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From alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Wed May 26 03:40:43 1993 Return-Path: Received: from Regulus.COGNET.UCLA.EDU by (5.65c/Spike-2.0) id AA15636; Wed, 26 May 1993 03:40:37 -0400 Received: by (Sendmail 5.61c+YP/3.20-COG) id AA10680; Tue, 25 May 93 22:51:30 -0700 Date: Tue, 25 May 93 22:51:30 -0700 From: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Message-Id: <> To: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Subject: Alife Digest Volume #104 Status: R Alife Digest, Number 104 Tuesday, May 25th 1993 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Artificial Life Distribution List ~ ~ ~ ~ All submissions for distribution to: ~ ~ All list subscriber additions, deletions, or administrative details to: ~ ~ ~ ~ All software, tech reports to Alife depository through ~ ~ anonymous ftp at in ~ftp/pub/alife ( ~ ~ ~ ~ List maintainers: Liane Gabora and Rob Collins ~ ~ Artificial Life Research Group, UCLA ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Topics: Calendar of Alife-related Events Re: GP on C or C++ Request for Book Titles ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 May 93 22:38:00 -0700 From: liane@CS.UCLA.EDU (Liane Gabora) Subject: Calendar of Alife-related Events ********************************************************************** Intnl Workshop on Neural Networks, Barcelona Spain June 9-11, 1993 v76 World Congress on Neural Networks, Portland, OR July 11-15, 1993 v95 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Washington July 7-9, 1993 v84 Fifth Intnl Conf on GAs, Urbana-Champaign IL July 17-22, 1993 v80,100 Dynamically Interacting Robots Workshop Late Aug, 1993 v91 Neural Networks and Telecommunications, Princeton, NJ October 18-20,1993 v100 Fluctuations and Order, Los Alamos, NM Sept 9-12, 1993 v102 Neural Information Processing Systems, Denver, CO Nov 29-Dec 2, 1993 v98 Third Conf on Evolutionary Programming, San Diego, CA Feb 24-25, 1994 v103 Cybernetics and Systems Research, Vienna April 5-8, 1994 v101,103 Intnl Conf Knowledge Rep and Reasoning, Bonn, Germany May 24-27, 1994 v101 Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, Brighton, UK Aug 8-12, 1994 v101 Parallel Problem Solving in Nature, Jerusalem, Israel Oct 9-14, 1994 v102 Congress on Medical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 9-14, 1995 v91 (Send announcements of other activities to ********************************************************************** ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 19 May 93 09:50:43 PDT From: (Walter Alden Tackett) Subject: Re: GP on C or C++ > I heard GP environment on C or C++ are available. > If so, how can I get them. > > Thank you. > J. Mizoguchi > SGPC: Simple Genetic Programming in C by Walter Alden Tackett and Aviram Carmi ( Available via anonymous ftp to in the directory pub/Users/tackett ^note the caps... This is a pretty stable version of the code, but not very good documentation IMHO. Most of the people we have given it to have been able to use it though with little or no handholding. PLEASE send us your comments and recommendations to: Time/Life operators are standing by... What you need to know about the code: it does the same things that Rice's (aka Koza's) simple LISP does and is set up to handle multiple populations as well (e.g., for co-evolution). It is written in C, and manipulates raw parse-tree structures which may be read and written in LISP form for backwards compatibility. You must provide three modules, PROBLEMsetup.c, PROBLEMfitness.c, and PROBLEMproto.h, where PROBLEM is some descriptive name of the problem. E.G., in the version we ship we include REGRESSIONsetup.c and REGRESSIONfitness.c, Which do Koza's simple regression problem. We also include SIN*.c which performs regression on a sinusoid. We have also added a crude X interface for the REGRESSION problem. As a 3rd example for your enlightenment we include ADFfitness and ADFsetup. The ADF (Antimean Detection Filter) problem shows you how to build a simple 2-class "dendritic" classifier described in Experiment 2 of my ICGA93 paper "Genetic Programming for Feature Discovery and Image Discrimination in the sfi account). PROBLEMsetup contains functions to setup the function table, the terminals table, and code for the functions in the function table. PROBLEMproto.h contains prototypes for the user defined functions. PROBLEMfitness contains functions to evaluate and validate populations and trees, early termination, and definition of the fitness (training and test) cases. You should not need to modify any of the other myriad files. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 19 May 93 15:48:02 -0700 From: (David G. Stork) Subject: Request for Book Titles For a multi-book review in the forthcoming journal "Artificial Life," I would appreciate book lists or bibliographies of books on artifical life, genetic programming, genetic algorithms, including: Popular books for the non-scientific lay audience Technical books Textbooks Dissertations in book form I would be especially interested in classic books (even before Holland's) that would be of interest to current readers. Please do NOT send titles on the theory of biological evolution itself, nor neural networks, etc. If there are any science fiction novels that are particularly relevant -- either from a scientific or historical perspective -- I'd like to hear about those too. Dr. David G. Stork Chief Scientist and Head, Machine Learning and Perception Ricoh California Research Center 2882 Sand Hill Road Suite 115 Menlo Park, CA 94025-7022 USA 415-496-5720 (w) 415-854-8740 (fax) ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 24 May 93 13:51:04 BST From: Paul Mc Kevitt Call for papers Artificial Intelligence Review Journal Special issue on INTEGRATION OF NATURAL LANGUAGE AND VISION PROCESSING Editor: Masoud Yazdani Department of Computer Science University of Exeter, GB- EX4 4PT, Exeter United Kingdom, EC. E-mail: Guest Editor: Paul Mc Kevitt Department of Computer Science Regent Court University of Sheffield 211 Portobello Street GB- S1 4DP, Sheffield United Kingdom, EC. E-mail: Although there has been much progress in developing theories, models and systems in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Vision Processing (VP) there has been little progress on integrating these two subareas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is not clear why there has not already been much activity in integrating NLP and VP. Is it because of the long-time reductionist trend in science up until the recent emphasis on chaos theory, non-linear systems, and emergent behaviour? Or, is it because the people who have tended to work on NLP tend to be in other Departments, or of a different ilk, to those who have worked on VP? Whatever the reason, we believe it is high time to bring together these two areas of AI research. In this endeavour, we are calling for papers for a special issue of AI Review Journal dedicated to site descriptions, surveys, tutorials, and viewpoints on integrated NLP and VP research. Papers should be sent to the addresses below by DECEMBER 30TH, 1993. Feel free to contact Paul Mc Kevitt at the address above for advice on the suitability of manuscripts. The Journals Editorial Office Artificial Intelligence Review Kluwer Academic Publishers P.O. Box 17 NL- 3300 AA, Dordrecht The Netherlands EC. Artificial Intelligence Review P.O. Box 230 Accord, MA 02018-0230 USA. ------------------------------ End of ALife Digest *******************


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