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From alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Fri Apr 9 03:15:13 1993 Return-Path: Received: from Regulus.COGNET.UCLA.EDU by (5.65c/Spike-2.0) id AA04687; Fri, 9 Apr 1993 03:15:06 -0400 Received: by (Sendmail 5.61c+YP/3.20-COG) id AA12647; Thu, 8 Apr 93 22:27:36 -0700 Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 22:27:36 -0700 From: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Message-Id: <> To: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Subject: Alife Digest Volume #098 Status: R Alife Digest, Number 098 Thursday, April 8th 1993 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Artificial Life Distribution List ~ ~ ~ ~ All submissions for distribution to: ~ ~ All list subscriber additions, deletions, or administrative details to: ~ ~ ~ ~ All software, tech reports to Alife depository through ~ ~ anonymous ftp at in ~ftp/pub/alife ( ~ ~ ~ ~ List maintainers: Liane Gabora and Rob Collins ~ ~ Artificial Life Research Group, UCLA ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Topics: Calendar of Alife-related Events Call for Papers (NIPS*93) Announcement of IlliGAL papers ICGEB/EMBnet Course: Computers in Molecular Biology ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 22:26:22 -0700 From: liane@CS.UCLA.EDU (Liane Gabora) Subject: Calendar of Alife-related Events ********************************************************************** Intnl Conf on Neural Nets and GAs, Innsbruck, Austria Apr 13-16, 1993 v80 BEAM Robot Olympics, Toronto Canada Apr 22-25, 1993 v81 Workshop On Computational Neurosciences, Austin, TX May 14-15, 1993 v94 European Conf on ALife, Brussels May 24-26, 1993 v82 Intnl Workshop Neural Networks, Barcelona Spain June 9-11, 1993 v76 World Congress on Neural Networks, Portland, OR July 11-15, 1993 v95 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Washington July 7-9, 1993 v84 Fifth Intnl Conf on GAs, Urbana-Champaign IL July 17-22, 1993 v80 Dynamically Interacting Robots Workshop Late Aug, 1993 v91 Neural Information Processing Systems, Denver, CO Nov 29-Dec 2, 193 v98 Congress on Medical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 9-14, 1995 v91 (Send announcements of other activities to ********************************************************************** ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 31 Mar 93 13:59:36 PST From: Bartlett Mel Subject: Call for Papers (NIPS*93) CALL FOR PAPERS Neural Information Processing Systems -Natural and Synthetic- Monday, November 29 - Thursday, December 2, 1993 Denver, Colorado This is the seventh meeting of an inter-disciplinary conference which brings together neuroscientists, engineers, computer scien- tists, cognitive scientists, physicists, and mathematicians in- terested in all aspects of neural processing and computation. There will be an afternoon of tutorial presentations (Nov 29) preceding the regular session and two days of focused workshops will follow at a nearby ski area (Dec 3-4). Major categories and examples of subcategories for paper submis- sions are the following: Neuroscience: Studies and Analyses of Neurobiological Systems, Inhibition in cortical circuits, Signals and noise in neural computation, Computational and Theoretical Neurobiology, Neu- rophysics. Theory: Computational Learning Theory, Complexity Theory, Dynamical Systems, Statistical Mechanics, Probability and Statistics, Approximation Theory. Implementation and Simulation: VLSI, Optical, Software Simula- tors, Implementation Languages, Parallel Processor Design and Benchmarks. Algorithms and Architectures: Learning Algorithms, Construc- tive and Pruning Algorithms, Localized Basis Functions, Tree Structured Networks, Performance Comparisons, Recurrent Net- works, Combinatorial Optimization, Genetic Algorithms. Cognitive Science & AI: Natural Language, Human Learning and Memory, Perception and Psychophysics, Symbolic Reasoning. Visual Processing: Stereopsis, Visual Motion, Recognition, Im- age Coding and Classification. Speech and Signal Processing: Speech Recognition, Coding, and Synthesis, Text-to-Speech, Adaptive Equalization, Nonlinear Noise