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CRITIQUE SHEET: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE INCORPORATED NAME: Church of Chirst, Scientist COMMON DESCRIPTORS: Christian Science, CS FOUNDER: Mary Baker Eddy CURRENT PRESIDENT: Ruth Elizabeth Jenks MEMBERSHIP: Not published [ARC estimate: 175,000] DISTRIBUTION: USA (high concentration in California), Europe, Australia HEADQUARTERS: Boston, MA PERIODICALS: Christian Science Sentinel, Christian Science Jornal, Christian Science Quarterly, Hearald of Christian Science, Christian Science Monitor. TV & RADIO: WQTV-TV, Boston, MA;Monitor TV (syndicated news program); Monitor Radio Weekend (syndicated news & discussion); Short Wave broadcast from USA to Europe (news & religious programing) PUBLISHER: Christian Science Publishing Society EDUCATION INSTITUTION: Principia College, Elash, IL [Liberal arts college for Christian Scientists] HISTORY Born to Mark and Abigail Baker in 1821, Mary Baker Eddy was raised a Congregationalist. She was plagued by emotional and physical illness throughout her early life. In 1843 she married George W. Glover who died six months later, leaving his wife dependent on morphine. On 21 June, 1853 she married Dr. Daniel M. Patterson whom she later divorced. She married a third time to Asa G. Eddy who later died of a heart-attack. In 1862 Mary Baker Eddy began treatment for spinal inflammation under Phineas Parkhurst Quimby who taught healing the body through mental thoughts alone. So impressed was Eddy with Quimby that she too began studying 'mental healing.' On 1 February, 1866, Eddy suffered a terrible fall and was pronounced "incurable." [Dr. Cushing, her physician, later testified that he never told Eddy she was seriously ill.] On the third day, Eddy read Matt. 9:2 and claimed she was instantly and completely healed. Convinced that her 'healing' was the result of recognizing "there is no sickness," Eddy claimed to have discovered a technique of mental healing - 'Christian Science.' In reality, Eddy plagiarized much of her teaching from P.P. Quimby, who had just died. BELIEF SYSTEM REVELATION: Christian Science has conferred upon Mary Baker Eddys book, Science and Health with a Key to the Scriptures, authority equal to that of the Bible. The equality of this extra-Biblical revelation is best pointed up at the "Mother Church" of Christian Science, Boston, MA, where there are two identical pulpits on the platform. One holds a large print edition of the Bible while the other holds a large print edition of Science and Health. Also, cut into the granite walls on either side of the platform are two passages; one from the Bible and one from Science and Health. [It should be mentioned that Eddy plagiarized over 30 pages verbatim and 110 pages in substance from Dr. Francis Lieber's manuscript.] Eddy undermined the Bible when she called into question the reliability of Genesis 2:7, "Is it the truth? Or is it a lie concerning man and God? It must be a lie..." GODHEAD: Mary Baker Eddy utterly rejected the Biblical view of God (One God in three persons) as "polytheism," "suggesting heathen Gods." Instead, Eddy taught an impersonal God which is designated as "Principle," "Life," "Truth," and "Love." She believed God is "the divine Principle of all being." The Christian Science world-view is essentially pantheistic, proclaiming "all is infinite Mind." As with Eastern pantheism, Eddy denied the existence of the physical world ("There is ... no Substance in matter but all is infinite Mind...") and evil ("There was never a moment in which evil was real."). CHRISTOLOGY: Eddy renounced virtually every orthodox belief concerning Jesus Christ. She could not tolerate the Biblical view that Jesus was born of a virgin, that he physically died or that He will personally return. Eddy even undermined the deity of Jesus Christ: "... Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus himself declared, but is the Son of God." ATONEMENT: Mary Baker Eddy departed from Biblical Christianity when she insisted that "The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin, when it was shed upon the accursed tree, then when it was flowing in His veins..." For the blood of Jesus she substituted being led by some ambiguous "Principle" as our atonement: "The perfect man - governed by ... perfect Principle (God) - is sinless and eternal." CHRISTIAN RESPONSE REVELATION: In claiming to be Christian, Christian Science cannot ignore the view of Jesus with regard to the nature of Scripture. Jesus, in diametric opposition to Mary Baker Eddy, proclaimed "one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from the law, till all be fulfilled" (Matt. 5:18). In total agreement with Jesus, and against Eddy, Jeremiah (Jer. 30:2), Paul (Rom. 3:1-2), Luke (Acts 17:10-11), Timothy (I Tim: 6:3-4; II Tim. 3:16), Peter (II Pet. 3:2) and the writer of Hebrews (Heb. 1:1) all believed in the trustworthiness of Holy writ. GODHEAD: In stark contrast to Eddys opinion, Gods word declares there is only one God (Is. 44:6) and that He is plural in person (Deut. 6:4; echod, translated as one is a composite one). Further, the one God created the physical universe, which Eddy denies, outside of Himself and really does exist (Gen.1). Lastly, "Love" is not God, as Eddy would attempt to persuade us, but rather, God "Loves" us. In fact, He "loved us so much that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16). CHRISTOLOGY: While Mary Baker Eddy denied Jesus was God, Jesus, whom Eddy did regard as a perfect man, claimed to be the self-same God who spoke to Moses in the Burning Bush (John 8:50-58). The Christian Scientist cannot have it both ways. Either Jesus was who He claimed to be, which would mark Eddy as a false teacher, or He was not telling the truth, in which case the Christian Scientist could not trust anything else Jesus said. The deity of Jesus is pronounced when He is identified as God (John 1:1-18, Heb. 1:8), claimed to be God (John 5:18; 8:50-58;10:30-3) and is worshiped (Luke 4:8 cf. Heb. 1:6). Eddys opinions are blatantly hostile to the Good News of Jesus when she opposes the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. After His resurrection Jesus said "handle me and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have" (Luke 24:39). Not only did He raise physically from the dead, but "this same Jesus (not simply Christ spirit), who is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven" (Acts 1:11). ATONEMENT: In complete antithesis to Mary Baker Eddy, the blood of Jesus was most efficacious. In the Old Testament, the very life of an individual is considered to be in the blood (Lev. 17:14). After transferring the sins of the nation of Israel onto a lamb, its blood, representing life, was spilt (Lev. 17). Therefore, the sins are now destroyed. In the New Testament, John the Baptist correctly identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, not just Israel (John 1:29). It is entirely because Jesus physical blood was poured out on the cross that we now have remission of sins (Matt. 26:28; Mark 14:24). In a very real sense, we have been purchased with His blood (Acts 20:28). It is precisely due to His shed blood on the cross that we are now justified before God (Rom. 3:24; 5:9). In fact, if we do not depend on the life of Jesus, represented by His blood, just as we depend on our daily water, there is no life in us (John 6:53-55).


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