Chaos Corner V02 N06 22Jul92 Summary for Chaos Corner V02 N06 Thanks to a recently receive

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Chaos Corner V02 N06 22Jul92 ----------------------------------------------------- Summary for Chaos Corner V02 N06 Thanks to a recently received birthday present, the lead topic for this issue is Ham radio; in particular Short Wave Listening (SWL). Other topics will include OS/2 (since I'm entering this on a system running OS/2), fax software, KEDIT, Kermit, weather, and, if there is time, WAIS. First let's rummage around in the ... Mailbag -------------------------------------------------------- Anonymous FTP from puffin improved (working?) Lee Butler at reported several times to Dr. Chaos that he has been unable to get and of the individual back issues from puffin (that's At first, Dr. Chaos figured that puffin had gotten hung up and just needed re-booting (Windows 3.1 never puts out UAE messages anymore ... you either get GPF messages or no response at all ... from ANYTHING). Things were fine between pelican and puffin so Dr. Chaos advised Lee to try it again. In the next batch of messages was one saying it still didn't work. After much experimentation (and so that an already long story doesn't get more out of hand), Dr. Chaos discovered that the failure occurred when using ftp from a Sun machine but not from a machine running AIX (either AIX/370 or AIX 3.1)! Even stranger was the fix ... Dr. Chaos got the latest version of the WNQVTNET package (2.6 is current and he was running 2.3), and the problem seemed to go away. We hope to hear good news from Lee at any time, that he can now get at the files. -------------------------------------------------------- Motifgif movies and watching the weather Brian Carcich at writes Dr. Chaos to tell him that he has modified the motifgif program to play several images as a movie. He reports that it's great for playing the satellite images to watch the cloud motion (your own private Weather Channel, eh?). The diff's are in the file in the /pub directory on The RS/6000 executable is also hiding there ... look in the same directory for 'pict' since that is what motifgif forks to for the real work. Brian claims that the BEST image viewer is 'getx11' from the Utah Raster Toolkit (URT). For right now, Dr. Chaos is sticking with xv and xloadimage (all these viewers are available from the /contrib directory on -------------------------------------------------------- A version of nn for AIX on the RS/6000 Gerhard Rentschler at Uni Stuttgart asked where Dr. Chaos got the version of 'nn' (NetNews reader) that he is running pelican. It only took Dr. Chaos only a few hours to finally locate nn.tar.Z in the /pub directory on (that machine isn't searched by archie, so locating it was a real piece of detective work). The convenient thing about that versio is that it aleady contains the s-aix3.1* and m-rs6000* files needed to build nn and run it on an RS/6000. -------------------------------------------------------- Product Warning Labels (copyrighted article, see Journal in next issue) As a contribution, and in exchange from being put on the subscription list, Terri Tracey at HP sent the following for your amusement: Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels by Susan Hewitt and Edward Subitzky (Stolen Without Permission from Journal of anillegiblycopiedtitle) WARNING: This product warps space and time in its vicinity. WARNING: This product attracts every other piece of matter in the Universe, including the products of other manufacturers, with a force proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the distance between them. CAUTION: The mass of this product contains the energy equivalent of 85 million tons of TNT per net ounce of weight. HEALTH WARNING: Care should be taken when lifting this product, since its mass, and thus its weight, is dependent on its velocity relative to the user. ADVISORY: There is an extremely small but nonzero chance that, through a process known as "tunneling," this product may spontaneously disappear from its present location and reappear at any random place in the universe, including your neighbor's domicile. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages or inconvenience that may result. COMPONENT EQUIVALENCY NOTICE: The subatomic particles (electrons, protons, etc.) comprising this product are exactly the same in every measurable respect as those used in the products of other manufacturers, and no claim to the contrary may legitimately be expressed or implied. CONSUMER NOTICE: Because of the "Uncertainty Principle," it is impossible for the consumer to find out at the same time both precisely where this product is and how fast it is moving. NOTE: The most fundamental particles in this product are held together by a "gluing" force about which little is currently known and whose adhesive power cannot therefore be permanently guaranteed. ATTENTION: Despite any other listing of product contents found hereon, the consumer is advised that, in actuality, this produce consists of 99.999999999999% empty space. HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE: This product contains minute electrically charged particles moving at velocities in excess of five hundred million miles her hour. READ THIS BEFORE OPENING PACKAGE: According to certain suggested versions of a grand unified theory, the primary particles constituting this product may decay to nothingness within the next four hundred million years. PUBLIC NOTICE AS REQUIRED BY LAW: Any use of this product, in any manner whatsoever, will increase the amount of disorder in the universe. Although no liability is implied herein, the consumer is warned that this process will ultimately lead to the heat death of the universe. NEW GRAND UNIFIED THEORY DISCLAIMER: The manufacturer may technically be entitled to claim this product is ten-dimensional. Legal rights above and beyond those applicable to three-dimensional objects, since the seven new dimensions are "rolled up" into such a small area that they cannot be detected. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PURCHASERS: The entire physical universe, including this product, may one day collapse back into an infinitesimally small space. Should another universe subsequently re-emerge, the existence of this product in that universe cannot be guaranteed. PLEASE NOTE: Some quantum physics theories suggest that when the consumer is not directly observing this product, it may cease to exist or will exist only in a vague and undetermined state. THIS IS A 100% MATTER PRODUCT: In the unlikely event that this merchandise should contact antimatter in any form, a catastrophic explosion will result. Now, what have YOU contributed to Chaos Corner recently? -------------------------------------------------------- Chaos Corner Feedback Rhomulos - Head Jester, (where? In Australia, of course) thanks Dr. Chaos for adding to the subscription list, and said, "I was reading your old articles and if I had had them 6 months ago would have saved me lots of trouble." -------------------------------------------------------- Chaos - lyapunov style - articles and GIF images Bill McQueen from