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Computer underground Digest Wed Oct 25, 1995 Volume 7 : Issue 84 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Shadow Master: Stanton McCandlish Field Agent Extraordinaire: David Smith Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Cu Digest Homepage: CONTENTS, #7.84 (Wed, Oct 25, 1995) File 1--CuD Goof "cancels" CuD 7.83 (e-oops) File 2--Retort to: Attention Spammer: The War Has Started File 3-- (VTW) BillWatch #22: Telecomm conference committee profile File File 5--Cu Digest Header Info (unchanged since 18 Oct, 1995) CuD ADMINISTRATIVE, EDITORIAL, AND SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION APPEARS IN THE CONCLUDING FILE AT THE END OF EACH ISSUE. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1994 22:51:01 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 1--CuD Goof "cancels" CuD 7.83 (e-oops) A too-hasty return key deleted CuD 7.83 from Usenet Tuesday. Rather than re-send this close to #7.84, we simply point readers to the CuD http site at: Those receiving CuD on the mailing list were unaffected. The issue emphasized Spam artists, and detailed Telecom Digest editor Pat Townson's successful tracking down of spammeister "Spam King" and a few others. Pat did a great job, and we encourage readers to take a look at it. We apologize for the goof, and we will dock Etian Shrdlu's pay. Jim and Gordon ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 23:09:42 -0500 (CDT) From: Ben Lindstrom Subject: File 2--Retort to: Attention Spammer: The War Has Started I would like to retort Patrick Townson's comments. I don't believe methods are the best. Think about it. They are spamming the usenet. What do we do? We screw the bank account or leave messages on his voicemail. Are we being any better? Also you have to take a look at the legal issue. Ok..You have his bank account number. What are you going to do? Forge checks? That is a crime. Where are spamming the newgroups (contrary to popular oppion) is not a legal crime. Please, I know how much spamming bothers me, but lets not revert down to their level. E-mailing Admins expressing concern (when you know who did it.) is a good option. For those you don't know..LET the USENET admin deal with it. For ever spam that occurs on UseNet I swear there is at least 10% to 20% MORE bandwidth WASTED on flames and bitchings on UseNet itself. Unknown how much E-mail (if it's a valid address) are sent. To save yourself from hell and damnation of the law, don't even think about getting back at spammers via illegal actives (as the letter Mr. Townson presented). Ben Lindstrom ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 17:36:05 -0400 (EDT) From: "Shabbir J. Safdar, VTW" Subject: File 3-- (VTW) BillWatch #22: Telecomm conference committee profile VTW BillWatch #22 VTW BillWatch: A weekly newsletter tracking US Federal legislation affecting civil liberties. BillWatch is published at the end of every week as long as Congress is in session. (Congress is in session) BillWatch is produced and published by the Voters Telecommunications Watch ( (We're not the EFF :-) Issue #22, Date: Sat Oct 21 17:00:08 EDT 1995 Do not remove this banner. See distribution instructions at the end. _________ TABLE OF CONTENTS Announcements Profile of the telecomm bill conference committee Businesses and Bulletin Boards signed onto the letter to Congress Letter to Hemispheres magazine from Mark Eckenwiler Subscription and Redistribution Information (changed 10/21/95) _________ ANNOUNCEMENTS The "bill-monitoring" section of BillWatch will be omitted for the next few issues, since very little legislation related to VTW's issues seems to be moving through the process. The only exception is the Telecomm Deregulation Act, which is moving, but in conference committee. As you probably know, this is not a process which is easily monitored by the public, so there aren't the same sorts of checkpoints as one is used to with the standard committee-hearing-vote-chamber-debate-vote process. In this issue we bring you three offerings: -a profile of the conference committee that has Internet regulation in front of it, -a letter to the editor of Hemispheres, an airline magazine, and -the final tally of companies and bulletin boards signed onto the business and BBS "letter to Congress opposing net censorship" Note that the bill status section will be back soon, as soon as we have compressed it to cram the most information into