THE NEW WORLD TRANSLATION by Keith Edward Tolbert by Robert Hill Dr. Robert Countess deliv

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THE NEW WORLD TRANSLATION by Keith Edward Tolbert by Robert Hill Dr. Robert Countess delivered a major paper at the 2nd annual ARC symposium. His paper titled, "A Critique Of The New World Translation: A Relook At An Old Problem" brings forth a continued study by Dr. Countess based on his book, which is now in its third edition, "The Jehovahs Witnesses New Testament, (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co.). Dr. Countess has many academic degrees and is well known for his lectures around the world. Having served eleven years in the US Army, most of these years as Chaplain, Dr. Countess entered Bob Jones University. There he received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D in religion, where he majored in New Testament Text. From there he went on to receive his Master of Liberal Studies degree from Georgetown University and then over to Drew University where he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree. He has been chairman of the Foreign Language department at Covenant College, assistant professor of Philosophy at Tennessee State University and also held teaching positions at the University of Tennessee, Northern Virginia Community College, and University of Alabama in Huntsville. Dr. Countess has also written for many journals, magazines, and newspapers. In 1965 he was ordained into the Presbyterian Church. We were pleased to hear him deliver his informative paper at the symposium. Dr. Countess gave us his own conclusion when he delivered his initial dissertation on the New World Translation, which of course later became a popular book: In the opinion of this investigator, the New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures must be viewed as a radically biased piece of work. At some points it is actually dishonest. At others it is neither modern nor scholarly. And interwoven throughout its fabric is inconsistent application of its own principles enunciated in the Foreword and Appendix. The present writer strongly recommends that no confrontation between a Jehovahs Witness and Christian be based solely upon NWT; such a confrontation would be grounded upon a biased and manipulated foundation. (From his opening remarks at the Symposium 1989 as taken from his book JWNWT p. 93). Dr. Countess then went on to tell those in attendance the purpose of his paper: In the present paper I have undertaken to look again at the NWT and reexamine my conclusions. Particularly, I wish to underscore the practical application of my work as a means of evangelistic outreach to Jehovahs Witnesses, because the final goal of all scholarly activity in the church must be to serve Practical Theology. And the goal of Practical Theology, as I understand it, is to point people to that personal relationship with the Creator which is the purpose of Gospel proclamation. Dr. Countess book on the NWT is highly recommended to those who want an in-depth study of the many biased insertions into the WTBTS translation. Also, his paper, which he delivered at the ARC symposium can be obtained from the enclosed ARC Resource Catalogue. We in the body of Christ can be thankful to God for such men as Dr. Countess, whose scholarly pursuits open new avenues in our witnessing to those bound up in deception.


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