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Computer underground Digest Wed Oct 19, 1994 Volume 6 : Issue 91 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Retiring Shadow Archivist: Stanton McCandlish Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Urban Legend Editor: E. Greg Shrdlugold CONTENTS, #6.91 (Wed, Oct 19, 1994) File 1--Playboy's "First Amendment" Award Goes to Jim Warren File 2--NY legis, debates?, MN e-demo, b'caster gagged, religion File 3--I'net?, courts, GII, InfoSleuth, Cal vote, mo' So. Cal File 4--Cu Digest Header Information (unchanged since 18 Oct 1994) CuD ADMINISTRATIVE, EDITORIAL, AND SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION APPEARS IN THE CONCLUDING FILE AT THE END OF EACH ISSUE. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 16 Oct 1994 12:45:37 -0500 From: (Andre Bacard) Subject: File 1--Playboy's "First Amendment" Award Goes to Jim Warren ((MODERATORS' NOTE: Jim Warren as actively, and with some impressive success, used the Nets to mobilize political support for expanding public access to governmental documents and records. Hats off to Jim, and also to Playboy for recognizing the value of Jim's achievements. We devote this issue of CuD to Jim's recent columns so that those unfamiliar with his work may see why he deserves to be honored.)) oooooooooooo Please Circulate Widely oooooooooooo [Attached is a Press Release from the Playboy Foundation. Please distribute this text on the net and to your friends. Jim Warren deserves lots of credit for helping all of us. Circulated by Andre Bacard , who is unaffiliated with Playboy.] PLAYBOY FOUNDATION 680 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, Illinois 60611 (312) 751-8000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 14, 1994 Contact: Carilyn Engel, (312) 751-8000 Ext. 2657 Kristine Hung, (312) 751-8000 Ext. 2658 COMPUTER COLUMNIST AND OPEN-GOVERNMENT ACTIVIST JIM WARREN TO RECEIVE 1994 HUGH M. HEFNER FIRST AMENDMENT AWARD Computer columnist and open-government activist Jim Warren has been selected to receive the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award in the category of Government, the Playboy Foundation announced today. Warren is honored for being one of the leaders in effectively using online advocacy and network-assisted citizen action. Warren organized and led a successful grass roots campaign to implement a plan for a low-cost computerized public information system, bringing access to state government records to citizens throughout California. In March, 1993, California Assemblywoman Debra Bowen introduced a bill that required that virtually all of the state's public legislative information be made available to the public by computer modem. Intrigued by the bill, Warren called Bowen and was told that the bill was virtually dead because it would cost millions of dollars to implement and there was very little public support. Convinced that there was an almost free way of implementing it using the Internet, the largest, nonprofit, nonproprietary, cooperative public computer network in the world, Warren single-handedly launched a crusade to ensure the bill's passage. Warren went online broadcasting the details of the bill and issued calls for citizen support and action alerts. The result of his grass roots electronic campaign was immediate and impressive. What had been a "dead" bill passed four committee votes and three floor votes without a single opposing vote. In October 1993, California Governor Pete Wilson signed the bill into law, making California the first state in the nation to provide online access via the Internet to extensive details of all state legislation in progress. Warren's efforts to open up state government marks the first time online advocacy and network assisted citizen action was instrumental in the passage of state legislation. A leading figure in computer-assisted public access, Warren founded the online newsletter, GovAccess, through which he has campaigned vigorously and effectively to open government to public view. He has long used his columns in MicroTimes, Government Technology and BoardWatch magazines to rally support for overdue reforms in government information procedures, and was the 1991 founder and chair of the First Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy. He is now campaigning to make similarly accessible, records such as the economic interest statements of state officials, lobbyists' disclosure forms, campaign finance reports and state information that is already computerized and to which the public has a theoretical right of access under the California Public Records Act. He is also encouraging local communities to develop civic networks, providing 24-hour online access to city and county government. Along with Warren, other 1994 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award winners include: media critics Jeff Cohen and Normon