Chaos Corner, V01, N06, 04 September 1991 X11R5 The big news, of course, is the pending re

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Chaos Corner, V01, N06, 04 September 1991 -------------------------------------------------- X11R5 The big news, of course, is the pending release of X11R5 at 9 am EDT. Dr Chaos has had difficulty sitting in one place he is so eager to LET THE FTPs ROLL! The network people have distributed copies strategically across the network and you can expect some interesting statistics will be gathered as a number of sites try to FTP 100 MB of data from the distribution site farthest from them (doesn't it always work that way?). The newest version is supposed to be smaller, faster, better, easier to maintain, and just more wonderful in every way. Dr. chaos is glad he never quite got around to updating his RS/6000 to run X11R4, now he can just skip to the next level and see how it works (or doesn't). Tune in next time for the updated report on where things stand. -------------------------------------------------- NetNews on RS/6000 Speaking of putting things on his RS/6000, Dr. Chaos spent some real fun time bringing up a Usenet newsfeed on his RS/6000. Many thanks go to Mike Shappe of Network Resources in CIT for helping to find the configuration file problems. Dr. Chaos used the excuse that he was losing access to the Cornell Theory Center system as a reason to attempt running the news feed himself. He doesn't where some of the more pungent material is being archived, tho. Mailbag (Send cards and letters to -------------------------------------------------- Unix script for accessing CWIS Bob Blackmun at UNCCVM points out that there is a very nice Unix package available for Internet access to Libraries, Campus Wide Information Systems (CWIS), etc. In all, the shell script provides menued access to over 200 libraries and databases. It does require that the Unix system have tn3270 available and that it is running BIND on the same host. If you want to take a quick look at the facilities offered, telnet to If you would like to get a copy of the package, it is available on as file libtel.unix in the pub/docs directory. -------------------------------------------------- HYTELNET - Library access and much more Also from Bob Blackmun is information about a utility that gives a PC user information on Internet accessible library catalogs, Freenets, CWISs, Library BBSs, etc. The latest version (3.0) includes many more libraries as well as info on the "Weather Underground" (where you can get current weather forecasts for all major US cities), National Science Foundation, Ham Radio Call Boos, and much more. Look for file in the mirrors/msdos/hypertext directory of, or in the library directory on -------------------------------------------------- Internet BBSs Tom Boggess of CIT forwarded a listing of Internet BBSs and information services that came originally from Richard Holbert at Texas A&M (X075RT@TAMVM1.BITNET). Additions and expansions on the list in the last Chaos Corner are (you should use the "telnet" or "tn" commands to reach these sites): CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU (login as info) - Contains world news obtained by monitoring short wave broadcasts from BBC and other global sources. TECHINFO.MIT.EDU - CWIS for MIT provides menus of Boston area restaurants and documents how to use the database of song lyrics. PSUPEN.PSU.EDU (login as pnotpa) connects you to PENpages containing reports, newsletters, and fact sheets on research based consumer- oriented and agricultural reports. Other BBS systems include: QUARTZ.RUTGERS.EDU (login as BBS - lots of discussions), ISCA.ICAEN.UIOWA.EDU (login as ISCABBS - much public domain software), and ATL.CALSTATE.EDU (login as LEWISNTS - Electronic Journals and the Art World). -------------------------------------------------- Chaos Corner re-distribution Walter Wehinger at Uni Stuttgart asks if Dr. Chaos allows posting of Chaos Corner in their publication or infoserver. The findings are really appreciated and Walter wishes to spread them out in his user community. Dr. Chaos is pleased to have Chaos Corner carried by or quoted in other publications. He only asks that the document be completely included, or , if quoted, that information be provided on requesting complete copies or subscriptions to Chaos Corner (send request to Random and Self-Similar Things -------------------------------------------------- PC Kermit The next major release of Kermit for the PC is due out Real Soon Now (RSN). Possibly at the end of this week or next week. From the early information it appears that some nice features have been added, including: TCP/IP network support; VT220 support; simplified dialing directory; and improved help and status screens. If you want to try out a test copy, get mstibm.exe from the kermit/bin directory of -- remember to specify "binary" before