESTIVAL '94 ============ There are various ways to get an audience in Edinburgh, but some companies have no difficulty. Aids Positive Underground Theatre Company's production of In One Take had it made thanks to Tory Councillor Tom Ponton and the Sunday Mail. The good Councillor denounced this as "Filth masquerading as art and social comment". This is a remarkable quote, especially as the company claim he has never seen any of their work. Anyway the front page of the Sunday Mail headlined this as "Porn Show in Kids' Centre" - hence the huge audiences. In fact Theatre Workshop, where this was staged, is a serious theatre which like most good theatres tries to involve all sections of the community including kids, but to call it a "kids' centre" is bizarre. There is a certain irony in all this as one of the actors, Cal (James Dent), plays a former porn video actor. He is a homeless man who is taken ill at a late night cinema . Jake (Ben Harrison) takes him home, gives him a bath and some food, and then has sex with him. This is all complicated by Jake living with Thomas (Lloyd Baker) who is living with AIDS. This well acted and powerful performance, written and directed by John Roman Baker takes us through the developing relationship between Jake and Cal and the effects that it has on the three of them. Good thought provoking theatre of a quality one expects from Theatre Workshop. As usual at the same venue John Binnie and Clyde Unity Theatre do it again with another first rate piece of writing and performing with Backgreen Belter. Based around the lives of four 16 year olds in 1985, it tells of them coming to terms with life and in particular their sexuality. Campbell has to come to terms with being gay in a straight community, Virginia is a plain girl trying to accept that, Thomas being German is trying to deal with living in an alien culture, and finally the Backgreen Belter herself a hi-NRG singer who feels she is treated as a voice rather than as a person. From this rich thread of circumstance is woven a tale of much interest and humour. Clyde Unity Theatre are definitely on my list of "must sees" for 95. A piece based on the later works of Ibsen by a company whose last piece was inspired by the Communist Manifesto might sound like one of the most pretentious and dull things on the fringe. However Volcano Theatre Company under the superb direction of Nigel Charnock with How to Live have produced a wonderful piece of theatre which sends itself up something rotten and has the audience in fits of laughter throughout. With a delightful confusion between the actors and the characters they are playing, their relationships, and their sexual orientation we have the fringe at its best. In the Official Festival there was much dance that looked promising. Mark Morris was thought brilliant by everyone who saw him once, although I am told that it didn't stand a second viewing. I was advised to avoid Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault at all costs, so I did. Outside the Playhouse was a quote for Lucinda Childs that described it as "breathtaking". I can only assume that this was part of a longer quote along the lines of "It is quite breathtaking that anyone can expect people to part with good money to see this drivel". I wish they had provided an area of wet paint which we could have watched drying - it would have been of more interest than the events on stage. By contrast at the other end of town was St Brides. This venue managed to put together a spectacular programme of dance and physical theatre of an astounding quality. One of the first things I saw there was Bi Ma Dance Company with Retrace the Defaced. To be honest I saw this for all the wrong reasons. I had been at the press launch and as I was writing for Pulse was introduced to the gay member of the company. After this I felt an obligation to see the company. An obligation? A revelation. They claim to mix Eastern (Malaysian and Japanese) dance with Western contemporary dance. Who cares about labels, this is an hours sheer pleasure provided by brilliant dancers with an original, innovative, and enjoyable work. The Reanimators with Therapy gave themselves a difficult task in following last years superb Rain. Not only did they equal it, they surpassed it with a massive gothic hour long piece which used every inch of St Brides large performance space. After seeing it I foolishly wrote " I'll be amazed if I see any other dance as good as this in the next 12 months". I didn't have to wait that long. Union Dance with Through Dance Coloured Glass provided three very different dance pieces. Red Blue and Ochre was all about confidence movement and waves - of the hand, the body, of many bodies. British Jungle Dances was altogether different and was based on Asian music and dance at the start and moved into a hypnotic piece based on African rhythms. The final piece, Delirium, was a celebration of being young in Britain today to poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah. Spectacular dancing, spectacular choreography, a spectacular night. The most interesting performance to stand by the box office for was 7 Blow Jobs by Bottoms Dream. For some reason some people had difficulty in asking for tickets for this. This American satire was about a Senator who is sent 7 photos through the post, and the play consisted of putting the boot into the Republican Party and TV evangelists. Green Carnation had "Wilde about Oscar". A brave attempt to tell the story of Wilde's relationship with Lord Douglas. This suffered from the usual problem with performances about Wilde, namely that whenever any of Wilde's own writing is used its quality is such that it makes the other author's writing (in this case James T Meredith) seem poor. The most visually stunning piece of theatre was provided by Aspects Touring Company, a Salford based student company, with Jack by David Greenshan. Three women are draped in white and stand upright on plinths with saline drips and what look like scores on music stands in front of them. That is exactly what they are - verbal scores. At the same time we see harrowing videos of Jack, a man in the later stages of AIDS. The play ends with Jack being zipped into a body bag. There was as usual much rubbish on stage. Most of it consisting of student groups into Physical Theatre, where much of the meaning is conveyed by the physicality of the piece. What too many of them seem to forget is that the meaning is supposed to be conveyed to the audience not just the actors. However the wooden spoon is awarded to Nouveau Performance Troupe for Vlad Dracula in the Year 2000. This looked spectacular in advance, a pharmaceutical cure for AIDS is found in 1998, but the