Die Gedanken sind fri (German: +quot;These thoughts are free+quot;) Die Gedanken sind frei

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Die Gedanken sind fri (German: "These thoughts are free") Die Gedanken sind frei My thoughts freely flower Die Gedanken sind frei My thoughts give me power, No scholar can map them No hunter can trap them No one can deny -- Die Gedanken sind frei I think as I please, And this gives me pleasure My conscience decrees, This right I must treasure; My thoughts will not cater To duke or dictator, No one can deny -- Die Gedanken sind frei And should tyrants take me And throw me in prison, My thoughts will burst free, Like blossoms in season. Foundations will crumble, And structures will tumble, And freely I'll cry Die Gedanken sind frei ------------------------------------------------------------------ [The following appeared in the April 1992 issue of The Humanist Monthly, published by the Capital District Humanist Society, Inc.] Amazing Place Singing lovely music is for many Secular Humanists the only thing they miss from their former religious affiliations. Now Barbara Hamill Stocker has written much better words to "Amazing Grace," reprinted here from The Voice of Sanity, the newsletter of the Greenville Secular Humanist Fellowship. Amazing place, this world I find No gods nor creeds need be. I once believed but now my mind Unbound, at last is free. I need not strive for heaven above Nor fear no hell below. So free to live in peace and love In brotherhood to grow. No prayer of mine need e'er be heard, Just rationality. For reason reigns o'er holy work For all humanity.


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