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==Phrack Inc.== Volume Three, Issue Thirty-four, File #1 of 11 Issue XXXIV Index __________________ P H R A C K 3 4 October 13, 1991 __________________ ~Technology for Survival~ Welcome back to Phrack Inc. From now on, the editorship will consist of Crimson Death and Dispater. We have decided to join both our forces and pool our assets to make Phrack even better. We will have accounts at various Internet sites, however, all file submitions should be mailed to If you do not have access to the Internet give Free Speech BBS a call. Crimson Death will take it from there. Special thanks this month goes out to Night Ranger for being great help! Also thanks to Inhuman and Laughing Gas for taking the time to submit material. Phrack has never really had a distrabution BBS, but you can always get it on the Internet at EFF.ORG or CS.WIDENER.COM. Off the Internet, the BBS distribution will be from Free Speech BBS. Below are a list of a few other boards that carry all the Phracks. Free Speech BBS (618) 549-4955 Blitzkreig BBS (502) 499-8933 Digital Underground (812) 941-9427 Pyrotechnic's Pit (407) 254-3655 We would also like to thank the nameless numbers of BBS's out there that carry Phrack Inc. without their names being listed here! In this issue of Phrack Inc. we are starting a "letters to the editor" section called "Phrack Loopback." Any questions, comments, corrections, or problems that you the reader would like to air with Phrack publically will be answered there. Loopback will also contain information such as reviews of other magazines, catalogs, hardware, and softare. With Loopback we hope to make Phrack Inc. more interactive with our readers. This month we had an oportunity to interview one of our "hacker hero's", The Disk Jockey. We are also trying to "liven up" Phrack World News a little by adding some editor's comments about recent news topics. If we get a positive response, we will continue doing this. Hopefully you will respond with your views as well. Your Editors, Crimson Death Dispater =============================================================================== COMMENTS INSERTED BY SERVER: As the server of the Phrack Mailing List, I'd like to get a few words in. First, since I am currently a VERY DUMB list server, I am currently not very interactive. I am working with the system administrators and owners to get an interactive "LISTSERV" onto this machine. I would also like to know if anyone can get me access to an IP address via SLIP at an Internet site VERY CLOSE to the Newburgh/Poughkeepsie, NY area. Another thing I could use is a Phrack SubBot for IRC. Something small that would allow you to get information on the release date of the next Phrack, add your name to the Mailing List, find out the Index of the last issue and such. I can handle awk, perl and 'C'. An IRC connection (Not the server software) would also be interesting. Another thing I heard of and am interested in is something that might start a seperate list. There is a game, where you write a program to make a robot to fight another programmed robot. You run these against each other to see who will win. You can then modify the code to try again. It needs to be compatible with an IBM Risc/6000 running AIX 3.1.5 running patch #2006. Help is also needed with SENDMAIL.CF configuration and etc. Basically, if you have something that the SERVER might be interested in, please mail "". Also, if someone mentions that they are not receiving a copy when they asked to subscribe, anything that DOES bounce back here is automatically deleted. For example, if something comes back from SUSY.THUNDER@POKER.LASVEGAS.NV.CA (Susan Lynn Headley) and I am told that POKER.LASVEGAS.NV.CA is not connected to CYBERPUNK.HAFNER.MARKOFF.NY.NY I will NOT attempt to resolve the message. Storm King List Server =============================================================================== _______________________________________________________________________________ Phrack XXXIV Table of Contents =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1. Introduction to Phrack 34 by Crimson Death & Dispater 2. Phrack Loopback by The Phrack Staff 3. Phrack Prophile of The Disk Jockey by The Disk Jockey & Dispater 4. The AT&T Mail Gateway by Robert Alien 5. The Complete Guide to Hacking WWIV by Inhuman 6. Hacking Voice Mail Systems by Night Ranger 7. An Introduction to MILNET by Brigadier General Swipe 8. TCP/IP: A Tutorial Part 2 of 2 by The Not 9. Advanced Modem-Oriented BBS Security by Laughing Gas & Dead Cow 10. PWN/Part01 by Dispater 11. PWN/Part02 by Dispater _______________________________________________________________________________ ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Three, Issue Thirty-four, File #2 of 11 ^[-=:< Phrack Loopback >:=-]^ By: The Phrack Staff Phrack Loopback is a forum for you, the reader, to ask questions, air problems, and talk about what ever topic you would like to discuss. This is also the place The Phrack Staff will make suggestions to you by reviewing various items of note; magazines, software, catalogs, hardware, etc. _______________________________________________________________________________ What's on Your Mind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >Date: Fri, 20 Sep 91 01:22:30 -0400 >To: > >So what exactly DID happen to Agent Steal? There was a small blurb in >PWN for 33, but gave no details. Why was he arrested, what was confiscated, >and how long will he probably be away for. > >Mind you, this is a tragic loss, since Agent Steal was a gifted hacker and >had a whole lotta balls to boot. > > Sincerely, > > A concerned reader To be honest, it would not in his best interest to say much about his case before his trial. What we have written comes from a very reliable source. Some people close to him are denying everything. This is most likely to keep from happening to him what happened to people like Mind Rape, who have basically been "convicted" by the media. