Chaos Corner V03 N02 25 April 1993 This edition of Chaos Corner is being written in yet a

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Chaos Corner V03 N02 25 April 1993 This edition of Chaos Corner is being written in yet a different way. First of all, we are using the March Beta release of OS/2 2.1 (with the INI, REXX, COM, and HPFS fixes); TCP/IP for OS/2 version 1.2.1 (with CSD 379xx installed); David Bolen's SLIP Driver for OS/2; and Word for Windows. Since this machine now has an XGA card for the display, Word for Windows can be run right on the desktop in seamless mode. David Bolen's SLIP driver (unlike IBM's driver that comes with TCP/IP) doesn't assume that you have been assigned a fixed IP address ... in fact it comes with a REXX script to logon to an Annex SLIP server; parse the responses and configure the system appropriately with the dynamically assigned IP addresses. Using the TCP/IP package allows me to have a TN3270 session to the mainframe that stores my collected tidbits, a telnet session to pelican (an RS/6000) I use for a Unix base; and still open FTP sessions directly to various sites to verify location, etc. for the various things we mention here. So far, we havenít quite gotten gif images generated on pelican (with xloadimage or xv) to display with the correct colors in an x-window ... but we have some ideas how to correct it. All-in-all, itís a VERY nice setup, even if the 386-20 processor is a tad slow to drive all that software. Even with the fixes that have to be applied, the March Beta of OS/2 is more than worth the $15 to get the CD-ROM. I was agonizing how to get someone to copy the disk images from the CD-ROM to floppies, when Dr. Chaos grabbed it from my hand, loaded it into the CD-ROM drive on the RS/6000, and a few 'mount' and 'cd' commands later he started the process of 'cp' commands to write the disk images from the CD to formatted floppy disks ... all under AIX. While Dr. Chaos was creating the floppies, I was feeding them to a pigeon (a PS/2-80) as the first install. ------------------------------------------------- Mailbag - Permission to republish Many thanks to Carlos Alberto Teixeira at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro for his kind comments in support of Chaos Corner. He also asks permission to reproduce all or parts of Chaos Corner to help people in navigating the Internet. Dr. Chaos is happy to grant permission in such cases, so long as the source is mentioned and that it is stated that (free) subscriptions are available by sending your request to Dr. Chaos at By the way, Dr. chaos tells me that he has received well over 100 new subscription requests since the last issue. ------------------------------------------------- Space Shuttle Photographic Data Base Ken Stuart of CIT's Helpdesk passed on to Dr. Chaos a tip about a great data base of photographs of Earth taken by space shuttle astronauts. The vital information you need to get access to the dara base is: telnet or telnet and enter 'photos' at the prompt for both Username and Password. You will then be taken into a menu system that we found slightly confusing the first time ... just remember that if you get a list that scrolls quickly off the screen, when you exit back to the menu, you are given an opportunity to download the last list you displayed. We couldn't quite figure out how to download the same picture that we saw during a quick session, but there are so many interesting pictures it didn't matter. Pictures you select can be sent to you by email, kermit download, or ftp. One slight problem is that the list did not indicate the size of the images. Be forewarned that these images appear to be 1024 by 1024 with 24-bit color .... that's 3 MB per image. Don't try to FTP it to yourself over a SLIP link while you are trying to do something else (like write this item in Chaos Corner). The images are not in gif/tif/jpg format (Dr. Chaos tells me that they are in Targa format) ... but the format is readily handled by "standard" DOS programs like VPIC or CSHOW. If you don't have one of those utilities, the site has a copy of VPIC that you can download. Very nice resource ... thanks Ken! ------------------------------------------------- POST Codes and other popular items from V03 N01 Both Klaus Wolkersdorfer (KFA in Juelich Germany) and Jim Forkner from PSU both had had problems with receiving the feared "double beep" from their PS/2's just about the time that the last issue arrived. There were about the same number of requests for that file as for the file on Unix books and the telecom survey. The most popular file was the modem reviews with a total of 27 requests. John Balogh at PSU got to experience some of the Chaos around here as he got a fairly random collection of articles in response to his requests. We hope that he finally got the parts to the articles he requested. ------------------------------------------------- Ham Radio / Shortwave Radio / Packet Radio information Dr Chaos has a file listing the introductory information and additional sources (other FTP sites) about radio. For readers