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Computer underground Digest Wed June 22, 1994 Volume 6 : Issue 56 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Retiring Shadow Archivist: Stanton McCandlish Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Copy Dittoer: Etaoian Shrdlu CONTENTS, #6.56 (Wed, June 22, 1994) File 1--Tandy trying to shut down employee BBS? File 2--Tandy vs Employee BBS Sysop (update) (fwd) File 3--Brooks Statement on Crypto (Congr. Record) File 4--Net-Letter Guide 6/15 File 5--Request for Comments: U.S. Tech Corps Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. Subscriptions are available at no cost electronically. 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Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 6 Jun 1994 15:03:07 -0500 From: (Stanton McCandlish) Subject: File 1--Tandy trying to shut down employee BBS? [From CIS; this is just an informational forward, and does not represent EFF positions or policy.] Should your employer prohibit you from operating a BBS, on your own equipment, at your own expense, on your own time with the threat of being fired if you do? It has happened! Tandy/Radio Shack did it to one of their employees. This is a press release of the incident. Everyone should read this! Rochelle Skwarla P.O. Box 5216 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5216 voice: (805) 549-9625 modem: (805) 549-0961 CompuServe: 74007,1230 America Online: Rochelle1 Internet: >>> NEWS RELEASE <<< Dateline: San Luis Obispo, California The Constitutional right of Freedom of Speech by using the Information Superhighway is being roadblocked by Joseph Provenzano, one of the District Managers for Radio Shack - a division of Tandy Corporation. Ms. Rochelle C. Skwarla, one of the System Operators (SYSOP) for a local hobby computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) and also an employee of Radio Shack was advised to consider shutting down her system or leaving the company. Searchlight of San Luis Obispo, California has been in operation since March 1990 and has become one of the largest, most popular, and well respected BBSs on the Central California Coast. Ms. Skwarla has also been employed by one of the local Radio Shack stores since April 1991. Ms. Skwarla and another coworker were advised on Saturday, May 14, 1994 by the company that the operation of their free (donation optional) system was a conflict of interest and she should choose one or the other. Rochelle gave the following statement: "I am a very strong believer in everyone's right to freedom of speech. Preventing me from operating a free BBS would deny me and the many hundreds of my callers this Constitutional freedom. I cannot allow this to happen. I don't really have much of a choice. I am not only standing up for my own rights, but most-importantly, for the rights of everyone to access and make available the means to use the Information Superhighway. If I allow my employer to dictate to me what I can and can't do with my own equipment on my own time, where will it end?" "Their control stops at the timeclock. If this were not so then everyone's rights are in jeopardy. Your employer could tell you that you can't do such-and-such off the job. For example: You work for an insurance company that refuses to insure motorcycle riders because they consider them to be too high a risk. Now lets say you own some land which you allow off-road bikers to use free. Your employer says that this is a conflict of interest and you can't do it. Should this be allowed? How about if you wrote a letter to the local newspaper editor why you felt motorcycle riders should not be discriminated against. Should you be fired?" "A computer Bulletin Board System, or Online Information Service as I prefer to call them, is a form of media. Something like a party line telephone, mail, library, radio, television, magazine, and newspaper all rolled into one. Almost everything --books, letters, speeches, movies, and songs-- are now available through electronic means. How you access it is through a BBS or OIS. Some systems are free, others are not. We are talking about freedom of the press and the people. The Information Superhighway is just now starting to be built. My system is one of the on-ramps. It is open to traffic and will continue to be so for years to come. I will fight this tooth and nail if I have to. Like a turtle, you will never get anywhere if you don't stick your neck out." John V. Roach, CEO and Chairman, Tandy Corporation, Tandy Trends, Volume 9, Number 1, Page 8: "...I urge you to contact your congressional representatives'offices - either by phone or by mail - and let them know that you cannot support these bills [H.R. 3626, H.R. 3636 & S.1822] unless they protect your Right to Own, your Right to Choose, and your Right of Access on the Information Superhighway." >>> UPDATE: <<< The week following the ultimatum Ms. Skwarla's weekly hours were cut back to 15. The following week to 8 1/2. On May 27, 1994 her hours were cut back to 0 and she was advised that her services would no longer be needed at that store. She made the