Racist hatred against jews: American Anti-Jewish League UPDATE So, now that Saddam Hussein

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Racist hatred against jews: American Anti-Jewish League --------------------------- UPDATE So, now that Saddam Hussein has fired Scud missiles into Israel, and the Jews have shown restraint, they immediately expect something from us. Today they asked for 13 billion more dollars (billion, not million). In addition to this, they have asked for another $10 billion from other countries. Why the hell do we have to send our tax dollars to them? Why? They have everything they already need. They have a huge air force, many nuclear weapons, an army, navy, and money. Why should we send them anything? If we are going to send money to someone, there are many other needier nations on this planet who have none of the above. Instead, we send this money to a country which from its very beginning has caused trouble. Possibly, no other country has ever caused so many problems for humankind in history. These Jewish pigs are now taking advantage of the circumstances to get many of their ideas across, and thanks to Saddam, they are being very success- ful. All the TV networks (most of which are run by Jews (many of the news directors are Jewish, plus anchormen as well, such as Ted Coppel, Larry King, etc etc)) are interviewing Jewish state figures, and asking them favorable questions. CNN itself constantly interviews many Jewish heads of state. But very few Arab leaders/figures are interviews, and if done so, not very rational figures are chosen so that people get the wrong impression. (ie. those two Jordanian engineers on Nightline who do not reflect the majority opinion of Arabs) All the Jewish pigs interviewed have been saying: "Now the world knows what we have had to put up with all these years", when in fact, it is exactly the opposite! It is what the Arab people have had to put up with, especially the Palestinians, who unfortunately supported Saddam's aggression. This is truly sad, because it has given the Palestinians a very bad image, especially in the USA. Many of you are probably saying, "Oh, those poor Israelis, look what they have to put up with. If San Francisco was bombed, I would do the same too." And this is somewhat true; Saddam is a brutal dictator, and the only thing he has done is help the Zionist pigs. So here we go again; we've given them Patriot missile systems (each Patriot missile costs $1 million - this is your TAX money!) Now we're about to give those pigs, who don't really need this money, another $13 billion. Of course the Arab countries will see us with an evil eye. Not only have we ignored them, but now we are putting the icing on the Jewish cake. This is enfuriating them. The Jews are (they say this, and it is true, but they also take advantage of inferior peoples. Just trace Jewish history) smart people, they are literate, have schools, money, etc. Why can't they just get their own money? They practically run a third of our country. Now, for restraining against immediate attack (they will attack later though), they ask us for $13 billion. This is an outrage! An absolute outrage! Our economy is going down, we are cutting from health care, and from education, there are many programs here that need money, and what do we do? We give those Jewish pigs, who need the money less than we do, millions of dollars every year. So that they can in return take advantage of our resources. I plead with you that you do something about this. We have to stop this. Many of the people who run the USA our Jews. Get them out of their posts. Please, we must do something about this NOW, before it's too late to even start something. Write letters. Ask people. Inform yourselves. Read books (that are not biased - many of the biggest publications companies are run by Jews) Spread this file around as many bulletin boards as possible. Thank you for your time.


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