[This nonsense was downloaded from a Nazi-4-Christ (Oops! I mean a Computers-4-Christ) BBS

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[This nonsense was downloaded from a Nazi-4-Christ (Oops! I mean a Computers-4-Christ) BBS. Not a single word is correct (hell, the math doesn't even add up to what the author(s) says it does!) and no references for such bizzare claims are presented. Would Christians lie?! Of course not. -dr] Kiddie Porn Each day 4,900 children are reported missing. Most are temporary runaways who return home within 72 hours. Of the thousands reported missing each day, more than 100 will never be found. [Note: the FBI reports 27 children missing -LAST YEAR 1988-, not "100 each day" ---d.rice] Of the 50,000 children snatched annually by strangers 5,000 are found dead, while others aren't found at all. Strangers abducting children are usually psychotics, (sexually attracted to children) and "serial" killers. Pedophilia perversion has grown at alarming rates during the past two decades, according to a recent fbi law enforcement bulletin: o Children have become a product for sale. Some people are willing to pay $20,000 for a child. Mostly, this is for illegal purposes --- usually for sex. Children as young as 3 months are being used for pornography. o In 1984 police apprehended a los angeles child pornographer who produced a guide called, "where the youngs ones are". It listed 378 places in 54 cities and 34 states where a child could be found for sexual services. In just 13 months, 70,000 copies were sold for $5 dollars each. o Police in North Syracuse, New York, broke up a child sex ring that boasted 20,000 customers. Tragically, these aren't isolated cases. Authorities estimate that a million youngsters fall victim to every form of sadism and beastiality. One magazine shows even toddlers in sexual acts with adults. (a Miami vice squad officer showed me one as proof!) While these children suffer, pornographers make huge profits. A magazine of obscene pictures of children can be produced for 50 cents and can be sold more as much as $12.50. The annual child porn take is estimated at from half a billion to a billion dollars. The FBI bulletin is replete with other "perverted" facts: o A 42-year-old man admits to molesting 1000 boys. o A 52 year-old man was arrested and admits to molesting 5000 little boys. o A 62 year-old oil executive with an $11,000 a month trust fund confessed to molesting at least one boy a day for the past 30 years. The publication, lust for children, instruct the pedophile on how to avoid prosecution. It claims that a child's screams while being molested are only cries of sexual pleasure. One underground publication, called child discipline, explains how the pedophile can derive sexual satisfaction from beating children. The fbi report claims pedophilia is a growing subculture because it receives money from pro-incest groups, organized pedophiles, and sexologists --- all arguing "for child sex rights." "In one case," writes Seth Goldstein, "a computer network listed children by sex, race, hair and eye color, type of sexual act performed, and other particulars on a mailing list 'that was a hundred feet long'." A liberal "cleryman" who ran a farm for wayward boys had these young children engage in sexual orgies with sponsors and clients of the farm. The activities were filmed and sold as a "remembrance" of the sexual acts that had transpired. Elsewhere, a scout troup of 40 boys was organized by homosexuals (unknown to boy scout officials) for the sole purpose of providing sexual services to older men who accompanied on outings. "Pedophiles know how to use bribes, affection, adult authority, and even threats, to establish continued access to, and ongoing relationships with children, the FBI bulletin reports. But by far the most deadly type of child porn is "snuff" pornography, in which the pornographer actually kills the child during the filming session to add realism to his work. Presently in Southern California, Fred Berre Douglas is being tried for murdering two anahiem teenage girls during the filming of a "snuff" movie in the desert. Child pornographers have powerful allies. In Los Angeles, the Rene Guyon Society, which claims 5,000 supporters, including doctors, parents and others who believe that young children should experience sex, has a slogan: "sex by year eight, or else it's too late." Conclusion: When are we as christians going to stop this rape of our young, stop letting pornographers like Larry Flynt hide behind the constitutional argument of free speech. What do you think Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or John Adams reaction to a book that depicted a grown man trying to rape a three month old child...our problem is we are complacent, the problem with a large group of you is that some of you yourself buy Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and let their articles pollute and condition your minds to the idea's of kiddie porn...though these magazines don't depict child pornography directly, the advertising in the back pages open the door to the mail outlets that do. How would feel if you were called to the hospital because your child had been rushed there, a victim of a sexual assault. Can't never happen you think? Don't bet on it! Dr. John Fussell


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