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From alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Thu Jan 7 22:56:02 1993 Return-Path: Received: from Regulus.COGNET.UCLA.EDU by (5.65c/Spike-2.0) id AA26348; Thu, 7 Jan 1993 22:55:57 -0500 Received: by (Sendmail 5.61c+YP/3.20-COG) id AA16699; Thu, 7 Jan 93 18:23:35 -0800 Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 18:23:35 -0800 From: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Message-Id: <> To: alife@COGNET.UCLA.EDU Subject: Alife Digest Volume #092 Status: R Alife Digest, Number 092 Thursday, January 7th 1993 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Artificial Life Distribution List ~ ~ ~ ~ All submissions for distribution to: ~ ~ All list subscriber additions, deletions, or administrative details to: ~ ~ ~ ~ All software, tech reports to Alife depository through ~ ~ anonymous ftp at in ~ftp/pub/alife ( ~ ~ ~ ~ List maintainers: Liane Gabora and Rob Collins ~ ~ Artificial Life Research Group, UCLA ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today's Topics: Calendar of Alife-related Events How Can I Get CellSim? Alife Programs in Boston Area? Book Announcement: Evolution of Information Processing Systems. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 18:17:52 -0800 From: liane@CS.UCLA.EDU (Liane Gabora) Subject: Calendar of Alife-related Events ********************************************************************** International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii Jan 5-8, 1993 v74 Symposium on Pattern Formation, Claremont California Feb 12-13, 1993 v90 Biol and Tech of Autonomous Agents, Trento Italy Mar 1-12, 1993 v88 Conf on Neural Networks, San Francisco CA Mar 28-Apr 1, 1993 v79 Conf on Fuzzy Systems, San Francisco CA Mar 28-Apr 1, 1993 v79 AI and Simulation of Behaviour Conf, Birmingham UK Mar 29-Apr 2, 1993 v75 Intnl Conf on Neural Nets and GAs, Innsbruck, Austria Apr 13-16, 1993 v80 BEAM Robot Olympics, Toronto Canada Apr 22-25, 1993 v81 European Conf on ALife, Brussels May 24-26, 1993 v82 Intnl Workshop Neural Networks, Barcelona Spain June 9-11, 1993 v76 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Washington July 7-9, 1993 v84 Fifth Intnl Conf on GAs, Urbana-Champaign IL July 17-22, 1993 v80 Dynamically Interacting Robots Workshop Late Aug, 1993 v91 Congress on Medical Informatics, Sao Paulo, Brazil Sept 9-14, 1995 v91 (Send announcements of other activities to ********************************************************************** ------------------------------ From: Date: Tue, 22 Dec 92 10:29:51 Subject: CellSim I received an announcement for v. 2.5 of CellSim about a year ago. Is it still available? If so, could you send me up to date information on the system? Roger Took ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 4 Jan 93 17:48:09 EST From: mlevin@Jade.Tufts.EDU Subject: Re: any alife programs in Boston area? Does anyone know of any programs/jobs/people working in the field of alife in the Boston area? I am interested in modeling of embryological development and other biological phenomena, genetic algorithms, neural networks, models of behavior, cellular automata, etc. Please reply to Mike Levin ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1993 10:46:50 +0100 From: Subject: book announcement *********************** BOOK ANOUNCEMENT ************************** Klaus Haefner (ed.): Evolution of information processing systems. An interdisciplinary approach for a new understanding of nature and society Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1992. Phys. Description: x, 357 p. : 46 Figures. ; 25 cm. Includes bibliographical references (pp. 347-357). ********************************************************************* Features contributions of: Vili Csanyi Sidney Fox Hermann Haken George Kampis Jenny Kien Wolfgang Klement Ervin Laszlo Greg Nicolis John Nicolis Theodor Oeser Mika Pantzar Michael Requardt Anton Semenov This book is based on an invited conference, held in Bremen, Germany, October 8-10 1990. At the conference, issues related to Haefner's Basic Paper were discussed. The Basic Paper is reproduced in the first part of the book. This paper claims that the same information theoretic principles can govern computers, life, and minds, and further, that they are valid for atomic systems and societal systems too. As a counterweight, the other papers of the volume offer, by and large, a critical attitude or at least significant refinements to this thesis. These papers, many of which were written by leading experts, offer new views on information based on ideas of computer science, synergetics, self-organization, neural networks, and self- modification. M. Vargyas


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