the fewest characters possible. At BillWatch, our aim is to be as compact as possible while being your most informative source of legislative and policy information. Shabbir J. Safdar _________ PROFILE OF THE TELECOMM BILL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (NET FREE SPEECH FOCUS) It's been a busy year. First Amendment advocates have seen four different pieces of legislation regulating free speech on public networks attach themselves to the Telecommunications bill and proceed into the conference committee. They are: HR1978: "Internet Freedom and Family Empowerment Act" (Cox/Wyden) This bill takes the approach of encouraging industry to provide parents with tools to restrict their childrens' access to the net. It contains no new criminal provisions. This approach was affirmed by the House 421-4 on August 4, 1995. (Yes, that's a landslide) S314: "The Communications Decency Act" (Exon/Coats) This bill makes many types of constitutionally-protected speech (including lewd, lascivious, and indecent speech) criminal when used through a telecommunications device. This provision was affirmed by the Senate 84-16 on June 14, 1995. House amendment to HR1555: "Child Protection, User Empowerment, and Free Expression in Interactive Media Study Act" (Klink/Leahy) This bill directs the Department of Justice to study and see if there are places in current law where existing obscenity laws are unenforcible on computer networks. This approach was affirmed by a committee voice vote on May 24, 1995. House amendment to HR1555: This amendment was submitted at the last minute through the Manager's Mark, a collection of several amendments to HR1555 that were voted on as a block on Aug 4, 1995. This amendment takes constitutionally-protected speech and criminalizes it when it is expressed online. Most legislators had no idea that they voted on this last amendment; the summary of the Manager's Mark did not mention these new criminal provisions. There was no applicable House vote on *just this* provision. Once into conference, free speech activists began to examine who would end up on the conference committee. Several draft lists have been circulated previously in other publications. Here is the latest list that was read on the House floor. We have included below a tally of how each member voted, if they were a co-sponsor of the Cox/Wyden bill, and if they spoke on net censorship during the Telecomm bill debate. Most of this information was gleaned from a previous issue of BillWatch, BillWatch #13 ( Y = voted or spoke in support of free speech on the net (HR1978) N = voted or spoke in opposition to free speech on the net (HR1978) A = did not vote or chose not to speak on the issue (a blank implies an A) House Vote on HR1978 Spoke at Rep Name HR1978 sponsor? debate? ------ ------ -------- -------- Barr (R-GA) Y Barton (R-TX) Y Y Berman (R-CA) Y Bliley (R-VA) Y Boucher (D-VA) Y Brown (D-OH) Y Bryant (D-TX) Y Buyer (R-IN) Y Conyers (D-MI) Y Dingell (D-MI) Y Eshoo (D-CA) Y Fields (R-TX) Y Y Flanagan (R-IL) Y Frisa (R-NY) Y Gallegly (R-CA) Y Goodlatte (R-VA) Y Y House Vote on HR1978 Spoke at Rep Name HR1978 sponsor? debate? ------ ------ -------- -------- Gordon (D-TN) Y Hastert (R-IL) Y Hoke (R-OH) Y Hyde (R-IL) Y Jackson-Lee (D-TX) Y Klug (R-WI) Y Lincoln (D-AR) Y Markey (D-MA) Y Y Moorhead (R-CA) Y Oxley (R-OH) Y Paxon (R-NY) Y Rush (D-IL) Y Schaefer (R-CO) Y Schroeder (D-CO) Y Scott (D-VA) Y Stearns (R-FL) Y White (R-WA) Y Y Y Totals 33 Representatives on the Conference Committee 33 of them voted in favor of the Cox/Wyden Internet Freedom bill in a recorded vote 1 Representative who sponsored the Cox/Wyden bill - White (R-WA) 5 Representatives who stood up and spoke in favor of the Cox/Wyden bill during the floor debate on the Telecomm bill These are encouraging numbers. Note that I checked for cosponsors of other free-speech related bills, or floor debates where one of these members might have spoken up on the issue either for or against, and found nothing relevant. Now let's take a look at the Senate side where the story gets a little grim. Y = voted or spoke in favor of censorship (S314) N = voted or spoke in opposition to censorship (S314) A = did not vote or chose not to speak on the issue (a blank implies an A) Vote S314 Spoke at Senator S314 sponsor? debate? ------ ---- -------- -------- Burns (R) Y Exon (D) Y Y Y Ford (D) Y Gorton (R) Y Y Hollings (D) Y Inouye (D) Y Lott (R) Y McCain (R) Y Pressler (R) Y