Solomon, for co-writing Adventures in Medialand: Behind the News, Beyond the Pundits, a collection of collection of commentaries on media issues; attorney Anthony Griffin, for his moral courage in defending the right of the Klu Klux Klan to keep its membership lists private; The Oregonian editorial page editor Robert Landauer, for producing a series of editorials aimed at overturning Measure 9, the anti-gay constitutional amendment in Oregon; drama teacher Carole Marlowe, for staging a dramatic reading of the play the play, The Shadowbox that provided a far greater opportunity for the community to discuss censorship, the First Amendment and artistic freedom; and First Amendment Congress founder Jean Otto, for developing the Education for Freedom curriculum for teaching the First Amendment in public schools. These winners, who will be honored at an awards luncheon ceremony on November 16, 1994 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, were selected by an independent panel of judges, including Carl Jensen, professor of communication studies at Sonoma State University, founding director of Project Censored and a 1992 recipient of a Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award; Jessica Mitford, social change activist and author of The American Way of Death; and Rex Armstrong, attorney, volunteer counsel to the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon and 1988 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award winner. Established in 1979 by the Playboy Foundation, the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards program honors individuals who have made significant contributions to defend First Amendment rights for Americans. Eligibility is not restricted by profession, but nominees traditionally have come from the areas of print and broadcast journalism, education, publishing, law, government and arts and entertainment. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 18:07:54 -0700 From: Jim Warren Subject: File 2--NY legis, debates?, MN e-demo, b'caster gagged, religion GOVERNMENT ACCESS #078: NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY INTERNET ADDRESS ALLEGED; SENATE SOON TO FOLLOW I'm told that the New York Legislature's lower house now has an Internet server, and that their Senate will have one shortly. No word yet as to whether either is yet operational, nor if the world can reach 'em. But it's alleged that they are taking Inet access very seriously and hot in pursuit of comin' online. For more information, contact yer legis-creature. And send authorative details to me for blabbering to the world herevia. --jim ==================================== I DON'T KNOW OF ANY DEBATE SCHEDULES ... DO YOU? >From Thu Oct 13 23:01:51 1994 A constant annoyance every election season is the inability to find schedules of campaign debates, short of spending an hour a day scanning newspapers (time I don't have). Do you know of any BBS's, Web sites, gophers, listservs, etc., that might have such information? I missed the Feinstein/Huffington "debate" on Larry King Live. :-( --Bruce (Bruce Hamilton, Gardena, CA) (preferred) --day 310-333-3538 --day [You don't really think that most members of the free press are going to go out of their way to encourage you to watch some competitor's channel do you? All the more reason why we need for the online nets to remain economically viable for *anyone* to report/publicize anything, and for all users to be able to afford to receive what they wish - even if telco and cable corps and media monopolists aren't reaping massive profits from it. --jim] ------------------------------ MINNESOTA E-DEMOCRACY 1994 - CAMPAIGN AND ELECTION INFORMATION From: "Steven L. Clift" Sun Oct 16 15:26:20 1994 [An outstanding model of some of the possibilities. What are you or others doing in *your* state? --jim] The Minnesota E-Democracy project invites you to explore our updated campaign and election information server on the Internet and to join our interactive election and public policy electronic mail forum. This citizen organized project has combined the an interactive forum with retrievable election information. This combination has been key to its success. It has built a foundation electronic citizen participation and discussion of important issues. The new Twin Cities Free-Net is the host of the Internet server and the Minnesota Regional Network (MRNet) has donated the e-list facilities. The project has collected position papers from candidates for Governor and U.S. Senate, the voter registration and constitutional amendment information from the Secretary of State, candidate profiles from the Star-Tribune newspaper, and many other election oriented documents in electronic form. In near future we will be adding the text of the voter guide produced by the Minnesota League of Women's Voters. This on-line effort was launched only a few weeks before the September