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Computer underground Digest Sun Apr 24, 1994 Volume 6 : Issue 37 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Retiring Shadow Archivist: Stanton McCandlish Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Suspercollater: Shrdlu Nooseman CONTENTS, #6.37 (Apr 24, 1994) File 1--Extension of Deepest Sympathies To John Perry Barlow File 2--Defense Motion Filed in Amateur Action BBS Case File 3--David LaMacchia Defense Fund established File 4--What to do with Old Computers File 5--GovAccess.034part2:) $26mil Available for NII Innovation File 6--"Porn Library" Seized at British University (Reprint) File 7--Arrest Made for "Cyber-Stalking" File 8--New mailing list: Electronic Frontiers Japan File 9--New Dye Sub Printer Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. Subscriptions are available at no cost electronically. CuD is available as a Usenet newsgroup: Or, to subscribe, send a one-line message: SUB CUDIGEST your name Send it to LISTSERV@UIUCVMD.BITNET or LISTSERV@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU The editors may be contacted by voice (815-753-0303), fax (815-753-6302) or U.S. mail at: Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115, USA. Issues of CuD can also be found in the Usenet news group; on CompuServe in DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, and DL1 of TELECOM; on GEnie in the PF*NPC RT libraries and in the VIRUS/SECURITY library; from America Online in the PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters;" On Delphi in the General Discussion database of the Internet SIG; on RIPCO BBS (312) 528-5020 (and via Ripco on internet); and on Rune Stone BBS (IIRGWHQ) (203) 832-8441. CuD is also available via Fidonet File Request from 1:11/70; unlisted nodes and points welcome. EUROPE: from the ComNet in LUXEMBOURG BBS (++352) 466893; In ITALY: Bits against the Empire BBS: +39-461-980493 FTP: UNITED STATES: ( in /pub/CuD/ ( in /pub/eff/cud/ EUROPE: in pub/doc/cud/ (Finland) in pub/cud/ (United Kingdom) JAPAN: /mirror/ COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST is an open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists and to the presentation and debate of diverse views. CuD material may be reprinted for non-profit as long as the source is cited. Authors hold a presumptive copyright, and they should be contacted for reprint permission. It is assumed that non-personal mail to the moderators may be reprinted unless otherwise specified. Readers are encouraged to submit reasoned articles relating to computer culture and communication. Articles are preferred to short responses. Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 23:14:21 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 1--Extension of Deepest Sympathies To John Perry Barlow ((MODERATORS' NOTE: We join with others to whom John Perry Barlow has given so much in extending our deepest sympathy to him following the tragic and sudden passing of Cynthia Horner. His public accomplishments and gifts to others will not assuage his own grief, but the extent to which he and his life have touched many of us in cyberspace means that he has the support and condolences us all. His eulogy to Cynthia stands as a permanent cybermarker representing his love for her)). Date--Sat, 23 Apr 1994 12:05:36 -0800 To--eff-board@EFF.ORG, eff-staff@EFF.ORG, lr@WIRED.COM, jbat@WIRED.COM, kk@WELL.SF.CA.US, tnf@WELL.SF.CA.US, tk0jut1@NIU.BITNET From--John Perry Barlow I just cleaned up some of the typos and awkwardnesses in Cynthia's eulogy and am sending it to you. I know that news of her death is circulating the Net and I'm getting an incredible outpouring of shock and sympathy. For any good it might do, I hope you will post this to some of the places where news of her death has appeared. I mean it to stand as her gravestone in the virtual world. Cynthia Horner's Eulogy read by John Perry Barlow at her funeral April 22, 1994 in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC.. I don't know most of you, and I envy the many among you who were graced with Cynthia all her life. I only knew her a little while. We spent the last glorious year of her life together. It was the best year of my life and, I firmly believe, it was the best year of her life too. Last Sunday morning, during the last hour we spent together, we were playing with a cat with strangely green eyes. She looked at me with her own beautiful green eyes and said, "You know, James Joyce said that green eyes were a sign of the supernatural." The way she said it seemed pointed and meaningful. And hope makes me want to believe it all the more meaningful now. I don't know that I believe in the supernatural, but I do believe in miracles, and our time together was filled with the events of magical unlikelihood. I also believe that sometimes angels live among us, hidden within our fellow human beings. I'm convinced that such an angel dwelled in