following comment: "I am sorry it had to happen this way. Instead of supporting access to the Information Superhighway, my employer's actions spoke louder than their words. Unfortunately for them it seems that their attempt only backfired as this news release will travel along the same route they attempted to stop. This is going to hurt their relationship with the public greatly." Searchlight of San Luis Obispo, California, Online Information Service / Bulletin Board System, (805) 549-0961 continues to be very active and strong. Rochelle Skwarla can be contacted at P.O. Box 5216, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5216; on her Bulletin Board System; on CompuServe at 74007,1230; on America Online as Rochelle1; and via the Internet as You can also send your comments to John V. Roach, CEO and Chairman, Tandy Corporation, 1900 One Tandy Center, Fort Worth, TX 76102. >>> END OF RELEASE <<< John V. Roach Rochelle C. Skwarla CEO and Chairman P.O. Box 5216 Tandy Corporation San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5216 1900 One Tandy Center (805) 549-9625 Fort Worth, TX 76102 May 14, 1994 Dear Mr. Roach, To quote you from Tandy Trends, Volume 9, Number 1, Page 8: "...I urge you to contact your congressional representatives' offices - either by phone or by mail - and let them know that you cannot support these bills unless they protect your Right to Own, your Right to Choose, and your Right of Access on the Information Superhighway." It seems that one of the District Managers for Radio Shack, Mr. Joe Provenzano of District 0577 does not share the same opinion. My store manager had the unfortunate duty to relay to me today that the D.M. felt that the operation of a BBS by me and another coworker was a conflict of interest and that I should consider choosing one or the other. We have run our free (donation optional) BBS for over four years as a hobby. It originally was run on our first Tandy 1000 SL computer. It became so popular, we soon purchased a second Tandy 1000 TL/2 computer. Today we own four PCs. Our system is one of the largest, most popular, and well respected BBSs on the Central California Coast. I have been employed by Radio Shack for over three years, having had three different District Managers, and three different Store Managers. My previous job of six years was as an Executive Manager for a major oil company (left for health reasons). I have also held other major supervisory positions. I am no youngster in the business world. I choose to work for Radio Shack because I wanted to, not because I had to. I believed in the people, the company and the products, owning around $10,000 worth myself (most of which I had purchased as Jane Q. Customer). After today, I have a different opinion. I am a very strong believer in everyone's right to freedom of speech, as it seems you are. Preventing me from operating a free BBS would deny me and the many hundreds of my callers this Constitutional freedom. I cannot allow this to happen. I don't really have much of a choice. Mr. Provenzano is the type of D.M. that does not like resistance and has shown this as well as being unreasonable toward some Managers and Salesmakers since his recent reassignment to this area. Based upon his previous conduct, remaining with the company would not be favorable to me regardless of my BBS outcome. It seems that I will be forced to seek other employment. I realize that the loss of one employee does not mean much to the company as a whole, however, thanks to the Information Superhighway the reasons of my leaving will have a strong impact upon other employees, potential future employees and customers. Until today, it has been a pleasure working for Radio Shack. Your comments and opinion would be appreciated. Sincerely, (Ms.) Rochelle C. Skwarla This discussion is continued on: Searchlight of San Luis Obispo, California Online Information Service / Bulletin Board System (805) 549-0961 In the "UMU" (United Modem Users) Subboard. Please help spread the news and upload this file package to every system you call and provide copies to your local media and every person that has any interest in protecting their rights to access the Information Superhighway. Letters of support and donations to help fight the cause may be mailed to: Ms. Rochelle C. Skwarla P.O. Box 5216 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5216 You may also contact her on: Searchlight of San Luis Obispo, California: Rochelle Skwarla Searchlight BBS, Cleveland, OH: Rochelle Skwarla CompuServe: 74007,1230 America Online: Rochelle1 Internet: Thank you. We have had one interview with the local media today (newspaper). Other employees have been threatened with suspension if they talk about it to anyone. My Co-Sysop had today off from work (she works at the same store I did). We are concerned that she too will be terminated. A can of worms has been opened here. We are up against a big company fighting for the right of freedom of speech for everyone. Help, opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rochelle ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 19 Jun 1994 