transferring the .exe file. Look for documentation and in the kermit/test/ms* files. Dr. Chaos asks you to send all bug reports (and/or fixes) promptly to Dr. Joe R. Doupnik (he's probably a real doctor) at Utah State (JRD@USU.BITNET with a cc to Info- -------------------------------------------------- OS/2 Kermit Those of you looking for an OS/2 PM version of Kermit can find one (along with a lot of other OS/2 software) at stored as (both source and binary) the of2/volume1/ckpm5xe/*.zoo files. There is also a report of the file in /pub/of2/ on (yes, that machine is in Norway). -------------------------------------------------- German Word lists (other languages too) Those of you interested in words may be interested in online dictionaries that Henk Smit has made available in German (160,000 words), French (138,000 words), Dutch, Italian, and English (53,000 words). Since Dr Chaos is taking a German class, the German lists or words have already been moved to his Unix home - The other lists are on (Amsterdam) in the dictionaries directory. -------------------------------------------------- Words and more words The BITNET group on which the above information appeared (WORDS- L@UGA.BITNET) has been the location of an elaborate hoax that was recently disclosed. It seems that some graduate students at the TIFR (Bombay) University in India created a persona of Virupaksha Mokshagundam that consisted of output from a knowledge-base-and-natural-language program that had been developed at the University named Vagvilasini. They had originally only meant to send one letter to the list, but it turned out to be so funny that they sent some more. All but two of the letters were entirely written by the computer except for some slight "touch-ups" performed by the students. They are now leaving the University and so told the list what had been happening. The number of people who couldn't believe that it was a hoax was really interesting -- it looks like the discussion of that prank will go on for some time on that list. Dr Chaos wonders how long it will take before any of you suspect ..... -------------------------------------------------- Freedom of speech and other paradigms In the Usenet group there is a hot discussion about the policies/rationales for carrying or not carrying such newsgroups as Glenn A. Malling of Syracuse University (SYSGAM@SUVM) made a observation recently that the old paradigms about communication (freedom of the press, freedom of speech, common carrier, etc.) don't fit with computer communication because it is something new. He asks, "What is this new thing? Should it be public, private, mixed, regulated, unregulated? Who pays for it? And how? ... Who gets to use it? And under what terms?" He rightly points out that the network we have today is not the network we'll have tomorrow so we have to be careful that our answers are equally applicable in the future. -------------------------------------------------- Security checking and crack As a follow-up to an article from the last edition of Chaos Corner, the new version of the password checking program, Crack. is available for FTP from in the file named pub/crack-3.2b.tar.Z (don't forget to specify "binary" before the transfer). -------------------------------------------------- Convert pictures for sending via fax For those of you with Unix systems, fax boards, and a desire to fax your favorite pictures (stored in almost any format), the recommendation in the newsgroup comp.dcom.fax is to use a program called pbmplus. The program is on in pbmplus.tar.Z in the pub/src directory. (It's over 500K uncompressed, so be sure you have plenty of free space.) Many black&white, grayscale, and color image formats are handled by the program. -------------------------------------------------- IMDISP to view satellite images on a PC A new version of the IMDISP program for PCs is now available (Dr. Chaos asks me to remind you that it is the program used to display the images sent from the Voyager and Magellan spacecraft. The big enhancements seem to be in the area of image processing (smoothing, edge processing, 3D perspective, power filtering, etc.), and in support for the GIF image format. You will need a screen that is at least 800x800 and several MB of memory. The file can be obtained from in the pub/SPACE/SOFTWARE directory under the name Included in a separate file,, is a collection of images and batch files used to perform a demo. Ron Baalke, one of the programmers, would appreciate any feedback ( -------------------------------------------------- vi macros Dr Chaos has real news for those vi-fans out there (for those of you who don't know what vi is, don't worry, it's a text editor). Anthony Howe of the University of Waterloo has been collecting vi macros and related files ... and has now made his collection available. Take a look at in the file pub/vi-macros.tar.Z (in Europe, check in the