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From alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Fri Mar 12 18:16:50 1993 Return-Path: Received: from Regulus.COGNET.UCLA.EDU by (5.65c/Spike-2.0) id AA10782; Fri, 12 Mar 1993 18:16:40 -0500 Received: by (Sendmail 5.61c+YP/3.20-COG) id AA13138; Fri, 12 Mar 93 12:27:14 -0800 Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 12:27:14 -0800 From: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Message-Id: <> To: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Subject: Alife Digest Volume #095 Status: R Alife Digest, Number 095 Friday, March 12th 1993 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Artificial Life Distribution List ~ ~ ~ ~ All submissions for distribution to: ~ ~ All list subscriber additions, deletions, or administrative details to: ~ ~ ~ ~ All software, tech reports to Alife depository through ~ ~ anonymous ftp at in ~ftp/pub/alife ( ~ ~ ~ ~ List maintainers: Liane Gabora and Rob Collins ~ ~ Artificial Life Research Group, UCLA ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Topics: Calendar of Alife-related Events The definition of transients in Langton's Edge of Chaos GENOME BIOCOMPUTING COURSE Artificial Neural Network Conference Workshop On Computational Neurosciences International Symposium in Japan ecal 93 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 10:40:19 -0800 From: liane@CS.UCLA.EDU (Liane Gabora) Subject: Calendar of Alife-related Events ********************************************************************** Biol and Tech of Autonomous Agents, Trento Italy Mar 1-12, 1993 v88 Evolutionary Robotics Symposium, Tokyo, Japan Mar 24-26, 1993 v95 Conf on Fuzzy Systems, San Francisco CA Mar 28-Apr 1, 1993 v79 AI and Simulation of Behaviour Conf, Birmingham UK Mar 29-Apr 2, 1993 v75 Intnl Conf on Neural Nets and GAs, Innsbruck, Austria Apr 13-16, 1993 v80 BEAM Robot Olympics, Toronto Canada Apr 22-25, 1993 v81 Workshop On Computational Neurosciences, Austin, TX May 14-15, 1993 v94 European Conf on ALife, Brussels May 24-26, 1993 v82 Intnl Workshop Neural Networks, Barcelona Spain June 9-11, 1993 v76 World Congress on Neural Networks, Portland, OR July 11-15, 1993 v95 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Washington July 7-9, 1993 v84 Fifth Intnl Conf on GAs, Urbana-Champaign IL July 17-22, 1993 v80 Dynamically Interacting Robots Workshop Late Aug, 1993 v91 Congress on Medical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 9-14, 1995 v91 (Send announcements of other activities to ********************************************************************** ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 3 Mar 93 10:51:11 PST From: Subject: The definition of transients in Langton's Edge of Chaos Complexity my Waldrop is a terrific layman's introduction to this field. As a resulto reading it, I re-read Chris Langton's Computation at the Edge of Chaos, and now I'm not sure I understand the definition of transient in it. In some cases, transient appears to be defined as the number of steps until the CA repeats a state. This is for low lambda values, where the CA freezes or cycles in short cycles. For high lambda values, transient seems to be defined as the number of states until the CA reaches a typical state. Here is the commentary for lambda = 0.55. "We have entered a new dynamical regime in which the transients [in the first sense above] have become so long that - for all practical purposes - they *are* the steady state behavior of the system over any period or time for which we can observe them. Whereas before, the dynamics *eventually* settled down to periodic behavior, we are now in a regime in which the dynamics typically settles dowen to effectively *chaotic* behavior. Furthermore, the previous trend of transient length *increasing* with increasing lambda is reversed. The arrow to the right of the evolutions of figs 1. lambda = 0.55 - 0.75 indicates the approximate time by which the site-occupation density has settled down to within 1% of its long term average." [This seems to be defining transient length in the second sense.] The paper goes on to graph average transient length as a function of lambda in figure 3. It would appear that figure 3 uses two different definitions of transient length: one for lambda less than the transition point and another for lambda greater than the transition point. Is that correct and if so, that appears to be misleading. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks. -- Russ Abbott ------------------------------ From: Sandor Pongor Subject: GENOME BIOCOMPUTING COURSE Date: Fri, 12 Feb 93 15:59:21 MET INTERNATIONAL COURSE "DATA BANKS AND COMPUTER SUPPORT OF THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT" Moscow, September 13-17, 1993 Organizers: A.Mirzabekov (Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow), P.Pearson (GDB, Baltimore), L.Philipson (EMBL, Heidelberg) The International lecture course "Data banks and computer support of the human genome project" under HUGO-UNESCO sponsorship is aimed at disseminating information on the existing data banks in the fields of molecular biology and genome studies. Special attention will be given to the problem of integration of scientists from Eastern Europe and developing countries into the international information networks. The attendants will discuss the structure of existing databanks, applied program packages, as well as general principles of retrieval and use of biological information. Special emphasis will be put on the nucleotide sequence databases, human genes databases, physical mapping of human chromosomes, medical-genetic and protein data banks. Detailed information will be also given on the databases and software available in Russia. The necessary facilities, both hardware and software corresponding to the world standards, will be provided by the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and the Russian National Human Genome Project. The tentative list of speakers includes: P.Pearson (Baltimore), K.Fasman (Baltimore), E.Branscomb (Livermore), G.Cameron (Heidelberg), S.Pongor (Trieste), R.Landgridge (San Francisco), Thomas Marr (Cold Spring Harbor), D.Brutlag (Stanford), E.Uberbacher (Oak Ridge), A.Mironov (Moscow), Y.Lysov (Moscow), V.Tumanyan (Moscow). A.Alexandrov (Moscow), V.Kulichkov (Novosibirsk), N.Kolchanov (Novosibirsk). The Course is open to qualified scientists from all countries. Registration fee (including accomodation, meals, etc.) is US $500. Travel expences to Moscow and back should be covered by applicants themselves. The deadline for applications is April 1, 1993. Applications should be sent to Mrs. Valentina Tsitovich, The Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Vavilov str., 32, Moscow 117984, Russia, FAX: (7095) 135-14-05; E-mail: or ------------------------------ From: (Karl Mathia) Subject: Artificial Neural Network Conference Date: Fri, 5 Feb 93 17:12:04 PST Feb. 6, 1993 The World Congress on Neural Networks 1993, WCNN'93, the annual meeting of the Internation Neural Network Society, will be held in Portland, Oregon, July 11-15, 1993. The sessions and turorials planned are listed below. For registration please use the email version of the registration form at the end of this announcement, or contact: Attention: WCNN'93 Portland Meeting Registration 875 Kings Highway, Suite 200 West Deptford, NJ 08096 Tel: (609) 845-1720 FAX: (609) 853-0411 We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference! Prof. George G. Lendaris email: lendarisg& General Chair FAX: (503) 725-4882 Portland State University Portland, Oregon 97207 ------------------------------------------------------------------- World Congress on Neural Networks 1993, WCNN'93 Portland, Oregon, Convention Center July 11-15, 1993 SESSIONS ======== Plenary Speakers include: * Carver Mead, Real-Time-On-Chip Learning in Analog VLSI Networks * Stephen Grossberg, 3-D Vision and Figure-Ground Pop-Out * Bart Kosko, Neural Fuzzy Systems * Wolf Singer, Coherence as an Organizing Principal of Cortical Function * Kumpati Narendra, Intelligent Control Using Neural Networks Session Topics | Session Chairs ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Applications | J. Dayhoff, R. Hecht-Nielsen - Associative Memory | J. Andersen, J. Taylor - Biological Sensory-Motor Control| A. Barto, S. Kelso - Biological Vision | C. Malsburg, V.S. Ramachandran - Cognitive Neuroscience | R. Desimone, L. Optician - Electro-Optical Neurocomputers | L. Giles, H. Szu - Intelligent Neural Systems | S. Grossberg, D. Levine - Local Circuit Neurobiology | J. Byrne, J. Houk - Machine Vision | R. Chellappa, K. Fukushima - Neural Fuzzy Systems | W. Daugherty, B. Kosko - Neurodynamics | S. Amari, H. White - Pattern Recognition | T. Kohonen, D. Specht - Robotics and Control | M. Kuperstein, K. Narendra - Signal Processing | S.Y. Kung, B. Widrow - Speech and Language | M. Cohen, D. Rumelhart - Supervised Learning | L. Cooper, P. Werbos - Unsupervised Learning | G. Carpenter, E. Oja (TENTATIVE) PROPOSED SESSION SCHEDULE ========================= The numbers associated with sessions refer to the list on the registration form. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7/11/93 7/12/93 7/13/93 7/14/93 7/15/93 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tutorials (1) (10) (3) (8) Biological Cognitive Speech and Pattern Vision Neuro- Language Recognition science (12) (16) (5) (13) Neural Associative Robotics and Signal Fuzzy Memory Control Processing Systems SME- IFSA (14) Symposium Symposium Neurodynamics (4) (7) (2) (15) Biological Unsupervised Machine E-O Neuro- S-M Control Learning Vision Computers (11) (9) (6) (17) Intelligent Local Curcuit Supervised Applications Neural Neurobiology Learning Systems Reception 2 Plenaries 2 Plenaries Reception 1 Plenary ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- World Congress on Neural Networks 1993, WCNN'93 Portland, Oregon, Convention Center July 11-15, 1993 TUTORIALS ========= Tutorials will be offered on Sunday, July 11, 1993. Each two hour tutorial will be offered twice. A. Cognitive Neuroscience (Robert Desimone, National Instituteof Mental Health) B. Structural and Mathematical Approaches to Signal Processing (S.Y. Kung, Princeton University) C. Adaptive Resonance Theory (Gail Carpenter, Boston University) D. Practical Applications of Neural Network Theory (Robert Hecht-Nielsen, HNC Corporation) E. Cognitive Science (David Rumelhart, Stanford University) F. Neural Fuzzy Systems (Fred Watkins, HyperLogic Corporation) G. Neurobiology and Chaos (Walter Freeman, University of California) H. Neural Control and Robotics (Michael Kuperstein, Symbus Technology) I. Neural Computation and VLSI (Eric Schwartz, Vision Applications) J. Biological Vision (V.S. Ramachandran, University of California) K. Supervised Learning (Hal White, University of California) We are pleased to announce that in addition to the main program, we will be offering special tracks in conjunction with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers on Manufacturing (SME/INNS Track) and the International Fuzzy Systems Association on Fuzzy Logic (IFSA/INNS Track). ------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1 - World Congress on Neural Networks 1993, Portland REGISTRATION FORM ================= Reg. Fee Reg. Fee Reg. Fee before before after Jan 15,93 Jun 15,93 Jun 15, 93 INNS or Cooperating Society Member $175.00 $270.00 $350.00 $ ........... Society Member Number: ................... Non-Members $275.00 $370.00 $450.00 $ ........... (Includes 1993 INNS membership and 1 year subscription of the INNS journal Neural Networks) Full-Time Student $50.00 $75.00 $95.00 $ ........... (Student registration and verification from department chairman required.) Spouse/Guest $50.00 $60.00 $70.00 $ ........... TUTORIAL REGISTRATION ===================== (Fee includes 4 tutorials, tutorial notes and lunch) (Please circle 4 preferences, see list below: A B C D E F G H I J K ) Members or Non-Members $225.00 $295.00 $345.00 $ ........... Student $50.00 $75.00 $95.00 $ ........... (Student registration and verification from department chairman required.) TOTAL $ ====================== Please print or type: Name: ............................................................... (As you would like to appear on badge) Title: ........................ Organization: ....................... (As you would like to appear on badge) Adress: ............................................................. City: ................... State: ..... Zip: ........ Country: ....... Bus.Tel: ....................... FAX: ............................... Spouse/Guest Name (if fee paid): .................................... (Complete only if paying the Spouse/Guest Registration fee - includes 2 receptions only) - 2 - IMPORTANT: Please indicate any disability for special assistance ..................................................................... ..................................................................... Unless the INNS is advised prior to the meeting of any special requirements, we cannot guarantee that service will be available. Please complete this form and return it with check or money order to: Attention: WCNN'93 Portland Meeting Registration 875 Kings Highway, Suite 200 West Deptford, NJ 08096 Tel: (609) 845-1720 FAX: (609) 853-0411 Checks must made payable in US Dollars and issued by a US correspon- dent bank. Each registrant is responsible for any bank charges. Check with your local bank before processing payment. Credit Card Information: .... I wish to pay for my fees by credit card. Circle one: Visa Master Card Account #: ............................ Expiration Date: ............ Signature: .......................................................... Tutorials will be offered on Sunday, July 11, 1993. Each two hour tutorial will be offered twice. A. Cognitive Neuroscience (Robert Desimone) B. Structural and Mathematical Approaches to Signal Processing (S.Y. Kung) C. Adaptive Resonance Theory (Gail Carpenter) D. Practical Applications of Neural Network Theory (Robert Hecht-Nielsen) E. Cognitive Science (David Rumelhart) F. Neural Fuzzy Systems (Fred Watkins) G. Neurobiology and Chaos (Walter Freeman) H. Neural Control and Robotics (Michael Kuperstein) I. Neural Computation and VLSI (Eric Schwartz) J. Biological Vision (V.S. Ramachandran) K. Supervised Learning (Hal White) !!! ATTENTION !!! If you must cancel your registration, all requests must be received in writing by Ms. Connie Rebert, Registration Supervisor, 875 Kings High- way, Suite 200, West Deptford, Nj 08096, no later than Monday, June 1, 1993. All fees paid will be refunded minus a $30.00 processing fee. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AFTER THE JUNE 1ST DEADLINE. -------------------------------------------------------------------- You may make a hardcopy of this form and mail it to the above address. -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ From: Subject: Workshop On Computational Neurosciences Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 10:35:47 CST *********************************************************************** ** ** ** UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SYSTEM CENTER FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING ** ** ** ** Workshop Series In Computational Medicine And Public Health** ** ** ** Announces ** ** ** ** A Workshop On Computational Neurosciences ** ** ** ** 14-15 May 1993 ** ** ** ** Austin, Texas ** ** ** *********************************************************************** Workshop Director: ----------------- Dr. Matthew Witten Associate Director, University of Texas System - CHPC Balcones Research Center 10100 Burnet Road, CMS 1.154 Austin, TX 78758-4497 USA Phone: (512) 471-2472 or (800) 262-2472 Fax : (512) 471-2445 email: m.witten@uthermes.bitnet ***** Peliminary Program ***** List Of Current Speakers: ------------------------- Dr. Peter Fox, Director Research Imaging Center, UT HSC San Antonio Dr. Terry Mikiten, Associate Dean, Grad School of Biomedical Sciences, UT HSC San Antonio Dr. Robert Wyatt, Director, Institute For Theoretical Chemistry, UT Austin Dr. Elizabeth Thomas, Department of Chemistry, UT Austin Dr. George Adomian, Director, General Analytics Corporation, Athens, Georgia Dr. George Moore, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Dr. William Softky, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA Dr. Cathy Wu, Department of Biomathematics and Computer Science, UT Health Center, Tyler, TX Dr. Dan Levine, Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX Dr. Michael Liebman, Senior Scientist, Amoco Technology Company, Naperville, Illinois Dr. George Stanford, Learning Abilities Center, UT Austin Dr. Tom Oakland, School of Education, UT Austin Dr. Matthew Witten, Associate Director, UT System - CHPC Objective, Agenda and Participants: --------------------------------- The 1990's have been declared the Decade of the Mind. Understanding the mind requires the understanding of a wide variety of topics in the neurosciences. This Workshop is part of an ongoing series of workshops being held at the UT System Center For High Performance Computing; addressing issues of high performance computing and its role in medicine, dentistry, allied health disciplines, and public health. Prior workshops have covered Computational Chemistry and Molecular Design, and Computational Issues in the Life Sciences and Medicine. Upcoming workshops will focus on the subject areas of Computational Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biomechanics, and Physiological Modeling and Simulation. The purpose of this Workshop On Computational Neurosciences is to bring together interested scientists for the purposes of introducing them to state-of-the-art thinking and applications in the domain of neuroscience. Topics to be discussed range across the disciplines of neurosimulation, cognitive neuroscience, neural nets and their theory/application to a variety of problems, methods for solving numerical problems arising in neurology, learning abilities and