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >From: Drahgon >Date: Thu Sep 26 06:00:35 1991 > > Dear Dispater, > > My name is Drahgon unless, of course. I have several things to blow > from my mind here.... > > How is the progress of Phrack 33? I am not really up on all the > hoopla surrounding it, but I am curious. In high school I often > published "underground newsletters" about the manufacture of drugs and > explosives, etc. The computer underground is a new territory for me > and I have just begun. I would love to hear about your mag....I would > perhaps have something to offer. We at Phrack Inc. are here to publish any kind of information you the reader are interested in. We, unlike many other people out there, will not judge you and can call you a "lamer" if you submit something to us that we might think is a little elementary. We might not necessarily run it in Phrack, but we aren't the kind of people that are going to call you up in the middle of the night on an Alliance Teleconference and harass you. In fact, there are many text files out there that are out-dated and need to be corrected! Simply put, if you are interested in it, there are probably two hundred others out that are afraid to ask, because some El1Te person will call them "stupid." Here at Phrack Inc., WE ARE NOT El1Te, WE ARE JUST COOL AS HELL! We want to help everyone in their quest for knowledge. > Secondly, I want to start my own bbs up here in my town. This > town is dead, but there is still a glint of life, it needs to be > kindled. There are currently no BBS's up here that carry information > of an "alternative nature", and there is in fact laws that prevent > them from springing up. (whatever happened to freedom of the press?), > Well, anyway, I would like to know if you would support a BBS of > mine, and maybe you could give me some pointers... > > Thanx ALOT > DRAHGON That's great! We're always glad to see new faces that are truly interested in helping people by becoming a source of information. If you have any questions about BBS's you should ask the expert, Crimson Death. He will be more than happy to help you out. _______________________________________________________________________________ Corrections ~~~~~~~~~~ In V.3, I#33, File 9 of 13, there was a error. R5 Should have been a 10K pot and not just a resistor. The corrected part of the schematic should look like this: _ +9__S1/ _____________________________________________________________ | | | | | S3 | R1 R2 | R3 o @ o | |___C1___| _____| |_________|/___ / o \___ | | ____|_____|_____|____ | | |\ | | _| | _| o | 6 4 14 | R4 |__ D1 | | R9< | S2 | o _|5 13|_____| _| | |__ | | | | | | |__ R5< | _| | | g |_|10 IC1 8|_ _| | | R8< | | | 556 | |__R6< g |__ | | | _|9 12|_| _| | | | | | | |__C2__g R7< | | | | |_11___3___7___2___1__| | | | | _______________________________________________________________________________ Hardware Catalog Review ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Twisted Pair You can never get enough catalogs. One reason is because you never know what off-the-wall parts you'll be needing. From time to time I'll be reviewing catalogs so you'll be able to learn where to get the really good stuff as far as computer equipment, telco test equipment, and IC chips are concerned. In this issue, we study two of them... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SYNTRONICS 2143 Guaranty Drive Nashville, Tennessee 37214 (615) 885-5200 I recently saw an issue of "Nuts and Volts" magazine which had a Syntronics ad in it. I sent the dollar they wanted for a catalog. Apparently, demand for the catalogs was so great that they're having some more printed up. They sent my dollar back with an explanation and a partial photocopy of the catalog. An associate on the left coast and I want to build a tone decoder and have been looking for a particular chip for a long time. We found it in this catalog. It's an SSI-202 Tone Decoder IC for $12. Not bad for a chip I was unable to locate in about 30 catalogs I've searched through. A fellow phreak was told by a zit-faced Radio Shack employee over their 800 number, "They had only 3 left and they would cost $100 each." I don't think so. Syntronics is selling plans for an interesting device you hook up to the phone line. With it you can call it and turn on any one of three 110VAC outlets. To turn them on you use simple DTMF commands. This would be useful for turning on your computer, modem, room bug, security lights, etc from a remote location. Plans for this device cost $9 and you'd need the above-mentioned IC chip to build it with. Syntronics carries: ------------------- Project Plans Software Unusual Hardware Kits IC's Transistors - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Telephone International (The marketplace for PO BOX 3589 communications equipment, Crossville, Tennessee 38557 services, and employment) (615) 484-3685 This is a monthly publication you can receive free. It's usually about 30 pages printed on large yellow-pages paper. To save yourself the $50 a year first-class yearly subscription rate, just tell them you're a telephone technician. Tell