Racist hatred against jews: American Anti-Jewish League Have you ever wondered why so many

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Racist hatred against jews: American Anti-Jewish League --------------------------- Have you ever wondered why so many people hate or dislike Jews? From their very first existence, they have been hated by people around them and people who knew them. Why? All through these ages, anti-semitism is still strong. Why? It is true that some of this hatred is not founded for truly, such as in the case of the Germans. Hitler was looking for a people to accuse of Germany's downfall, so he picked the Jews. Although this is not the main reason for Germany's weakness at that time, there is still something to it. Jews were contributing, but very minutely, and in low-profile, to Germany's problems. Anyway, back to the main point. Now it is the Arabs who are after the Jews, even though if you go back to Germany today, the majority of Germans (although they will not admit it right away) are still anti-semitic. Wouldn't you still be? Just look at ALL these movies made and shown on TV and at cinemas in which the world is pitted against the Germans, and the Germans always lose. These movies are still shown every day on TV and cable. Just turn on TBS, TNT, etc. Anyway, now it is the Arabs. And now we have and soon will have more movies which bring down the Arabs. (ie. the new Sally Field movie, which is grossly exaggerated) Don't forget who runs most of the TV networks and movie studios. So why do so many people hate Jews (also known as Zionists, semitic people (not very correctly though), Israelites, Israelis) The answer to this question is very simple. Jews believe that they are God's chosen people (they honestly believe this, even though they will not admit it anymore di- rectly) and that because they are so, then they are superior to all other people. All others must work for Jews, because no one else is as gifted as they are. It is true that most Jews have above-average intelligence, and that they are very handy and dexterous, and work hard (but only for themselves) We are not denying this. What we detest is their attitude that they are superior to us, and therefore we must be their slaves. And they can do almost anything they want, because they are the "chosen" ones. Because of this belief of theirs, Jews along with their other attributes have been slowly and quietly taking over the most important world systems. They cheat a lot; this is one of their most distinguished characteristics. What we mean by cheat is not just cheating, but taking advantage of the right opportunities to gain their objectives. They are extremely well-known for their "money habits". They take advantage of less qualified peoples, using them knowingly. They help mostly only themselves, and have very close ties with each other. (they even have their owns BBs's, just look in- side Computer Currents) Because of this connections, they can get things done easily. If a Jew needs job, no problem. There are other Jews in all the top job areas, who will right away hire him/her first over others. They have extremely high-level propaganda machinery; many TV and radio commentators are Jews, many reporters, book writers, and magazines are Jewish. AND very importantly, the many publications companies are run by Jews. If you have any doubts, just do some research. It might take you a while, but you will find out that, yes, it is true. And these people are ALL over the world: Israel, USA, England, Canada, spread over in S. American, all over Europe, USSR, etc etc. They are practically in the highest-level positions all over the world. And they use their clear advantage to continually gain more and more power. The Middle East is the last bastion of true anti-Zionism. God only knows what would happen if they were to take over the Middle East and its oil too. They already have the biggest banks, corporations, communications systems, etc in the world. All they need now is oil. And all throughout the ages, they have been doing the same thing, and when successful, suppressing all opposing views. Now they have finally succeeded in turning the whole world against Iraq, the 2nd biggest anti-Zionist country in the world. This of course, has been done in an indirect manner, and has taken them a lot of time. But it has worked. Once Saddam is ousted, thanks to our soldiers and money, they will then begin to slowly get control of the region. There is still Iran, Syria, and other countries, but they can be taken care of too. It will not be easy for them, because the Arabs are tremendous anti-semites, and they are willing to do anything to stop the Jews. But, with the US, Britain, and other countries helping them, the Jewish will have all the support they need to accom- plish their goals. And all because these countries are practically run by Jews. So please, become more informed on this subject. Read more books, newspapers, etc. about these people, making DEAD sure that they are not written by Jewish authors, or published by Jewish publication companies, or third-party Jewish-influenced writers. We must stop these people from controlling the world. We don't want to kill them or hurt them, we want to let them know that they are not superior to us, they are not God's chosen people, and that they cannot do whatever they want. Please, help us out. Spread these files around, call your senators and representatives, read more about this stuff, etc. JEWS MUST BE STOPPED... NOW!


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