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====+========================+=====================+=================+========== E | ________________ | ____________ | _________ |I. L | \______ ______\ | / ________ \ | / _____ \ | C. E | | | | | / \_/ | | / \_/ | S. C | | | | | | | | < | T | | | | | | | \ \______ | R | | | | | | | \______ \ | #4 O | | | | | | | \ \ | Z | | | | | | _ | _ > | | I | ______| |______ | | \________/ \ | / \_____/ | | N | \________________\ | \_____________/ | \__________/ | E | Information | Communication | Supply | ====+========================+=====================+=================+========== Information Communication Supply 04/20/93 Vol.1:Issue.4 Email To: ORG_ZINE@WSC.COLORADO.EDU E D I T O R S: Local Alias: Email: ICS Positions: Daniel Frederick N/A N/A Corrections, Role Playing Russell Hutchison -BurnouT STU524636420 Subscriptions, Editor Benjamin Price -Beelzebub/B'bub STU406889075 Submissions, Final Opinion, Letters Section Luke Miller -Aminohead/DUB STU521532642 Subscriptions, Role Playing Donald Sanders -Zorro ORG_ZINE Contributor George Sibley -MACFAC FAC_SIBLEY Faculty Supervisor Matthew Thyer -O O T L O STU523086351 Chief Editor Deva Winblood -Metal Master ADP_DEVA Technical Director,WorldNet Tour Guide, Tales of The Unknown, Critical Editor _____________________________________________________________________________ / \ | ICS is an Electrozine distributed by students of Western State | | College in Gunnison, Colorado. We are here to gather information about | | topics that are important to us all as human beings. If you would like | | to send in a submission please type it into an ASCII format and mail it | | to us. We operate on the assumption that if you mail us something you | | want it to be published. We will do our best to make sure it is | | distributed and will always inform you when or if it is used. | | See the end of this issue for submission information. | \_____________________________________________________________________________/ REDISTRIBUTION: If any part of this issue is copied or used elsewhere you must give credit to the author and indicate that the information came from ICS Electrozine ORG_ZINE@WSC.COLORADO.EDU. BACK ISSUES: Back issues can be FTPed from UGLYMOUSE.CSS.ITD.UMICH.EDU in the directory /pub/Zines/ICS. (check /pub/Politics/ICS also) DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the editors of ICS. Contributors to ICS assume all responsibilities for ensuring that articles/submissions are not violating copyright laws and protections. |\__________________________________________________/| | \ / | | \ T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S / | | / \ | | /________________________________________________\ | |/ \| | Included in the table of contents you will see some| | generic symbols to help you in making your | | decisions on whether an article is something that | | may use ideas, and/or language that could be | | offensive to some. S = Sexual Content | | AL = Adult Language V = Violence O = Opinions | |____________________________________________________| I. FIRST OPINION: SEASONS CHANGE: The Past and Future of ICS. By Deva Winblood. This will answer some questions and also inform our readers of some activities and plans for the future of ICS. II. CHALLENGE/INVITATION: For Creative And/Or Institutional Thinkers. By George Sibley. III. WORLDNET TOUR GUIDE: Obtaining Free Electronic Music. By Deva Winblood. Talks about MODs, where they can be found, what you need to play them, and who writes them. IV. TALES OF THE UNKNOWN #4: By George Sibley. No one ever thought a calendar could be so mystical. V. MY GOD, WHY HATH THOU FORSAKEN ME?: Part I of a story to be continued in Issue #5 by Ted Sanders. (AL,V) VI. THE RIGHT DECISION: A story by Catherine Murray. This story deals with... Well, you'll see. It is a very good story. Ben Price says so. VII. IMPURE MATH: Submitted by Rodrigo de Almeida Siqueira. This humorous tale was submitted by a man of vast interests. VIII.MARTIANS ARE COMING pt. 2: A story continuation of the first part featured in ICS Issue #3. By Russell Hutchison. IX. RUSH: A story by Daniel Frederick. This story is definitely not intended for Arachnophobes. (V) X. CHAOTICON II Announcement: A public service announcement. XI. TOME OF VAST KNOWLEDGE Announcement: A public service announcement. XII. FINAL OPINION: By Benjamin Price. In this episode Ben is complaining about the weather and possibly saying farewell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _____________________________ / FIRST OPINION \ _________________________________ / S E A S O N S C H A N G E: \ | The Past and Future of ICS | | By | | Deva Winblood | \_________________________________/ ___ (_ _) ( ) (___)nformation, Communication, Supply now consists of four issues. These issues were produced by staff members at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, USA. The articles, stories, and announcements were submitted by creative people around the world and ICS staff members. --- The seasons have changed and so this college semester nears its end leaving many of us wondering exactly what will happen with ICS. The status of ICS is improving and many things are in the works. ICS staff members Matt Thyer, Deva Winblood, Russell Hutchison, and supervisor George Sibley met with the Arts and Humanities committee of Western State College to discuss the future of