primary election and is one of only a handful multi-candidate, state-level projects of it kind. The E-Democracy Internet server is filled with content and the Minnesota Politics and Public Policy E-mail Forum (MN-POLITICS) has around 300 subscribers - close to three times more than any other state-based public affairs electronic mail list. The forum is also archived on the server, so you need not subscribe to the list to follow the interesting debate. Project volunteers are now working to hold the first e-mail debate between candidates for the U.S. Senate and Governor in Minnesota. If it can be pulled off, it will probably be the first on-line e-debate between campaigns at that level. At a minimum side-by-side issue papers will be presented on a some key topics over the course of a few days for each race. If the information below does not answer your questions about reaching the server, subscribing to the e-mail forum, or about the effort in general, please feel free to contact us at our e-mail address. The volunteers working on the debate are looking for question suggestions for the e-debate, so send them in! We look forward to your participation. Steven Clift, Project Coordinator, Minnesota E-Democracy 1994 E-Democracy@Free-Net.Mpls-StPaul.MN.US <- E-mail P.S. ... Please forward this posting to others who might be interested. --- To reach the Minnesota E-Democracy Internet Server World-Wide-Web: Gopher:, port 8001 Twin Cities Free-Net Main Menu/ (through these folders) The Government Center/ The Minnesota E-Democracy Project/ *The server is also listed on the "Mother" Gopher at the University of Minnesota ( via the following path: /Other Gopher and Information Servers/North America/USA/Minnesota/ Telnet: - Login: guest - No password necessary. 20 minute time limit. VT100 terminal emulation advised. E-mail Send the following e-mail message to Retrieval: "Majordomo@Free-Net.Mpls-StPaul.MN.US" with the following text (case-sensitive) in the message body: info E-Democracy Excerpts from the E-Democracy WWW Home Page: The purpose of this non-partisan, volunteer effort is to provide public access to campaign information in electronic form and to help create an electronic public space for voters to discuss the election issues that they feel are important. This server is sponsored by the Twin Cities Free-Net. Contents: Project Description Text Submission and Volunteer Information Election and Voter Registration Information Voter Guides and Other Information Campaign Releases by Candidate Search Text of Campaign and Election Information [via WWW and Telnet only] Minnesota Politics and Public Policy E-Mail Forum and Archive Links to Other Election Servers and Related Information --- Minnesota Politics and Public Policy Electronic-Mail Forum Facilities provided by the Minnesota Regional Network MN-POLITICS@MR.NET MN-POLITICS is an unmoderated Internet electronic-mail list for the sharing of information on and discussion of Minnesota politics and public policy. Members of this forum are encouraged to contribute campaign and election information, announcements from Minnesota-focused political and civic organizations, public policy and legislative information, and presentations on issues of public interest. The list encourages discussion from diverse political perspectives that is respectful in nature. This forum is more about the presentation of ideas and information than being right with one's ideology. As the membership broadens,the forum will seek to contain informational postings that represent the diverse political scene in Minnesota. E-mail users with Internet access can SUBSCRIBE by sending the following command to: Majordomo@MR.NET In the text portion write*: subscribe mn-politics *WARNING: Do NOT write anything after "mn-politics". Majordomo does accept the inclusion of any text after the list name. If text is included (like your name) we will not be able to notify you of this error. List Manager: Mick Souder Note: As of 10/13/94 the e-list has around 300 subscribers and averages about six postings a day. This number should increase as the election approaches. The list is archived on the E-Democracy server and is searchable by keyword. The e-list was established to live on beyond the election and as a public affairs forum focusing on Minnesota issues. ------------------------------ Information Infrastructure ... but not for little folks or "radical" views? DUNIFER SAYS FCC SEEKS INJUNCTION TO GAG MICRO-POWER BROADCASTER From: Sun Oct 16 05:18:20 1994 From: Stephen Dunifer To: (action mailing list) On Tuesday, October 10 attorneys for Stephen Dunifer and Free Radio Berkeley received notice, 80 pages worth, of the FCC's intention to seek an injunction which would bar further broadcasts by Free Radio Berkeley. Stephen Dunifer is named as the responsible party. Free Radio Berkeley is part of a rapidly growing movement which uses inexpensive and low power