drug has side effects on the blood turning it into a powerful hallucinogen, and soon blood drinking clubs spring up. A multimedia production from a company based in Silicon Valley. How could it fail to be stunning? Quite easily. A Californian troupe with more access to money than talent could easily afford to appear in Edinburgh and pay for some superb publicity on top, and they did. Sometimes a Fringe Hit can be a surprise to everyone. Not so Scott Capurro - this US standup comic obviously knew that he was destined for something bigger than the 40 seater theatre he'd been booked into: the 250 seater he was moved into after rave reviews. Funny material delivered impeccably - a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Enjoyable too, in a totally different way, was Enthusiastic Men by Jonathan Hall which was performed by the Bradford Playhouse Studio Group. Five railway enthusiasts volunteering on a preserved line. One of them questioning his sexuality after a drunken fumble with a friend ... Another success for Jonathan Hall - with several in jokes for those of us who know the difference between a Black Five and a Fairlie! Earl Okin was his usual self - urbanity at its campest. His evening set was largely familiar - but his reworking of 'Mango' into a dance number (which, he tells me, goes down a storm with black audiences) should appeal to a gay audience if only one of our clubs had the courage to book him! Sin with Sullivan at the Festival Club was a total riot - new words to Sullivan's music. 'I'm Virginia Bottomley, had a lobotomy', went down a storm to the tune of Poor Little Buttercup. I gather this will be on tour later in the year - see it and injure your funny bone. Kit and the Widow celebrated their umpteenth year on the Fringe with a Splendidly Hung Retrospective. Kit is beginning to show his age, but the Widow still looks like a public schoolboy let out for the day. Their programme was, as always, first class. Finally, in what must be one of the strangest parts of the Fringe, Tommy Miah's Raj Restaurant in Sunny Leith was offering a Festival of Bangladesh Food and Art. This turned out to be a most enjoyable meal during which a female dancer performed. Can't say I went a bundle on the classical dance, but I'll certainly be back to the restaurant if not for the rather attractive waiters then for the mouthwatering cuisine presided over by Mr Miah himself. Twilight Shift is an emotional rollercoaster of a play and although I'd unfortunately failed to catch up with it on tour in Scotland last year, I'm glad I finally have. The plot encircles the lives of two gay men in a small Scottish coal mining community, one a barber, the other a miner, and how they must hide their love (a task which is becoming increasingly difficult as priorities get resolved). The play has a subtle sense of time, with each transition blending seemlessly and gained from the intimate theatre setting. Excellent performances by Steven Wren and Deirdre Davis backed up more than adequately by John Kazek and Karen Ramsay, Twilight Shift definitely gets the thumbs up... Miss it at your peril! Viva Variety was definitely a mixed little bag of monkeys. The evening kicked off with an interesting (if slightly prolonged) display of Oriental drummers who eventually handed over to the supremely funny Lilly Savage. The problem with showcases, however, is that there are bound to be one or two acts that simply can't match the standard that a comediene such as Lilly Savage sets. One such act was Dave Schneider who crashed and burned very quickly and then put on a lengthy death throe. The two saving graces of the entire show were Lilly Savage and Bob Downe (The Crimplene Queen) who, as a finale, performed an excellent take off of Torville and Dean. Despite the big name stars, Viva Variety was a sadly mediocre affair let down by an off balance bill. Oh well, better luck next year! Liam Dandon -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOCUS ====== Edinburgh's new town, hides many a gem in its cobbled streets and lanes. One such gem, well worth the find, is the Star Tavern in Northumberland Place. The Star, owned by one of the owners of CC Blooms, Brian Walker, has been a part of the Edinburgh gay scene on and off for a number of years. Since he took it over 18 months ago, Brian has turned what used to be a part time gay bar into one of the more established gay bars in town. The Star is well knowe for its reputation of keeping some of the best cask conditioned beers in the country. Regularly you can find Tettley's and Caledonian 80/- on sale as well as a regularly changing guest ale on offer. For those of you not into real ale, Carlsberg and Lowenbrau are also on tap. Although not doing food at the moment, sandwiches and toasties are available daily. One of the selling points of the Star is its small (but perfectly formed) beer garden for those who like things al fresco. The decoration at the moment is of a woody olde worlde style, trim and ornamental. The bar is due for a bit of a tart up in the near future, although no major changes are planned. All in all, a very friendly well run pub with a feel of a locals' bar to it. With all the competition around at the moment this can't be bad. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- AND JUSTICE FOR ALL ... ======================= When PULSE first raised the question of the safety of Stuart Gair's conviction for murder, it was with a mind to appealing to the Gay community to assist in helping to prove that Stuart Gair did not murder Peter Dewar Smith in Glasgow's North Court Lane on the 11th of April 1989. The issue of sexuality was at the heart of the police investigation into Smith's death and it lies at the heart of explaining why some people involved in puting Gair behind bars feel frightened and vulnerable. In August 1989, Lord Prosser sentenced Gair to life imprisonment after he was found guilty by a majority verdict of Peter Smith's murder. Although several aspects of the case touched on the bizarre, the jury in the Gair case accepted a version of events which was damning. This version is now totally discredited and wholly unsatisfactory on which to base a conviction for murder. At the trial, identification evidence put Gair behind bars. The court was told that he and an alleged accomplice, William McLeod entered North Court Lane with Peter Smith. McLeod is alleged to have paniced when Gair produced a knife. The jury was told that Gair then stabbed Smith before exiting from the lane, where he was seen by Alan Gillon, a 25 year old undertaker who was parked opposite. Two police officers testified to seeing Gair and Mcleod in nearby Gordon Street minutes after the stabbing. Two alleged