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UPCI CRITIQUE SHEET A Pubilcation of Apologetic Reasearch Coalitin INCORPORATED NAME: United Pentecostal Church International, Inc. COMMON DESCRIPTORS: UPCl, Jesus Only, Oneness, New Issue, Jesus' Name FOUNDER(S): Frank Ewart (pronounced "yert'') CURRENT PRESIDENT: Nathaniel A. Urshan MEMBERSHIP: 460,000 DISTRIBUTlON: North America, Africa, Europe (some Slavic countries) HEADQUARTERS: Hazelwood, MO [USA] PERIODICAL: Pentecosta Herald PUBLISHER: Word Aflame Press HISTORY The origin of the modern-day practice of baptism with the pronouncement "Jesus," as opposed to baptism "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit," can be historically linked to R.E. McAlister, April, 1913. The personal "revelation'' experience which supposedly confirmed this newly reintroduced baptismal formula began with John G. Scheppe, 1913. From this recent baptismal practice and subsequent revelation, Frank Ewart, in 1914, created the Oneness doctrine of God, which in reality is a reoccurrence of a heretical view of God that was excommunicated from the Christian churches in the third century. Ewart taught, as all Oneness people believe today, that Jesus is God the Father, Jesus is the Son and Jesus is the Holy Spirit. Due to this heretical view oi God and Jesus, Ewart's doctrinal heirs were expelled from the Assemblies of God in October of 1916. All Oneness organizations, including the UPCl, can be traced to this split off of the Assemblies of God. Most black organizations regard Elder G. T. Haywood as their founder, while essentially all white organizations can be traced back to D.O.C.Opperman. UPCI BELIEF SYSTEM REVELATION: While claiming the Bible as the "only infallible guide" it is evident that the UPCl depends on an extra-Biblical revelation. They believe that "ln the year 1914 came the # on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ." That is to say, in the year 1914 there came from God a new revelation, a new meaning, to some key passages in the Christian scriptures regarding God, Jesus and baptism. GODHEAD: The UPCl denies the Christian view of God (One God, three persons). They hold that Jesus is the only # in the Godhead and that he has merely manifested himself in three different 'modes' or 'offices.' For this reason they are regarded as 'Modal Monarchianist;' i.e., the 'monarch,' God, manifests himself in different 'modes.' It is claimed that during the Old testament period Jesus put on the mask of the Father. Later, when he came to earth, he put on the mask of the Son. And today, Jesus has put on the mask of the Holy Spirit. To every UPCl adherent, Jesus is God the Father and Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus is the Holy Spirit. CHRISTOLOGY: there are at least three competing views of Jesus Christ within the UPCI. The most dominant view holds that Jesus(God) was inside Jesus(man). When asked to explain Jesus' prayers to the Father, an UPCl member would claim that one Jesus, Jesus(man) prayed to another separate and distinct Jesus, Jesus(God), which was inside of him. AATONEMENT: There are four requirements for salvation in the UPCl. First, you must have faith in Jesus(God). Second, you must be baptized to earn your salvation. And when you are baptized, the baptismal formula must contain the word "Jesus,'' as opposed to baptism in "the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" or you will go to hell. Third, you must speak in tongues to be a child of God. Even if you accepted Jesus as the Lord of your life and were baptized with their own Jesus' name formula, if you do not speak in tongues, you will still spend eternity in hell-fire. Fourth, to retain your salvation it is essential that you keep their holiness standards; e.g., women cannot cut their hair or wear slacks, men cannot have facial hair, etc. CHRISTIAN RESPONSE REVELATION: Certainly one of the most questionable doctrines of the UPCI surfaces when one is asked by an UPCI member if he has yet "received the revelation." This phrase acts as an UPCl buzz word and is a shorthand notation for an extra-biblical revelation. It is taught that the Holy Spirit, through a crises, existential encounter, will "reveal'' a second, 'correct' meaning of specific scriptures, different from the proposition expressed in these passages. For instance, when one compares Acts 2:38, alleged baptism pronouncing the word 'Jesus" and Matthew 28:19, baptism in the 'name' (singular) of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will give a 'revelation' of the hidden meanings that