radio transmitters (1/2 watt to 30 watts) to reach local communities. Called micro power broadcasting, this movement sees simple, easy to use transmitters as the leaflet of the 90's. In an era of multinational controlled mass media, micro power broadcasting is the voice of the community; the voice of the people. For four years the government has been trying to squelch this movement with escalating (but uncollected) fines. Clearly, it sees broadcasting which anyone can do as a threat to centralized control of information, ideas and culture. Intimidation having failed, the FCC is abandoning its own procedures and turning to the weight of the Federal Courts to squelch this new and democratic media. It won't happen. Last July the FCC served a notice of apparent liability on Stephen Dunifer in the amount of $20,000 for alleged illegal broadcasts. This case has been pending before an FCC administrative panel for over a year. In July 1994, a Federal Appeals Court in the District of Columbia ruled that the FCC's current fine structure was invalid. This action, at the very least, places the FCC fine process into a state of limbo until new hearings are held. Perhaps this explains why the FCC has taken this mode of attack. Luke Hiken, attorney for Stephen Dunifer, stated, "This is a totally unprecedented move on the part of the FCC. It appears they have side-stepped their own authority regarding micro radio broadcasting. Instead, they have chosen to bring down the full weight of the Federal Court System on an ever expanding community of broadcasters who are challenging the FCC's ban on micro power broadcasting.". (continued) "They can kiss my Bill of Rights" was Stephen Dunifer's response, who went on further to say, "Neither myself nor the movement to liberate and reclaim the airwaves from corporate control will be deterred one bit by the FCC's latest action. It is a matter of free speech and human rights. No where in their prodigious legal tome does any aggrieved party come forth, other than the FCC, to assert damage or harm. FCC, in my opinion, stands for fostering corporate control. Free Radio Berkeley has been on vacation for the last few months in order to allow time to put together new equipment. Broadcasts will resume shortly at a new frequency, 104.1 FM, and continue until the date of the first court hearing. If an injunction is granted, there are many others taking up the banner of Free Radio Berkeley. We shall not be moved nor stymied by a justice system which means, in reality, just us corporations." Another member of the legal defense team, Allen Hopper, put it this way, "It is utterly amazing that the FCC would seek a TRO, which is only sought for emergency situations where the threat of immediate and irreparable harm requires the intervention of the Court. The fact that the FCC has had this case pending before its own administrative panel for over a year contradicts any notion of emergency or injury. Further, their actions clearly demonstrate the fear they hold for the kind of public dialogue which takes place over micro power radio." Luke Hiken and the National Lawyers Guild Committee on Democratic Communications are committed to defending the rights of micro broadcasters under the US Constitution and principles of international law. At this moment, a hearing on this matter is scheduled to take place on December 2 in Federal District Court in Oakland starting at 10:30 AM. A Free Speech Solidarity Support Rally will be held outside the Oakland Federal Building prior to the hearing. On the following evening (Saturday, December 3) a public forum flying the banner of - Seizing the Space, Media and Communications Free Speech Activism - will be held in Berkeley at the Unitarian Fellowship (Cedar & Bonita). Starting time will be 8 PM. Simultaneous forums on this topic will be taking place in a number of other cities around the US, and perhaps internationally as well, on this date. Contact: Stephen Dunifer, Free Radio Berkeley - (510) 644-3779, 464-3041 Luke Hiken, Attorney At Law, NLGCDC - (415) 705-6460 ------------------------------ RELIGION AND THE LAW >From owner-new-list@VM1.NODAK.EDU Sat Oct 15 22:38:04 1994 From: Eugene Volokh Organization: UCLA School of Law Subject--NEW: ReligionLaw - Religion and the Law - mostly for law profs ReligionLaw on A list for discussion of religion and the law -- free exercise, Establishment Clause, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, equal protection, religious discrimination and religious harassment under Title VII, and so on. Primarily aimed at law professors, and lawyers with a good grounding in the relevant legal doctrine. The discussion tends to be technical, and to assume a good deal of background knowledge. To subscribe, send a message to with the following in the BODY of the message: subscribe religionlaw yourfirstname yourlastname Note: The server software appears to be ListProc