To: All who abhor the recent trends in network broadcast | | standards.

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+-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | To: All who abhor the recent trends in network broadcast | | standards. | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ Many of us are very disturbed by the recent trend of the network broadcasters to "push the envelope" in their programming standards. Recent years have witnessed the disappearance of the National Association of Broadcaster spots the local stations used to run in pride, demonstrating their adherence to a code of ethical broadcasting standards. Concerned individuals endowed by Creator and Constitution with the freedom to speak on issues which deeply concern them are spreading the word across our great land that the time has come to rally forces and to reclaim the airwaves for decency. The airwaves do not belong to the Networks. They belong to you and me. The Networks operate under sanction of a government of, by and for the people. They are free to broadcast what they desire and we are free to influence them toward quality broadcasting by the several freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. THE BIG FOUR, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC Network broadcasting is underwritten by consumers who pay a premium on the costs of products they purchase, for the purpose of advertising those products on television. By taking note of those broadcasters who advertise during offensive programming, we can cast our vote by prevailing upon these advertisers' sense of decency or if necessary, their desire for profit. If you care about the lack of restraint and taste in broadcasting, you can respond by letting the advertisers know in the way which is most likely to get their attention. As their customer, you hold the purse strings from which these shows gain the finances to continue. Your discontinuing to use the products sold by these companies is demonstrably the most effective tool we have to bring these companies to their senses. An organization appropriately named CLEAR whose goal is the cleanup of television programming standards has attempted to reason with the Mennen Corporation and the Clorox corporation who are behind some of the most offensive of these programs, to reconsider their underwriting of some of these shows. These two corporations were the most negative in their response to these entreaties and so it has been decided that although they are not singularly guilty, these two entities should be singled out for a demonstration of the power of the freedom of speech. These companies think nothing of using their image to induce you to purchase their products, so it is NOT censorship for you to be offended by that very image and to forbear purchasing them. They want you to believe that by refusing to purchase their products, you are exercising censorship over them. On the contrary, at the same time they attempt to sell you a product to clean your toilet, they broadcast the electromagnetic equivalent of "sewage" into your home and upon your family. They are truly the culprits in this assault upon your home and family. It is time we began to identify these companies with the sleeze they bring into our livingrooms. Yes they may be free to broadcast what they desire, but they cannot expect us to fund it. THE "PUBLIC STATIONS" It used to be that when told "if you don't like it, there is a device called a channel changer. Use it!", we could retreat to the so called public stations. In recent days we who have been educated and built up by the programming offered by these stations, have been shocked and disappointed by the foul language and nudity the public stations have apparently gotten free license to broadcast in the public interest. In just the past week, I'm sure I have heard every one of George Carlin's seven words, and some which hadn't occurred to him. What used to be a place I could send my children without a second thought, must now be carefully scrutinized before I dare allow them access to the "educational stations". The taste sensitive public has more of a direct relationship to the programmers of the public stations. These stations are underwritten by grants and direct contributions of the viewing public. Let your local public station know of your disappointment about the degeneration of standards. Where your concerns go unheeded, withdraw your support. Where they are given considerate attention, and a positive response, give in good measure. When you view a program of questionable taste, write the companies which underwrite them, they aren't shy with their announcements at the beginning and/or the end of the programs they support. We have a right to voice our displeasure in such a way that we are heard. Don't be intimidated by the shallow arguments of the opposition that you are endangering the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution. Those who are the greatest danger to the right of free speech are those who through manipulation, abuse, and perversion, have distorted it to the extent that what once protected us from political tyranny, has become the freedom for your neighbor to cover you and your family with his corruption. -- We needn't be ashamed when we are accused of pushing our morals upon the networks, after all we weren't the first to push. -- Please download this list for reference and refrain from purchasing the following products: ============================= ================================ Clorox Products: Mennen Products: ============================= ================================ Act Laundry Detergent Speed Stick Clorox Bleach Lady Speed Dry Clorox 2 Afta After Shave Formula 409 Hawk Cologne Fresh Scent Liquid Bleach Mennen After Shave Liquid Plumr Millionaire Cologne Lucite Paint Skin Bracer Soft Scrub Baby Magic Shampoo Strike Household Cleanser Protein 29 Hair Products Tackle Cleaner Smooth Legs Shaving Lotion Tilex Cleaner Twice As Fresh Deodorizer Wave Dry Bleach Wave Powdered Detergent Fresh Step Cat Litter Litter Green Cat Litter Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings Kitchen Bouquet Cooking Sauces Kingsford Charcoal Match Lite Charcoal


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