02:27:36 -0500 (CDT) From: David Smith Subject: File 2--Tandy vs Employee BBS Sysop (update) (fwd) ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date--12 Jun 94 22:31:22 EDT From--Rochelle Skwarla <74007.1230@CompuServe.COM> Subject--Tandy vs Sysop A very big thank you to everyone that has been so supportive! I am doing a mass mailing of this letter to those that have written to me. I hope that it gets to everyone correctly. Please pass this around as things are getting very busy out here and I don't have alot of free time (or money) to write to everyone personally. I'll try to answer a few of the most asked questions. Q: Is the story true? A: If you have read an unmodified copy of BADTANDY.ZIP, it is true. However, as the story goes around through the networks information can sometimes be taken out of context or misquotes happen. I can't say what you read is true or not, but what I wrote originally is true. Q: What did Radio Shack mean by a "Conflict of Interest"? A: This seems to be the second most asked question. Nobody has been able to get an answer to this. They could have said because the sky is blue and it would have made just as much sense. Q: Has this ever happened before? A: Yes, At least once that I know of. The sysop of one of the largest Searchlight BBSs in the country, located in Provo, UT was a manager for a Radio Shack store and got fired under the same circumstances a few years ago. I would be interested in hearing from any others that have had this happen to them. Q: What has Tandy/Radio Shack said so-far? A: Nothing. I have never received any replies from anyone since I was laid-off. I mailed out the letter to Mr. Roach several weeks before I made the news release public to give him an opportunity to respond and correct the problem. Either he didn't care or didn't realize the impact this would have. Q: Are you going to take legal action? A: Nothing has been decided yet. The EFF and ACLU have been notified. We are considering every avenue. This is a very important issue for EVERYONE, modem users and nonusers alike. A person's activity off the job should not be regulated by your employer. A prisoner can make millions with book and movie rights about their crime(s) but a free citizen can be restricted from doing something off the job by his/her employer? Something does not seem right here. Q: What is happening with the media? A: Good question. Computer publications understand the importance of this issue. The general media does not. During interviews, I often have to first explain what a BBS is (and is not) for the first 30 minutes. Then convince them why this situation is so important to everyone. Some reporters understand but are having difficulty getting their editors to. It is to my understanding that Sysop News will try to have the article in their July issue even though the release came out after their cutoff date. Our local media ran into a few roadblocks when trying to obtain comments from other RS employees (who were threatened with suspension if they said anything). I am sure that if the media can get anything out of the company, some of it will be distorted. One reporter was able to get a few copies of some material but the company left out one page which luckily I had a copy of so was able to provide the missing piece. But because I have no idea what information (if any) they are getting, I can't always provide my version or the missing pieces (I no-longer have access to company material and have to rely on what copies I do have). I don't like mud slinging and have tried to avoid it in this matter. I've only presented the facts related to THIS situation, nothing else. I don't need to bring up the District Manager's sex life (of which I don't know anything about nor do I care) or anything else not related. Q: What else can I do to help? A: Keep spreading the news. Try to get the media to understand that this issue is very important to everyone. You can also write to the following people/organizations and urge them to please get more involved: EFF, Lance Rose (Attorney at Law & author of SYSLAW), Jack Rickard (Editor of Boardwatch Magazine), Rush Limbaugh, Your local ACLU, and just about anyone else that you can think of. Q: Does John V. Roach, CEO and Chairman of Tandy Corporation have an Internet address? A: I have not been able to find this out. There IS a, but that is as much as I can get. If anyone else knows, let me and everyone know too. I have had many requests for this. A flood of e-mail could get him to pay attention. Q: How can I keep up on the latest? A: Call our OIS/BBS (Online Information Service/Bulletin Board System). Searchlight of San Luis Obispo, California, (805) 549-0961. We have a message area there titled UMU (United Modem Users). We repost all e-mail received, replies and updates. If you have sent me e-mail at any of my online addresses, the chances are good that it is posted and replied to in that subboard. If you are a sysop or cosysop, please leave me e-mail on the board advising me of such. Include the OIS/BBS name and data number, so we can adjust your account to reflect this. Q: How can