Jesus is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This peculiar doctrine should be contrasted sharply with the Christian doctrine of the 'illumination' of the Holy Spirit. Christians have never held that the illumination of the Holy Spirit is a type of decorder for hidden second meanings in scripture. Rather, Christians have always taught that as we read the scriptures the Holy Spirit 'convinces us of the truth-hood' of the passage being read. GODHEAD: The Christian Church has always taught that within the nature of the one God. there are three persons, not modes or manifestations. This can be historically traced from the disciples through the early Church fathers to the council of Nicea, 325 A.D. The UPCl doctrine of the Godhead is actually a reoccurrence of the 'Sabellian' heresy. When Sabellianism was introduced in the late second and early third century it was quickly exposed and renounced by the Christian Church. Not one person before Sabellius at the end of second century and the beginning of the third century can be found teaching the UPCl doctrine that Jesus is God the Father and Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus is the Holy Spirit. CHRISTOLOGY: UPCl Christology, Jesus(God) inside Jesus(man), is a very old heresy, called 'Nestorianism,' which was expelled from the Christian Church in the fifth century. As you can readily see, the UPCl position requires not one Jesus but rather two Jesus,' since Jesus(God) and Jesus(man) pray to each other, have conversations with each other, etc. Contrary to UPCl doctrine, Christian Churches have always taught there is only # Jesus, who is true God and true man: a very critical distinction. Jesus does not pray to Himself or to another Jesus. Therefore, the Jesus of the UPCl is certainly "another Jesus" and is therefore foreign to the true Jesus presented to us in scripture. That UPCl Christology is incompatible with the Christian revelation can best be pointed up by comparing scriptures such as Hebrews 1: 1 -15, Rev. chapters 5 & #, etc. with the UPCl's Nestorian model of Jesus, moreover, there is no way the UPCl model of Jesus can be reconciled with And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. (John 17:5, KJV) The speaker of this prayer, Jesus Christ, is praying to another person other than Himself. The person to whom He is praying is His "Father." Therefore, the peaker of this prayer must be the Father's son, the on of God. Obviously, Jesus cannot be the Father to whom He is praying as the UPCl would have us believe. econd, notice for what the speaker is praying, namely, he "glory" which "l had with thee." Clearly, the speaker of this prayer shared glory with His Father. Yet, scripture indicates that God does not share His glory with another (ls.42:8). Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the speaker of this prayer, the Son of God, shares the same essence, Godhood, as the other person to whom He is praying. Most important of all, note when the speaker shared glory with His Father, the person to whom He is praying. The UPCl teaches that Jesus(Son), the person praying here, did not exist before is birth at Bethlehem. In direct opposition to this, the peaker, Jesus Christ, declares that He shared glory # #e Father "before the world was." No Greek scholar ever living, that I am aware of, has maintained that one ffice is here praying to another office. ATONEMENT: In diametric opposition to the UPCl, the hristian Church has always taught that salvation is itained by "grace through faith," alone (Eph.2:8,9). The Christian Church always baptized exclusively in the name of the "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" for the first four centuries (Matt.28: 19). In the fourth century, Jesus' name baptism was introduced but promptly rejected. While speaking in tongues has sporadically exhibited itself throughout Church history, the Christian church has never taught that it was necessary for salvation as the UPCl does. It must be recognized that #e UPCl's demand to keep their holiness standards for heir members to retain salvation is an attempt to put people "under the law" which is heavily condemned by the apostle Paul where he emphatically states: O Foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that you should not obey the truth...? This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh? ...Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know ye therefore, that they who are of faith, the same are the sons of Abraham. (Gal. 3:1-7,KJV)


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