friends Dave Smith and Brian Morrison testified to seeing Gair and McLeod at the locus of the crime. The evidence though that was to prove crucial was that of the alleged accomplice, McLeod. He told the court that he entered the lane with Gair and McLeod and made off when Gair produced a knife. However, a keen eye for detail and an inquisitive mind searching for answers reveals that all was not as simple as that. In fact the court were not told the truth in August 1989. Instead they were told lies. Lies that sentenced Gair to life imprisonment. Dave Smith and Brian Morrison identified Gair in court a full four months after the stabbing. Yet only weeks after the incident they both failed to identify Gair at separate ID Parades. Under cross examination they both gave versions of events that didn't square with them both witnessing the same incident. Dave Smith hasn't been seen in over three years and Brian Morrison will not talk about the evening of the eleventh of April 1989. It is unclear why he should be so reticent. Less reticent is William McLeod. He admits that he perjured himself at Gair's trial. He told Scottish Television that he made up the story in order to escape lengthy police interrogation in Stewart Street police station. Indeed at the trial McLeod gave three versions of events. He started by saying that he knew nothing of the incident and did not know Stuart Gair. He then implicated Gair, and finally with a perjury charge hanging over him he returned to the witness box and re-implicated Gair. Lord Prosser told the jury that if they did not believe Mcleod the would have to aquit Gair. The jury believed him and Gair was left to start the journey to Glenochil jail. McLeod has changed his story again.......he has been plagued by guilt these last five years. He has attempted suicide twice. William McLeod now admits he lied. With his evidence now retracted, there is no case against Gair. Without his direct evedence the crown would not have been able to proceed with the murder charge against Gair. However, Alan Gillon, the man parked opposite the lane and the two police officers, testified that they saw Gair at the locus. Gillon, like Morrison has been traced and will not speak about the events of 11th April 1989. He was reading his paper at a quarter past eleven that night in St Vincent Place when he saw Gair exiting from North Court Lane. That is what he told the police and the court. It is unclear why he should be so reticent to discuss his evidence. Less reticent are six alibi witnesses who directly rebutt Mr Gillon and the two police officers. They say that Gair wasn't in Glasgow City Centre on the night of the stabbing.In court Gair's Lawyers led three alibi witnesses who testify that he was in the guest house at Belhaven Terrace in Glasgow's west end, up until ten thirty, on the night of the stabbing. Peter Smith was stabbed at eleven fifteen. The crown argued that Gair left the guest house at Belhaven Terrace, went into town, met up with McLeod and stabbed Smith. Scottish Television was told by Gair's room mate Hector Wood that Gair was watching a film until one o' clock the following morning. The jury did not hear from Hector Wood. The programme also heard from Dr Paul Fineron, a forensic sientist from Edinburgh University. He confirmed that the knife produced in court by the crown, could not be linked to Gair or the stabbing. However, the evidence that could prove to be Gair's salvation starts with another death in another Glasgow lane. In August 1989, Dundee man Billy Harris, was found dead in National Bank Lane, a couple of hundred yard from North Court Lane. At first the police regarded the death as murder. They now say that the death was accidental. Yet there has been no fatal accident inquiry. The Crown Office say the death is suspicous. In an adjournment debate in the House of Commons, Scottish Office Minister Lord James Douglas-Hamilton has said that the case is not closed. Yet the police seem convinced that Harris died as a result of falling whilst drunk. They also seem to think that he was gay. They told the Harris family this. They also told them that Billy was a regular at the St Vincent Street toilets. There is absolutely no evidence that Billy Harris was gay. Lord James confirmed this view in the commons. The assertion prompted the Harris family to come to Glasgow to question people in and around the vicinity of St Vincent Street toilets. They eventually met up with Dave Smith...........the individual who gave evidence against Gair. Under questioning, Smith confused the Harris Death with the murder od Peter Dewar Smith. He told the Harris family that despite the fact he testified against Gair, he knew that Gair was innocent and that he knew who the real assailants were. That evidence was not available to the jury. When the key witness in a murder trial admits to perjury, when key identification witnesses can't pick out the accused days after they allegedly saw him and when six alibi witnesses put an accused person elsewhere, then it is surely time to say that the conviction is unsafe. The victim of this brutal murder was gay. It appears that the police were too anxious to secure vital evidence from within the 'Gay underworld' concentrating inquiries in 'trolling' territory. In doing so, their investigations were certainly following a somewhat stereotyped line of inquiry. That in itself wouldn't matter if it was the right line of inquiry. The view of too mant people in this case is that it was the wrong line of inquiry. There have been people I have spoken to (not necessarily the people named in this article) who were afraid. They were afraid because they did not want to be seen recalling an incident which took place around a well known trolling area. Yet these people, by their refusal to be more open are denying attempts to appraise all the facts in there entirety. An appraisal which would show as I believe, that Stuart Gair did not murder Peter Smith. Like William McLeod, it is vital that people come forward. They know who they are. Not only in the interest of justice, but in an effort to liberate a man who has been denied his freedom.The real issue in the Gair case is that for some people, fear of being seen to be Gay is greater than a desire to stand up for a man's liberty. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MESMAC ====== Mesmac are soon to launch their ten day Festival Appeal. The appeal runs from 25th September until October the 4th. Gordon Gosnell takes a look at the events and its personalities. When asked why such an appeal was needed, MESMAC's Matthew Toresen said 'The festival will raise urgently needed funds for our small grants scheme and will let us continue to provide free condoms and lube, as well as giving us the chance to be out and about. The festival is going to be a very busy,fun filled time. It will, I am sure, make us all proud to be out and a part of things'. Things kick off on the 25th of Sept with an Auction and Fashion Show at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. The centre piece of the event will be a display of Safer Sex T-Shirts by Fabio Piras, Paul Costelloe, Red or Dead, Roland Klein, Xavier Foley and A.D. Other donations have been offered by Betty Jackson, English Eccentrics, Ghost, Helen Storey, John Rocha and Edina Ronay and Ted Baker. On the night, hair styling will be by Vidal Sassoon. On Tuesday the 27th, a preview evening of art donated by local artists will be held at the Dixon Bate gallery. So it will be wise to bring the cheque book along with you, and leave the wife at home. The following evening it is hoped to stage a Lesbian and Gay Skating Gala at the Bradford Ice Stadium. Your host for the evening is the one and only Lilly Savage(still to be confirmed at the time of going to press). The Gala will be followed by an after the show party at Caligulas with a free buffet. Thursday the 29th takes us over to York for the Latex Production Theatre Group, for what should be a laughter packed performance. On the same date there is a benefit night at the 1in 12 club Bradford from 9pm-2am. On to the 30th and it's Leeds Primos night to host a benefit show, featuring the one and only Kevin Peters. Guaranteed to be a real glitzy night for one and all. Saturday the 1st October sees 'Proud in the Park', a fairy fayre in Rowentree Park, York (how sweet) with a beer tent, hot air balloon rides and a disco tent and lots more for all the pretend family. The events in the park are followed by a Two City Party, comprising of two venues holding simultanious disco, cabaret and live music benefits. The venues are Vague at the Warehouse in Leeds and Caligulas in Bradford. Sunday 2nd Oct sees Nancy's Lesbian and Gay Tea Dance at the Queens Hall Bradford. The fun and games start at 1pm and continue until 10pm tracing centuries of music from Rumba to Rave. To round the evening off why not pop along to Caligulas for a bit of supper and show until midnight? On Monday the 3rd Oct, the one and only Priscilla Pratt is to host the Dream Date at the Dolphin in Wakefield. Ms Pratt assures us that it will be fun and games throughout the evening. See if you can catch the dish of your dreams. Finally, Tuesday the 4th Oct sees Confetti's end of festival party. As we go to press we are told that a fab surprise guest PA is lined up. So get the best of clobber out folks and make it a night to remember At the end of the day, please remember that a lot of hard work has gone into organising your festival, so support it and give till it hurts. Have fun and play safe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNIPPITS ======== A women's sex shop in central London has caused a row over whether or not dildos can be displayed in an erect manner. Due to some ancient seventeenth century law, shop owner Ky Hoyle had to lay all the dildoes on their side, whilst a men' sex shop nearby have been selling upright dildoes for years without any trouble. Must be the willy season. Something as simple as Asprin may help prevent people with HIV from developing full blown AIDS. Researchers at Yale University have found that Asprin and its chemical precursor, sodium salicylate, work in part by blocking a protein called NF-kappa-B, which plays a crucial role. Researchers Elizabeth Kopp and Sankar Ghosh also found that, by inhibiting NF-kappa B, asprin substantally prevented HIV. Mesmac, Daybreak, Kirklees lesbian and gay switchboard and Leeds AIDS advice are all to benifit from the annual DS fund-raising picnic held in Homfirth, West Yorkshire. ukp1670 was raised with over 600 people turning out, many dressing up for the occasion. Best costume was judged by Miss Oldham. After weeks of speculation, Europride has officially been declared bankrupt. This latest blow has put the future of the 1998 gay games in Amsterdam in grave doubt. COC Amsterdam (Holland's National Gay Liberation Movement) and the company who printed the Europride programme demanded that organisers 'ROSE ZATERDAG FOUNDATION' be declared bankrupt. The court found after seizing the foundation's books that they had debts of over ukp190,000. Executive editor of Phase, Peter Cummings, has turned down a bid by Gay Financial Advisor Ivan Massow to buy out his shares in the parent company Blase'. Massow the magazine's Co-founder claimed that Cummings had blocked a buy-out offer after the publication ran into difficulties. Phase closed last month with debts believed to be in the region of ukp300,000. Massow claims to have lost ukp40,000 on the venture Volunteers will soon be required for a new switchboard and support line being set up and based in York. The service will cover a large areaof the North and East Yorkshire. It is hoped to have the line open for two evenings a week, starting in mid-December. Watch PULSE for the exact dates of commencement of the service. Anyone interested in helping should call 0653 697770. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKTALK ======== BACKTALK Have you noticed how the humble red ribbon is no longer enough? Now there are rainbow coloured ribbons to re-gay the symbol and tartan ones to bring out the Scottish Nationalist in one. But that's not enough for some people. Rather than wearing the badge of the moment, we're seeing older queers (or, perhaps, those who've just been out longer) dredging their drawers and sporting a badge or symbol which proves they're not just Johnny Come Out Lately. Some are quite subtle - The Names Project, for example, indicates that the wearer has been around AIDS/HIV since early on in the spread of the virus. And some are obscure - 'I'm a Fucking Queer' actually goes back to the 60's with a limited number reprint in 1980. The most obvious are the Gay Pride badges most of which are conveniently dated to avoid any confusion. And I don't just mean that they've got the date on them - some of them are curiously old fashioned. Nevertheless, if you've got a full run, you must have some street cred. But not as much street cred as the wearer of a Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners badge will attract. Miners? What are they? People under 21? Margaret Thatcher and Arthur Scargill truly have a lot to answer for in wrecking our mining industry! The red ribbon, which used to be largely worn by lesbians and gay men, and was an excellent adjunct to one's gaydar, has now gone through several phases. Following its wearing by Sympathetic Social Workers and Christians, it has