of the newsgroup on Usenet, these files are a de-facto "Required Reading List" to provide definitive answers and pointers to other sources for questions that come up in this forum. Request the file from Dr. Chaos at and check out the information stored at in the pub/ham-radio directory. Check the README file for one-line descriptions of the files. ------------------------------------------------- Need help getting IBM's TCP/IP for OS/2 running? Some of the best advice you can find on installing TCP/IP 1.2.1 under OS/2 is in the file tcpstart.txt available via anonymous ftp from the machine in the pub/os2/2.x/network. While you're there, don't pass up the opportunity to get David Bolen's beta test version of a SLIP driver. As stated earlier, it works much better than IBM's SLIP driver, especially if you have to login to a SLIP server without a preassigned IP address. Using v32.bis modems, we are getting ftp file transfers of nearly 2500 characters per second. The slip driver is in file in the same directory as tcpstart.txt (but don't forget to use 'binary' file transfer). As to other sources on the Internet for OS/2 software, just ask Dr. Chaos for a list of sites compiled by Phillip Parker at Wichita State University ... just send mail to (Those of you in Europe might want to check out for OS/2 software.) ------------------------------------------------- New OS/2 support for seamless Windows on 8514 monitor There are now drivers available that (at last!) allow people using the OS/2 2.1 beta in 8514 mode (8514 is the number of a 16 inch color monitor that IBM produced a number of years ago that allowed resolutions of 1024 by 768 with 256 colors, but you knew that!) to run with seamless Windows. IBM only supports the drivers with the March version of the beta, but reports are that the drivers also work with the widely distributed December beta. Get the 8514 drivers in file on in the pub/os2/os2fixes directory. ------------------------------------------------- How to run your favorite DOS and Windows games under OS/2 Last but not least, the file that explains what changes you have to make to those pesky "DOS Settings" to get various games to work correctly has recently been updated to version 2.0. Look for file games20.txt in the pub/os2/2.x/info directory on (along with a lot of other files containing information about OS/2 2.x). ------------------------------------------------- More files available from Dr. Chaos ZEOS has contributed a list of telephone numbers for a number of computer hardware and software companies. For you compy of the list just ask Dr. Chaos at Ever wonder how to get started at picking locks, ... errr, locksmithing? Just ask Dr. Chaos for the frequently asked questions from the Usenet group alt.locksmithing. Want to communicate with President Clinton by electronic mail? More realistically, you can get an increasing amount of government-provided information across the Internet. Just ask for the White House Electronic Communications FAQ-list. A short but invaluable list of Internet tools is maintained by John December at RPI. Look for file pub/communications/internet-tools via anonymous ftp from the host Ever want a complete list of the two-character country codes are that at the end of non-USA Internet addresses? Ever want to know what Bulletin-Board Systems are accessible on the Internet? Frustrated by the possibility of ever sorting through the huge nuber of programs to find the ones that are really useful? --- You need Samuel Ko's guide to the really useful MSDOS software. Do you need to know (even if you don't really want to) about how serial ports work? What are the top 100 PC Games as selected by people voting across the net? Summaries of games available for DOS and OS/2? The 1992 Game Bytes Awards and the Index for the Issues 1-8 of Game Bytes (an electronic magazine on games)? Files on these topics are available for the asking from Dr. Chaos at ------------------------------------------------- New postal codes coming in Germany As of July 1, all the postal codes are changing in Germany. (Since the re-unification of Germany, a number of towns had postal codes that were duplicates). In the process of assigning new postal codes, some restructuring is occurring making it impossible to come up with a simple mapping from the old code to the new one. A great deal of information about the new postal codes (Postleitzahlen or PLZ) is now available in the directory info/allgemein/PLZ of ------------------------------------------------- Question about job exchanges Eileen Driscoll at Cornell (607) 255-3228, or in more familiar terms, need to interview who have exchanged jobs for an article she is writing. If you or anyone that you know of has exchanged jobs for some period of time, she would really like to know about it. She is alos interested in how people make arrangements for study leaves. Well, we hit the limit for this issue. Remember, for your subscription just ask Dr. Chaos at It can't be too expensive! Dr. Chaos (I have a master's degree ...) .


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