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OREGON STATE REP TO INTRODUCE HEMLOCK SOCIETY'S NAZI [sic] LETHAL INJECTION BILL CLUB OF LIFE by Linda Everett Some Oregon legislators think they have found the final solution for shrinking Oregon's state budget. Democratic Senator Frank Roberts of Portland has announced that he will introduce a bill calling for physician-assisted suicide: a doctor would be empowered to administer lethal injections to the sick and elderly. Roberts predicted that his bill would win approval in the Senate when it is introduced next term. He was less sure of its response in the House. The Democrat's action saved the Hemlock Society of Oregon the effort of collecting the 65,000 signatures needed to place its ``Death With Dignity Act'' on the 1990 ballot. Hemlock's Henry Brod announced that the Eugene-based organization would rescind its initiative, because ``interested parties'' in the legislature are already planning to introduce its bill. Hemlock's bill is designed to go beyond Oregon's two new recent health care laws in cost-cutting. Oregon already boasts the nation's first health care rationing law, which eliminates costly life-saving or life-prolonging procedures. Another new law lets hospitals, physicians, and families starve patients to death, whether they ask for it or not. Four months ago, the national Hemlock Society announced plans to launch initiatives to decriminalize physician-assisted euthanasia in three states. The aim was to utilize the initiative process to have their law reform placed on the 1990 Oregon ballot; on the Washington State ballot by 1991; and on the 1992 ballot in California. Florida is also a possibility in 1992. Henry Brod, Ph.D., Oregon chapter president, admitted in a recent chapter meeting that he (like Hemlock's founder, Derek Humphry) helped kill his wife. Brod described in a Hemlock newsletter his method for obtaining lethal drugs for ``self-deliverance.'' In ``My Hunt For Drugs In Mexico,'' Brod discussed his trip to Mexico, where the drugs are available without prescription. Less than a year later, Brod's sick wife, Barbara, was dead, and he had moved to Oregon. The Club of Life confronted Hemlock's president and CEO, Derek Humphry, at a recent poorly attended Dallas meeting. Humphry promised there would be ``no slippery slopes'' with his initiative--all killings would be by doctors in hospitals. But when asked if he intended to have special euthanasia clinics to kill people, like the abortion clinics are used to kill babies [sic], Humphry snapped: ``Yes, what's wrong with that?''


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