Rockefeller (D) Y Stevens (R) Y Totals 11 Senators on the Conference Committee 11 Senators voted in favor of the Exon/Gorton Internet Censorship bill (S314) 2 Senators who sponsored the Exon/Gorton bill - Exon (D-NE), Gorton (R-WA) 1 Senator who stood up and spoke in favor of the Exon/Gorton bill during the floor debate As you can see, these numbers for the Senate are not so encouraging. There are two things that you need to know when looking at this chart. First, not all members of Congress are allowed to work on all parts of the bill. The section which contains the net censorship language may be weighted evenly with Representatives and Senators, which would make those that oppose net censorship evenly matched (11 to 11) with those that previously voted in favor. Secondly, support in the Senate for the Exon/Gorton bill is weak. There was a perceivable amount of rumbling about the bill after the vote, so it wouldn't be surprising to see some of the Senators that previously voted in favor of the Exon bill to change their position once in the confines of the conference committee. On the House side, support for the Cox/Wyden bill was strong and is not expected to wane at all. Although Reps. Cox and Wyden are not on the conference committee, there is one cosponsor and five supportors present. It is likely that at least one of these people will choose to continue to support this issue once the committee begins its deliberations. VTW will continue to monitor the conference committee process and bring you news as soon as we get it. _________ BUSINESSES AND BULLETIN BOARDS SIGNED ONTO THE LETTER TO CONGRESS Unless you've been out of touch for the last few weeks, you know that VTW and many volunteers from states around the US have been collecting signons from businesses and bulletin boards to a letter urging Congress not to pass legislation that censors the Internet. These small businesses and bulletin boards have spoken up not only for their own survival, but for the free speech rights of everyone. They deserve your business and your kudos. If you signed up to the letter, but your business does not appear below, please contact VTW IMMEDIATELY. We're putting together press releases, ads, and other supporting material and must hear from you soon or your name will not be included. The names of the businesses and bulletin boards signed on are: APK Net, Ltd. * ARACNET.COM * Aladdin Enterprises * Anarchist Dreams formerly, AfterFive * Artists' Digital Access * BBT Software * Big QUEUE BBS * Blythe Systems & NY Transfer News * Cahoots Coffee Bar * Calyx Internet Access and Riot Graphics * Center for Accessible Technology * Clepsydra Systems Incorporated * Cloud 9 Consulting, Inc. (Cloud9.Net) * Coast Broker's Service * CollecTech, Inc. * CompuMentor * Cyberspace Development, Inc. * Cyclic Software * Data Wire * David Coher Publishing * Deltos Fleet Computing * Don Skolnik Consulting Services * Drafting Contractors * EZNets, Inc. * Echo Communications Group, Inc. * Fat Earth Society * Filz & Associates * Gary Bowen, Editorial Services * HAL 9000 BBS * Hitech Systems, Inc. * Holistic Insanity BBS * HotWired Ventures LLC * Human Interface * ISC Consultants Inc. * Intangible Assets Manufacturing * Internet Cafe NYC * Jean J. Rearick, President * LaUNChpad, UNC's experimental BBS * LazerType Print Production Management * Leaping Lizard Software, Inc. * Lumberyard BBS Community Network * MagNet, Inc. * MarketSpace, Inc. * Metropolitan Data Networks Ltd. * Metropolitan Informations Systems * Michael Graves Consulting, Inc. * Mnematics, Incorporated * Mountainview Computer Technology * NLP Rock River BBS * Nancy Cedeno * Nordevald Software * Obelesk Books/Triangle Titles * OfficeCom * OmniMedia * Online Consulting, Inc. * Outernet Inc. (Bway.Net) * PHAT!, Inc. * Parallax Systems Inc. *, The Parenting Resource Center on the Web * Pensee Corporation * Pilgrim Press * Plover Consulting * Poet Information Disseminators * Postmodern Communications, Inc. * ProNotes, Inc. * ResNova Software, Inc. * SOFTWAR * Serial Tree Board (stb) * Shadow Magic BBS * Sportsman's Paradise * Stager Consulting * Starfire * Sylvan Associates * Tangent BBS * The American Boyz * The BATWING BOARD * The Computer Laboratory Underground 'puternet BBS (puternet) * The CyberStation * The Dorsai Embassy * The Internet Connection Corp. * The Libertarian Marketplace * The Mindspeak Society * The River Project * The Toxic Press * The Umbrella Graveyard BBS * Thomas