Cynthia. I felt this presence often in Cynthia's lightness of being, in her decency, her tolerance, her incredible love. I never heard Cynthia speak ill of anyone nor did I ever hear anyone speak ill of her. She gave joy and solace to all who met her. I feel her angel still, dancing around the spiritual periphery, just beyond the sight of my eyes, narrowed as they are with the glare of ordinary light. Her graceful goodness continues to surround me, if less focused and tangible than before. With a care that was appropriately reverential, Cynthia and I built a love which was an inspiration to all who came into contact with it. We felt, quite consciously, that it was our gift to the world. We wanted to show the hesitant the miracle that comes when two people give their hearts unconditionally, honestly, fearlessly, and without reservation or judgement. We wanted to make our union into a message of hope, and I believe we did, even though we knew that hearts opened so freely can be shattered if something should go wrong. As my heart is shattered now. So among the waves of tragedy which have crashed on me with her death is a terror that our message of hope has been changed into a dreadful warning. But I am here to tell you that had I known at the beginning that I would be here today doing this terrible thing, I would still have loved her as unhesitatingly, because true love is worth any price one is asked to pay. The other message we wished to convey was one of faith in the essential goodness and purpose of life. I have always felt that no matter how inscrutable its ways and means, the universe is working perfectly and working according to a greater plan than we can know. In the last few days, I have had to battle with the fear that everything is actually just random, that the universe is a howling void of meaningless chaos, indifferent to everything that I value. All hope has at times seemed unjustified to me. But groundless hope, like unconditional love, is the only kind worth having. It's true name is faith. As it is a shallow faith which goes untested, so it is that if we can keep our faith through this terrible test, we will emerge with a conviction of incredible and enduring strength. And this faith will become Cynthia's greatest gift to us. If we can build with our lives a monument to her light and her love, she will not have died in vain, and her death will become as much a miracle as was her life. ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 21:21:32 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 2--Defense Motion Filed in Amateur Action BBS Case ((MODERATORS' NOTE: The following brief was filed by Robert Thomas's (Amatuer Action BBS sysop) defense attorney. Thanks to Keith Henson who provided the text)). RICHARD D. WILLIAMS, APC State Bar #92376 79 Divine St., Suite 101 San Jose, CA 95110 (408) 295-6336 Attorney for Defendants/Claimants IN THE UNITES STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA IN THE MATTER OF THE ) NO.: CR 3-94-30005 WDB SEARCH OF THE PREMISES ) KNOWN AS: ) MOTION TO RELATE CASE ) FRPC RULE 205-2 475 TRAMWAY DRIVE ) MILPITAS, CA 95035 ) ______________________________) TO THE HONORABLE MARILYN PATEL, FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE: 1. Claimants Robert and Carleen Thomas had their premises searched on January 10 based on a search warrant allegedly signed by Magistrate Brazil on January 6, 1994. At this time Claimants entire computer bulletin board system (BBS) was seized. The warrant was issued without the required showings under both the Electronic Communication Privacy Act and the First Amendment Privacy Protection Act: 2. This warrant was applied for by Postal Inspector Dirmeyer from Tennessee who, among other things, allege that he had offered to send child pornography through the mails to one of the claimants-- though his affidavit is equivocal on the actual nature and time of what communications transpired between himself and the claimant. On the day the search warrant was issued, the Postal Inspector sent claimant a package of child pornography. Within minutes of its receipt, and while claimants were wondering what to do with the unsolicited material (for which they had absolutely no use), the Postal Inspector knocked on their door with a warrant to take their computer BBS. 3. Because the Postal Inspector had neglected to obtain a warrant to get his government supplied child pornography back, he was faced with the choice of a trip back to San Francisco or getting permission from the claimant to take the child pornography. Claimant having no use for the material agreed that the Postal Inspector could take it. Postal Inspector Dirmeyer described the material in his own block handwriting as "namely priority mail package from Lance White addressed to Robert Thomas sent without his knowledge." ["Lance White" was the name Postal Inspector Dirmeyer used to access the claimants BBS.] 4. In conversation with a citizen of good reputation the Saturday following the search, Postal Inspector Dirmeyer claimed that sending unsolicited child pornography to people was standard investigative procedure and that he had done this in hundreds of investigations. 