TRACTS A good tool for sharing Christ (evangelism) and defending the faith (apologetics) a

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TRACTS A good tool for sharing Christ (evangelism) and defending the faith (apologetics) are tracts. Tracts are handout mini-messages for presenting the Gospel. Tracts can be handed out personally, put on car windows, or left in convenient places for others to discover and read. There are many tracts that properly present the good news of Jesus Christ to a dying, sinful world. Some are directed towards a particular group, cult or religion in order to correct their false teachings. Remember: Never hand out a tract you havent read. Literature cannot be put in residential mail boxes as this is against the law. Try to keep some in a handy place(car, bible, purse, etc). A tract should not be used as a crutch; in other words, it shouldnt replace what you can personally tell another face-to-face. You will be surprised at the opportunities that will arise to hand out tracts. A person cannot argue with a tract and will usually read the whole message. If the tract is used wisely, its message will stay with them long after you have left the scene.


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