them you need to often buy PBX's, Terminal Blocks, etc. They'll send it to you free, because you're special! Here's a sampling of stuff you can find in there: ------------------------------------------------- A Complete Digital Switching System with 3200 lines on a flatbed trailer !!!!!! Repaired Payphones Optical Fiber xmission system Operator's Headsets CO Digital multiplexers AT&T teletypes Used FAX machines AT&T Chevy bucket trucks Hookswitches Digital error message announcers Central Office Coin System Processor Cards Telephone International lists a bunch of telco seminars happening around the country on their "Calendar of Events" page. They also list conferences for security organizations including dates and phone numbers you'd need to register. That's it for this edition of Hardware Hacking. Keep an eye out for good suppliers to the Phreak world. Pass'em along to Phrack. -T_W-I_S-T_E-D_ -P_A-I_R- _______________________________________________________________________________ A Review of the Killer Cracker V.7.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by The Legion of d0oDez As every hacker worth his/her salt knows, the Unix operating system has major security problems when it comes to it's passwd file. Although this may be good as some people think information should not be hoarded, others think information should be kept to be people who can use it best, the one's with the most money. The passwd file is the Unix file that stores the user information which included username, home directory, and passwords among others. I will not go into the basics of Unix as this is not a Unix how-to hack file. It is a review of Killer Cracker 7.0 (aka KC7.) KC7 is a Unix password hacker that is portable to most machines. It is written by Doctor Dissector and is free software as the terms of the GNU General Public License (By the Free Software Foundation

) states. The version 7.0 is not the latest version but seems to be the best to use. It is dated as 6/1/91 which makes it pretty recent. 8.0 is rumored to be out but we have not had the opportunity to review it yet as we are still testing it. ;-) The best thing about KC7 is that you can run it on most machines that will run C programs which happens to include MS-DOS machines. With this in mind, you can now let your PC do the work of hacking passwords in the privacy of your own home without having to use a mainframe which might be a bit risky. The distribution copy of KC7 comes with the following files: KC.EXE -- MS-DOS executable KC.DOC -- Documents Source.DOC -- The source code to KC KC.C -- The Turbo C source code And other files that pertain to DES and word files. KC7 works by taking an ascii file composed of words and encrypting them so that it can compare the encrypted words with the passwords in the PASSWD file. It is pretty efficient but if running on an MS-DOS system, you will probably want to use a machine that is at least a 286-12 or higher. The time to complete a PASSWD file is directly proportional to how large the file is (max size of PASSWD must be less than 64K on an MS-DOS machine) and what speed of machine you are using. There are options which allow you to take words (aka guesses) from other sources as well as a words file. These sources can be words from the PASSWD file such as the username, single characters, and straight ascii characters such as DEL or ^D. It can also manipulate the guesses in various ways which might be helpful in guessing passwords. Another useful option is the RESTORE function. KC7 has the ability to allow the user to abort a crack session and then resume cracking at a later date. This is very nice since one does not always have the time nor patience to crack a 50k passwd file without wanting to use his/her machine for other uses such as trying out new passwords. We have found that the best way, as suggested by the author, to crack is by using the default method which is to crack by word and not by username. You will understand when you get a hold of the software. You can get KC7 at most H/P oriented bbs's as everyone thinks he/she is a Unix wizard nowadays. Overall, KC7 is an excellent program and we suggest it to all Unix hackers. We also hope you have enjoyed this file and we look forward to bringing more interesting reading to your terminal. Until then.... Happy hacking. _____________________________________________________________________________ ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Three, Issue Thirty-Four, File #3 of 11 -*[ P H R A C K XXXIV P R O P H I L E ]*- -=>[ Presented by Dispater ]<=- The Disk Jockey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Handle: The Disk Jockey (over 10 years now...) Call him: Doug Reach him: Past handles: None Handle origin: Selected it way back in the Apple days, when it was hip to have a hardware-related name. Date of Birth: 12/29/67 Age at current date: 23 Approximate Location: Silicon Valley Height: 6'1" Weight: 220 lbs. Eye color: Green Hair Color: Blond/brown Education: Cornell, Univ of Michigan, Stanford, and a slew of others schools that I had the opportunity to attend. What started out as a strong belief in law became so jaded that I fell back on Comp Sci. Still wake up in the middle of the night yelling "NO!, NO!" Also have a wallpaper degree in Psychology. Computers: First: Apple //. Presently: several. Mac IIfx, 386/33, and several others that I can't seem to get rid of... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Story of my Hacking Career ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on computers early, back in the days of the PET and the TRS-80. Although we poke fun at a Trash-80 now, at the time I was completely fascinated by it. Remember Newdos/80, LDOS, and utilities like SuperZap? Things started really rolling after a friend introduced me to the Apple. Although I never fell into the stereotype of being a computer "nerd" (don't we all like to think that?), compared to the redundancy of normal schoolwork, learning about the Apple was a new and unexplored world. Unlike most of the other computer "types", I didn't read science fiction, didn't have any social problems, and thought looking at girls was more enjoyable than talking about hardware. Well, depending on the hardware. (ha-ha!) "Cracking" Apple software was of course the next logical step. The 6502 was a wonderful chip, and easy to learn. Copy-cards and other "hacked" hardware was becoming findable and it was getting to the point that the only goal was to get your hands on pre-release software. Before I had entered the "modem" world, friends had a network of other people across the country and traded things by mail. Of course the whole world changed when I picked up a 300 baud modem. Suddenly there was the communication and knowledge that I had been hungry for. People wrote text files on just about everything imaginable. What is the president's phone number? How can I call the pope? How can I make lowercase on my Apple II? What are the routing numbers for boxing to the Eastern Bloc countries? Codes were never much of an interest. The systems that ran them, however, were quite interesting. As technology advanced, SCCs started using sophisticated AI techniques to detect any kind of abnormal usage instantly. Codes used to last several months, now they only lasted a few hours. Boxing, however, was a little more elegant and was the flashy way to call your friends. Even before I had ever heard of boxing or phreaking, I enjoyed the benefits of what we now know as a "red box". While in boarding school, I noticed that a somewhat broken phone emitted obscenely loud "beeps" when you dropped in a quarter. I took a little micro-recorder and recorded myself dropping about $5.00 into the phone. When I played this back into the telephone, the telco thought I was actually dropping change in the machine! I was able to call my girlfriend or whomever and speak for hours. Now most payphones mute those tones so they are barely audible, if at all. Local user groups were a good place to pick up software, legal and otherwise. Remember those damn "CLOAD" magazine tapes for the TRS-80? 80-Micro magazine? The early 80's was the time of the hardware hacker - anything bizarre you wanted you had to make yourself, since it wasn't available otherwise. Now you can call any of a slew of 800 numbers, give them your credit card number (!) and have it on your doorstep the next day. I think part of the problem of the "new generation" of hackers, phreakers, warez kids, etc, is that they never had the experience with low-level stuff and actually having to into the hardware to get what they wanted. Their only programming experience is coming from school, which gives a shallow and usually totally impractical background for the "real world". My eventual disgust with the pirate world came when products such as "Pirate's Friend" came out, allowing people to sector edit out my name and insert theirs. I had spent quite a lot of time trying to find new software, and enjoyed the ego stroke of having my name passed around. I had a lot of respect for book authors that were plagiarized after that... About the industry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The computer industry in general is interesting. Working in it, I hope I'm justified to speak about it. Getting a job is quite easy, since the technology is changing so much, unless it is in something that will be around for some time, you can usually pick up a job by just knowing the latest developments, the buzzwords, and having good "chemistry". In the valley many firms realize that colleges don't really teach you much in the way of practical knowledge. At best, they give you the opportunity to try different types of machines. It amazes me that HR departments in companies across the country won't even look at a resume unless the applicant has a college degree. Advanced degrees are a different matter and are usually quite applicable towards research, but your usual BA/BS variety? Nah. If you want to make a lot of money in this industry, all you need to do is get the reputation as a person who "gets things done" and have superior communication skills. You can write your ticket after that. About legal issues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone who has ever read some of my later text files (1986, 1987) knows that I had no qualms about the legalities of beating an establishment. Although my line of morals was probably beyond where others placed theirs, I could always justify to myself damage or loss to an establishment, "beating the system", rather than hurting the individual. Although I am pretty right-winged in beliefs, I have a great distrust for the policing agencies. Various memories ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Getting a call from my father while at school and being told that Control C had called him and relayed the message "Tell Doug the FBI are after The Disk Jockey. Get rid of everything and hide." To say I "cleaned house" would have been a gross understatement. I knew this was true, I, like many others, had just ridden on the false pretense that they would have better