Chaos Corner V01N08 13Nov91 Audix voicemail information First of all, Dr. Chaos wants to t

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Chaos Corner V01N08 13Nov91 -------------------------------------------------- Audix voicemail information First of all, Dr. Chaos wants to thank each and every one of you who pointed out to him that #7 worked on the Cornell telephone system to redial the last number. He points out to me that is in fact clearly documented on page 13 of the new "System 85 User's Guide." As a sign of his appreciation, he has allowed me to share with those of you who use AUDIX a small shortcut that people seem not to be aware of. When you call to get your messages, you would normally enter ## ... well if you are already at your number, the System 85 should know it, right? Right! It does! That means when you are in your office, to get you voice mail you need only enter ## .. a small thing that could save you whole minutes each year. Mailbag -------------------------------------------------- Chaos Corner feedback Joan Winters (formerly of Cornell) at SLAC asks how Dr Chaos got the single quotes (apostrophes) to disappear from the last Chaos Corner. The technique is actually simple; by using a sophisticated word processing program it is no trick at all to mistakes like that. I am using Word for Windows, and run a macro by default that turns on "smart quotes." The result is that whenever I type a '"' the computer pauses for a bit while it figures out if the quote marks should curve to the left or to the right (and the same thing applies for the "'" character. When I save the file as ASCII text in preparation for sending it out, the quotation marks get changed back to their normal ASCII value, but for some reason the curves apostrophe gets converted to a very straight blank. When things are going well, I remember to remind Dr. Chaos to not forget to select the "Disable Smart Quotes" menu option. -------------------------------------------------- Stereo photography Joan also points out that there is a list for discussion of Stereo photography and imaging that is quite active. If you would like to know more about what's going on in this field (a lot has happened beyond the View-Master), send a request to be added to the list to: 3d- -------------------------------------------------- GIF image of Oakland Another slight Oooops! .... In typing the machine location where you could find the gif picture of the burned area in Oakland, we managed to come up with something a little creative and wrote rather than the correct name of ... Sorry for any confusion. -------------------------------------------------- MacAstro and Orion spaceship simulator Scott Brim of CIT's Network Resources admits to having (and using!) MacAstro (ChaosCorner V01N07) and says it is both fun and useful for stargazing freaks. He likes the Orion spaceship simulator which allows you to travel to and from stars within 30 light-years. (It was written by a Science Fiction author to be sure that he had his descriptions of the sky correct.) -------------------------------------------------- Boston weather (and other places too) Scott Stansbury, in CIT's Network Management Center, points out that if you are traveling to the Boston area, a quick way to check on that area's weather forecast is to enter the command 'finger' -- of course, it helps to be on a Unix or VMS system at the time. If you are traveling elsewhere, or just staying at home and want to know about the weather, a quick: telnet 3000 will connect you to receive the weather reports across the country. -------------------------------------------------- Weather Talk Eileen Driscoll at Cornell's ILR School pointed out that I was remiss in explaining how to subscribe to the WX-TALK list. Since it is a VM-based listserv, from a VM system you just have to enter the command: tell listserv@uiucvmd subscribe wx-talk or from other systems send mail to listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet where the body of the mail contains the line "subscribe wx-talk ". We have noticed that Eileen is now subscribed to the list but haven't heard if she got the news early enough about the incredible aurora displays last Friday evening to get out and see them. Evidently there were lots of UFO reports in Ohio when people saw the bright lights in the sky. -------------------------------------------------- German - Samstag and Sonnabend Gerhard Rentschler at the University of Stuttgart enjoyed Dr. Chaos' comments about Samstag and Sonnabend in issue number 7. Just today, our German professor was trying to convince us that German was logical and English was illogical ... at the same time that he was trying to explain the subjunctive mood. If you never wished for anything, were never polite, and would never apologize, then you would be able to almost avoid the subjunctive mood (except this sentence uses the subjunctive mood 4 times). -------------------------------------------------- OS/2 & Dr. Chaos Gerhard asks what Dr. Chaos thinks of OS/2 (or OS half, as he has heard it referred to). At a recent Share Europe meeting (users of large IBM computers in Europe), someone asked what OS/2 could do that Unix couldn't do. Dr. Chaos, if he would have been at the meeting, would have responded with two things: (1) be able to afford a large number of attractively priced commercial applications; and (2) have time left over after maintaining the system to perform real work (for mere mortals, anyway). -------------------------------------------------- Chaos Corner is famous (NOT) Ken Laws at SRI has mentioned Chaos Corner in his Computists Communique (a weekly newsletter for career-oriented AI/CS/Neural-Net people), and as a result has boosted the readership somewhat. One reader thought Dr. Chaos might know more about chaos that the state of his office ... (it IS a Masters Degree!). Random things that are all alike and just a little different ... -------------------------------------------------- Weather maps The names of the weather map GIF file at is no longer named WXMAP.GIF, but rather is stored with a coded name, starting with SA, followed by the month, day, and GMT hour of the data collection (e. g. SA111323.GIF is the latest file as I write this). The Infrared scan file has the same format except that it starts with the letters CI rather then SA. The updated files are available by 10-15 minutes past the hour. -------------------------------------------------- 4dos In the PC-DOS world, one pleasant event is the availability of 4dos Release 4.0. This excellent utility now takes advantage of both Windows 3.0 and DOS 5.0 to improve on an already fine product -- it is what COMMAND.COM should have been from the beginning. You can find it at Simtel20 (or one of the many mirror sites like wuarchive, in the mirrors/msdos/4dos directory) in two ZIP files: contains the programs, and contains the documentation. Get it, register it! You'll be glad you did. -------------------------------------------------- TSR Management utilities Another fine set of PC utilities has been recently updated -- they allow you to load and unload your TSRs. Look in the mirrors/msdos/sysutl directory for -------------------------------------------------- Borland customer support on the Internet For those of you with Borland products, you can now get customer support across the Internet. Send electronic mail to customer- for price lists, maintenance upgrades, etc. ... everything *except* buying things (you can't do that on the Internet). We applaud Borland's move in this area and hope that other vendors will follow their example. -------------------------------------------------- archie The service that allows you find programs across the Internet has undergone a slight change. Archie servers are now located in the following locations (try not to use trans-oceanic links): (Canada) (SURAnet, College Park, Maryland) (Imperial College, London, UK) To use the service, telnet to one of the above locations and login as 'archie'. An electronic mail interface is also available. That's enough for now .... Remember - Dr. Chaos! (


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