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From: Patrick Leight "Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live." Exodus 22:18 Witchcraft/Wicca/Neopaganism/Druidism -- What does the Bible say? THE TRUTH OF THE HOLY BIBLE The existence of Witches goes back into antiquity just as has also God's warnings about them (Exodus 22:18). Witches have "familiar spirits" and are associated with those who practice magick (derived from Maji, the Persian Zorasters) such as wizards. The children of God are warned not to associate with them as they will defile the righteous (Leviticus 20:31). We are told directly that there will be no one who practices divination, astrology, enchantments, or Witchcraft among the people of the True God (Deuteronomy 18:10). Those who practice Witchcraft are said, by God, to be rebellious and that they reject the Word of the Lord and reject christ (1st Samuel 15:23). The Word of God clearly indicates that there is no peace in the land which practices Witchcraft (2nd Kings 8:22) and that those who practice Witchcraft are allied with them who sacrifice their children to the Gods, with astrologers, with enchanters, with those who deal with familiar spirits, and with wizards (2nd Chronicles 33:6). The evil done by these allied groups have and will provoke the Lord God to anger (2nd Chronicles 33:6). In judgment on the land that practices Witchcraft, the Lord will "cut off" Witches and the soothsayers/psychics (Micah 5:12). The judgment against the land which practices Witchcraft is assisted by the fact that Witchcraft is traitorous to both the nation and the family of the practioner in which it occurs (Nahum 3:4). A nation practicing Witchcraft will be conquered by its enemies as a result of sedition/betrayal from within. Those who practice Witchcraft use sorcery to "bewitch" persons, even whole nations (Acts 8:9, 11); moreover, Witchcraft/sorcery is especially interested in leading away Christians from Jesus christ (Galatians 3:1). The character of those who practice Witchcraft is outlined in the Word of God (Galatians 5:20). According to the Word of God, Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal and king of the Zidonians, was a Witch (1st Kings 16:31). The God of the Witches is identified as Baal (1st Kings 16:31) or Bel. Beltane is a holy day of Witches and is celebrated in May of each year. Those who practice Witchcraft are clearly and unmistakably against Christians and have persecuted the people of the True God in times past (1st Kings 18:4). Witches have killed prophets of the True God, Jehovah, (1st Kings 18:13) just as the prophets of God have also killed Witches (1st Kings 18:19; 19:1). This historic enmity between the people of Jehovah and the people of Baal is typified by Jezebel (1st Kings 19:2). In Jezebel, we see manipulation and sedition of kings whereby the aims of Witchcraft are forwarded (1st Kings 21:5, 7, 11, 14, 15) in the persecution of the people of God. Of Jezebel, speaks God, "The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel" (1st Kings 21:23). Witchcraft will stir up wickedness in the land and will cause men to sell themselves to it (1st Kings 21:25). These men, so sold unto Her, have killed the the [sic] prophets of God in times past (2nd Kings 9:7) even as the prophets of God have warned them of the results of practicing Witchcraft (2nd Kings 9:10, 22, 30, 36, 37), i.e., the judgment of the nation by war. Still, though warned of the judgments on the nation to come, those who practice Witchcraft and doing evil in the sight of the Lord through sedition, refused and still refuse to see the Truth. Jezebel was the the daughter of the King of Zidon, in what was later called Phoenicia, and the area of what is now, today, known as Lebanon and Syria. Even during the Bronze Age, the people of God and the people of Baal were enemies and wars between them occurred in the area (Joshua 11:8; 19:28; Judges 1:31). At other times the people of God whored after Baal and Ishtar (Judges 10:6) only to then be oppressed by the people of Baal and Ishtar and, once again, rescued from that oppression by God (Judges 10:12). At still other times, the people of God attacked these people (Judges 18:7, 28) even as the Zidonians used seduction and betrayal to bring down the people of God. King Solomon, considered to be the wisest man in the ancient world and ruler of the Israelites in Jerusalem, was seduced by those who practiced Witchcraft and worshiped Ishtar/Inanna (1st Kings 11:1, 5) which resulted in the judgment of God against both him and the nation of Israel (1st Kings 11:33). In yet another of these seductions, King Ahab of Judah, married Jezebel (1st Kings 16:31), whereupon he began to worship Baal and killed his own people. These seditions of the people of God were finally, once again, removed (2nd Kings 23:13) but the war goes on even unto this very day. Significantly, the Zidonians, the peoples of Witchcraft, originated from Canaan, son of Ham, the son of Noah (1st Chronicles 1:13) whom Noah cursed. In an interesting test of commitment of the Witches to their Gods, using a grant from King Cyrus of Persia, the Israelites paid the Zidonians and the surrounding peoples who worshiped in groves of trees to cut them down and deliver them to Jerusalem. This they did and these trees, cedars, were used in construction of the great temple of Solomon (1st Chronicles 22:4; Ezra 3:7). The seditious nature of those who worship Baal and Ishtar, i.e., Witchcraft