things to do then come after me. I later saw intelligence reports showing that I had been kept track of for some time. I was described as: "Involved in some type of student-loan scam through creating fictitious college applicants at his school. Very violent temper, ruthless attitude. Breaks people's legs for money (TX). Owns a motorcycle and a european sedan. Nasty hacker." Only a handful of people would know that I had a motorcycle, so it was somewhat upsetting that they had this kind of information on me. I later saw some of this same information in Michigan Bell Security's records. They also had the correct phone number for my place at Cornell, my parents number, and even the number of some of my personal non-computer related friends. SummerCon in 1987 was a fun experience. I had the opportunity to meet many of the people that I communicated with regularly, as well as wonder why people thought St. Louis was such a wonderful place. While there were a few socially "on-the-fringe" types, I was amazed that most of the other "hackers" didn't fit the usual stereotypes. They were just regular guys that had a some above average cleverness that allowed them to see the things that others couldn't. By the time I was 20 years old, I had about $40,000 worth of credit on plastic, as well as a $10,000 line of credit for "signature loans" at a local bank. The credit system was something that seemed fun to exploit, and it doesn't take long to figure out how the "system" works. With that kind of cash Aavailable, however, it's tempting to go and buy something outrageous and do things that you wouldn't normally do if you had the cash. This country is really starting to revolve around credit, and it will be very hard to survive if you don't have some form of it. If more people were aware of how the credit systems worked, they might be able to present themselves in a better light to future creditors. I don't think that credit is a difficult thing to understand, I just had an unusual interest in understanding and defeating it. Perhaps this is something that my future text files should be about. Getting busted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On June 27, 1988 at 1:47am, I had just parked my car outside my apartment and was walking up to the door when I heard someone say "Doug?" I knew that no friend of mine would be visiting at that hour, so I knew my fate before I turned around. An FBI agent, State police detective and a local detective were walking up to me. "We have a warrant for your arrest." Interestingly, they had actually several warrants, since they weren't sure what my name was. I was being arrested for 6 counts of "conspiracy to commit fraud". After being searched to make sure I wasn't carrying a gun, they asked if they could "go into my apartment and talk about things". Although I had completely "cleaned house" and had nothing to hide in there, I wasn't about to help out an investigation on me. "Ah, I think I had better contact an attorney first." "Is there one you can call right now?" "Are you kidding? It's 2:00am!" I was handcuffed and had my legs strapped together with a belt and was thrown in the back of a car. This was one of those usual government cars that you see in the movies with the blackwalls and usual hubcaps. Interestingly enough, the armrest of the car hid quite an array of radio equipment. Although pretty freaked out, I figured the best thing to do at that point was try to get some sleep and call the best attorney money could by in the morning. Little did I know where I was being brought. I was driven all the way to a small Indiana town (population 5,000) where a 16 year-old Wheatfield Indiana boy had made the statement that he and I "agreed to devise a scam". Although nothing was ever done, merely planning it created the conspiracy charge. I figured that after my arraignment I could post bail and find an attorney. I had almost $10k in the bank and could probably find more if I needed it. I was sadly mistaken. The next day at my arraignment the charges were read and bail was set -- $150,000.00, cash only! In a strange turn of events, the FBI decided to totally drop the case against me. The federal prosecutor figured it wasn't worth wasting his time and they jumped out. However, the Indiana state police were involved in my arrest and were angry that the FBI was dropping the case after they had invested so much time and money in the case, so they decided to pursue the case themselves. There is so much friction between the FBI and state police, that the FBI didn't even answer their letters when they tried to request information and data files on me. Funny. I spent 6 months in a tiny county jail, missing the start and first semester of school. I was interrogated constantly. I never told on a sole and never made a statement about myself. I sat in jail daily, reading books and waiting for my court dates. Although I never expected it, nobody ever thanks you when you keep your mouth shut. I can't imagine that many people would sit in jail for a long time in order to save their friends. Perhaps it's a personal thing, but I always thought that although I doubt someone else would do it for me, I would never, ever tell anything on anyone else. I would never be responsible for someone else's demise. It took a lot of money, and a lot of friday nights of frustration, but I walked away from that incident without ever making a statement. It was at a time when my "roots" were deepest and I probably could have really turned in a lot of other people for my benefit, but it was at a time