To: Ann Waldrum Msg #223, 08-Feb-90 10:22pm Subject: Satanism Anyone who claimed that they

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From: Brad Hicks To: Ann Waldrum Msg #223, 08-Feb-90 10:22pm Subject: Satanism Anyone who claimed that they could give you a succinct overview of Satanism is probably about as credible as someone who claims that they can sum up all of Witchcraft in a few paragraphs. Because you see, Satanism is no more "one religion" than is Witchcraft. The largest public, organized Satanic church is the Temple of Set. Or so it would appear; they don't publish membership numbers. The Temple of Set's version of Satanism assigns the names of Set, and Satan, and many other "cthonic" deities, to the entity who seperated humanity from the animals by giving us the gift of Reason. Their rituals, such as are known, are divided between on what they call Lesser Black Magic (practical psychology; stuff like NLP) and Greater Black Magic (basically ceremonial magic, though I gather from some of their publish material that at least some of their "top" scholars are also heavily into radionics). For a detailed introduction to this one, file request TSINF.SET from 1:100/523, or call 1-314-741-2231 (3/12/2400 bps) and download it from file area 14. Two other Satanic religions are well-documented...and long defunct. The original Church of Satan, which Arthur Lyons neatly described as "a 'human potential' movement with a twist," for all practical purposes ceased to exist many years ago after a schism that shattered the Church. (The Temple of Set is the only splinter from that schism that is known to still be in operation.) The Church's founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, was responsible for _The Satanic Bible_, _The Satanic Rituals_, and _The Compleat Witch_ (currently, I am told, being re-released as _The Satanic Witch_). LaVey's doctrine (to the extent he had one) was pure human sensualism; good ol' fashioned Epicureanism meets _I'm OK, You're OK_, with a dash of ceremonial magic and a ton o' theater. Two ex-Scientologists from England, who took the name DeGrimstone, founded another once-large Satanic church called the Church of the Process, later known as the Process Church of the Last Judgement and later still as Foundation Faith of the Millenium. This is the only Satanic church I know of that can honestly be called an "opposite of Christianity" or a "Christian heresy"; their theology (such of it as I can comprehend; it's pretty turgid stuff) was two-fold, then later three-fold, then finally four-fold: Jesus, Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan. (Or at least one other source: Satan in his lower form, Jehovah, Jesus, Satan in his higher form. I told you: it's pretty confusing stuff.) They appear to have really "gotten off on" really scaring the crap out of everybody; hence the infamous issues of their magazine devoted to "Fear" and to "Death" (the latter with an article by Charles Manson). Another Process minor claim to fame: after interviewing John W. "Lance Collins" Todd in 1976, Dr. Gavin Frost took away Todd's Church of Wicca credentials, at least in part because he felt that Todd's theology was that of the Process Church, not Wicca. (Reference: his letter to Green Egg at that time.) Most scholars familiar with the Process insist that it went belly-up and dispersed to the four winds when the DeGrimstones abandoned their followers and "went underground." As far as I know, only Maury Terry, Ted Gunderson, Lyndon LaRouche, and Larry Jones believe that it still exists (and we all know how reliable--and paranoid--those LAST three are on the subject of "the occult"). Although there are persistent rumors of a fourth international Satanic religion, one that uses murder, brainwashing, and blackmail to keep its existence a secret and which funds its operations (including human sacrifice and "ritualized child abuse") through drug sales and child pornography, some of us find it very relevant that a massive investigation has produced no physical evidence, reliable witnesses, or serious suspects, let alone any convicted members. I rank this one as a hoax. Finally, there are the vast hordes out there of people who call themselves Satanists (for a multitude of individual reasons). They vary from each other as much as (or maybe more than) the tens of thousands of Wiccan self-formed covens and solitary practitioners do. We have at least two examples here on MagickNet: Tim Maroney, who at least USED to refer to himself as a "literary" Satanist, who drew his inspiration from Byron, Bierce, Milton, et al, and "Lewis Cyper" who, as far as I can tell, is closer to the "Christian heretic" formulation; somone who sees Satanism as not incompatible with Christianity and sees Satan as the Adversary not of true Christianity, but of the endless parade of (by his standards) fake Christianities that prey on this country.


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