now spread as a fashion statement to Rebellious and Sympathetic Youth. That's no doubt been helped by Hollywood's brave wearing of the symbol - often diamond encrusted and in as incredibly bad taste as only the dream factory can manage. In America, many other campaigns and movements are adopting ribbons: yellow apparently has nothing to say about water sports but instead indicates child abuse. One import from the USA which has failed to catch on is the 'I've been touched by a person with AIDS' badge. I've got one - and it never fails to shock some people. A friend working at the supposedly liberal and informed BBC has one stuck on his Filofax and, when he lent it to somebody there, was quite surprised at the look of confusion and shock on the face of the borrower. Perhaps 'AIDS = DEATH' (from the same ACT-UP stable) is more socially acceptable - it's certainly more widespread. But do these badges and symbols really matter? Are they saying something or are they merely fashionable acoutrements like jewellery? Both, I think. It depends on the wearer and where they wear their symbols. It's all very well waltzing along to a safe gay club wearing poofy badges under your coat - that's fashionable decoration. It's a totally different matter to have the guts to wear them to work or in the streets - that's upfront gutsy stick-it-in-your-face queerdom. I'd largely given up wearing badges until I thought about writing this piece - now I think I'll exhume my 'Yes I'm Homosexual Too' and start wearing it, once again, with pride. John Hein ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- KRIZTAL GAZES ============= Virgo Aug 22-Sep 22 With the power of Saturn in your chart you should be able to tackle anything. Organising your life seems paramount so it looks as if the undies drawer is going to be cleaned out. Libra Sep 23-Oct 22 Well suddenly you are bell of the ball and all and sundry want to help you as much as they can. Don't become to used to it though, it will all come to an end soon enough. Your sex drive may be higher than usual, if that's possible. Scorpio Oct23-Nov22 Are we thinking of opening a little bar? There is a very strong sign of enterprise and change. Remember it's not all it's cracked up to be, although the money will not go wrong. Sagittarius Nov23-Dec20 There is a strong sense of danger in the air, perhaps you should avoid the park! Your paranoia could make you miss a good opportunity in the love stakes in the near future. Capricorn Dec21-Jan19 Of late you seem to be finding it difficult to organise your objective. Some help could be coming from an unusual source that could prove to be very useful. Your love life could be better, but a change is in the pipeline. Aquarius Jan20-Feb18 If it's a change on the career front you are looking for you could do worse than look to a source in your own social life. A legal matter may need your urgent attention as well as good well trained advice. Pisces Feb19-Mar20 It might prove difficult keeping appointments with friends but do try to be on time. Failure to meet up my result in you paying for it later on. Aries Mar21-Apr20 Take extra care of your health, lots of colds about. Look to the house to a small problem, before it gets out of hand. An invitation from a shady character could prove to be very interesting. Taurus Apr21-May20 A discusion at work with a close friend could prove to be very interesting. If you are begining to doubt yourself look to an organisation that may help. Gemini May21-June20 Thoughtful twins are trying to make sense out of troubled times. Time to take stock and make the changes as required. Try letting your hair down a bit for starters. Cancer June21-July20 Energetic crabs are trying to scramble frantically around to get their lives together. While all this is going on you may fail in some other important aspects of your life. Leo July21-Aug21 Business matters are going well but an emotional matter needs urgent attention. A few useful invitations could be coming your way and one may well include travel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEALTH MATTERS ============== The Genital Touch Testicular cancer, 'cancer of the balls', is the most common cancer in 15-40 year old men and the incidence in the U.K. has doubled in the past 20 years to almost 1500 cases per annum. Advances in the treatment in this form of cancer have increased survival rates substantially rendering them almost totally curable. However, as with all types of cancer, early detection is the key to effective treatment and this, quite literally, lies in the hands of the individual! Gererally speaking the most common finding is a painless testicular swelling although around a quarter of all men experience some pain or discomfort, with some also reporting an injury to the testicle. The cause of such tumours is largely unknown but several factors do appear to increase risk - being gay is not one of them. White men are 4-5 times more likely than black men to develop it, with those living in Northern Europe, the U.K. and North America being at greater risk than those living in Africa, Japan and other parts of Asia. Professionals also appear to develop the disease more so than labourers and manual workers, but there is no link with those having had a vasectomy. FREQUENT, REGULAR SELF EXAMINATION is essential for all men in order to avoid unnecessary deaths from this potentially terminal condition. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that only 2 per cent of male adolescents have been taught to examine their testicles, and one in three men who find lumps delay medical advice.Testicular Self Examination (TSE) with men taking their discoveries seriously has never been more important. The technique is simple:- 1. Carry out a self examination immediately following a warm bath or shower when the skin is most relaxed. 2. Feel for any changes from the normal, such as hard lumps or nodules. 3. Explore each testicle individually using both hands; gently roll the testicle between the thumb and fingers. 