ICS. The committee was enthusiastic about our efforts and dreams. They asked us to draft up a constitution so that we too may sit on the committee. This indicates that ICS will be around even after the original staff members are gone. Those that will be leaving our staff have stated that they will continue to submit articles for future issues. They are dedicated to our goals. The summer (USA) issues of ICS will be created by staff members that are available. Due to the decrease in size of the staff during this season issues will only be released when enough material is gathered. This material will take awhile to compile, so we may send out smaller sections of the issue more often (as our survey indicates people prefer), and compile a larger issue which will consist of these sections. The larger issue would then be stored at the archive site at UGLYMOUSE as a complete issue. To aid us in creating the summer issues we cannot stress how important it is for people to send us submissions. If we do not receive enough submissions it will take us longer to compile summer issues. So, send us polished articles, poems, stories, et cetera that you feel other ICS readers (worldwide) would like to read. The survey indicates that there is a strong interest in the WorldNet Tour Guide section. This section will be continued as accurate research is completed. The summer WNTG sections will cover FREENETs, GOPHER, popular ftp sites, and other informative topics. Any contributions suitable for the WorldNet Tour Guide section are highly encouraged. ICS was designed to be something useful for as wide a group of people as we could encompass. The contents are generally creative in an attempt to balance out the mass of technical journals available through WorldNet. The Electrozine is the first step in a series of steps that the ICS staff has planned. ICS is considering creating MAC, MSDOS, AMIGA, et cetera versions of ICS available in the future. These versions would be in platform specific formats that allow professional quality page layout. This will probably be tested in the fall. Anyone interested in this please contact us so that we can determine whether the interest is actually there for such a product. Again, this would be free of charge (unless shipped on a floppy disk in which case it would be the price of the disk and shipping). --- The summer is nearing at many campuses and some of our readers may be isolated from email for the season. Feel free to contact us and inform us to cancel your subscription. We are expecting this will be necessary for some people. If you are one of these people then just send us a message and we hope to get a letter from you in the fall asking for subscription renewal. --- Keep reading and send us something if you have the time. - Deva Winblood, ICS Technical Director -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________________________________ / \ / CHALLENGE/INVITATION \ \ FOR CREATIVE AND/OR INSTITUTIONAL THINKERS / \ By George Sibley / \______________________________________________/ "Cyberland" today is a lot like the Old West was 150 years ago. Settlers coming into the West believed they were coming into an open and empty land where they could "live free"--whatever that meant to them. What they actually found, however, when they began to experiment with their freedom, was that a lot of "larger-than-life" entities had in fact gotten there first: networks of finance and transportation as large and indifferent as Nature itself, webs of law and regulation written far from the realities of the West--in essence, a lot of old institutions that were reproducing themselves in the West--institutions whose "bottom lines" had little to with individual freedom. The seemingly new and unexplored realms opened up by computers present the same kind of dilemma to the individual: one the one hand, here are all these vast new creative possibilities; but on the other hand, most of these "possibilities" (especially the most interesting one, Cyberland's equivalent of the Old West's waterholes and bottomlands) are owned by institutions--the entities most able to afford them--and the institutions are harnessing most of that potential to typical institutional tasks. In Cyberland as in the Old West, this has resulted in a new outbreak of one of the oldest and most endemic of cultural problems: the tension between the creative individual and the institutions that keep lit the lamps of tradition. The old story of Cain and Abel? Were we telling it today in Cyberland, Cain would be a hacker and Abel an honest and diligent career bureaucrat trying to keep a college or a company or the Defense Department on orderly. From the rational perspective that so seldom prevails in human culture, this tension seems unfortunate. History and common sense both show that survival--for institutions and individuals as well as species--depends on ability to adapt, which means that institutions always need some creative individuals who are thinking "outside the envelope." And however much they may deny it, creative individuals need institutions, if only to produce and assemble their creations. That tidy rationality breaks down, however, in the mutual contempt that each faction holds for the other: creative individuals consider institutional managers to be stodgy, unimaginative, anal-retentive, control-hungry dullards; while institutional managers consider creative individuals