rather than LISTSERV. Owner: Eugene Volokh ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 18 Oct 1994 19:35:02 -0700 From: Jim Warren Subject: File 3--I'net?, courts, GII, InfoSleuth, Cal vote, mo' So. Cal Goverment Access #080: INTERNET? INTERNET WHO? I just got around to reading "What is the Internet, Anyway?" by John Quarterman (author of THE MATRIX from Digital Press) and Smoot Carl-Mitchell, in the September issue of MicroTimes (a California print monthly; and was *delighted* with it. It provides a MUCH-needed reasonable delineation of the words and concepts for the ambiguities involved when folks refer to "the net" or the "Internet" -- a useful structure of the concepts and labels. John has advised me that a longer version is now available over the net, as: gopher:// ------------------------------ COURT INFORMATION ONLINE [The Sacramento Bar Association Journal carried an article a year or so ago, urging that the press pay as much attention to the judicial branch of government as they pay to the executive and legislative branches - proposing that it needs the same level of vigilent public oversight as do the better- known branches. What a provocative thought. I asked some questions about online access to court records. --jim] Date--Mon, 17 Oct 1994 04:31:23 -0700 From--Barry D Roseman Mon Oct 17 04:31:21 1994 I can answer at least some of your questions. "EDOS" stands for Electronic Dissemination of Opinion System, an effort by the federal intermediate appellate courts to provide electronic copies of their respective courts' opinions via their own BBSes. As far as I know, these systems now are free. The Tenth Circuit EDOS (for the court hearing appeals from federal trial courts in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Kansas and Oklahoma) includes copies of its opinions less than 90 days old. "PACER" stands for Public Access to Court Electronic, or something like that. It's the system used by the bankruptcy courts and many if not all federal district courts to provide information about the status of cases. This is a fee-based system. The Federal Circuit's EDOS numbers are 202-786-6504 and 202-633-9608. The office overseeing the online efforts of the federal courts is: Administrative Office of the United States Courts Technology Enhancement Office Washington, DC 20544 202-273-2730 I obtained most of this information from The Legal List ver. 5.0, written by Erik J. Heels (the document is now in version 5.1). Erik's email address is . If you want to obtain a copy of The Legal List, you can get it by ftp at ------------------------------ INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION-INFRASTRUCTURE DISCUSSION LIST Sender: cpsr-announce@Sunnyside.COM Sun, 16 Oct 1994 14:02:07 -0700 CPSR-GLOBAL is a new Listserv for uniting people all over the world who want to talk about: **decisions the USA will make on the information infrastructure, or NII, that will affect the rest of the world--we want the NII to be a positive force for a GII (global information infrastructure) **issues of national identity, "cultural pollution," and international communication and the GII **the new emerging GII world culture **international issues of security and privacy and computer law **international issues of computer development (keyboards, safety) **issues of design **language And whatever other global issues you want to discuss. Right now the list will be predominately in English, because it's the lingua franca of the Net. To join this discussion write to with a blank subject and the email command SUBSCRIBE CPSR-GLOBAL Firstname Lastname where Firstname and Lastname are replaced by your first name and last name. If you are reading this as a welcome message because you've just joined, then welcome! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELONG TO CPSR TO JOIN THE DISCUSSION!!! The list owner, Marsha Woodbury, is a Director at Large for CPSR with a strong interest in international cooperation. Write her at CPSR, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, is based at a home office in Palo Alto, California, and has 22 chapters. You can learn more about CPSR at or by writing to with the email message HELP. CPSR began as a response to the Star Wars program, when members wrote reports and testified at hearings about the impossibility of providing a "fail-safe" network of nuclear missles in outer space. Today CPSR is interested in all social issues related to the use of computers, from repetitive stress syndrome from keyboard use, to the intrusion into privacy by government and business, and others. CPSR is a highly respected group, whose members are well informed. The 1,800 members of CPSR have an awareness about the potential benefits of computers to our society, such as their ability to personalize the interface from an otherwise large impersonal society to the individual, but the also understand the large potential