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Msg#: 3615 *RADICAL_BIBLE* 03/27/89 11:24:04 (Read 17 Times) From: CULT BUSTER To: ALL Subj: DR. GENE SCOTT Although there exists a feverish interest in front-page TV-evangelist scandal, several of these "saints seem to avoid nation-wide controversy. One that comes to mind is Dr. Gene Scott, pastor of Wescott Christian Center in Glendale, Ca. Since coming to the rescue of his flock (formerly Faith Center) in November, 1975, Scott has been building his own financial empire, sometimes secretly and sometimes publicly. Dr. Gene Scott arrived at Faith Center in order to save the organization from financial ruin after the death of Pastor Raymond Shoch. Shoch had invested millions of dollars into a TV-radio network, based primarily in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hartford, Ct. The problem was that Shoch had spent the church's money on cameras and broadcast equipment, leaving no cashflow to support the network. The church was on the verge of bankruptcy when Scott arrived, so the members were desperate for someone to take charge and keep the ministry alive. Scott claims that he was voted in as pastor by a majority of the congregation (this figure varies from 105 - 120 people when Scott's memory fails him). Former members state that no one knows the actual vote, but Scott was able to convince everyone (or almost everyone) it was legitimate. Nonetheless , Scott divided his congregation, even pitting family members against one another, in order to drive them into submission or out of the church. Those who stayed gave enormous amounts of money to keep the churchafloat, and Scott proclaimed that the Faith Center debt was being paid off. That would seem logical, taking into account his salary was "$1.00 A YEAR PLUS EXPENSES." What the congregation didn't know, though, was the extent of Scott's expenses. Money given to the church was spent on houses, real estate, a Lear jet, horses, and a flamboyant lifestyle second to none. Scott set up his church board with his parents, W. T. and Inez Scott (First Assemblies of God) and another elderly couple, Stan and Ethel Clements. Board meetings were never announced, and church members were prohibited from attending. Scott gradually took control of his TV-radio audience. Because of constant member defection, Scott was forced to speak out against his "enemies," in order to maintain control of the flock. His use of biblical scripture was his only method of controlling the situation, and anyone who disagreed with him was in a conspiracy with the Devil. Scott made enemies of various political figures in California and Washington, D.C. and eventually lost his FCC licenses. After a series of unsuccessful appeals in State and Federal Courts, Scott was taken off the air on May 24, 1983. Except for a few newspaper articles, the sales of the Hartford station went unnoticed. What happened to the $3.4 million he sold it for? He was ordered to stay off of VHF stations, yet he miraculously appeared on Channel 9 in Los Angeles a short time later. After buying satellite time on Westar 5 - Transponder IX, Scott could be seen across the United States and on local UHF and nationwide cable TV networks. His latest escapade began in ril, 1985, when he began his campaign to purchase the Church of the Open Door in downtown Los Angeles. The original owners had moved to Glendora, Ca. and had decided to sell the church to Scott for $23 million after a deal with Lincoln Properties, a San Francisco based development company, went sour. Scott announced the sale in early January, 1986. After a calculated plot to create a controversy over a former trust deed on the property, one of Wescott's members, Lehua May Garcia, filed a lawsuit against the C. O. D. for violation of the (former) trust. She had suspiciously joined the C. O. D. in January, 1986. Scott filed suit against the C. O. D. the day after her suit, in early September, 1986, and stopped payments on the property. He had hinted on numerous occasions that "the Lord had shown me a way to get that church, SCOTT FREE!" The property, which consisted of the santuary, the Rainbow Hotel, and the former dormitory tower of Biola University, went into forclosure in late-August, 1987. Lehua May eventually lost her suit and Scott lost the property. Coincidentally, Scott had purchased a horse farm in Springfield, Ky., fifteen days before the church went into foreclosure. The farm was bought for $900,000 and consists of 696 acres. Scott also purchased a ranch in Bradbury, Ca., valued a $1.9 million and it is registered under his name, along with Christine Shaw, his director and former "personal secretary." In May of 1985, Scott purchased a mansion in Pasadena, Ca. with the help of his followers, "SECRET #1," for $3 million. He is still trying to recoup the $6.5 million he paid for the C. O. D., and the case is still in litigation. Scott claims that these properties were purchased from the income of his corporation, Dr. Gene Scott, Inc., which sells the artwork he shows on the religious TV broadcasts. According to Scott, "People buy my artwork, and I buy horses." One fact the author is privy to is that Scott raised the money for Secret #1 buy holding banquets across the country, in order to raise money for a property valued at $30 million. On May 18, 1985, Scott held a banquet at Chasen's Restaurant in Los Angeles and charged $5,000 a plate. Six days later he bought the mansion. These facts are kept from the church members, although some have already been reported in the press. Anyone with information on Dr. Gene Scott or Wescott Christian Center is encouraged to respond to this message. There will be more information forthcoming. Stay tuned. --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)566-1828 (102/744) Msg#: 3617 *RADICAL_BIBLE* 03/27/89 20:45:59 (Read 15 Times) From: HENRIK YEGHIAZARIAN To: CULT BUSTER (Rcvd) Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3615 (DR. GENE SCOTT) IT'S GREAT TO SEE SOMETHING FINALLY BEING SAID ABOUT THIS MANIAC. FOR SOME THIRTEEN YEARS OR SO, THE NEWSPAPERS IN LOS ANGELES HAVE BEEN REPORTING ALL SORTS OF VIOLENCE AND UNETHICAL DEEDS PERPETRATED BY THIS ORGANIZATION. MANY OF MY FRIENDS FIND GENE SCOTT AND HIS FOLLOWERS TO BE DISGUSTING AND DISHONEST. HOPE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THIS NUT. LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE REPLIES. --- TBBS v2.0 * Origin: Cult Monitor LA (818)566-1828 (102/744)


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