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From alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Wed Mar 17 15:11:25 1993 Return-Path: Received: from Regulus.COGNET.UCLA.EDU by (5.65c/Spike-2.0) id AA06504; Wed, 17 Mar 1993 15:10:55 -0500 Received: by (Sendmail 5.61c+YP/3.20-COG) id AA11410; Wed, 17 Mar 93 09:18:45 -0800 Date: Wed, 17 Mar 93 09:18:45 -0800 From: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Message-Id: <> To: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Subject: Alife Digest Volume #096 Status: R Alife Digest, Number 096 Wednesday, March 17th 1993 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Artificial Life Distribution List ~ ~ ~ ~ All submissions for distribution to: ~ ~ All list subscriber additions, deletions, or administrative details to: ~ ~ ~ ~ All software, tech reports to Alife depository through ~ ~ anonymous ftp at in ~ftp/pub/alife ( ~ ~ ~ ~ List maintainers: Liane Gabora and Rob Collins ~ ~ Artificial Life Research Group, UCLA ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Topics: Calendar of Alife-related Events CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of AI in Medicine AISB'93 Final Call Re: The definition of transients in Langton's Edge of Chaos Group flight to ECAL93 Conference on Underrstandingg Images ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 15:08:03 -0800 From: liane@CS.UCLA.EDU (Liane Gabora) Subject: Calendar of Alife-related Events ********************************************************************** Evolutionary Robotics Symposium, Tokyo, Japan Mar 24-26, 1993 v95 Conf on Fuzzy Systems, San Francisco CA Mar 28-Apr 1, 1993 v79 AI and Simulation of Behaviour Conf, Birmingham UK Mar 29-Apr 2, 1993 v75 Intnl Conf on Neural Nets and GAs, Innsbruck, Austria Apr 13-16, 1993 v80 BEAM Robot Olympics, Toronto Canada Apr 22-25, 1993 v81 Workshop On Computational Neurosciences, Austin, TX May 14-15, 1993 v94 European Conf on ALife, Brussels May 24-26, 1993 v82 Intnl Workshop Neural Networks, Barcelona Spain June 9-11, 1993 v76 World Congress on Neural Networks, Portland, OR July 11-15, 1993 v95 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Washington July 7-9, 1993 v84 Fifth Intnl Conf on GAs, Urbana-Champaign IL July 17-22, 1993 v80 Dynamically Interacting Robots Workshop Late Aug, 1993 v91 Congress on Medical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 9-14, 1995 v91 (Send announcements of other activities to ********************************************************************** ------------------------------ From: (EZQUERRA, NORBERTO F.) Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 17:02:01 EST > > The journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine will devote a special issue to Neural Computing in Medicine. Contributions are invited in all aspects of neurocomputing in medical and biomedical contexts. The submissions must be previously unpublished manuscripts describing original work in theoretical, methodological, and applications- oriented issues including, but not limited to, the following: > > o Computational Approaches > o Modeling > o Connectionist systems > o Clinical, medical, and biomedical applications > o Implementation > o Hybrid connectionist-symbolic approaches and systems > o Implementation in parallel architectures > > SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 14 MAY 1993. > > TYPE OF SUBMISSIONS: Full manuscripts > > GUIDELIINES FOR SUBMISSIONS: Please contact one of the co-editors; the > guidelines are also described in the Guide for Authors,: North-Holland Mathematics > and Computer Science journals, Elsevier Science Publishers. > > SUBMISSION DESTINATION: Please mail your contributions to one of the following addresses: > In the United States: Prof. N. Ezquerra > Co-Editor, AIM Special Issue > College of Computing, MC0280 > Georgia Tech > Atlanta, Georgia 30332 > (email: > > Outside the U.S.: Prof. A. Pazos > Co-Editor, AIM Special Issue > Facultad de Informatica > Universidade de A Coruna > A Coruna > Spain > (email: > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | NORBERTO EZQUERRA, PhD. | Email : | | Associate Professor | Phone : (404)-853-9173 | | College of Computing, | Sec. : (404)-853-0672 | | Georgia Tech., Atlanta, GA - 30332 | FAX : (404)-853-0673 | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 16:26:48 GMT From: Subject: AISB'93 Final Call ________________________________________________________________________ FINAL CALL FOR REGISTRATION A I S B' 9 3 The University of Birmingham March 29th -- April 2nd 1993 ________________________________________________________________________ The Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science conference AISB'93 will take place this year at the University of Birmingham from March 29th till April 2nd, with the general theme 'Prospects for Artificial Intelligence'. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the previously announced prize offered by Integral Solutions Ltd. for the best presented paper, there is also a prize donated by Wiley for the technically best paper, consisting of the new edition of the Encyclopaedia of AI. The Conference Dinner will be in Birmingham's Repertory Theatre overlooking Centenary Square. * For a programme and registration form please email the auto-reply service * Other enquiries: AISB'93, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, U.K. Phone: +44-(0)21-414-3711 Fax: +44-(0)21-414-4281 Email ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 01:22:10 MST From: cgl@t13.Lanl.GOV (Chris Langton) Subject: Re: The definition of transients in Langton's Edge of Chaos writes: > Complexity my Waldrop is a terrific layman's introduction to this field. > As a resulto reading it, I re-read Chris Langton's Computation at the > Edge of Chaos, and now I'm not sure I understand the definition of > transient in it. In some cases, transient appears to be defined as the > number of steps until the CA repeats a state. This is for low lambda > values, where the CA freezes or cycles in short cycles. For high lambda > values, transient seems to be defined as the number of states until the > CA reaches a typical state. Here is the commentary for lambda = 0.55. [ quote deleted ] > The paper goes on to graph average transient length as a function of > lambda in figure 3. It would appear that figure 3 uses two different > definitions of transient length: one for lambda less than the transition > point and another for lambda greater than the transition point. Is that > correct and if so, that appears to be misleading. > > Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks. The difference in definitions is due to a difference in the way that transients are defined for continuous dynamical systems versus discrete dynamical systems with a finite number of states in the state space (as in CA). A continuous dynamical system in its chaotic regime never cycles, wheras a finite discrete dynamical system in its chaotic regime will be forced to cycle due to the finiteness of the state space. In the continuous case, a transient is defined as the trajectory between the initial state and when the trajectory "arrives" at the attractor, while for the finite discrete case, a transient is typically defined in the literature as the trajectory from the initial state until a state is reached which will be reached again on the cycle forced by the finiteness of the state space. It is important to note that this cycle is not the same thing as the attractor. In most cases - especially for "very chaotic" systems, the finite system will have "arrived" at its attractor a long time before it is forced into a cycle. "Arriving" at the attractor must be determined by looking at the behavior of various statistical measures of the system, just as it is done for continuous systems. In the ordered regime, of course, for either system, the appearance of a cycle is a valid way to determine the end of a transient. I find the definition of a transient in the discrete finite case to be misleading, as the point where the system reaches a cycle in the chaotic regime is usually a simple function of the size of the finite system, not of its dynamics. It may have relaxed to doing whatever it will do for eternity very early in its evolution - a long time before it hits the cycle - and it may have been "on" its attractor for a long time before it hits a state it will hit again. The cycle ultimately forced by finiteness is not an attractor in the same sense as in continuous dynamical systems - therefore the "transient" to it is not a transient in the same sense as in continuous dynamical systems. So, I chose to use a definition of "transient" more in line with the usual meaning of the term as applied to continuous dynamical systems, and this must be determined by looking at the behavior of various statistical measures of the system, as I did in the paper.. I hope that clarifies the discrepency. Cheers! Chris Langton ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 01:47:59 MST From: cgl@t13.Lanl.GOV (Chris Langton) Subject: Group flight to ECAL93 I am trying to arrange for a cheap group rate flight between the US and Brussels for the ECAL93 workshop. If enough people sign on for the same flight there and back, it could be 1) cheap, and 2) fun! I need to know about how many people would sign up for such a flight if I can put it together. So, if you think you would take advantage of such a flight, please send a message to me at "". Do not reply to the alife list! I have no details as yet on how much it would save over a regular fare or what city it would leave from or return to. I imagine that it would leave and return at NYC, and that it would depart the Saturday before the conference and return the day after the conference. I will try to see if a second, delayed, return flight would be possible on the following Sunday for those who wish to make a brief side-trip while in Europe. More details as I find them out. Cheers! Chris Langton => ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 08 Mar 93 20:56:30 EST From: "Dr. Francis T. Marchese" Subject: Conference on Underrstandingg Images NYC / ACM SIGGRAPH and PACE UNIVERSITY's School of Computer Science and Information Systems Presents a conference on UNDERSTANDING IMAGES Friday & Saturday May 21-22,1993 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. The Pace Downtown Theater One Pace Plaza (on Spruce Street between Park Row & Gold Street) New York, NY 10038 Artists, designers, scientists, engineer s and educators share the problem of moving information from one mind to another. Traditionally, they have used pictures, words, demonstrations, music and da nce to communicate imagery. However, expressing complex notions such as God and infinity or a seemingly well defined concept such as a flower can present chal lenges which far exceed their technical skills. The explosive use of computers as visualization and expression tools has compounded this problem. In hypermed ia, multimedia and virtual reality systems vast amounts of information confront the observer or participant. Wading through a multitude of simultaneous images and sounds in possibly unfamiliar representations, a confounded user asks: Wha t does it all