????? Evolution ????? I have talked with so many people that +quot;believe+quot; evolution

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????? Evolution ????? I have talked with so many people that "believe" evolution is practically scientific fact, yet they have not examined the facts for themselves. When you go out looking for a job, you examine the facts, how much will I make, what benefits will I be provided with, will I like the work and so on. Yet when looking at the possibilities of eternal life, so many tend to conform with the world and omit a personal judgment. Ask yourself, "Have I Ever Looked At The Facts" ????? Evolution was conceived as a theory, then attempts were made to scientifically back up the theory. Doesn't this seem to construct the perfect atmosphere for one to assume prematurely? Wouldn't it be better to look at the facts, and then construct a theory????? Here are some "FACTS" evolutionists don't like to look at. (1) Dinosaur and human footprints have been found together, in some instances actually one on top of the other. The prints were examined by experts and were concluded to be homosapien and dinosaur. Evolutionist theories insist dinosaurs lived 1,000,000's of years before man. (2) Scientist acknowledge the existence of cosmic dust. When the landing craft for the APOLLO moon missions were being constructed, great care was taken to construct the craft so it would be able to land on the 50 or so FEET of space dust that would have accumulated on the moons surface over the millions of years they thought the moon had been there. As you know, when the landed they found only inches, which by the way according to there own calculations would place the moon somewhere UNDER 10,000 years old, exactly as the Bible states. (3) Analysis of the earth magnetic field over the past 130 years, indicates the strength of the field has been getting weaker each year. This information has been graphed backwards to determine the earth magnetic filed in the past. According to this information 30,000 years ago the magnetic files would have been strong enough to generate temperatures in excess of 5000 degrees celsius. This temperature would be sufficient to vaporize all the elements within the earth today. (4) Scientist have been watching the sun shrink at a rate of .1% per century. If you were to reverse this process 20,000,000 years, the sun would have been large enough to touch the earth. (5) Scientists know that comets are approximately the same age as the solar system they circle. Studies have been made on the break down of the comets elements (the commits tail) and indications point that this breakdown in it entirety would take less than 10,000 years. That is to say, the commit would be no more. (6) Oil and gas deposits within the earth are under extremely high pressure, this is the reason you get a gusher when you strike a deposit. The deposit itself is stored with in a porus environment and is slowly depressurizing. Since this is so, if the earth is 1,000,000's of years old, the pressure would not have been able to sustain itself over this period of time. (7) If man did slowly evolve from a cell would there not be a tremendous amount of fossil evidence that would support the evolving concept? We should have tons of fossils that show how the cell became different forms of life and slowly turned into man after many mutations. The fossile record is quit the opposite. We have fossils of most of the living creatures that exist on the earth today plus many more. So instead of creatures evolving into many mutations (varieties) we are witnessing a decrease of the actual varieties of living things. (8) As pointed out in #7, evolution states that man came from a single cell. Out of all the disorder that the Big Bang theory would cause, evolutionist would like for you to believe that order came out of it in the form of a single cell. How complicated is a cell then, it must be rather simple if it was the first form of life. WRONG! The following is a quote from National Geographic. "Even if we knew all there is to know how a cell works, we would still be baffled. How a nerve cell create emotions, thoughts, behavior, memory and other perceptions cannot yet, if indeed ever, be described in the language of molecular biology." One last thing in closing for you that think we were created by God, but think that a day of the Bible seven day creation might have been more than 24 hours as we know it. The Bible clearly stats that plant life was created before God made the sun, well then, if one of God's days was say, 1000 years, how could the plants live that long without sunlight? TAKE THE BIBLE FOR WHAT IT IS, "THE WORD OF GOD" Written at the Praise Board, Livonia MI (313)-471-6959 - 24 Hours, 3/12/24


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