SEMINAR NOTES ON THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT By Robert Hill, editor Keith E. Tolbert, director of

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SEMINAR NOTES ON THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT By Robert Hill, editor Keith E. Tolbert, director of ARC Fellowship, presented a two-day seminar November 4th and 5th, sponsored by Fairlane Assembly of God, Dearborn Heights, MI. Attended each day by more than 150 people, Keith developed this seminar in response to the rapidly growing social entity known as the "New Age Movement" (NAM). He gave a panoramic view of New Age teachings as well as a biblical response. This seminar was divided into five sessions: 1.The New Age Explosion (a survey of the scope and development of the NAM); 2.A Critique of New Age Concepts (the underlying fundamental teachings of the NAM analyzed from a biblical perspective); 3.Body, Mind, and Business (a review of alternative health practices employed by the NAM); 4.Future Scan (New Age goals and Political models of the future contrasted with biblical goals and models of the future); 5.Witnessing to the New Age Advocate (a biblical response spoken in Christian love). Keith opened the seminar well by asking "What do the following have in common: fire-walking, a piece of quartz crystal, acupuncture, last years Harmonial Convergence, UFO Traveling Society, macrobiotic diets, and modern witchcraft?" The answer, of course, is that these are just some of the many diverse aspects of a social phenomenon known as The New Age Movement. We see elements of this movement in all aspects of the media: newspapers, magazines, tabloids, radio, TV, mass events, and retreats. As Keith pointed out, the roots of the New Age Movement are not new, having been grounded long ago in eastern religions; e.g., Hinduism and Zen Buddhism. Mixed with various 19th century movements such as Theosophy and the mind sciences, this repackaging of eastern religion and philosophy entered the United States primarily through the 1960s counterculture. Keith also gave us some rather ominous statistics. For example, B. Dalton has seen a 60% sales increase over 1987 in New Age books. This figure is represented by books such as Out On A Limb, by Shirley Maclaine; Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain; Linda Goodmans Sun-Signs, by Linda Goodman; and Edgar Cayces Primer, by Herbert B. Puryear. Shirley Maclaines books alone have sold over 5-1/2 million copies, including Dont Fall Off the Mountain, Dancing In the Light, and You Can Get There from Here. This increase in New Age book sales indicates the growing need for an accurate, biblical analysis of these teachings. Throughout the seminar, Keith presented video clips, overheads, and samples of New Age publications. These helped give a complete view of this dangerous social movement. Questions were entertained following each session. Afterwards, ARC made teaching tapes and free copies of the ARC UPDATE available. Through seminars like this the truth goes forth, expelling darkness. If you would like more information (tapes from the seminar are available) or if you would like to sponsor such an event, please contact ARC.


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