mean? Since image construction, transmission, reception, decipher ment and ultimate understanding are complex tasks strongly influenced by physiol ogy, education and culture; and since electronic media radically amplify each pr ocessing step, then we, as electronic communicators, must determine the fundamen tal paradigms for composing imagery for understanding. Therefore, the purpose o f this conference is to bring together a breadth of disciplines, including, but not limited to, the physical, biological and computational sciences, technology, art, psychology, philosophy, and education, in order to define and discuss the issues essential to image understanding within the computer graphics context. FEATURED SPEAKERS * Psychology/Perception "Masaccio's Bag of Tricks" Marc De Mey, University of Ghent University and Variability in Human "Visual Information Processing" Beverly J. Jones, School of Architecture and Applied Arts, University of Oregon "Some Speculations About Graphic Communication" Barbara Tversky, Psychology Department, Stanford University "Implementation of Collaborative Multimedia Technologies in Urban Planning Situations" Michael J. Shiffer, Computer Resource Laboratories, MIT "Photographic Interpretation" Tom Hubbard, School of Journalism, Ohio State University * Image Analysis "Is Alligator Skin More Wrinkled than Tree Bark? The Role of Texture in Object Description" A. Ravishankar Rao, IBM Watson Research Center and Nalini Bhushan, Philosophy Department, Smith College "The Ruling Effect of Contours, Surface Markings and Background in Perception of Shape from Shading" Xiaoping Hu and Narendra Ahuja, Beckmann Institute and Department of ECE, University of Illinois "Composing and Understanding Spatial Images" Les M. Sztandera, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Toledo * Design "Aesthetics and Nature: The Manufacturing of an Authoritative Voice in Scientific Visualization" Mark Bajuk, NCSA, U. of Illinois "Design Issues" Alyce Kaprow, MIT * Text "Visualization for the Document Space" Xia Lin, Law Library, Pace University "Automating Procedures for Generating Chinese Characters" John Loustau and Jong-Ding Wang, Computer Science Department, Hunter College "Visual Language" Judson Rosebush, Judson Rosebush Company, NY * Sound "Neuromusic" Matthew Witten and Robert Wyatt, U. of Texas and Center for High Performance Computing "Gesture Translation: Using Conventional Musical Instruments in Unconventional Ways" Robert S. Williams, Computer Science Department, Pace University "Sonic Issues" Rory Stuart, NYNEX * Philosophy "The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality" Michael Heim, Education Foundation of DPMA HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: The Hotel Millenium 55 Church Street New York, New York 10048 Tel: (212) 693-2001 (800) 835-2220 Fax: (212) 571-2317 Please call the hotel directly for reservations and mention Pace U./ACM NYC SIGGRAPH. (Reservations must be made by May 10, 1993) Special conference rate: $125 per night +tax Single/Double Check-out: 2 pm Check-in: 3 pm (Note: Hotel is within walking distance of conference.) For informational purposes only: Date of arrival:____ \ ____ \ ____ Date of departure: ____\____\____ ____ Millenium ____ Other ________ __________ Please Specify AIR TRAVEL ACCOMODATIONS: Continental Airlines (800) 525-0280 Valid Travel Dates are May 19, 1993 through May 30, 1993. Please call directly for reservations. * Continental will offer a 45% discount off the full "Y" coach fare and "F" first class fare. Discounts do not apply to Bus inessFirst. No other restrictions apply. * Additionally, a 5% discount off a ll fares, subject to availability. Discounts do not apply to Business First. All rules and restrictions apply. * No discount will apply to any ticket issued within seventy-two (72) hours of departure. * Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) may apply if traveling to a city where the airport has implemented this tax. * Discounts do not apply to government, military, senior fares, promotional fare s or Newark/Boston and Newark/Washington routes. Travel discount certificates c an not be used in conjunction with meeting / convention discounts. For informational purposes only: ___Continental Airlines ___ Other _____________ Please Specify ______________________________________________________________________ CONFERENCE ON UNDERSTANDING IMAGES Registration Information (Please print or type) ________________________________________ Name ________________________________________ Title ________________________________________ Company ________________________________________ Address ________________________________________ City ________________________________________ State ZIP (______) ______-________ (______) ______-________ Day Phone Evening Phone ____________________________ _________ Email FAX REGISTRATION FEES (Includes continental breakfast, breaks, and lunch) Pre-registration (before May 1, 1993) ___ ACM/SIGGRAPH member $55 ___ Non-member $75 ___ Student registration $40* *(before May 1, 1993 & proof of F/T status required) Registration ___ after May 1st or On-Site $95 Please make checks payable to NYC/ACM SIGGRAPH and remit by May 1, 1993. Send registration information & fees to: Dr. Francis T. Marchese Computer Science Department NYC/ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Pace University 1 Pace Plaza Room T-1704 New York, New York 10038 voice:(212)346-1803 fax:(212)346-1933 Email: MARCHESF@PACEVM.bitnet ------------------------------ End of ALife Digest *******************


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