4. It is very rare for cancer to develop in both testicles, so if you are unsure you can usually check for a possible change in one testicle by examining the other to check if it feels or appears the same. Remember, abnormalities are often detected by sexual partners. If you are in any doubt or want further advice, go along to your nearest GUM clinic or contact your G.P. Don't be one of the three who delay medical advice. If you find a lump or swelling have it checked out. Have fun and play safe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHRIS McCALL Chris McCall, well known to many on the Glasgow gay scene, passed away recently after a brave and sometimes laughter filled period of illness. I cannot know the pain, but can share in the love of someone I was proud to know in friendship. Whatever comes after this life will only be enriched by his passing. Gordon Gosnell -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A HIGHLAND FLING ================ Despite showery weather and objections from homophobes, do gooders and and local Tory councillors who should be hauled over the coals by their equal opportunities masters, the first SAM Highland Fling organised by the Gay Men's Project, went ahead on Edinburgh Meadows recently. The games aimed at raising peoples awareness of HIV and AIDS was a screaming success, judging by the 1,500 or so Lesbians, Gay men and straight friends who attended. The not-so-serious games, attracted people from all over the country, with not just the odd one or two dressed up for the occassion. With such events as Tossing the Stellie (winner Mike McKenzie), the Tug of War (winners Tony's Clonies), the Drag Sprint and the Sprint for Drag Queens (winners were Frank Smith and Kevin Hammond), a laugh a minute was guaranteed. The latter, the Sprint for Drag Queens, will in future have to be renamed the Mince for Drag Queens. The race turned out to be more of a leisurely mince, costume and all down the 50 yard track, with all the participants crossing the line together. The lap of honour was another sight all together, and not a broken stellie in sight. Not to be outdone, Healthy Gay Manchester, used the holiday weekend to launch themselves on their city's life. The main event on the Saturday was the float and dancing ensemble. HMG were celebrating 25 years on from Stonewall. Honouring the New York Drag Queens of 1969, HGM revealed the Freedom Girls last seen at Pride 94. On the Sunday, Life Under Canvas provided the best of the three top dance clubs in the North West (Flesh, Paradise Factory and Strangeways) all under one roof, with the sounds being provided by Cath McDermott, Tim Lennox and Mike Allen. The Purpose of the weekend was to focus on the issues Gay men commonly state for not using condoms. HGM claimed to have successfully countered these with positive messages. Gordon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS ======== To reply to a Contact Ad: Just pop your reply in an envelope with the box number written in the TOP RIGHT corner and place the envelope with your reply inside another envelope with two loose first class stamps. If you are writing from outside the UK, an International Reply Coupon (IRC) should be enclosed for each reply instead of postage stamps. International Reply Coupons are available from most Post Offices throughout the world. We are unable to send on replies without postage stamps or IRCs. Send all replies to: Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YE To place a Contact Ad: Write to the above address enclosing your advertisement copy. Ads are FREE of charge to the advertiser but can only be accepted by snail mail. Central Scotland Well built hairy guy with tache, short hair, non smoker likes football and most sports. I also like music etc. Seeks similar masculine guy non smoker and non effem. No skinnys, 25-40. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box P2501 Edinburgh Guy Dark,slim, 5ft 9in, shy, lonely 32 seeks a younger guy with a sweet nature and cute ass, for safe hot fun, friendship and maybe more. Genuine replies and a photo appreciated. Box P2502 Fife and Lothians/Tayside 5ft 8in, stocky and hairy with good looks, boyish face, passive/active extrovert body builder, loving romantic seeks boyish smooth loving sincere guy under 35 for fun and possible 1-1. Photo gets mine. Box P2503 Young Edinburgh Guy Seeks friends for going dancing with at the weekends. Likes dancing, cinema, theatre. Friendship maybe leading to more. ALA Box P2504 Blackpool Company director seeks horny fun. Aged 37 into most things but must be very discreet. Fantasies accommodated up to age of 40. Phone number and photo please. Box P2505 Salford Leather Guys Northwest clone couple 36/39 into leather, combats, shorts and Jokhs seek other clones looking for safe hot steamy sessions. ALAWAP. Box P2506 Strathclyde Rich toyboy to keep mid forties daddy happy. Slim athletic build, horny, very well hung and GSOH. All letters with photo will be answered. Box P2507 Ex Army Cheshire Ex Army guy, 44, 5ft 6in is looking for same. Discretion if still in the forces. 121 relationship. Genuine and honest. ALAWAP. Box P2508 Manchester and London/Anywhere Fun loving guy, 21, 5ft 9in with dark hair seeks younger guys 21-40 for friendship and possible 121. Rich busness men particularly welcome. ALAWAP Box P2509 Perthshire/Anywhere Horny 30 year old seeks singles or couples for raunchy times. Likes video, poppers ect. Straight acting and good looking. Any age welcome.Write soon ALAWAP Box 2510 North West/Greater Manchester Good looking guy (24) needs a spanking good time with a firm handed tall man. Photo essential but returned. ALA Get writing. Box 2511 Tyneside based leather guy Likes dressing up in rubber gear seeks mates to experiment with in role play, w/s. ALA Photo appreciated. Box 2512 Glasgow/Anywhere Inexperienced guy, 34, seeks explicit letters to find out what I'm missing. Possible 1-1. Any race. Box P2513 West Yorkshire/Leeds 30 year old likes fun maybe 121, 25-31 age group. Not bad looking, likes blonds and blue eyed slim guys.ALA. Box P2514 Leeds/Blackpool Tall 38 year old with large frame, VGSOH and caring. Needs TLC from small frame any age 21 plus. Must be honest and want 121. I have my own house, lets make it a home. Box P2515 West Yorkshire Nephew Required Guy 50 friendly caring, GSOH and stable. Seeks young smooth skinned guy as a friend/lover pen pal or whatever. Shy or inexperienced welcome. I am genuine. ALA. Box P2516 South Leeds/West Yorkshire I am looking for a non-scene submissive guy for a long term 121 relationship. Must be 38-45, tall and very sexy and kind. Write soon. Box P2517. Manchester/Anywhere Good looking art student into music (Kate, Smiths, Bowie, Roxy, Dance music including Megadog nights and things related) seeks lad with brain for 121. ALAWAP Box P2518 Cheshire-Runcorn/Anywhere Straight acting lad 30 not bad looking needs mates for good times. No strings or 121s. It's up to you.Your photo gets mine in return. Your age up to 28. Box P2519 Birdwatching and Ecology Friend sought by ardent wildlife buff for trips and possible holiday abroad. Age immaterial but discretion needed. Based in the north of England but can travel. Non-scene. GSOH please. Box P2520 Edinburgh Young 27 newish to the area seeks friend for clubbing, nights out or in, into music,cinema and reading. You fun, lively around my age and looking