to be undependable, untrustable, irresponsible, undermining jokers and saboteurs. And in the atmosphere of mutual tension, these gross generalizations too often become self-fulfilling prophecies, as each side seems to go out of its way to fulfill the worst expectations of "the enemy." Does it have to be this way? We want to devote part of this summer's issues of the Electrozine to an exploration of alternatives to this too-old and too-tired pattern. It has been observed that the more advanced a technology gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to the alienated creative individual, so Cyberland may still be up for grabs in ways that the Old West never was; accommodating (rather than trying to control) the creative individual may be institutionally desirable for the short-term as well as the long-term. What we are looking for, then, is your creative and/or institutional thinking for a dialogue on this issue. This thinking can be in the form of essays, stories, allegories, professorial pedantry, poetry, role games, whatever your medium. Let us all see if we can't do something with this splendid mental space besides just recreating a past grounded in mutual mistrust and antagonism. Mail your thoughts to ORG_ZINE@WSC.COLORADO.EDU--and let us know whether you want your name left off to protect you from the guilty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _________________________________ / W o r l d N e t T o u r \ / G u i d e #3 \ / \ \ By / \ Deva Winblood / \>------------------------------- \ By / \ /\ Daniel Frederick /\ / \_/__\_____________________/__\_/ \_____________________________/ It was getting closer. With every second that slowly passed it was getting closer. This was nothing like I had wanted. All I could do was scream. My legs wouldn't even move anymore. They were solid lead and my body was still attached to each leg, my own fleshy ones gone. A demonic dark shape only some forty feet away was approaching me in slow motion. What ever had happened to my legs was nothing compared to lying on top of all these spiders. Thousands of them crawling on me, even into my mouth. I could feel each of their millions of legs as they danced over my bare body. Now that shape was in my vision, and I could see that it too was a large hideous spider. It was almost upon me. I tried to crawl with my arms, but they wouldn't move either because of the amount of poison the spiders had stung me with. It seemed all I could do now was lay frozen by poison and fear in this spider hell. My eyes were unable to close from the sight of tiny legs on my eyelids. My vision was slowly darkening and I thanked the supposed gods that my family had always praised. Take me away from here. Life was closing in on me, and I no longer cared that I was dying or that thousands of legs crawled over me looking for anywhere to bite or walk. It was a feeding frenzy from hell. It was almost over and I sat back content to die. My will was gone and my mind wandering. I had forgotten the looming shape. I was almost gone when I suddenly became all too aware of it again. Why couldn't I have died now that I was so close to peace. I was in its grip, my body slowly swaying and dead. Seeing it clearly now, I saw its thousands of eyes staring hungrily at me. Its hairy long legs held me up to its mouth pincers. Death awaited me. WAIT, MY GUN. If I could reach it. My arms--I needed to move them. I had to. Scared out of my mind in this insane hell, I became horribly mad. It couldn't do this to me. It was going to kill me. I pulled for the .48, jabbed its muzzle under those staring eyes, and pulled the trigger. It hurt. My fingers could hardly move, but even with impaired vision I knew I had not missed. I could see and hear its horrible cry through my eye lids and the tiny legs as it threw me back violently. As I fell the .48 fell from my limp fingers. The blast of the gun and howl of the spider rang in my ears like a grenade going off in an empty room. The queasy sensation of spiders in my stomach and mouth gagged me. I could no longer breathe and my eyes were bugging painfully out of my head. Agony! Somehow I was screaming. How? Screaming and gagging and crying. Then . . . God I'm sorry I had nothing left. --- --- --- Immediately after their partner was shot, Officers Jonson and Rean made it to him. They had been only fifteen feet away from him. Only fifteen feet away from helping him. Now Driscoll was dead. Another good cop dead from another drug using scum. The damn high was more important to them then even life. Their life or anyone else's life killed by drug scum. "Ahhh, the ultimate rush to death. I hope he enjoyed it, the damn scum. Well there is nothing left to do now but dispose of them both. God I hate the smell of dead spider, but I suppose we all smell this way when dead," Jonson remarked as he kicked the scum with five of his six legs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ______________________ / CHAOTICON II \ \ Announcement / \____________________/ The Gamer's Club at UW Green Bay is sponsoring CHAOTICON II, a gaming convention on April 17-18 from 9 am to 10 pm. There will be many roleplaying and wargames, as well as several local vendors. Admission is $7 for the weekend and $5 per day. For more info, please email me at: Thank you, Grut Gnollslayer Half-Orc Chancellor to the High Council of the Gamer's Club ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ________________________ / TOME OF VAST KNOWLEDGE \ \ Announcement / \______________________/ ANNOUNCING - The 2nd Public Release of a Program to Assist Dungeon Masters find that obscure but important piece of information that will make your campaign a hit. The TOME of VAST KNOWLEDGE is a program written for IBM compatible micro-computers, it requires 512K of RAM and a hard disk is recommended for optimal performance. This program is several things, but primarily it is a database for the many little pieces of information which make AD&D the game it is. There are several ways of searching for info. of interest: 1) sequential, manual, 2) keyword search. Additionally, this program has an NPC generator (but then again who doesn't), an automatic spell list generator, and a few other goodies. More importantly this program was built with the realization that no program can do it all. The TOME should work with other AD&D utilities if they don't require too much memory. I have put copies at: : /D_D/incoming/vast_101.tar.Z : /pub/adnd/inbound/ Enjoy, and give me feedback so the TOME can get better. Thank you to those who have given feedback, I'm working on improvements as we speak. I'd like to thank the many individuals who made suggestions, and those who contributed material for this 2nd release. Particularly those who answered my call for NET.MAGIC.ITEMS. If you have any material you feel would fit in the TOME, send it along. PS. Watch for an announcement of the Database BUILDER for the TOME of VAST KNOWLEDGE (YES! Make/customize your own databases) coming soon. Douglas P. Webb a.k.a. Magus the Black dwebb@binkley.CS.McGill.CA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /\ /\/ \/\ _/ \____________ / F I N A L \ / O P I N I O N \ / By \ / Benjamin Price \ /_______________________________\ Like a blade, the wind cuts through my feeble flesh and chills me to the very marrow of my bones. Stubbornly I stagger onward; I can see the door only a few meters away, warm light streaming from the windows. I think to myself that I must be a pitiful sight: snow has encrusted my hair, my skin is a color that would closely match concrete, and not a shred of my clothing can be seen underneath a centimeter-thick layer of frost. After what seems an eternity, the door looms close. Desperately I grasp the handle and hurl the thing open. As I lurch through the portal, I cannot help but grin, and I pause for a moment and let warmth return feeling to my nose and fingers. Then, purposefully, I stride around a corner, down a hall, and with a flourish I burst into the room for which I endured the elements. "Ben, you idiot... why in the Hell are you wearing a tank-top and shorts in a blizzard?" a stray voice laughs. I do not deign to answer. I thought it was Spring. It WAS Spring, fifteen minutes ago. There is a saying here: "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes." If that isn't written on a stone tablet somewhere, it should be. Shaking off coat, snow, and the occasional icicle, I make my way to a (gosh, surprise, surprise) computer terminal. The lab holds its usual compliment of intellectuals, zombies, and frustrated students working on due assignments, but looking around I am unable to draw any inspiration from them. I ponder, wondering what my potentially last contribution to ICS should be. I thoroughly annoy my nearest neighbors by experimenting with most of the possible rhythms that can be generated by combining keyclicks and beeps. And then I am struck with a wonderful idea. I'll write a program to write my assignments for me! I'm going to go do that now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ICS would like to hear from you. We accept flames, comments, submissions, editorials, corrections, and just about anything else you wish to send us. For your safety use these guidelines when sending us anything. We will use things sent to us when we think the would be appropriate for the goal of the issue coming out. So, if you send us something that you DO NOT want us to use in the electrozine, then put the words NOT FOR PUBLICATION in the subject of the mail you send us. You can protect your material by sending a copy to yourself through the mail and leaving the envelope unopened. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACK ISSUES: Back Issues of ICS can be FTPed from UGLYMOUSE.CSS.ITD.UMICH.EDU They are in the directory /pub/Zines/ICS. (NOTE: the administrator may have them in /pub/Politics/ICS still.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ICSICSICSICSICSICSICS/\ICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICS CSICSICSICSICSICSICS/ \CSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICS ICSICSICSICSICSICSI/ \ICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSI CSICSICSICSICSICSI/ \CSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSI ICSICSICSICSICSIC/ I C S \ICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSIC CSICSICSICSICSIC/ \CSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSIC ICSICSICSICSICS/ Electro- \ICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICS CSICSICSICSICS/ Zine \CSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICSICS \ / \ / \ / \ / An Electronic Magazine from \ / Western State College \ / Gunnison, Colorado. \ / ORG_ZINE@WSC.COLORADO.EDU \/ '*' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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