risk inherent in the use of computers and computer technology by individuals, governments, and corporations. CPSR asks questions such as, "Will there be equal access to the Information Superhighway" (also called the "Infobahn" or NII)? What can we do to lessen the gap between those who are "information-rich" and those who are "information-poor?" -- Marsha Woodbury U of IL, U-C FAX 217-356-7050 H/ 217-337-0001 W/ 244-3390 "A simile is like a metaphor." ------------------------------ INFOSLEUTH AND CROSSFLOW PROJECTS - FASCINATING, BUT THIS IS ALL I KNOW (Bill Thompson) Mon Oct 17 08:22:50 1994 MEETING OBJECTIVE: Final Planning for Goals, Directions, and common elements of InfoSleuth and CrossFlow Projects DATE: October 28, 1994 LOC'N: Sheraton Lakeside Inn, Orlando, FL- 192 W. Off I-4 near Disney World COST: $47- Special Rate valid 3 days before and 3 days after meeting. Call (800) 848-0801, and ask for the MCC meeting rate. Anticipated Participant List: Eastman Chemical Bellcore FBI DOD AT&T/GIS EPA EINet IBM Lehman Brothers Ceridian Andersen Hughes Motorola Express Star Unisys Mead Data Central Digital SAIC West Publishing Boeing Kodak Radian Tracor LANL IRS/T-MAC General Magic Compuserve Prodigy America On Line Oracle 8:30 Continental Breakfast 9:00 John McRary Introduction 9:30 Carnot Accomplishments Summary 10:00 Networked Exploitation of information- InfoSleuth Preliminary Plans 10:45 Break 11:15 Organizational Agility- CrossFlow Preliminary Plans 12:00 Lunch 1:00 Eastman Chemical, DOD, EINet, and Express Star Systems- Application Partnership Goals 2:00 InfoSleuth technical Objectives: Emphasis and Priorities Other potential participant input- Open discussion 2:30 Break 2:45 CrossFlow Technical Objectives: Emphasis & Priorities Other potential participant input- Open discussion 3:15 Wrap up 3:30 Adjourn ------------------------------ CALIFORNIA VOTER-INFORMATION AND ELECTION-RESULTS LIVE ONLINE From--Judi Clark Oct 18 16:33:29 1994 Cal Gov Election info is now online! The text of the proposals, other info, even an almost-real-time election update (graphical representation of poll results updated every 5 minutes after the polls close)! Check it out at: Lynx users will not see the graphical poll results, but I believe will see percentages and other info... This note hot off DEC's websters. ------------------------------ CALIFORNIA LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OFFERS INFO BEYOND COMPU$ERVE Fri Oct 14 23:18:30 1994 The Pros & Cons of the California Ballot Propositions prepared by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund are now available by ftp on the Internet. Address: then cd /users/ro/fpack/league. Fran Packard ------------------------------ PURSUING CALIFORNIA ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT INFORMATION ... [This is somewhat-old information and I'm not sure how active this list is now, but with luck, it will become active again when more open-access legislation *is* introduced in January. --jim] Chris Mays Browse my FAQ: California Electronic Government Information URL: You can also view the ascii text by gopher at CPSR. Port=70 Path=0/cpsr/states/california/940901.cal_gov_info_FAQ ------------------------------ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GLOBAL-INFORMATION EVENT Date--Fri, 7 Oct 1994 21:36:53 -0400 From--Aggi Raeder 310-828-7229 Subject--Global Information Age in Thousand Oaks this announcement being posted to multiple lists. Sorry for any duplication. PASSPORT TO TOMORROW: Your Ticket to the Global Information Age a day-long event sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Ventura County will be held October 27th at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza 2100 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA Cost: $95 for daytime events $25 for the evening gala $15 for students Keynote speaker: Michael Rothchild, author of Bionomics: Economy as Ecosystem also: How to do Business in the Global Information Age How to make Government Work in the Global Information Age Privacy and Security in the Global Information Age a debate between Dr. Clinton Brooks, advisor to the Director of National Security Agency and Phillip Zimmerman, civil libertarian and cryptographer EVENING GALA: Presentation of winners of World Citizens Award, presented by former Vice President Dan Quayle TICKETS: Ticketmaster (805)583-8700 Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza (805)449-ARTS INFORMATION: call Bill Barbee (805)652-2052 Cathy Severson (805)496-8983 Posted by World Affairs Council of Ventura County, fax: 805-496-8983 ------------------------------ MORE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CIVIC NETS - L.A. CITY, RIVERSIDE COUNTY From--Marc Levin Mon Oct 17 08:44:36 1994 In regards to your query about "civic-nets" in SoCal. I do know of two Southern possibilities: 1.) CITYNET: operated by the City of Los Angeles (LA Information Services Dept.)- to find out more contact: Henry Lee 2.) Riverside County's Gopher System: operated by Data Networks Division of the County's GSA/Information Services Dept. Contact: Greg Stoddard (909)275-6934 or -- Marc Levin Institute of Governmental Studies University of California, Berkeley ------------------------------ MORE ABOUT THE LOS ANGELES FREE-NET OFFERINGS (Mel Roseman) Oct 17 06:57:59 1994 <<< The Government Center >>> 1 California State Legislature Gopher

