Racist hatred against jews: Anti-American Jewish League ---- The British Zionists were led

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Racist hatred against jews: Anti-American Jewish League --------------------------- From: San Francisco Chronicle, Wed. Dec. 12, 1990 (Briefing Section) ---- The British Zionists were led by Chaim Weizmann, a brilliant chemist who contributed to the war effort by discovering a new process for manufacturing acetone, a substance vital for TNT that was until then only produced in Germany. Weizmann saw a historic opening for Zionism and began to lobby influential British politicians. Early in their talks with British politicians, it became clear to them that only a British Palestine would be a reliable buffer for the Suez Canal. Weizmann therefore assured Britain that in exchange for its support, Zionists would work for the establishment of a British protectorate there. This suited Britain better than the agreement it had already made with France for an international administration for Palestine. So on November 2, 1917, Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour made his famous and deeply ambiguous declaration that Britain would "view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people..." How did the pledge to the Zionists square with what had already been promised to the Arabs in return for their support in the war against the Turks? The Arabs realized that they had been outmaneuvered. Note - As you can see, the main reason our troops are in the Persian Gulf is because of the Zionist hunger for a national home in Palestine. Palestine was an independent land before 1917. But after the totally unfair Balfour Declaration, written by British Zionists, Zionists (Jews) were given permission by Great Britain to take over Palestine and keep lands which do not belong to them. And the US has not done anything about it. Why? Because of the better known media, which are all Zionists. (ie. Ted Koppell, Larry King, etc etc etc) Many large corporations are also run by Jews, including many of the large corporations which make stuff for our military. Note - The American Anti-Jewish League in no way supports the naked aggression committed by Saddam Hussein against Kuwait. He must leave Kuwait, even though Kuwait, contrary to popular opinion, once WAS a PROVINCE of Iraq. There is no doubt about this: just go to your public library and get a good book on Iraq, Kuwait, or British Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Once again, it was the British (and French) who set up the current boundaries which exist today. However, what Saddam has done must be overruled, exactly as what the Jews have done to Palestine must be stopped. Do you know how much of our TAXES go to Israel every year? Do you know how much trouble we've gone through to protect Israel? Do you know that there are more Jews in the USA than in any other country in the world? Do you know most Jews (especially the conser- vative and highly orthodox ones) are strong anti-Americans? Why then, are we supporting them? Because many of our highest government positions are run by Jews. They are practically running the US. And what about the British? It is not Japan that owns more of the US than other countries. It is Great Britain. They own more US land, corporations, stocks, interests, etc. in the US than the Japanese and 5 other countries put together. If you don't believe any of this, just print it out, and go to your local public library or ask an unbiased History professor. This is all true. Please spread the word around, and upload this and other files to as many BBS's as you can. We must begin to stop this low-profile takeover of our country, or else it will be too late to control it. Thank you for your time.


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