Subject: Re: Hitler was a Christian. Get over it! Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:47:00 GMT reve

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======== Newsgroups: alt.atheism,,alt.blasphemy,alt.christnet,talk.atheism,talk Subject: Re: Hitler was a Christian. Get over it! From: (Robbie Langton) Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:47:00 GMT ( wrote: >>Catholic, christian, It's all the same. >>Mike Ferguson. >> > >Dear Mike, > > It is not the same by the Bible's standards. Roman Catholics are not >Christians. They are Roman Catholics. The very word "Cat" means "mother" in >ancient Egyptian Sanskrit. "Holic" means "one wholly or universally given >over to": which means that a Cat-holic (not a biblical term) is someone who >is wholly given over to a "mother" ("Mary") and not Jesus Christ. This is >idolatry. I'm not well versed in the laundering of pigs, but I can recognize complete and utter hogwash when I see it. a) There is no such language as "ancient Egyptian Sanskrit" Sanskrit is a language which was spoken in northern India, from which developed Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc. The ancient Egyptians spoke Egyptian, which is completely unrelated to Sanskrit. In neither language does "cat" mean mother. Sanskrit for mother is "matr" (written in the conventional transcript used as an alternative to the Devanagari alphabet - there should be a macron over the a and a dot under the r), which is recognizably connected with our "mother" or Latin "mater", because Sanskrit is an Indo-European language related distantly to our own. The Egyptian for mother is "mst" written with a picture of a bundle of skins, a bolt of cloth, a small loaf and a picture of a kneeling woman in the process of giving birth. The vowels are not written in ancient Egyptian. In Coptic, the latest form of Egyptian, which was written using an augmented Greek alphabet, the word has become "ma'w" written mu double alpha upsilon. The root of the Egyptian word is "give birth" (msi), and a form of this is seen in names ending in "-mosis", e.g. Tuthmosis, and is probably the origin of the name "Moses". b) The word "catholic" comes from a Greek word "katholikos" which means universal, all-embracing. It exists in English with that meaning: "He is a person of catholic tastes" - which means he likes a very wide variety of things. If you made the above up you are complete fool. If it was told to you by someone else, that person is charlatan and a lying ignoramus. [The rest of your internecine goddist squitter deleted.] >In Christ, More like in squalid ignorance and bigoted venomous hatred. ---- Robbie Langton Hey, this web thing's immense - must be one HELL of a spider!


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