2 U.S. House of Representatives Gopher 3 U.S. Senate Gopher 4 U.S. Government Gophers 5 Congressional Quarterly Gopher 6 Federal Legislation (1983 - Present) 7 Fedworld Bulletin Board (Connects to many Federal Telnet Addresses ) 8 Government Documents From Internet Wiretap 9 Judiciary Resources (Includes Supreme Court Decisions) 10 Government (U.C. Santa Cruz) Choose: "8 The Government" 11 The Los Angeles Mayor's Office 12 The Political Scene <<< The Political Scene>>> 1 The California Online Voter Guide 2 The Candidates' Biographies, Records, Finances 3 About "Candidates and Issues" 4 Candidates and Issues 5 About "The People Speak" 6 The People Speak ------------------------------ BROKEN ELM BRANCHES Recently your GovAccess posts have been confusing my mailreader (Elm). When you 'repost' a message in the list sometimes you leave the header in its original form. The "From xxx@xxx" looks like a real message to my reader. The other 2 forms ">From xxx@xxx" and "From: xxx@xxx" are ok. ==to which I replied== Thanks for the heads-up about ELM confusion. Will *try* to remember to modify the msg source-lines, but won't guarantee it. Large task; small mind. --jim ------------------------------ Comic Relief AWARDS TO CELEBRATE BEST USES OF "INFORMATION HIGHWAY" >From les@SAIL.Stanford.EDU Fri Oct 14 16:15:46 1994 [. . .] We're looking for the success stories and examples of electronic commerce, community and health networks, virtual libraries, distance learning, online information services, collaborative work and more. It doesn't matter whether you're using the Internet or ATM. I wonder if they would consider an award for the first commercial use of the network, which I believe was a drug deal betweeen grad students at Stanford and MIT circa 1970. [Reposted from with the author's permission. -j] ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1994 22:51:01 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 4--Cu Digest Header Information (unchanged since 18 Oct 1994) Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. Subscriptions are available at no cost electronically. CuD is available as a Usenet newsgroup: Or, to subscribe, send a one-line message: SUB CUDIGEST your name Send it to LISTSERV@UIUCVMD.BITNET or LISTSERV@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU The editors may be contacted by voice (815-753-0303), fax (815-753-6302) or U.S. mail at: Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115, USA. Issues of CuD can also be found in the Usenet news group; on CompuServe in DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, and DL1 of TELECOM; on GEnie in the PF*NPC RT libraries and in the VIRUS/SECURITY library; from America Online in the PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters;" On Delphi in the General Discussion database of the Internet SIG; on RIPCO BBS (312) 528-5020 (and via Ripco on internet); and on Rune Stone BBS (IIRGWHQ) (203) 832-8441. CuD is also available via Fidonet File Request from 1:11/70; unlisted nodes and points welcome. EUROPE: from the ComNet in LUXEMBOURG BBS (++352) 466893; In ITALY: Bits against the Empire BBS: +39-461-980493 In BELGIUM: Virtual Access BBS: + (ringdown) UNITED STATES: ( in /pub/CuD/ ( in /pub/Publications/CuD/ ( in /pub/eff/cud/ in /src/wuarchive/doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/ in /pub/wuarchive/doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/ in /doc/EFF/Publications/CuD/ EUROPE: in pub/doc/cud/ (Finland) in pub/cud/ (United Kingdom) JAPAN: /mirror/ Volumes 5 and 6 can also be obtained from the NIU Sociology gopher at: (navigate to the "acad depts;" "liberal arts;" "sociology" menus, and it'll be in CuDs. COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST is an open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists and to the presentation and debate of diverse views. CuD material may be reprinted for non-profit as long as the source is cited. Authors hold a presumptive copyright, and they should be contacted for reprint permission. It is assumed that non-personal mail to the moderators may be reprinted unless otherwise specified. Readers are encouraged to submit reasoned articles relating to computer culture and communication. Articles are preferred to short responses. Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #6.91 ************************************


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