Toronto, also getting into the spirit, sent along a couple of items. The first, in the spirit of chaos, is an archive site for preprints and programs concerning nonlinear dynamics and signal processing (is there anything else?). The node name is (of course) (If you would like to see some of the striking figures generated by lyapunov figures, check out the ly*.gif files in the /pub/gif directory on -------------------------------------------------------- Find people on the net with netfind The second item from Bill McQueen concerns the netfind tool that is available from in the pub/cs/distribs/netfind directory. The program runs under SunOS 4.0 or higher it searches a number of Internet sources given a rough description of a person's name and where they work (company and/or location). People without a Sun on which to run Netfind on can telnet to and log in as "netfind" (with no password). If nothing else, just take a look at it, Dr. Chaos used it just this afternoon; eh also suggests you ask him ( for the FAQ file from news.answers on "How to find people's E-mail addresses". -------------------------------------------------------- More Chaos Corner Feedback Last and certainly not least, in the "Made My Day" category from Charles Lindsay at Simon Fraser University, "I've been following your postings, as they have been available, and I've concluded your postings actually Add information to my day, rather than simply consuming time, as elsewhere..." Thanks Charles! In the next issue we will cover how to catch elephants thanks to an item sent in by another reader. -------------------------------------------------------- Radio -Shortwave Broadcast schedules The key resource for Shortwave Listening (SWL) and also for people who love to try and pick up distant stations (DXing) is the set of broadcast schedules maintained on in the /pub/dx/text/schedules directory. Not all the schedules are very current but they do give you a good idea of the times and frequencies to look for a particular station. (Dr. Chaos spends hours watching me write and listening to Deutsche Welle -- a station that broadcasts in German and English from Koeln (Cologne for the French speakers) each evening. Once DW is no longer broadcasting to North America (at about 0200), He switches over the Radio Austria being broadcast from Wien (Vienna). Another handy resource is a one page sheet listing the general use of frequency ranges, time frequencies, and a chart to translate GMT (or UTC or CUT) to USA time zones. If you would like the guide, let Dr. Chaos know at If you enjoy scanning rather than listening to the SW bands, check out the frequency lists for different parts of the country that are available on in the pub/ham-radio directory. There is also software available for a couple of the more expensive scanners that allow control through an RS-232 port. Of course, the way to get started is by reading the Frequently Asked Questions lists, available on the NetNews group, at the FTP site mentioned above, or at the repository of all FAQ files,, in the directory /pub/usenet/ -------------------------------------------------------- Is your scanner legal? One of the big controversies in the scanning world has been over the laws passed to prevent people from using information they got by scanning the cellular telephone bands. Some scanners are being sold that do not scan those bands, but only require a pair of wire cutters and about 10 minutes to restore that capability. Interestingly enough, there does not seem to be any law covering what information is picked up by listening in on portable telephone conversations. Dr. Chaos believes that the best rule to follow is that if you are broadcasting on the airways, then assume that you have traded privacy for convenience and shouldn't be surprised at who might be listening. -------------------------------------------------------- Archive of ShortWave Listening (SWL) articles An archive of articles on ShortWave Listening is available from the mailserver at Just put in the BODY of your mail file one or more of the following commands: DIR, GET, HELP, INDEX, or ?. -------------------------------------------------------- OS/2 & this version of Chaos Corner For the first time, this issue is being written under OS/2 2.0, running C-Kermit for OS/2 in one window, and running KEDIT for OS/2 in another window (I find it crucial to be able to use copy-and-paste to transfer names of machines and directory paths). The version of Kermit allows two extra editing options ... one is copy-and-paste -- one operation that copies the highlighted text to the location of the cursor; and the other operation is 'append' that adds the highlighted text to whatever is already in the copy buffer. KEDIT, the Xedit-like editor (with REXX macro interface) for DOS and OS/2 has some nice new features in Version 5.0 ... of course, I've always thought that KEDIT was the REAL product and that CMS Xedit was just what you had to live with because of the 3270 interface. -------------------------------------------------------- OS/2 C++ computer (GNU) and OS/2 archive sites OS/2 is getting to have a significant amount of software available for it via FTP. One significant addition was the availability of the latest version of the GNU C++ compiler. By the time Microsoft and Borland get around to producing C++ compilers for OS/2 they will have to product a reasonably good product to be able to compete against what people can get from GCC for free. For OS/2 software via FTP, look on machines (the list of files is named O2.FILELIST, but 'cd' to ANONYMOU.201 to locate the files) and -------------------------------------------------------- Weather information available on the Internet For those of you following the weather, there is a wealth of information over the Internet. Not all of it is well organized or put in standard formats, but with some work (and maybe with some pressure in the right places) things can happen. Right here at Cornell is a large collection of climate data for the Northeastern USA. Only a limited amount of current/forecast data is available ... the researchers are more concerned with long-term climate changes than with short-term forecasts. If you are interested in getting access, contact Keith Eggleston at or (607)-255-1749 (or 3034) to signup for a userid. There are no charges, but they don't think that weather information is of very wide interest on campus (except for some isolated "crazies" who have the current weather map updated hourly as the background for their workstation display). As usual, the other place to start looking for information, is the FAQ list for the NetNews group sci.geo.meteorology. Send electronic mail to Dr. Chaos at if you would like a copy of the information on weather data sources available across the Internet (and other places). -------------------------------------------------------- Out of time and space for now; the fax and WAIS topics will just have to wait until next time (maybe by that time Dr. Chaos will have them working). For your own subscription to Chaos Corner, just send your request off to Dr Chaos (I have a Master's Degree)


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