for good times. ALA. Box P2521 Birmingham Skinhead 27, 6ft, passive and submissive, but still unruly. Seeks skin or biker must be active and dom 35 plus for regular long hard session or genuine commited 1-1. Honest letter gets replt. Box P2522 Kilted Teddy Bears Wanted Kilted anything, really! Enthusiastic guy in thirties is looking for humpy hunks with serious knee exposure.Ideally bearded, married, but everyone welcome.Maybe exchange photographs, experiences and fantasies. Discretion assured. Photo gets reply. Box P2523 New Students At universities of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield new to area. Good looking guy, 37, own place, car and video collection. Offers to show you around and have fun. Black or Asian prefered. Box P2526 Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland Thirty something chubby guy seeks caring daddy bear for friendship and perhaps something more. Look beyond the figure and you will be quite surprised at what lies inside. ALA Box P2527 Leeds queercore artist. Male 22 Electric enfant terrible, seeks models, muses, exhibitionists, ecdysiasts, to devour, disgust, delight and destroy. Creativity and brain cell essential, but all will be forgiven if you are aesthetically blessed. AL(with a Photo)A. Box P2528 Edinburgh 30, slim, 5ft 8in with dark hair, attractive. I am caring, affectionate and straight acting. I enjoy nights in and out. Fed up with the scene. Looking for genuine friendship and possible 121. Photo appriciated ALA Box P2529. Glasgow/ Anywhere Friendly Bi-guy in 40s will pull your briefs down. Into water sports, massage and videos, welcomes replies from 22-50 year old. Photo please will return. Write soon to meet up. Box P2530. Leeds area Guy in late thirties, slim, with tache, straight acting and passive seeks guy 30-45. Box P2531 Lincolnshire Genuine Male Male 38 seeks younger male for fun and entertainment. Can accommodate. Photo if possible. Must be butch, non feninine guys only. Box P2532. Glasgow Hunky 6ft 3in with worked out body, straight acting and w/e, is looking for w/e guys for fun. Can travel and accommodate. So drop me a line, you won't be dissappointed. Box P2533 Edinburgh Lad 32, 5ft 9in with short dark hair and blue eyes. Into w/s in pants, jocks, and army gear, wants to meet sub horny skins for wet and wild fun. Humiliation guarenteed. Phone number appriciated. 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Give telephone number to arrange a meeting. Box P2548 Blackpool/North West 31year old, clean shaven student, 5ft 10, slim with brown hair and eyes, needs active uncle type to give CP correction at my place. Non smoker prefered. You 23-48 clean shaven with GSOH and able to travel. Box P2549 Edinburgh 30 year old, slim, dark hair and caring. I'm told I am attractive. Straight acting. I enjoy nights in and out, am fed up with the scene, and looking for genuine friendship and a possible 121. Photo appreciated. Box P2550 Scotland/Anywhere Extremely hairy bear, 37, seeks smooth cub for cuddles and more. Student type and non-smoker prefered. Your cave or mine. Box P2551. Central Scotland Mature guy, 40, offers fun and friendship to younger smooth guy. Beginners welcome. Box P2552. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- VENUES ====== Aberdeen: ======== CLUB CADERFEIDH 9 Hadden Street, Tel: (0224) 212181. Thu-Sun 9pm-2am. Popular Disco just a stones throw away from Flannies Bar. FLANNIES Stirling Street. 11am - 12am, Sundays 6.30pm - 11pm. Tel 0224 583881. PINK FLAMINGO Nether Kirkgate. Reports as they come in... (ie. watch this space!) Blackpool: ========= Basil's On The Strand 9 The Strand, Tel: 0253-293 877. Mon-Sat 12.30pm-12.30am. Sun pub hours. Pub with dance floor, bistro, Clone Zone Shop. Pepe's 92-94, Talbot Road, Tel: 0253-26691. Mon-Sat 12-5pm & 8pm-2am, Sun 12-3pm & 8-10pm. Cabaret on Weds and Sat lunchtimes. Funny Girls. Tel: 0253 291144 for details Flamingo 2001 176 Talbot Road, Tel: 0253-24901. Mon-Sat 10-2am. Sun 7-11.30 pm. Disco Club, Drag & Bistro. Sun Piano Bar lunchtimes. Galaxy Health Club 25 Springfield Road, Tel: 0253 294610 Lucy's Bar below Rumours, Talbot Square, Tel: 0253-293 204. Mon-Thu 12-3pm and 7-2am, Sat 12-4.30pm and 7-2am, Sun 12-3pm and 7-10.30pm. DJ and Cabaret. Matcham's Bar Behind Grand Theatre, Corporation Street, Tel: 0253-28309. Mon-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 12pm-3pm. Mixed Bar. 20's Tea Rooms 5 Queens Street, Tel: 0253-25713. 10-5pm. Open 7 days a week. Elegant tea rooms, serving tea, coffee, snacks and meals. Bradford: ======== Caligulas Nightclub and Fun bar, 7 Barry Street. Bradford. Tel (0274) 731606. The Sun 124 Sunbridge Road. Tel 0274 737722 Dundee: ====== THE EDGE 85 Commercial Street. FRI10pm-2.30am. Dundee's one-nighter disco. GAUGER BAR 75 Seagate. Tel: (0382) 26840. Mon-Sat 11am-12pm, Sun 6pm-11pm. Large bar with pool table and its very own disco! Edinburgh: ========= C.C. BLOOMS Greenside Place. Tel: 031-556 9331. Friendly Bar/Diner. Serving Quality Food. Open 12-Late CHAPPS CLUB BAR 22 Greenside Place. Tel: 031-558 1270. Mon-Sun 9.30pm-4am. Cruisy bar all types of clientele. Busy late on at night. THE EDGE 60 Broughton Street. Tel: 031-556 0852. Licensed Noon-1am. Open 7 days a week. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE 13-29 Nicolson St. Tel 031-529 6000. Cafe Lucia for the Boys and Girls. Theatre has the most well endowed stage in Britain. FRENCH CONNECTION Rose Street Lane North. Mon-Sat Noon-2am, Sun 1pm-2am. Cosy bar just off Princes Street. INSINUENDOS 2 Picardy Place. Basement Cabaret Club in QT's Bar. Acts, Strippers, etc. Tel 031-556 0499. JOY at the Calton, Calton Road. 10pm till late. Edinburgh's Saturday one nighter. THE LAUGHING DUCK 24 Howe Street. Tel: 031-225 6711. Mon-Wed Noon-1am, Thu-Sat Noon-1.30am,Sun 6pm-1.00am. Busy pub especially at weekend.Disco downstairs, karaoke on Tuesdays and Sundays, Bingo on a Wednesday. NEWTOWN BAR Dublin Street. Popular Basement Bar. QT'S BAR 2 Picardy Place. Bright City Centre bar. Mixed crowd of all ages. Tel: 031-556 0499. STAR TAVERN Northumberland Place. Best Real Ale in Town. Open 12-12.30. With Beer Garden. Tel: 031-539 8070 WEST & WILDE BOOKSHOP 25a Dundas Street. Tel: 031-556 0079. Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun Noon-6pm. Scotland's only lesbian and gay bookshop. Large selection of gay titles. THE EDINBURGH LESBIAN GAY AND BISEXUAL CENTRE 58a Broughton Street. Entry through 60 as well. DRONDALE LIMITED 60 Broughton Street. Tel: 031-556 1471. Open 11am-8pm. Probably the largest gay shop north of Manchester. Worldwide mail order service. Glasgow: ======= AUSTINS 183a Hope Street. Tel: 041-332 2707. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight. Friendly and basement pub. Food lunchtimes. Karaoke on Tues, Fri & Sun nights. BENNETS DISCO 80-90 Glassford Street. Tel: 041-552 5761. Tue-Sun 11pm-3am. Very popular busy disco.,Straight night Tuesday, Packed at the weekend. CHISHOLMS COFFEE SHOP 145 Kenmure Street, Glasgow. Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm. Sun 11am-5pm. Cosy wee shop. (Ideal for quiet cuppa with a friend) CLUB EXCHANGE 25 Royal Exchange Square. Tel: 041-204 4599. Tue-Sun 11pm-3am. Large basement disco. Wednesday alternative night. CLUB SECHABA New One nighter, currently seeking new venue. Details on Tel: 041-221 1276. COURT BAR 69 Hucheson Street. Tel:041-552 2463. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun 8.30-11pm. Small bar with basement area. The ideal place to go if you like your music below the pain barrier. DELMONICA'S 68 Virginia Street. Tel:041-552 4803. Mon-Sun 11am-Midnight. Large pub with backroom area. GUY'S BAR 105 Albert Drive (50 Yds from the Tramway Theatre) 5.30- Late 7 Nights a week. Glasgow's New Basement Bar. Tel: 041-423 6439. SQUIRES LOUNGE 106 West Campbell Street, Tel:041-221 9184. Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat 12.30-Midnight, Sun 8pm-12pm. Thu, Fri, Sat DJ. Nightly Happy Hours. THE WATERLOO 306 Argyle Street, Tel:041-221 7359. Mon-Sun 12-12. As crowded and popular as ever. Cabaret every Thurs, Karaoke with Ms Hutton on Sundays. Harrogate: ========= THE DUNGEON 2 Parliament Terrace. Tel 0423 524629. Very Busy Sunday Nights, Open 7-11pm. HALES BAR 1 Crescent Road. Mixed bar with old style gas lighting. In the Real Beer Guide! BEDROCK AT THE ZOO 11 Station Parade. Tel 0423 503294. New Thursday night club from 10pm-2am with Drag DJ. Leeds: ===== THE NEW PENNY Call Lane. THE BRIDGE INN Bridge Gdn/Call Lane. THE OLD RED LION Meadow Lane PRIMOS II Nightclub, 41-43 New York Street. Tel 0532 446300 Liverpool: ========= THE CURZON CLUB Temple Lane. Tel 051-236 5160. GARLANDS CLUB 8-10 Eberle St. Tel 051-236 3307 REFLECTIONS CLUB 24 Dale St. Tel 051-236 3946. PACO'S Stanly St. Basement Bar. Tel 051-236 9737. THE LISBON Stanly St. Nice friendly large pub. Tel 051-236 1248 Manchester: ========== BLUES Bar/Disco, 211 Slamford Street, Ashton-upon-Lyme(061-330 3212). Long Established popular Gay venue, Open Mon-Sat till 2am. CLUB LA LA All Night Disco. Tel 0706 82676 CRUZ 101 101 Princes Street. Tel 061-237 1554. Large Club open10pm-2am. Closed Tues & Sun. Members only. ETHOS AT RUBY TUESDAYS 10pm-2am. Tel 0374 747674 for details. GRAND CENTRAL 80 Oxford Street.(100 yds from Oxford St Railway Station). Also contains basement bar ('The Subway') NAPOLEON'S Sackville Street/Bloom Street. Tel 061-236 8800. Gay disco/club. Sun-Sat 9.30-2am. NEW YORK NEW YORK 98 Bloom Street. Tel 061-236 6556. Mixed gay bar. All day opening OSCARS 5 Copper Street. Tel 061-236 6007. Gay nightclub. Wed-Sat 10-2am. Q-BAR 28 Richmond Street. Tel 061-237 9329. Members only bar (Free Membership avail.). Tues-Sat 9-1am, Sun 9-11.30pm. THE REMBRANDT HOTEL 33 Sackville Street. Tel 061-236 1311 ROCKIES 4-6 Whitworth St. Tel 061-228 3078. Gay disco complex. Mon,Thurs-Sun 10pm-2.30am. Sun 1-4pm. Closed Tuesdays. Newcastle: ========= COURTYARD 2 Scotswood Rd Tel 091-232 2037 Mixed pub. HEAVENS ABOVE Above the Court Bar. Young and lively crowd. Busy at weekends. Tek 091-261 0488. POWERHOUSE Waterloo St Tel 091-261 4507 Thur-Sat 10-1am Gay club Ist Wed of month. Men only. ROCKIES 78 Scotswood Rd Mixed bar with disco, pub hours ROCKSHOTS Waterloo St. Tel 091-232 9648. Large and popular disco. Very busy. STRINGS 29 Blenheim Street, Tel 091-232 3530. Mixed Gay bar with accent on the Disco. THE VILLAGE Sunderland St.Next to Powerhouse. Mon,Thur,Fri,Sat 12-11pm,Tue,Wed 12-12pm,Sun 7-10.30pm. Wakefield: ========= The Dolphin Pub 6 Lower Warren Gate. Tel 0924 201705. York: ==== WHITE HORSE Bootham. York's only full time gay haunt. Open 11am till 11pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------- HELPLINES ========= Aberdeen Tel 0224 586869 Wed. 7-10pm Ayr Lesbian and Gay Group. Tel 0292 610599 . 7-10pm. PO Box 1043, Ayr. KA6 5JQ. Ayrshire AIDS Awareness Support Group. Meetings Wed from 7pm-10pm/ Tel: 0292 619000. PO Box 1043. Ayr. Borders Gay Switchboard. Confidential Information, Advice & Counselling. Mon & Wed 7.30-10.00pm. Tel 0450 370700 or PO Box 3, Hawick, Roxburgh. TD9 9RU Central Forth Friend Tel 0786 7125 Mon 7-10pm Edinburgh Body Positive(Edinburgh) Tel 031-652 0754 (Mon-Fri) 031-661 9100 (Fax). HIV Positive Gay Men's Group, Sunday's 2-6pm Edinburgh Gay Switchboard Tel 031-556 4049. Nightly 7.30-10pm. Lesbian Line Tel 031-557 0751 Mon/Thu 7.30-10pm. Bisexual Line Tel 031-557 3620 Thurs 7.30-9.30pm Scottish Aids Monitor PO Box 248, Edinburgh EH6 5NS. Tel 031-555 4850 Fife Fife Friend. Tel 0592 266688 Monday (Women) 7.30-10.30pm, Friday (Men) 7.30-10.30pm. Glasgow Strathclyde Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. Tel 041-221 8371. Nightly 7-10pm. Lesbian Line 041-552 5768 Wed 7-10pm. The Outreach Nursing Team. Tel 0831 179902.(9.30am-4.30pm). Scottish Aids Monitor. PO Box 11,G2 2UT. Tel 041-353 3133 Harrogate Gay and Lesbian Switchboard, 5pm-10pm, M-F, 3pm-7pm S&S. Tel: 0423 524101. Body Positive 0423 524100 London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard. 24hrs. Tel 071-837 7324 Newcastle upon Tyne Friend Tel 0632 737951 Mon-Fri 7-10pm Lesbian Line Tel 0632 612277 Thu 7-10pm Perth Women 0738 828840 Mon 7-10pm. Men 0738 23917 Mon 7-10pm. York York Action Plus, HIV/AIDS support group. Helpline 0904-671631. 24Hr Crisis Line 0374 229133. MESMAC, 0904 612236. Leeds MESMAC, 0532 444209. National. TV/TS Helpline. Operated daily 7.30-10pm to listen counsel and give comfort. Ring Edinburgh Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 031-556 4049 and ask for the Scottsh TV/TS helpline. Lesbian & Gay Bereavement Project. Vaughan M.Williams Centre. Colindale Hospital. London. NW9 5HG. Tel: 081-200 0511.(Weekdays 3-6pm) National AIDS Helpline. 0800-567123. 24hr Helpline. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PULSE MAGAZINE Issue 25 - September 1994 Editorial team: Adam Donlin John Hein Gordon Gosnell Published by Claypoke Limited Contributors: Kriztal Tony Laverett (Scene News - Blackpool) Gordon (Scene News - Edinburgh) Wayne (Scene News - York) Alex (Scene News - Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield) Electronic Edition: John Hein ( General Enquiries: Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YA Advertising Enquiries: Telephone: +44 (0) 374 966402 TeleFax: +44 (0) 1505 335021 END OF FILE -- Pulse Magazine PO Box 1248 PAISLEY Renfrewshire Scotland PA3 3YA Telephone: +44 (0) 1505 335021


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