5. Mr. Dirmeyer came here from Tennessee making the claim that the BBS operated by claimants had materials on it which were obscene by Tennessee standards. It is not clear weather or not these were shown to Magistrate Brazil, or if Magistrate Brazil has knowledge of either local or Tennessee standards for obscenity. The search warrant left at the premises had the case number 3-94- 3005 WDB (later changed for unknown reasons to 94-3-30005 WDB). 6. I personally went to the Federal District Court in San Jose to obtain a docket sheet (since I had reasons to doubt Judge Brazil had actually signed the search warrant) and discovered there was no such file. I went to San Francisco and was told (1) there was a file, (2) it was not sealed, (3) but I couldn't see it because the U.S. Attorney had it and I should check back in a few days. I checked back three days later and was told that there still was no file available. I called Judge Brazil's office and was told by his secretary that she could find no evidence that this application had been before Judge Brazil. I could hear someone approach Judge Brazil's secretary and she ask me to 'hold.' I did, and when she came back, she told me that there was a file but it was "sealed." 7. The affidavit itself was never sealed by Judicial order, though the allegedly obscene attachments were. In spite of persistent efforts, the affidavit was kept from me until several days after it was "unsealed" on January 27, the day after an indictment issued in Tennessee and three days before this court would coast to e the general duty Court. 8. I complained of my clients due process rights being violated and filed my motion in this court which should have been heard on February 28, 1994 at 2:30 pm. I was informed the morning of the 28th that the U.S. Attorney had contacted your clerk (Ms Morriyama) and had taken me off calendar. My motion was then rerouted to Judge Caulfield. I was also told that the U.S. Attorney had taken me off calendar by Magistrate Brennan's clerk who was calling to re-route my motion. I feel that my clients, myself, and this court have been the victims of fraud, and deception by the U.S. Attorney's office, Magistrate Brazil and his staff, and possibly Ms Morriyama, this court's clerk. 9. I am requesting that this court relate this motion pursuant to Rule 205-2 to the Nation Association of Radiation Survivors vs. Harry N. Walters, Case No. C-83-1861 MPH or any other similar case the court is aware of wherein the court dealt with the issue of fraud, manipulation of evidence and deception on the court. POINTS AND AUTHORITIES "Relatedness" is governed by FRPC Section 205-2 which states: RULE 205-2. NOTICE OF RELATED CASE (a) Duties of Counsel. Whenever counsel has reason to believe that an action or proceeding on file or about to be filed is related to another action or proceeding on file with the court (whether or not dismissed or otherwise terminated), counsel shall promptly file and serve on all known parties to each related action or proceeding a Notice of Related Case, stating the title, number and filing date of each action or proceeding believed to be related, together with a brief statement of their relationship and the reasons why assignment to a single judge is or is not likely to effect a saving of judicial effort and other economies. The clerk will promptly notify the court of such filing. (b) Definition of Related Action. An action or proceeding is related to another when both actions or proceedings: ' . ' (i) involve the same parties and are based on the same or similar claims; or (ii) involve the same property, transaction or event; or (iii) involve substantially the same facts and the same questions of law. (c) Procedure After Filing. Within ten days after service of a Notice of Related Case, any party may file a counterstatement supporting or opposing the Notice. The court will then determine whether reassignment should be made. Conclusion: In conclusion, Applicants respectfully request that this case be determined to be related to th Atomic Survivor's case or any other cases on the basis of fraud, manipulation of evidence, and deception on the court. Respectfully Submitted by Richard D. Williams Attorney for Claimants ------------------------------ Date: 13 Apr 94 13:06:37 From: (David LaMacchia Defense Fund Trustees) Subject: File 3--David LaMacchia Defense Fund established The David LaMacchia Defense Fund was organized to ensure that David LaMacchia gets a fair trial. LaMacchia has been indicted by the federal government for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. "This is the first time in Massachusetts that the wire fraud statute has been used in a computer bulletin board case," said