D. Barringer Consulting * Trost Computing * Uncomyn Gifts * UpTown Station * Wired Magazine, Wired Ventures Ltd. * Worldesign Inc. * Incorporated ( * nVision Corporation * realitycheckBBS Note that fuller names and contact information will appear in the press releases and the actual letter. _________ LETTER TO HEMISPHERES MAGAZINE FROM MARK ECKENWILER VTW has long been a fan of Mark Eckenwiler's work. Apparently Mark's flying a lot these days, and was irked by an editorial in United Airlines' airborne print totem, Hemispheres. VTW encourages you to write a letter to the editor whenever you see incorrect information about the Internet being portrayed. If you do, send a copy to and we'll publish the best ones. Thanks Mark, for letting us publish your letter, and for setting United Airlines straight on the status of speech on the Internet. Letters Hemispheres 1301 Carolina St. Greensboro, NC 27401 To the Editor: In "Surf's Up" (Oct. 1995), Montieth Illingworth glibly endorses proposed federal legislation to regulate pornography on the Internet by saying that "some loss of liberty is . . . the price to pay for protecting those who can't protect themselves [i.e., children]." Mr. Illingworth is wrong for three reasons. First, there are already federal and state laws barring the transmission of obscene materials. (Bear in mind, however, that the First Amendment protects even pornography so long as it is not legally obscene.) Second, the legislation now before Congress would not merely impose "some loss of liberty"; on the contrary, it would reduce the Internet to a children's library. As the U.S. Supreme Court said so colorfully forty years ago in striking down a similar law, banning all adult materials to protect children would be "burning the house to roast the pig." Finally, Mr. Illingworth mistakenly implies that the only way to protect children is by passing laws. As the father of two young boys, I suggest that he consult the word "parent" in his dictionary; it is a verb as well as a noun. Sincerely, Mark Eckenwiler _________ SUBSCRIPTION AND REPRODUCTION INFORMATION You can receive BillWatch via email, fax, gopher or WWW: To subscribe via email, send mail to with "subscribe vtw-announce Firstname Lastname" in the subject line. To unsubscribe from BillWatch send mail to with "unsubscribe vtw-announce" in the subject line. Send mail to with "send billwatch" in the SUBJECT LINE to receive the latest version of BillWatch. To subscribe via fax, call (718) 596-2851 and leave the information requested by the recording. You may unsubscribe by calling the same number. BillWatch can be found on the World Wide Web at BillWatch can be found in Gopherspace at: gopher -p1/vtw/billwatch/ Permission to reproduce BillWatch non-commercially is granted provide the banner and copyright remain intact. Please send a copy of your non-commercial publication to for our scrapbook. For permission to commercially reproduce BillWatch, please contact _________ Copyright 1995 Steven Cherry & Shabbir J. Safdar _________ End VTW BillWatch Issue #22, Date: Sat Oct 21 17:00:08 EDT 1995 _________ This file provided by: Voters Telecommunications Watch *** Watching out for your civil liberties *** Email: (preferred) Gopher: gopher -p1/vtw URL: Telephone: (718) 596-2851 (last resort) ------------------------------ Date: 11 Oct 95 23:23:46 EDT From: Kevin Manson <70521.2003@COMPUSERVE.COM> Subject: File ((MODERATORS' NOTE: We received the following article in html format. Rather than edit it, we thought we'd try leaving it in to allow those who want to cut-and-paste such things to their own homepages to do it more easily)). Forwarded by Kevin Manson, Webmaster October 8, 1995 To my Net friends and neighbors . . . . <--------------------------------------------------> An invitation from Bruce Sterling to visit the @ Web site <----------- from austin.eff Newsgroup--------------> (Bruce Sterling) Newsgroups--austin.eff Subject--Police Web Page Date--9 May 1995 11:22:48 -0500 People interested in police liaison work should make it their business to aid and abet Kevin Manson, an instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Here is the intro to his brand-new Web page. . . . <---------------------------------------------------> [*Current* Web page in html format. Load and launch this file in your favorite browser and give us a visit - Please leave us mail - we want to hear from you.] -----------------------------------------------------