disabilities, and neurological imaging. Lectures will be presented in a tutorial fashion, and time for questions and answers will be allowed. Attendence is open to anyone. A background in the neurosciences is not required. The size of the workshop is limited due to seating constraints. It is best to register as soon as possible. Schedule: -------- 14 May 1993 - Friday 8:00am - 9:00am Registration and Refreshments 9:00am - 9:15am Opening Remarks - Dr. James C. Almond, Director, UT System CHPC 9:15am - 10:00am Conference Overview - Dr. Matthew Witten 10:00am - 11:00am Dr. Peter Fox 11:00am - 11:30am Coffee Break 11:30am - 12:30pm Dr. Dan Levine 12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break 1:30pm - 2:30pm Dr. Michael Liebman 2:30pm - 3:30pm Dr. Cathy Wu 3:30pm - 4:00pm Coffee Break 4:00pm - 5:00pm Dr. Terry Mikiten 15 May 1993 - Saturday 8:00am - 9:00am Registration and Refreshments 9:00am - 10:00am Dr. George Moore 10:00am - 11:00am Dr. Robert Wyatt and Dr. Elizabeth Thomas 11:00am - 11:30am Coffee Break 11:30am - 12:30pm Dr. George Adomian 12:30am - 1:30pm Lunch Break 1:30am - 2:30pm Dr. George Stanford and Dr. Tom Oakland 2:30am - 3:30pm Dr. William Softky 3:30pm - 4:00pm Coffee Break 4:00pm - 5:00pm Closing Discussion and Remarks Poster Sessions: ---------------- While no poster sessions are planned, if enough conference participants indicate a desire to present a poster, we will make every attempt to accommodate the requests. If you are interested in presenting a poster presentation at this meeting, please contact the workshop director. Conference Proceedings: ---------------------- We will make every attempt to have a publication quality conference proceedings. All of the speakers have been asked to submit a paper covering the talk material. The proceedings will appear as a special issue of the series Advances In Mathematics And Computers In Medicine, which is part of the International Journal of Computers and Mathematics With Applications (Pergamon Press). Individuals wishing to have an appropriate paper included in this proceedings should contact the workshop director for manuscript details and deadlines. Conference Costs and Funding: ----------------------------- A nominal registration fee of US $50.00 will be charged by 1 April 93, and US $60.00 after that date. The conference proceedings will be an additional US $10.00 . The conference registration fee includes luncheon and refreshments for both days of the workshop. Accomodations: ------------- There are a number of very reasonable hotels near the UT System CHPC. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the workshop coordinator at the address below. Registration and Information: ---------------------------- Registration requests and further questions should be directed to: Ms. Leslie Bockoven Administrative Associate Workshop On Computational NeuroSciences UT System - CHPC Balcones Research Center 10100 Burnet Road, CMS 1.154 Austin, TX 78758-4497 Phone: (512) 471-2472 or (800) 262-2472 Fax : (512) 471-2445 Email: neuro93@uthermes.bitnet ============ REGISTRATION FORM FOLLOWS - CUT HERE ========== NAME (As will appear on badge): AFFILIATION (As will appear on badge): ADDRESS: PHONE: FAX : EMAIL: Please answer the following questions as appropriate: Do you wish to purchase a copy of the conference proceedings? If yes, make sure to include the proceedings purchase fee. Do you have any special dietary requirements? If yes, what are they? Do you wish to present a poster? If yes, what will the proposed title be? Do you wish to include a manuscript in the conference proceedings? If yes, what will the proposed topic be? Do you wish to be on our Workshop Series mailing list? If yes, please give the address for announcements (email is okay) Do you need a hotel reservation? Do you anticipate needing local transportation? ==================== END OF REGISTRATION FORM ============================ ------------------------------ Date: 27 Feb 93 16:37:57 EST From: Ann Griffith <71021.2755@CompuServe.COM> Subject: International Symposium in Japan An International Symposium: ------------------------------ The symposium attempts to explain the process of fusion between Artificial Life (ALife) and Behavior Based Artificial Intelligence research, thus describing a new field called Evolutionary Robotics. To this end, top researchers in both ALife and Behavior Based AI from the U.S., Europe and Japan are invited to speak at this international symposium. New robotics research which is centered around Behavior Based