I contribute? A: Donations are very much welcome and needed. Our system has always been free, with donations optional. As with most hobby systems, we operate on a shoestring. A major hard drive failure occured at the same time all this came down. We managed to get it back up and running, but the repair technician said that the HD was on it's last leg. Not wanting to take a chance and power the system down to remount the drive for fear it may not crank up again, she sits on top of the open CPU until we can afford to get a new one. Because of the situation, it is very important to remain online at any cost right now. If you want to send us a buck or two, you can make your check out to me, Rochelle Skwarla, P.O. Box 5216, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5216. Because we are a hobby system, we do not have a business account so can't cash a checks in the OIS/BBS name. We will apply all donations toward the direct operation of the system based upon the importance, hardware, legal, etc. Our system is operated out of our home by two women (one now unemployed). This isn't a plea, but some of you asked, so I answered. I am slightly awed to have received so many letters concerning (and concerned with) my trouble with Radio Shack. Feel free to call our system for more information and updates. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Rochelle ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 14:20:25 -0400 From: David Banisar Subject: File 3--Brooks Statement on Crypto (Congr. Record) The following statement by Rep. Jack Brooks (D-TX) was today entered in the Congressional Record and transmitted to the House Intelligence Committee. Rep. Brooks is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and played a key role in the passage of the Computer Security Act of 1987 when he served as Chairman of the House Government Operations Committee. David Sobel Legal Counsel Electronic Privacy Information Center ============================================================= ENCRYPTION POLICY ENDANGERS U.S. COMPETITIVENESS IN GLOBAL MARKETPLACE For some time now, a debate has been raging in the media and in the halls of Congress over the Administration's intention to require U.S. corporations to use and market the Clipper Chip, an encryption device developed in secret by the National Security Agency. The Clipper Chip will provide industry and others with the ability to encode telephone and computer communications. The use of the Clipper Chip as the U.S. encryption standard is a concept promoted by both the intelligence and law enforcement communities because it is designed with a back door to make it relatively easy for these agencies to listen in on these communications. The law enforcement and intelligence communities have a legitimate concern that advances in technology will make their jobs more difficult. But the issue here is whether attempts to restrict the development, use and export of encryption amounts to closing the barn door after the horse has already escaped. The notion that we can limit encryption is just plain fanciful. Encryption technology is available worldwide -- and will become more available as time goes on. First, generally available software with encryption capabilities is sold within the U.S. at thousands of retail outlets, by mail, even, over the phone. These programs may be transferred abroad in minutes by anyone using a public telephone line and a computer modem. Second, it is estimated that over 200 products from some 22 countries -- including Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, India, and South Africa -- use some form of the encryption that the Government currently prohibits U.S. companies from exporting. According to the May 16, 1994 issue of _Fortune_, not only are U.S. companies willing to purchase foreign encryption devices, American producers of encrypted software are also moving production overseas to escape the current export controls. Third, encryption techniques and technology are well understood throughout the world. Encryption is routinely taught in computer science programs. Text books explain the underlying encryption technology. International organizations have published protocols for implementing high level encryption. Actual implementations of encryption -- programs ready to use by even computer novices -- are on the Internet. The only result of continued U.S. export controls is to threaten the continued preeminence of America's computer software and hardware companies in world markets. These restrictive policies jeopardize the health of American companies, and the jobs and revenues they generate. I support, therefore, the immediate revision of current export controls over encryption devices to comport with the reality of worldwide encryption availability. I believe law enforcement and the intelligence community would be better served by finding real, and targeted ways to deal with international terrorists and criminals rather than promoting scattershot policies, which restrict American industries' ability to design, produce and market technology. Now -- more than ever -- we cannot afford to harm our economic competitiveness and justify it in the name of national security. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 17:48:21 -0400 (edt) From: John Higgins Subject: File 4--Net-Letter Guide 6/15 A newshound's guide to newsy periodicals available through the Internet. Updated June 15, 1994 Copyright 1994 John M. Higgins ( All rights reserved. Additional copyright information at bottom. +Additions (usually stuff that's been around a while, but only recently discovered because I'm an idiot): +ArtNews; +Cyberwire Dispatch; +Daily Report Card (education); +Rachel's Hazardous Waste News; +SatNews (satellites); +Satellite News Desk; Trade Week (international business) Update: +Aids Daily Summary Seeking info on: Aids Information Newsletter; George Holt's Stock Report -=-=-=-=-=-=-THE BEST NET-LETTERS-=-=-=-=-=-=- Late Show News (TV); Fitz's ShopTalk (TV); Edupage (Infotech); Computer Underground Digest; AIDS Daily Summary; RFE/RL Daily Report (E. Europe) -=-=-=-=--=-=- Introduction: My favorite things on the Internet are informative, high- quality newsletters. The quality of info contributed to what Mitch Kapor describes as the Net's "gift economy" is amazing. However, despite some excellent e-pub guides, tracking down good NEWSY letters can be frustrating, partly because they get lost in the flood of zines and very technical pubs. So this list aims to point people to the news-oriented net-letters with somewhat broader appeal. It's not intended to be as comprehensive as other guides, but helpful nevertheless. The list is tremendously biased toward e-mail delivery. Very technical and fanzine newsletters are not included because they are well covered by other guides. GIMME FEEDBACK!! This is just an initial stab, just 30 or so encountered Gopher-trolling and from tips. Some are well-known, others are not. Send me your favorite net-letters, particularly if you're the editor. Include any subscription and archive infor mation. HOW TO GET THE NET-LETTER GUIDE: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE NET-LETTER); Usenet (alt.zines, alt.etext, misc.writing, rec.mag,, and the *.answers groups). Fishing for other arrangements. (Any volunteers?) Far more exhaustive lists of electronic publications include: John Labovitz's e-zine-list; FTP ( /pub/johnl/ zines/e-zine-list); WWW (http// The giant e-pub archive, FTP and Gopher ( Also try Factsheet Five-E; Gopher ( ------------------------------Media-------------------------------- FITZ'S SHOPTALK: Daily dispatches on the TV business, both networks and local stations by media headhunter Don FitzPatrick. Primarily summaries of wire-service and major newspapers, but also includes some full-text reprints. How to get it: E-mail (, SUBSCRIBE YOUR@ADDRESS). LATE SHOW NEWS: A guy who obviously stays up way too late puts out a weekly newsletter on the late-night talk show wars. It's biased toward Letterman but contains surprisingly good industry dirt on Leno, Conan, etc. (even for those of us writing about television for a living). How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE LATE-SHOW-NEWS YOUR@ADDRESS), Usenet ( and, FTP ( +ARTNEWS: Synopsis of the print media's coverage of the art world, collectors, museums, artists, art and government. Very promising, but suffering multiple startup glitches. Be patient, or wait until August to subscribe. How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE). CABLE REGULATION DIGEST: Weekly summary of news on cable regulation published by Multichannel News. How to get it: E-Mail, distributed to the TELECOMREG mailing list. (, SUBSCRIBE TELECOMREG YOUR NAME); FTP (; Gopher ( SKYGUIDE: This monthly's from a Brit who doubtless watches too much TV. The Euro cable and satellite television scene. Concentrates on BSkyB but also romps off onto the continent. (Did you know you can decrypt a scrambled DBS signal with a PC? OMIGOD!) How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE SKYGUIDE YOUR@ADDRESS), Usenet {preferred!} ( +SATNEWS: Bi-weekly on satellite television broadcasting worldwide. How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE SATNEWS YOUR NAME); Usenet ( +SATELLITE JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL: One issue featured usual sat news plus an Iranian cleric's "fatwah" banning home dishes and how Pakistanis evade government censoring of Miss Universe pagent broadcasts. How to get it: Usenet (; FTP ( /pub/satellite/sj); WWW ( +SATELLITE NEWS DESK: Yet another satellite TV letter. The surprising thing is that they're all pretty high quality. Headline news from British satellite newsletter Transponder How to get it: E-mail ( CYBER-SLEAZE: Overhyped and a bit tedious, Cyber-Sleaze is composed of low-grade gossip and put out by former MTV VJ Adam Curry. This address may not be good for long (probably dying June 30, since Curry's being sued by MTV for trademark infringement). How to get it: E-mail ( ---------------------------Infotech-------------------------------- EDUPAGE: Tasty tip sheet on information technology and media issued three times weekly. Quickie summaries primarily of newspaper