practitioners, is revealed in history as they willingly cut down their own sacred groves and sold them to their mortal enemy when the price was right. Anyone care to have a Witch in our government?? There are now "chaplins" in the U.S. military for Witches. Behold -- the dreamer awaketh. From: Patrick Leight To: Ravenna Michelle Msg #221, 26-Nov-89 12:14pm Subject: Re: Wicca Were you aware of what the Bible has to say about witchcraft? --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Patrick Leight To: Ravenna Michelle Msg #222, 26-Nov-89 12:30pm Subject: Re: Wicca I do not judge you as we see One will: "And before himshall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth HIS sheep from the goats:" Matthew 25:32 "For the Father judgeth no man, but hat committed all judgment unto the Son:" John 5:22 "And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to testify that is is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of quick and dead." Acts 10:42 "In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel." Romans 2:16 "But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ." 1 Corinthians 4:5 "I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom." 2 Timothy 4:1 You may choose to be judged by your works if you like, however: "And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." "Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him." Jude 14-15 However, I would think you would prefer to be judged as one saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ as: "There is now, therfore, no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus." Think about it. Who offers freedom? --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Patrick Leight To: Paul Hume Msg #223, 26-Nov-89 12:43pm Subject: Re: Wicca Were you aware of what the Bible had to say about magickers? See Ge. 44.15; Nu.22.7; de.18.14; 1S.6.2; Je.27.9; Eze.13.23; 21.21; Zec.10.2; Ac.16.16; Ge.41.24; Ex.7.11; 8.19; 9.11; Da.2.2; 4.7; De.18.11; 1S.28.11; Is.8:19; Is.2.6;Da.2.27; 5.7; Mi.5.12; De.18.10; 2K.17.17; 21.6; Is.47.9; Mal.3.5; Ac.8.11; 13.6; Re.18.23; 21.8 IF you have problems decoding citations let me know. --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Mirage To: Ravenna Michelle Msg #224, 26-Nov-89 10:30am Subject: Re: Wicca -> Whatever is wrong with having Wiccan chaplins in the army? -> supports FREEDOM of religion> -> Peace friend....we need not get rabid here. -> -> Namastai........................................Ravenna I have YET to see or hear of a Wiccan chaplin in the service. Wicca is not even one of the 'approved' religions that they will put down in your records. The closest that you can get is 'other religion'. Let me know where these folks are OK? ....... BB Mirage --- QuickBBS v2.04 * Origin: Westwind....The Voice of the Rockies, (303) 399-2019 (1:104/429) From: Mirage To: Patrick Leight Msg #225, 26-Nov-89 05:43pm Subject: Re: Wicca ->Were you aware of what the Bible has to say about ->witchcraft? ->--- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) -> * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) Patrick, anyone who has been reading your posts know very well what it says by this time.....Mirage --- QuickBBS v2.04 * Origin: Westwind....The Voice of the Rockies, (303) 399-2019 (1:104/429) From: Steven Craig To: Patrick Leight Msg #240, 26-Nov-89 04:31am Subject: Re: Wicca First off, I would be quite justified at ignoring your message completely, as what is true in the holy book of your religion extends in no way to those who believe otherwise (aside from the actions of those who take it upon themselves to enforce the "one true way"). Sure your Bible tells you all these things, but suppose my holy book tells me that people named Patrick are the devil incarnate and must be chopped up into little bits and fed to hungry sloths? From a neutral point of view, neither side is any more right than the others. But be that as it may, I feel that many of the references made in the bible against "witches" have little or no relevance today. For one thing, in the act of translation, there were encountered in the texts several Hebrew words which appeared nowhere else in the text. During the times of James I, the witchcraft trials were much in vogue, and thus the translators inserted the word "witch" when the were at loss for another. A great many of the anti-witchcraft references come from Deuteronomy, the same book of the Bible which commands the stoning of stubborn children (Deut. 21:18-21), acceptance of polygamy (Deut. 21:15), keeping the week-long harvest feast (Deut. 16:13). The book also reminds us that those castrated shall be damned to hell (Deut. 23:1). From: Patrick To: Patrick Leight Msg #249, 27-Nov-89 10:51pm Subject: Re: Wicca In your message, you quoted a pasage from Exodus, chapter 22, verse 18: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Now why did you put that in your message? Do you propose that witches be killed? This is not the BURNING TIMES. It will not be so easy to kill us as it was the last time. NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING!! PAT W. From: Patrick Leight To: Old Man Msg #252, 28-Nov-89 12:38am Subject: Re: Wicca I won't bother you. My mission is to tell you the Truth. --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Patrick Leight To: Inanna Seastar Msg #253, 28-Nov-89 12:40am Subject: Re: Wicca And the Archangel Michael said, "May the Lord rebuke thee." --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Patrick