AI research has demonstrated its potential for overcoming many of the shortcomings of conventional intelligent robotics techniques such as the lack of dynamism and flexibility, the uniformity of movement, the voluminous control software required, the limited mobility, and the closed nature of operation. The breakthroughs being made by this new breed of robotics, implemented in both physical and virtual forms, are expected to solve multitudes of problems in bringing intelligent autonomous agents into our daily lives. Furthermore, by combining Artificial Life research with intelligent robot technology, it is hoped that robots or agents that evolve in time in their operational environments (habitats) can be realized. The impact of such technology, founded on strong emergent sciences such as ALife and Behavior Based AI, is expected to be profound. Date: 24-26 March 1993 Place: Tokyo, Japan Topics: History of Artificial Life Research Dr. Chris Langton, Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratory ALife and Robotics Katsura Hattori, Asahi Shimbun Tierra: A Model of Rise and Fall of Artificial Life Communities Professor Tom Ray, University of Delaware Autonomous Robots Professor Rodney Brooks, MIT Chaos and Simulation of Evolution Professor Kunihiko Kaneko, Tokyo University Intelligent Autonomous Agent Professor Luc Steels, Free University Brussels PolyWorld: "Life in New Context" Larry Yaeger, Apple Computer, Inc. Evolutionary Robotics Takashi Gomi, Applied AI Systems, Inc. March 26, 1993 will be dedicated to the demonstration of MIT's Subsumption robots and discussion on the industrial application of Behavior Based robots. Registration Fee: JP72,100 for industrial participants or JP50,500 for academic participants or US$600 for industrial participants or US$430 for academic participants This international symposium is sponsored jointly by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan and Applied AI Systems, Inc. of Canada. For Further Information: In North America, please contact: Ann Griffith Applied AI Systems, Inc. 340 March Road, Suite 500 Kanata, Ontario CANADA K2K 2E4 Tel: (613) 592-3030 Fax: (613) 592-2333 Email: In Japan, please contact: Mr. M. Yoshizawa Mitsubishi Corporation 6-3 Marunouchi 2-chome Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-86 JAPAN Tel: (03) 3210-7531 Fax: (03) 3210-7557 ------------------------------ From: (Goss Simon) Subject: ecal 93 Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 16:19:30 MET ______________________________________________________________________________ ECAL '93 2nd European Conference on Artificial Life SELF-ORGANIZATION AND LIFE, FROM SIMPLE RULES TO GLOBAL COMPLEXITY Brussels, May 24-26th, 1993 Natural and artificial systems governed by simple rules exhibit self- organisation leading to autonomy, self-adaptation and evolution. While these phenomena interest an increasing number of scientists, much remains to be done to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques. The aim of this conference is to bring together scientists from different fields in the search for common rules and algorithms underlying different systems. The following themes have been selected : - Origin of life and molecular evolution - Patterns and rhythms in chemical and biochemical systems and interacting cells (neural network, immune system, morphogenesis). - Sensory and motor activities in animals and robots. - Collective intelligence in natural and artificial groups - Ecological communities and evolution . - Ecological computation. - Epistemology We are also planning demonstrations of computer programmes, robots and physico-chemical reactions, both in vivo and in video. Invited Speakers C. Biebricher (Germany), S. Camazine (USA), H. Cruse, P. De Kepper (France), W. Fontana, N. Franks (UK), F. Hess (Holland), B. Huberman (USA), S. Kauffman (USA), C. Langton (USA), M. Nowak (UK), T. Ray (USA), P. Schuster (Germany), M. Tilden (Canada), J. Urbain (Belgium), F. Varela (France). Organising committee J.L. Deneubourg, H. Bersini, S. Goss, G. Nicolis (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) R. Dagonnier (Universite de Mons-Hainaut). International Program committee A. Babloyantz (Belgium), G. Beni (USA), P. Borckmans (Belgium), P. Bourgine (France), H. Cruse (Germany), G. Demongeot (France), G. Dewel (Belgium), P. De Kepper (France), S. Forrest (USA), N. Franks (UK), T. Fukuda (Japan), B. Goodwin (UK), P. Hogeweg (Holland), M. Kauffman (Belgium), C. Langton (USA), R. Lefever (Belgium), P. Maes (USA), J.