articles, primarily from the majors. How to get it: E-Mail (; SUB EDUPAGE YOUR NAME). +CYBERWIRE DISPATCH: Very high quality coverage of the Internet, particularly looking at the various miscreants tromping around the net. Editor Brock Meeks (a real reporter for Communications Daily in civilian life) became famous by getting sued for libel by a ""-type. But will someone get this man a listerver? How to get it: E-mail on the Com-Priv mailing list; Gopher ( SCOUT REPORT: Forget building campfires. Scout Report is a weekly featuring new resource announcements and other net news. Put out by gods at InterNIC. You're stupid not to get it to make sure you're not missing something good. How to get it. E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE SCOUT-REPORT) Gopher (; WWW: ( HOTT: HOTT -- Hot Off The Tree -- has re-emerged as a giant pub culling the latest advances in computer, communications, and electronics technologies from over trade magazines, newspapers and net resources. Great stuff, but why they're gathering so much material for a huge monthly rather than a smaller weekly or something is beyond me. How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE HOTT-LIST). NETWORKS & COMMUNITY: The emphasis here is on "community" in Internet-land. Less techie than you might expect. How To Get It: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE YOUR NAME) Gopher: ( or COM NET NEWS: Newly-launched letter on community networking -- as in public access on the highway -- by a technology market research guy. Not very newsy, but thoughtful. How to get it: E-Mail (contact PRIVACY Forum: Tidbits about threats to privacy from government snoops to credit agencies. How to get it: E-Mail(; FTP {}; Gopher {}. COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST: The latest news on cyberspace issues. CUD's best when screaming about the latest hacker or BBS raid, good when picking apart government policy issues. But CUD will occasionally reprint the ENTIRE AGENDA for some upcoming com puter conference. (YAWN!!!) How to get it: E-Mail (, SUB CUDIGEST YOUR NAME); Usenet (; FTP ( pub/Publications/CuD). EFFECTOR: The Electronic Frontier Foundation's membership newsletter, great for telecom policy updates. How to get it: E-mail: send request to; FTP (; Usenet: {preferred!} (; Gopher ( RISKS Forum: Tidbits about the risks computers present in society. One edition touched on industrial espionage, data escape from prison, and a strange tale of e-mail stalking. How to get it: E-mail (; Usenet {preferred!} (comp.risks); FTP ( CURRENT CITES: A monthly letter for library technology, composed of pointers from magazine articles. A little on the dry side, partly because of its format. How to get it: E-mail (; SUB CITES YOUR NAME); FTP: ( ----------------------------Science/medicine-------------------------- +AIDS DAILY SUMMARY: A great clipping service from the Center For Disease Control, the kind of stuff Internet cheerleaders can brag about (because it's about the real world, not just insular cyberspace). How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE DAILY-SUMMARY YOUR@ADDRESS); Usenet ( HICNet MEDICAL NEWS DIGEST: Something painless from a dentist. Broad bi-weekly newsletter on medicine by Health Info-Com Network, put together by dentist David Dodell. One week featured sleep apnea and snoring plus hemlock (!) Also carries excerpts of the CDC's AIDS Daily Summary. The downside is conference announcements (OK, on things like techniques for identifying corpses, but they're still conference announcements!). How To Get It: E-Mail (; FTP:( RSI NETWORK NEWSLETTER: For and by victims of repetitive stress injury (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome). How to get it: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE RSI); FTP and Gopher ( SCIENCE BEAT: A tip sheet for science journalists from the National Institute for Standards and Technologies. Maybe not too newsy, but short and sweet. How to get it: Gopher ( CFS-NEWS: Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers. How To Get It: E-Mail (; SUB CFS-NEWS YOUR NAME). LYMENET: Launched to rise above Usenet flame wars, LymeNet Newsletter explores research and treatment of Lyme disease, a mysterious and fairly disabling disease prevelant in the Northeast. How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE LYMENET-L YOUR NAME); Usenet (; FTP ( /pub/listserv/ lymenet-l/Newsletters). NASA DAILY: NASA and other space news. How to get it: E-mail (; SUBSCRIBE YOUR NAME); Gopher (; WWW ( -----------------------------Policy-------------------------------- +RACHEL'S HAZARDOUS WASTE NEWS: Good but lengthy letter from the Environmental Research Foundation. Weekly. (Who's Rachel?) How to get it: E-mail (; include name, phone # plus e-mail AND postal addresses. Fund-raising pitch to follow, no doubt.); FTP ( /periodicals/rachel) Gopher ( CHOICE-NET REPORT: This sort-of-weekly comes of the California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League-North, culled from clips and announcements. Pretty good stuff. So far, they've kept it very newsy (Who needs preachy?). How To