pub/lpf/misc and pub/lpf/misc/macros areas). -------------------------------------------------- Kerberos Version 5 For those interested in authentication and in obtaining a copy of the most recent version of Kerberos (Version 5), Dr. Chaos reminds you that it is available (as are the other athena software products) from athena- For Kerberos, look in the directory /pub/kerberos5. (Once there, you will have to read the README file to get the real code -- either the USA version or the export version). A certain number of clients for the Kerberos authentication services are provided as examples to enable installations to add clients of their own. Discussions about Kerberos take place on the mailing list (requests to be added go to, and are reflected to the Usenet newsgroup comp.protocols.kerberos. -------------------------------------------------- PC games The big find for PC computer games is at In the msdos/Games/Apogee directory are the first in a series of a number of games: Jump Man, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Artic Adventure, Pharaoh's Tomb, Monuments of Mars, and Dark Ages. The distribution mechanism is a new one that Dr. Chaos found intriguing. You get the first of a series of games for free. If you like the action in the game, you can order more of the games for a very reasonable amount of money (e. g. $10). Apogee is betting that you will get hooked enough on at least some of the games that you will want to get more. Dr. Chaos claims that the games are worth trying out --- but he won't divulge which one is his favorite - - any guesses? -------------------------------------------------- Sounds on a PC If you would like your PC to say things to you, you need to get from (it's in the mirrors/msdos/sound directory). Dr. Chaos was amazed at the sound quality that came from the crummy internal speaker normally found on the PC or PS/2 family. A sound editing system is also included, so you can do much more than just play sounds. -------------------------------------------------- OS/2 Software THE site currently (as Dr. Chaos reports) for OS/2 software is Lots of stuff in the /of2 directory. Please don't access it during business hours (8am to 5:30pm). Once again, Dr Chaos promises a more detailed report on OS/2 - huh, would you believe Real Soon Now? -------------------------------------------------- OS/2 beta test Speaking of OS/2. The Early Evaluation Program is now open to all. It appears that if you call the IBM BBS in Atlanta (404-835-6600) you can type in "OS/2 BETA" at the main menu and place an order. There are a limited number of copies, but Dr. Chaos thinks the program is still open. Of course, the catch is as follows -- you pay $58.95 per version of the EEP code you receive (that covers cost of diskettes and duplicating). There is a new version due out in mid-September. Sooo..., you might want to wait before ordering (but not too long)! -------------------------------------------------- FTP tricks Ever want to look at a text file while you are in a FTP session and wonder how to do it? The key is to specify the proper thing for the new file name. On Unix, you would specify "-" or "|more" to read a text file or "'|zcat - |more'" to read a compressed text file (notice that if there are any blanks it must be a quoted string). On a PC you could issue "get CON: to have the file written to your screen (or LPT1: instead of CON: to send it directly to a printer). -------------------------------------------------- Satellite tracking If you are interested in tracking satellites, the orbital information is updated weekly (and some documentation and software is available) on in the directory pub/space. -------------------------------------------------- Directory of people on Usenet The nearest thing that anyone has come up with as a directory of people on the Internet is a list of people who have contributed Usenet articles and have an Internet mail address. The list can be accessed through a mail server as follows: send mail to "" with the subject line or body of the mail file being "send usenet- addresses/" is case-insensitive but you should leave out nonalphabetic characters like apostrophes. A date on the response line back will indicate how recently the address was found. -------------------------------------------------- Network reading list As this issue winds down to a close ... take a look at the new version of the document "Network Reading List: TCP/IP, UNIX, and Ethernet" now available from the Network Information Center at the University of Texas - Austin. Look for it on - the text version is in /pub/netinfo/docs named net-read.txt and the PostScript version is in /pub/netinfo/ps named What you will get back is an annotated list of books and other resources focusing on those three networking technologies. Read! - Dr. Chaos ... (I have a Masters Degree)


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