in my life where I could afford to miss some school and the integrity was more important to me. There were a lot of decisions that had to be made, and spending time in jail is nothing to be proud of, but I never backed down or gave in. It did provide the time for me to really re-evaluate who and what I was, and where I was going. People I've known ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Compaq Personal friend for some time now. Control C Mostly likely the craziest guy I've ever met. Really nice guy. Knight Lightning Would call me up in the middle of the night and want to discuss philosophical and social issues. Kind of guy I would probably get along with outside of computers as well. Loki Friend since high school. Made a big splash in the h/p world, then disappeared from it. He and I (and Control C) drove to SummerCon together. Shooting Shark Great guy who used to be into calling bridges and would yell "Hey, I'm paying for this!" Truly one of the only people that I ever knew that didn't do anything blatantly illegal. Most of our email was over the optimization of crypt. The Mad Alchemist Sysop of Lunatic Labs, one of the only boards that I feel is worth the telephone call anymore. He has given me a lot of slack and runs a BBS that picks up some of the most obscure information. A sysop that others should be judged by. Tom Brokaw Personal friend since childhood that stood by me through thick and thin, bailing me out of trouble time and time again. I can never thank him enough for being a true friend. BBSs ~~~ More than I could mention here. A few more recent notables -- Atlantis Although run on an Apple, the Lineman had this system so slick and customized that it became the standard that a lot of the PC based boards were created with. It was the first real "clearinghouse" for text files. Free World II Run by Major Havoc and myself, this was an incredibly robust system, and was one of the first to be run on a US Robotics HST. Although it was primarily a discussion board, the file areas offered some of the best files -- virtually no games, but about every real utility and the like. Metal AE 201-879-6668 - this was a true blue AE line that was around for like 5 or 6 years and was ALWAYS busy. Had all of the original cDc and other bizarre text files, occasionally some new Apple warez. Lunatic Labs Still up and still great. Metal Shop Private Perhaps one of the best boards of all time. Run by Taran King and had a healthy, yet secure userlog. It was a closed system, the only way to get on was to know somebody. Everyone on the system knew each other in some sense. World of Cryton One of the first boards to have a "philter" and to really push the messages as far as codes, accounts, card numbers, etc. This was also the demise, along with many of the 414 hackers. Misc ~~~ 2600 Magazine How could I not like a magazine that published articles I wrote? This really is a great magazine and anyone who is interested in computers, privacy, or cyber-issues in general should subscribe. Fame...? Was in the movie "Hoosiers" (thanks for bringing that up, Shark!), even though I'm not a basketball fan. Met Dennis Hopper, etc. Went to school with a lot of famous people's kids. Most have some pretty serious problems. Be glad you are who you are. Marriage...? I'm single and will do everything I can to stay that way. When people ask me about getting married I tell them that the idea of car payments scare me. I enjoy having girlfriends, but I've become too independent. I still run around at bars until sometimes 3:00am or so, but still manage to spend about 50 or 60 hours a week at work. Even if I cut out the bar scene, I wouldn't have much time to spend with someone else on a daily basis. Advice If you ever get into doing illegal things, make sure you do them by yourself. Your chances of getting caught when you do things solo and resist the temptation to "brag" about them is minimal. When someone else knows about what you have done, it doesn't matter how good of a friend they are. If they get into trouble, you are going to the sacrificial lamb when it comes to negotiating their freedom. Even the strongest willed individuals seem to crumble when questioned by police. Groups are bad news. There are very little advantages to being in a group and all it does is increase your personal risk by multitudes. Cracking groups aren't nearly as dangerous, but they DO bring boards down. Look to the fate of groups such as LOD for examples of group fate. Lex Luthor, perhaps one of the most elusive and private hackers of all time was the one to bring down the rest of the group. This was tough for me, as many of the members were people I talked with and could really feel for. Don't get discouraged in life if you feel that you are behind the rest because you don't come from a rich family or have the best equipment. I left home when I was 17 years old, keeping only minimal contact with my parents since then and lived life pretty well, using my abilities to "smooth talk" and pure enthusiasm to walk into about any job. Don't put people down -- everyone has something to teach you, even the bum on the street might be able to tell you how to make some free phone calls! There is a wealth of information to be found via Usenet, text files, or even your school or public library. Stay informed and well read. Email I always enjoy hearing from people. Reach me via the Internet at, or on Lunatic Labs BBS. ________________________________________________________________________________


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