Get It: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE CHOICE-NET); Gopher: (; Usenet (alt.activism, talk.abortion, soc.women). +DAILY REPORT CARD: A great summary of news in K-12 education. Very newsy. Recently cut back to thrice-weekly and comes out of the National Education Goals Panel. How To Get It: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE RPTCRD YOUR NAME). INFORMATION POLICY ONLINE: Counterprogramming the privacy advocates, IPO come from the Information Industry Association and covers legislation regarding government restriction on information. Too little real news, too many items about the direct mail industry's lobbying. But a welcome counterpoint to the net's generally one-sided privacy debates. (I'm a reporter; I WANT your driving records!) How to get it: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE YOUR NAME) +TRADE WEEK -- Digest of newspaper and magazine stories on international trade by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Strong, brief overview. Also publishes a letter on NAFTA. How to get it: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE TRADE-WEEK YOUR@ADDRESS) ----------------------------Foreign News----------------------------- +RFE/RL DAILY REPORT: News on Eastern Europe popped out by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Very cool. How to get it: E-Mail (; SUBSCRIBE RFERL-L YOUR NAME). +CHINA NEWS DIGEST: Very active news service on China and various ex-pat communities in several flavors: Global (daily), US, Canada, Europe & Pacific, and a magazine in some Chinese dialect. How to get it: E-Mail (; INFO) +BANGLADESH NEWS DIGEST: Newsy compilation with clips from publications and Reuters plus summaries of BBC World Service and Radio Netherlands. Much better than the more common digested newsgroups. How to get it: E-mail ( -=-=-=--=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=-=-=- Copyright 1994 John M. Higgins. This list may be redistributed provided that the article and this notice remain intact. This article may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from John M. Higgins. That includes publication by magazine or CD-ROM. But if you're interested, talk to me. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 08:56:20 -0700 From: email list server Subject: File 5--Request for Comments: U.S. Tech Corps TO--All computer professionals FROM--Gary Beach, Publisher, Computerworld DATE--June 16, 1994 RE--U.S. Tech Corps Computerworld, the national computer newspaper, is working with the White House Office of Science and Technology to develop the U.S. Tech Corps, a volunteer effort to aid local schools in technology implementation. As we develop this program, we are seeking comments from a variety computer technologists, business leaders, and government officials. Our overriding question is, "Will the 1.9 million U.S. computer professionals respond to this effort?" I hope you'll take a moment or two to read the following statement. Then, send me your comments about how the U.S. Tech Corps can be made to work for the future of our public schools. Thanks very much. Gary J. Beach Publisher Computerworld Anyone who has written code, maintained a network, or planned a company information system knows that implementation is everything. Surprisingly, so do thousands of U.S. school teachers and administrators. Throughout the U.S., our schools say that a shortage of technical talent is their largest obstacle in moving the "information superhighway" from vision to reality. Their tight budgets and a dire shortage of technical skills stand in the way of implementing technology where it is most needed: the local classroom. A solution may be in sight. Computerworld, the national newspaper of information systems management, is working jointly with the White House Office of Science and Technology to develop the U.S. Tech Corp. Modeled on the U.S. Peace Corps, the U.S. Tech Corps will rally the talents and skills of more than 1.9 million computer professionals to assist public schools in planning and implementing information technology. Through contributions of their time and expertise, these volunteers will play an integral and crucial role in building local roads to the national information superhighway. Even an hour a week of discussion and planning can help your local school. The U.S. Tech Corps will be operated with assistance from the White House, the National Education Association, and the National Association of School Administrators. Volunteers will receive a U.S. Tech Corps certificate signed by the President, as well as local recognition. Of course, the greatest reward may be the satisfaction gained from contributing your valuable skills to the future of our school children. [Action Items: What else is needed? Do you think that your fellow computer professionals will respond favorably or unfavorably to this proposal? How might the U.S. Tech Corp be made to work?] I look forward to receiving your comments at ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #6.56 ************************************


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