Welcome to the Cybercop Home Page on the WELL.

My name is Kevin Manson. Professionally, I teach cybercops to obey the law as they enforce it. Personally, I am a Net traveller and explorer who calls a number of 'places' on the Matrix, like the WELL, home. I'm a converted Mac user, member of the Internet Society and EFF. In the "real world" I drive a 10 year old Toyota, in the virtual world I cruise about in the latest model of Netscape.

Two years ago I developed the first BBS and pioneered Internet training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), where I serve as a Senior Instructor in the Legal Division. FLETC is located 70 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida on the Georgia coast.

Bruce Sterling wrote about FLETC in his cyber-classic "The Hacker Crackdown...Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier" and the Center was featured in a January 23, 1995 cover story in US News & World Report written by Senior Editor Vic Sussman.

As we WELLbeings know, this community typically "polices" itself, so I've set up a "community relations" cybercop substation where defining issues regarding "policing cyberspace" can be disseminated and links can be made to other significant Internet sites where cyberlaw issues are catalogued.

We're the Cyber-Dunkin' Doughnuts in this little community on the Net. Come on in, grab a cup of Hot Java, pick up that rumpled-up 'zine' in the booth next to you, and catch up on some cyberlaw news.

If you are not familiar with the eclectic community that resides here on the WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link), you owe it to yourself to stroll about a bit on the WELL gopher or check out Howard Rheingold's home page for a run down on this small town on the Net that has garnered so much attention.

"The Hacker Crackdown" serves as a paradigm for this Web Site. Bruce Sterling mailed me my first issue of WIRED magazine two years ago (WIRED'S premier issue) and cyberspace hasn't looked the same since.

Yes, you'll find Netcop views here, but in the context of the diverse views of civil libertarians, hackers, journalists, academicians and industry leaders. Vic Sussman's critically acclaimed January 23rd US News & World Report cover story on "Policing Cyberspace", which provides a compact overview of the many complex issues surrounding law on the digital frontier that will be covered here.

I'm fortunate that WELLhelpers like David Gans, Matisse Enzor and many other WELL volunteers have generously shared their extensive knowledge about navigating about on the WELL and I'd like to thank them for their on-line help. The WELL community service of live on-line help from WELL volunteers is one of the amenities of 'living' in this community.

One interesting site is found on Mindvox. Started by Kim Clancy, the "Round Table" Forum brings together journalists, law enforcement, civil libertarians, and many others who are interested in issues related to freedom, security and privacy in cyberspace. Check out Mindvox for a Gotham slant on the Net. You'll need to join the 'Vox' to get on the Round Table.

