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:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: -----=====Earth's Dreamlands=====----- (313)558-5024 {14.4} (313)558-5517 A BBS for text file junkies RPGNet GM File Archive Site .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. / DDDDD ZZZZZZ // D D AAAA RRR GGGG OOOO NN N Z I NN N EEEE || D D A A R R G O O N N N Z I N N N E || =========================================================+|) D D AAAA RRR G GG O O N N N Z I N N N E || DDDDD A A R R GGGG OOOO N NN ZZZZZZ I N NN EEEE || \\ \ The Magazine of the Dargon Project Editor: Dafydd As Of: 05/15/1992 DargonZine is an electronic magazine printing stories written for the Dargon Project, a shared-world anthology similar to (and inspired by) Robert Asprin's Thieves' World anthologies, created by David "Orny" Liscomb in his now retired magazine, FSFNet. The Dargon Project centers around a medieval-style duchy called Dargon in the far reaches of the Kingdom of Baranur on the world named Makdiar, and as such contains stories with a fantasy fiction/sword and sorcery flavor. At this time, DargonZine has no plans to publish anything other than Dargon Project stories, but there are several other magazines out there to satisfy this need. Subscription Information: ------------------------- Subscribers to DargonZine will have each new issue sent to their userid as it comes out. A subscription may be obtained by sending a request via MAIL to the editor, Dafydd, at the userid WHITE@DUVM.Bitnet. This request should contain your full userid (logonid and node, or a valid internet address) as well as your full name and the file transfer format you prefer (either DISK DUMP, PUNCH/MAIL, or SENDFILE/NETDATA (non-BitNet subscribers only have one option - Mail)). After that, you will receive all issues as they are sent out. All electronic subscriptions to DargonZine are free and are valid until either the user requests that they be removed from the distribution list, or when the user's account is no longer active. It is requested that readers inform the editor in the event that their account becomes inactive, deleted, or assigned to a different user. Back Issues: ------------ We once again have a back issue archive. It is at (ftp.eff.org or kragar.eff.org). Use anonymous FTP to get into this site, and then go to the directory pub/journals/DargonZine. For those of you who do not have FTP, there is a BitNet site - BitFTP - that will do it for you. Send it a message saying 'help' for how to use it. (I will try to produce a small file of the proper BitFTP commands to get you the issues, so that if you have trouble, you can just ask me.) I will personally have available only the first and the latest issues of the 'zine, due to disk constraints. Submissions Policies: --------------------- As mentioned above, the Dargon Project is a shared-world 'anthology', and as such it requires a *great* deal of commitment from its writers. Readers wishing to write for the Project should contact the editor for more detailed instructions about the background of the Project as well as plotlines currently in development. Of course, the first requirement for joining the project is to read all of the Project's output to date to get to know the characters and world being written about. Back issues of FSFNet, the Project's first home, are available from the Listserv@TCSVM (and FTPable from vm.tcs.tulane.edu (in numbers, See above for back issue information about DargonZine. Dafydd , Editor DargonZine {04/09/92}


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