-A. Meyer (France), T. Ray (USA), P. Schuster (Austria), T. Smithers (Belgium), F. Varela (France), R. Wehner (Germany). Address: ECAL '93, Centre for Non-Linear Phenomena and Complex Systems, CP 231, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Bld. du Triomphe, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Fax : 32-2-6505767; Phone : 32-2-6505776; 32-2-6505796; EMAIL : _______________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION The registration fees for ECAL '93 (May 24-26) are as follows ($1=34BF): Payment before Payment after May 1st May 1st Academic: 10.000 BF 12.000 BF Non-Academic: 12.000 BF 14.000 BF Student: 6.500 BF 7.500 BF a) I authorise payment of BF by the following credit card: American Express Visa/Eurocard/Master (please indicate which card!) Card Name Card No Valid from: to: Signature b) I enclose a Eurocheque for BF c) I have ordered my bank to make a draft of BF to : ECAL '93 Account no: 034-1629733-01 CGER (Caisse Generale d'Epargne et de Retraite) Agence Ixelles-Universite Chaussee de Boondael 466 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium _________________________________________________________ ____________ Signature Date Name Telephone Fax e-mail Address ______________________________________________________________________________ ECAL '93 Self-Organisation and life ------------------------------ (Very) Provisional Program (16 invited speakers, 40 oral communications, 50 posters) Monday May 24th 9.00 Inauguration 9.10 Opening remarks 9.45 Coffee 10.15 Origins of life and 10.15 Chemical patterns molecular evolution. and rhythms. Invited Invited speakers: C. speaker: P. De Kepper Biebricher, W. Fontana, P. Schuster. 12.20 lunch 13.10 lunch 14.10 Theoretical biology 14.10 Collective and artificial life. intelligence in animal Invited speaker: C. groups (social insects). Langton Invited speaker: N.R. Franks 15.50 coffee 15.50 coffee 16.30 Theoretical biology 16.20 Collective and artificial life intelligence in animal groups (social insects). Invited speaker: S. Camazine 18.00 Beer and sandwiches 19.30 Theoretical biology and artificial life: General discussion. Invited speaker: F. Varela 22.00 Close Tuesday May 25th 9.00 Individual behaviour. 9.00 Patterns and rhythms Invited speaker: M. Tilden in human societies. Invited speaker: B. Huberman 10.40 coffee 10.40 Coffee 11.10 Individual behaviour 11.10 Multi-robot systems 12.10 lunch 13.10 lunch 14.00 Posters and demonstrations (robots, simulations, videos, chemical reactions, ...). Invited speaker: F. Hess. 18.00 Cocktail 20.00 Banquet Wednesday May 26th 9.00 Evolution. Invited 9.00 Sensory and motor speakers: T. Ray, S. activities in animals and Kauffman. robots. Invited Speaker: H. Cruse 10.20 Coffee 10.40 coffee 11.10 11.40 Ecological communities and evolution. Invited speaker: M. Nowak 12.10 lunch 13.10 lunch 14.10 Collective pattern 14.10 Patterns and rhythms in living systems in the immune system. Invited speaker: J. Urbain 15.50 coffee 15.50 coffee 16.30 Collective pattern 16.20 Patterns and rhythms in living systems in the immune system. 17.30 Closing remarks _____________________________________________________________________________ *** you may need a physical copy of the BIT hotel reservation form or the *** *** Brussels Hotel Guide. See below for details *** HOTEL ACCOMODATION FOR ECAL '93 We have reserved a number of rooms in the centre of Brussels (see attached list), not far from the Metro line 1a which will take you to the conference (ULB, Campus Plaine, Metro Station Delta, Metro Ligne 1a, direction Hermann Debroux). There are unfortunately no hotels close to the University. All prices include breakfast, TV, bathroom (see enclosed official hotel guide for more details). Hotels are rather expensive in Brussels, and you will see that we have not been able to reserve many low-priced rooms. The earlier you make your reservation, therefore, the surer you are of having one. Another possibility is that you arrange to share a double room with a fellow conferencier. It is important that you try to reserve before the 15th of April, otherwise our options on the rooms may be cancelled. Please note that there are 3 ways of reserving your room, depending on which hotel you choose. 