Leight To: Patrick Msg #254, 28-Nov-89 12:44am Subject: Re: Wicca I do not propose hurting anyone. I am posting the information so that you will know what the God of the Universe has to say about withcraft. Jesus loves you as a person; he despises the sin of witchcraft. I am not anyone to do other than what my Master does. The data is to show you that you are, by the Law of God, in danger of condemnation. In Jesus Christ is freedom from sin and death. --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Paul Hume To: Patrick Leight Msg #255, 27-Nov-89 09:04am Subject: Re: Wicca Leight - Apo pantos kaikodaimonos. You don't listen, do you kid. I can "decipher" biblical references quite well. I am well aware that the bloodstained prophets of the murderous Jehovah of the Old testament made numerous claims as to the evil of their opponents, and after they had successfully killed off their opposition, "proved" it by writing the history books to their own advantage. What arrogant Bible-thumpers like you never seem to grasp in preaching you shop-worn message of "obedience through fear" to arrogant magick-hackers like me is: IT IS A MATTER OF COMPLETE INDIFFERENCE WHAT YOUR RELIGION SAYS ABOUT MY RELIGION. This will be my last response to your messages. Go peddle your papers somewhere else. Paul Hume --- ConfMail V3.31 * Origin: Zonzr - Fairfax, Va 703 845-1125 Opus 1.03b (1:109/114) From: Brad Hicks To: Patrick Leight Msg #275, 28-Nov-89 10:56am Subject: Re: Wicca I will only say this once: Were YOU aware that there are rules on this conference, and that one of them is a firmly-enforced rule against attacking another person's religion with intent to make converts? If you persist in belittling the faiths of others here, and in posting messages which wander nowhere near the topic of the conference, you will be evicted. From: James Crowley To: Patrick Leight Msg #281, 27-Nov-89 02:21am Subject: You "SIR" are a HACKER! Patrick Leight you violated California Penal Code 502(8)d and Several Federal Laws if your call really came from outside the State of California as you stated in your two bogus attempts to log on to Cassandra-News on 25-Nov-89 18:30:15 and 26-Nov-89 22:07:57. All of your actions and attempted action are preserved in our security logs. There Is no phone Listing for you in Dav. IA. and you are not known to the people at the phone number you listed In your application. These actions just further demonstrate your lack of understanding of the meaning of Christianity. It was not really necessary to give us a further demonstration of your ignorance after your recent posts to Magick Mail. James T. Crowley Sysop Cassandra-News PS. Sysops may obtain copy's of these log by use of the Fido Magic word HACKER. --- * Origin: Cassandra-News * 818-899-3687 * North Hollywood, CA (Opus 1:102/922) From: Michelle Hass To: Patrick Leight Msg #285, 27-Nov-89 12:12pm Subject: Re: Wicca Oh come now, Pat...another quixotic attempt to "convert" those who don't want to be converted. Take your bigoted, anti-Pagan rantings and shove them. Get away from where you don't belong. MK-H From: Michelle Hass To: Patrick Leight Msg #286, 27-Nov-89 12:14pm Subject: Re: Wicca Have you ever considered that the deities you mention, Baal and Ishtar, were once the deities El and Asherah of the pre-Abrahamian Hebrews? Yes, the Hebrews were once worshippers of both a Goddess and a God. The remainder of which are the most common names that the Judeo-Christian Deity is referred to in the Torah: Adonai and Elohim, both PLURALS in Hebrew. Just some food for thought.... MK-H From: Patrick Leight To: Steven Craig Msg #303, 28-Nov-89 01:43pm Subject: Re: Wicca "AND I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelations 20:12-15 The way to get your name in the book is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. This IS the only way to be saved from the lake of fire. Think about it. --- QuickBBS v2.04/O (Beta-6) * Origin: The 8th Sea (1:104/610) From: Old Man To: Patrick Leight Msg #306, 30-Nov-89 08:22am Subject: Truth OK, Patrick, whose truth? The truth of a religion that has systematically been responsible for the deaths of vast numbers of humanity ? The truth as laid out by whom? The Bible is certainly no source for truth, unless you accept that in God's eyes murder, incest, and cruelty are acceptable. Unless you believe that God is vengeful. The truth, Patrick, is that you have found a narrow-minded way to believe where all others are wrong, only you and the enlightened believers of Christ are right, and we're all going to suffer because we didn't lock step with you in your merry little path to oblivion and the lack of coherent thought patterns. The pity is that too many people want to believe that only they are right, that it's their way or no way at all. That's what galls me, and always will. If you want to talk about religions and give all equal chances to be valid, fine, otherwise you're just preaching, and in doing so are boring. Old Man --- * Origin: BLACK ICE - Warrior WOC (Opus 1:382/7) From: Old Man To: Patrick Leight Msg #307, 30-Nov-89 08:38am Subject: Re: Wicca That's it, Patrick, I don't know if anyone else is complaining about you, but Big Brother is going to hear from me. Finally, I think it's interesting that you felt the need to lie in order to try to log onto other boards, you're pathetic! Think of it this way, you violate your own commandments, OK? old Man


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