Removal. Control, Navigation, and Planning: Navigation and Planning, Learning Internal Models of the World, Trajectory Planning, Robotic Motor Control, Process Control. Applications: Medical Diagnosis or Data Analysis, Financial and Economic Analysis, Timeseries Prediction, Protein Struc- ture Prediction, Music Processing, Expert Systems. Technical Program: Plenary, contributed and poster sessions will be held. There will be no parallel sessions. The full text of presented papers will be published. Submission Procedures: Original research contributions are soli- cited, and will be carefully refereed. Authors must submit six copies of both a 1000-word (or less) summary and six copies of a separate single-page 50-100 word abstract clearly stating their results postmarked by May 22, 1993 (express mail is not neces- sary). Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference program. Summaries are for program committee use only. At the bottom of each abstract page and on the first summary page indi- cate preference for oral or poster presentation and specify one of the above nine broad categories and, if appropriate, sub- categories (For example: Poster, Applications-Expert Systems; Oral, Implementation-Analog VLSI). Include addresses of all au- thors at the front of the summary and the abstract and indicate to which author correspondence should be addressed. Submissions will not be considered that lack category information, separate abstract sheets, the required six copies, author addresses, or are late. Mail Submissions To: Gerry Tesauro NIPS*93 Program Chair The Salk Institute, CNL 10010 North Torrey Pines Rd. La Jolla, CA 92037 Mail For Registration Material To: NIPS*93 Registration NIPS Foundation PO Box 60035 Pasadena, CA 91116-6035 All submitting authors will be sent registration material au- tomatically. Program committee decisions will be sent to the correspondence author only. NIPS*93 Organizing Committee: General Chair, Jack Cowan, Univer- sity of Chicago; Publications Chair, Joshua Alspector, Bellcore; Publicity Chair, Bartlett Mel, CalTech; Program Chair, Gerry Tesauro, IBM/Salk Institute; Treasurer, Rodney Goodman, CalTech; Local Arrangements, Chuck Anderson, Colorado State Universi- ty; Tutorials Chair, Dave Touretzky, Carnegie-Mellon, Workshop Chair, Mike Mozer, University of Colorado; Program Co-Chairs: Larry Abbott, Brandeis Univ, Chris Atkeson, MIT; A. B. Bonds, Vanderbilt Univ; Gary Cottrell, UCSD; Scott Fahlman, CMU; Rod Goodman, Caltech; John Hertz, NORDITA/NIH; John Lazzaro, UC Berkeley; Todd Leen, OGI; Jay McClelland, CMU; Nelson Morgan,ICSI; Steve Nowlan, Salk Inst./Synaptics; Misha Pavel, NASA/OGI; Sandy Pentland, MIT; Tom Petsche, Siemens. Domestic Liasons: IEEE Liaison, Terrence Fine, Cornell; Government & Cor- porate Liaison, Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute Inc.; Overseas Liasons: Mitsuo Kawato, ATR; Marwan Jabri, University of Sydney; Gerard Dreyfus, Ecole Superieure, Paris; Alan Murray, University of Edinburgh; Andreas Meier, Simon Bolivar U. DEADLINE FOR SUMMARIES & ABSTRACTS IS MAY 22, 1993 (POSTMARKED) please post ------------------------------ From: (Jeff Horn) Subject: Announcement of IlliGAL papers Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 13:03:18 CDT The Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL) is pleased to announce the following reports and publications. Because we haven't made an announcement since last summer, this list includes publications from 1992. All IlliGAL technical reports, as well as reprints of the other publications, are available in hardcopy and can be ordered from the IlliGAL librarian, Eric Thompson. Internet: Phone: 217/333-2346 Surface mail: Eric Thompson, IlliGAL Librarian Department of General Engineering 117 Transportation Building 104 South Mathews Avenue Urbana, IL 61801-2996 When ordering, please include your surface mail address! We will soon enter the Internet Age with our own anonymous-FTP server, making most of the existing IlliGAL reports, and all future ones, available in electronic form. Until that time, we can only offer hardcopy. -Jeffrey Horn ( Recent IlliGAL Reports: ------------------- 1992 (continued) --------------------- IlliGAL Report No 92007 Title: What Makes a Problem Hard for a Classifier System? Authors: David E. Goldberg, Jeffrey Horn, and Kalyanmoy Deb IlliGAL Report No 92008 Title: Genetic Algorithms: A Bibliography Authors: David E. Goldberg, Kelsey Milman, and Christina Tidd IlliGAL Report No 92009 Title: Toward a Better Understanding of Mixing in Genetic Algorithms Authors: David E. Goldberg, Kalyanmoy Deb, and Dirk Thierens Analytical models of building-block exchange in a linear problem. (Also available under the same title in the Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), see below.) IlliGAL Report No 92011 Title: Research Note: Long Path Problems for Mutation-Based Algorithms Authors: Jeffrey Horn, David E. Goldberg, and Kalyanmoy Deb A simple but exponentially long hill to the global optimum gives us a hill-climbing easy, but intractable problem. ------------------- 1993 --------------------- IlliGAL Report No 93001 Title: Simple Analytical Models of Genetic Algorithms for Multimodal Function Optimization Authors: Samir W. Mahfoud IlliGAL Report No 93002 Title: Finite Markov Chain Analysis of Genetic Algorithms with Niching Authors: Jeffrey Horn How well does a GA (with sharing) maintain a diverse, cooperative population at steady-state? IlliGAL Report No 93003 Title: Information Transmission in Genetic Algorithms and Shannon's Second Theorem Authors: Hillol Kargupta IlliGAL Report No 93004 Title: Rapid, Accurate Optimization of Difficult Problems Using Fast, Messy Genetic Algorithms Authors: David E. Goldberg, Kalyanmoy Deb, Hillol Kargupta, and Georges Harik Other publications by IlliGAL staff: ``Signal Timing Determination Using Genetic Algorithms'' Mark D. Foy, Rahim F. Benekohal, and David E. Goldberg. TRANSACTION RESEARCH RECORD, Number 1365, Highway Capacity and Traffic Flow. Transportation Research Board, 1992, pp. 108-115. ``Control System Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms'' K. Krishnakumar and David E. Goldberg. JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE, CONTROL, AND DYNAMICS. Volume 15, Number 3, May-June 1992, pp. 735-739. ``Optimal Hydrogenerator Governor Tuning with a Genetic Algorithm'' John E. Lansbury, Louis Wozniak, and David E. Goldberg. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENERGY CONVERSION. Volume 7, Number 4, December 1992, pp. 623-630. ``Drift, Diffusion and Boltzman Distribution in Simple Genetic Algorithm'' Hillol Kargupta, PROCEEDINGS OF THE WORKSHOP ON PHYSICS AND COMPUTATION. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, California, 1992, pp.137-145. ``Genetic Algorithms, Noise, and the Sizing of Populations'' David E. Goldberg, Kalyanmoy Deb, and James H. Clark. COMPLEX SYSTEMS. Number 6, 1992, pp. 333-362. ``Diploidy and Dominance in Artificial Genetic Search'' Robert E. Smith and David E. Goldberg. COMPLEX SYSTEMS. Number 6, 1992, pp. 251-285. ``Analyzing Deception in Trap Functions'' Kalyanmoy Deb and David E. Goldberg. FOGA 2 (Foundations of Genetic Algorithms 2), Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 1993, pp. 93-108. ``Accounting for Noise in the Sizing of Populations'' David E. Goldberg, Kalyanmoy Deb, and James H. Clark. FOGA 2 (Foundations of Genetic Algorithms 2), Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 1993, pp. 127-140. ``Toward a Better Understanding of Mixing in Genetic Algorithms'' David E. Goldberg, Kalyanmoy Deb, and Dirk Thierens. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF CONTROL ENGINEERS. Volume 32, Number 1, January 1993, pp. 10-163. (Also published as IlliGAL report number 92009, under the same title.) ``Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithms Come of Age'' David E. Goldberg. Submitted to COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY (CACM). March, 1993. ``Making Genetic Algorithms Fly: A Lesson from the Wright Brothers'' David E. Goldberg. To appear in ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY FOR DEVELOPERS. ------------------------------ From: Sandor Pongor Subject: ICGEB/EMBnet Course: Computers in Molecular Biology Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 14:56:01 MET DST Practical