1. Hotels President (World Trade Centre) and Palace For the Hotels President and Palace you will see on the enclosed ECAL selected hotel list that we have been able to negotiate a substantial reduction on normal rates. To do so we have had to agree to pay for the rooms in one lump sum, including a down payment. Therefore, if you wish to take a room in these hotels you must make the reservation through us. We will only accept to do this if you pay the necessary sum in advance (we will refund cancellations, though these two hotels might impose a cancellation charge if there are too many last minute cancellations). Please reserve before April 15th. After this date we cannot garuntee that the hotel will maintain our unused reservations and group rate. We enclose a special form for the registration and pre-payment of these rooms. 2. Other hotels on selected ECAL list For all the other hotels on our selected list, please fill in the enclosed BTR reservation form and return it to us. We will forward it to: Mr. Freddy Meerkens Group reservations Belgian Tourist Reservations Bld. Anspach 111, B4 B-1000 Bruxelles Tel (322) 513.7484; Fax (322) 513.9277 He will make the reservation and should also notify you that the reservation has been made. There is no charge for this service, BTR being a state agency. You can if you wish send or fax your reservation form directly to M. Meerkens, group reservations, BTR. In this case, please do not forget to mention in large letters that you are attending the ECAL '93 conference (group reservation), and please send us a copy (marked "COPY") of your reservation form, so that we can keep track of where everyone is staying. 3. Independent Reservations Finally, for those of you that are more independently minded, who wish to find a cheaper hotel, or have other reasons, we enclose the Brussels Hotel Guide 1993, which lists all the hotels in Brussels. If you choose one that is not on the enclosed ECAL selected hotel list, you can then reserve through Belgian Tourist Reservations (see above), using the enclosed BTR form (you do not need in this case to mention that you are attending ECAL). We would nevertheless like you to send us a copy (marked "COPY") of your BTR reservation form, so that we can keep track of where everyone is staying. ECAL selected Hotel list (do not contact these hotels directly - see attached instructions) ($1=34BF approx.) Hotel President (World Trade Centre) (100 rooms) ***** 180 Bld. E. Jacqmain, 1210 Bruxelles Tel: (322) 217.2020; Fax: (322) 218.8402 single room = double room: ECAL price: 4000 BF (<< Normal price: 7500 BF) Hotel Palace (lots of rooms) **** 3 Rue Gineste, 1210 Bruxelles Tel: (322) 217.6200; Fax: (322) 218.1269 single room: ECAL price: 3780 BF (<< Normal price: 6000 BF) double room: ECAL price: 4520 BF (<< Normal price: 7000 BF) Hotel Atlas (30 singles, 10 doubles) **** 30-34 Rue du Vieux Marche-aux-Grains, 1000 Bruxelles Tel: (322) 502.6006 single room: ECAL price: 3360 BF (just < Normal price: 3500 BF) double room: ECAL price: 3780 BF (just < Normal price: 4100 BF) Hotel Arcade Sainte Catherine (30 singles, 10 doubles) *** 2 Rue Joseph Plateau, 1000 Bruxelles Tel (322) 513.7620; Fax (322) 514.2214 single room = double room: ECAL price: 3900 BF (= Normal price) Hotel Orion (15 singles) *** 51 Quai au Bois a Bruler, 1000 Bruxelles Tel (322) 221.1411; Fax (322) 221.1599 single room: ECAL price: 3120 BF (= Normal price) Hotel Vendome (30 singles) *** 96 Bld. Adolphe Max, 1000 Bruxelles Tel (322) 218.00070; Fax (322) 218.0683 single room: ECAL price: 2875 BF (= Normal price) Hotel Opera (20 singles) ** 53 Rue Gretry, 1000 Bruxelles Tel (322) 219.4343; Fax (322) 219.1720 single room: ECAL price: 2200 BF (= Normal price) Hotel de Paris (20 singles) ** (shower not bathroom) 800 Bld. Poincarre, 1070 Bruxelles Tel (322) 527.0920; Fax (322) 528.8153 single room: ECAL price: 1800 BF (= Normal price) Reservation and pre-payment for Hotel President (World Trade Centre) or Hotel Palace I would like to reserve a single / double room at the Hotel President / Hotel Palace for the nights of: Signature Date Name Telephone Fax e-mail Address _________________________________________________________ ____________ a) I authorise payment to ECAL '93 of BF by the following credit card: American Express Visa/Eurocard/Master (please indicate which card!) Card Name Card No Valid from: to: Signature b) I enclose a Eurocheque (made put to ECAL '93) for BF c) I have ordered my bank to make a draft of BF to : ECAL '93 Account no: 034-1629733-01 CGER (Caisse Generale d'Epargne et de Retraite) Agence Ixelles-Universite Chaussee de Boondael 466 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium ------------------------------ End of ALife Digest *******************


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