Dorothy Denning, professor of Computer Science at Georgetown, has written extensively on crypto subjects. When Dorothy was with Digital Equipment Corporation she wrote an interesting piece on the need to open a dialog with hackers.Dorothy mailed me the June 11, 1995 "postscript" to this three year old piece - with a different "take" on the subject. Dorothy maintains a home crypto page at ttp:// crypto/Crime-and-Crypto.txt (Article on Crime & Crypto on the Information Superhighway) The term "hacker" has gathered much baggage and deserves its own serious discussion here in the near future.

Public cryptography has become the proverbial "two edged sword" that concurrently serves as a talisman of freedom, anarchy, security, privacy and anonymity. Cryptography has become a defining "boundary issue" separating the hacker, civil libertarian and law enforcement communities. Phil Zimmerman, has become the point man (or lightening rod, depending on one's perspective) of public key cryptography which aids the public citizen and terrorist with equal facility. I met Phil at the FLETC where he gave a presentation earlier this year. Mike Godwin has also trekked to our training facility to present the views of the "loyal opposition" to cybercops in training.

Secure transmission of data on the Net is only part of the challenge presented to commerce as that data becomes a vessel for the fuel of commerce. Digital cash is now a reality. As Bruce Sterling penned in a message to me "Oh dear--call IRS"

Without robust debate and communications about these issues across a round table, the essential element of trust of a community in its agents tasked with preserving security cannot be created or maintained. To that end I have dedicated this Web site.

The concept of scenario planning, so successfully practiced by the digital heavy hitter futurists of the Global Business Network (who have an address here on the WELL), challenges us to manage change rather than being passively swept up by it.

Respected police futurist, Bill Tafoya, was instrumental in bringing investigations like the UNABOMB case to the public's attention on the Net. Larry Coutorie, who is with the University of Texas System and the HTCIA, has produced a Delphi Study of High Tech Crime that "attempts to forecast the future nature of high-technology crime"

The administration's cut on the future government involvement in this red-shift technology target is found in its recent " NII Security: The Federal Role"

Protecting children from "adult content" on the Internet is one of the most important challenges for our nation and the Net community. Will a workable solution come from the Federal Government via legislative fiat or from empowered families? Take a look at a very interesting product from SurfWatch (www.surfwatch. com/index.html/) regarding the latter approach, and The Communications Decency Act as to the former. The fear of parents is real and new software solutions are appearing on the horizon. Solid Oak Software of Santa Barbara recently released its CYBERsitter that blocks on-line and disk access. I would imagine it's only a matter of ime before some enterprising programmer will reverse engineer a product that will hone in on the very content these products are seeking to block.

Thanks for the lurk, and while you're here, hit that button at the top of your screen to add us to your bookmark or hotlist so you're only a click away from the CYBERCOP.

If you know of any sites on the Net that will raise the bar in the dialogue surrounding the role of the CYBERCOP in the real and virtual world, let me know.Kevin Manson (kfarrand@well.


Ubiquitous Disclamer: "I own my own words" The views expressed here are my own, not those of any other person or organization, living or dead {G}.


  • United Nations Crime Prevention Web Site
  • Legislative and Statutory materials on "Thomas" of Congress)
  • Bruces Sterling's classic "The Hacker Crackdown, Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier"

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • High Technology Crime Investigation Association
  • FBI
  • Computer Professionals for Social Respossibility
  • "COPNET"
  • Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
  • FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
  • Mike Godwin (Mnemonic) at EFF
  • Article about Steve Jackson Games - "Digital Lessons Learned" from the "Legal Update" a newsletter from the Legal Division of the Office of General Training at the Federal law Enforcement training Center
  • Supreme Court Decisions

    If you are looking for another site that is not listed here - give Infoseek a try right here on the CYBERCOP home page. You can go directly to Infoseek below:

    InfoSeek Net Search
    InfoSeek Net Search is the most powerful and popular way to search the Web. Just type your question in plain English or enter words and phrases. Helpful Tips

  • Training Schedule for the Financial Fraud Institute at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for fiscal year 1996 ( Oct. 1996 - Sept. 1997)

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