Course "Computer Methods in Molecular Biology" International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 14-23 July 1993, Trieste-Italy Co-sponsored by ICGEB and EMBnet/BRIDGE Organizer: Sandor Pongor, ICGEB Trieste, Italy Faculty: Amos Bairoch, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland Dennis Benson, NCBI-NIH, Bethesda, USA Martin Bishop, Medical Research Council, HGMP, Cambridge, UK Miklos Cserzo, Institute of Enzymology, Budapest, Hungary Reinhard Doelz, Biozentrum, Basel, Switzerland David Judge, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK Jack Leunissen, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands Peter Rice, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany Cecilia Saccone, University of Bari, Bari, Italy Gyorgy Simon, ICGEB Trieste, Italy Topics: Introduction to Computer Operating Systems Computer Communications, Networking, File Transfer, Electronic Mail, Bulletin Boards Molecular Biology Databases Sequence Homology Searches, Alignments Multiple Alignment, PCR Primer Design Sequence Patterns, Distant Protein Homologies Molecular Evolution: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects Genome Projects Registration is limited to 30 participants. Prerequisites: Participants must have a basic knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, a basic familiarity with computer uses and a need for DNA or protein sequence analysis for their ongoing research. In order to apply, submit the below participation form via e-mail, FAX or normal mail to Ms. Diana Viti, ICGEB, Padriciano 99, 34012 Trieste, ITALY. Telephone: +39-40-3757333, Fax: +39-40-226555, Telex: 460396 ICGEBT I, Email: Closing date for applications 31 May 1993. ICGEB will provide accommodation and local hospitality to participants from ICGEB Member Countries. Travel to and from Trieste will normally be borne by the participants. There is no registration fee. ICGEB MEMBER COUNTRIES: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kuwait, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia, Zaire --- Cut here --- ___________________________________________________________________________ INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR GENETIC ENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY MEETINGS * COURSES * WORKSHOPS PARTICIPATION FORM ( ___________________________________________________________________________ MEETING/COURSE/WORKSHOP.TITLE COMPUTER METHODS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 14-23 JULY, 1993 ___________________________________________________________________________ DATES............| LOCATION.........| ___________________________________________________________________________ SURNAME..........| FIRSTNAME........| SEX..............| DATE.OF.BIRTH....| AGE..............| COUNTRY.OF.BIRTH.| NATIONALITY......| ___________________________________________________________________________ FULL.BUSINESS.ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE.NUMBER.| FAX.NUMBER.......| TELEX.NUMBER.....| E-MAIL.ADDRESS...| ___________________________________________________________________________ HOW.WILL.YOUR.RESEARCH.BENEFIT.BY.YOUR.PARTICIPATION.IN.THE.MEETING/COURSE/ WORKSHOP.(NO.MORE.THAN.5.LINES.OF.TEXT) ___________________________________________________________________________ RESEARCH.AREA.OF.INTEREST ___________________________________________________________________________ PRESENT.POSITION ___________________________________________________________________________ ACADEMIC.QUALIFICATIONS.(DEGREE/YEAR/INSTITUTE) ___________________________________________________________________________ INSTITUTES.OF.WORK.SINCE.FORMAL.EDUCATION ___________________________________________________________________________ FELLOWSHIPS.HELD ___________________________________________________________________________ PREVIOUSLY.ATTENDED.ICGEB.MEETINGS/COURSES/WORKSHOPS ___________________________________________________________________________ SHORT.LIST.OF.RELEVANT.PUBLICATIONS ___________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------ End of ALife Digest *******************


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