Stephen Heyman, deputy chief in the US attorney's office. That makes the case interesting, law-making, and very expensive. An unfortunate side-effect of our common law system, where laws are made by decisions in particular cases, is that an individual involved in a constitutional test case is faced with the certainty of staggering legal bills as well as the possibility of imprisonment and fines. Contributions to the Fund will be used to defray a portion of LaMacchia's legal expenses. The Fund spends nothing on advertising, salaries, promotions, etc.; 100% of contributions are used for legal defense. The Fund takes no position on the merits of either side's case. You can make a pledge to the Fund by sending email to "". Please include three lines in the following form: name, Subject: File 5--GovAccess.034part2:) $26mil Available for NII Innovation Apr.20, 1994 $26-MILLION FOR YOUR INFORMATION-INFRASTRUCTURE INNOVATION; MAY 12th DEADLINE From Sun Mar 6 17:10:56 1994 From: Tom Freebairn We ask your assistance in posting the following announcement regarding NTIA funding as widely as possible and in alerting eligible nonprofits to consider applying for support or to partner with other organizations that plan to do so. -- Key elements of the NTIA program seem to be: Background: This is a new grant program. Total grant funds available in this round: $26 million Size of individual grants: No guidance for this first round. Application deadline: May 12, 1994 Announcement of awards: Late summer or early fall, 1994 Duration of grants: 6-18 months Special consideration: Requires matching support Special consideration: Emphasis on partnerships for applications Special consideration: Emphasis on computer-based electronic networks Eligibile Entities: State and local governments; nonprofits Types of grants: 1) Planning Grants (40% of available funds); 2) Demonstration Projects (60% of available funds) Selection process: Competitive merit review Additional note: Guidelines are approx 37K Excerpts: Summary: "...funds for planning and demonstration projects to promote the goals of development and widespread availability of advanced telecommunications technologies; to enhance the delivery of social services and generally serve the public interest; to promote access to government information and increase civic participation; and to support the advancement of an advanced nationwide telecommunications and information infrastructure." Program Description: "NTIA announces a competitive grant program, the TIIAP, created to advance the goals of the Administration's National Information Infrastructure (NII) initiative. Major goals of the NII initiative include: the promotion of private sector investment through appropriate tax and regulatory policies; the extension of universal service so that information is available to all at affordable prices, using the widest variety of appropriate technologies; the promotion of technological innovation and new applications; wider access to government information; and guarantees of information security and network reliability. . . ." "The TIIAP will provide matching grants to state and local governments, non-profit health care providers, school districts, libraries, universities, public safety services, and other non-profit entities. Grants will be awarded after a competitive merit review process and will be used to fund projects to connect institutions to existing networks and systems, enhance communications networks and systems that are currently operational, establish new network capabilities, permit users to interconnect among different networks and systems, and bring more users on-line. Equally important, they will help leverage the resources and creativity of the private sector to devise new applications and uses of the NII. The success of these pilot projects will create an ongoing process that will generate more innovative approaches each year." NTIA contact: Dr. Charles Rush, Acting Director of the Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications National Telecommunications and Information Administration Department of Commerce Telephone: (202) 482-2048; fax: (202) 482-2156 e-mail: NTIA BBS via Internet:; or at: NTIA BBS via dial up: (202) 482-1199; modem set a either 2400 or 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit. -- The Information Infrastructure Clearinghouse project is a small foundation- supported project being developed to track federal funding regarding the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and to make the information widely available to nonprofit organizations. We are not a federal agency and do not receive any federal support. Our project is not currently staffed to handle inquiries for extensive assistance, so please direct any questions to the NTIA at the numbers listed above. As we develop our capacities, we hope to play useful roles in identifying common interests among potential applicants and in referring nonprofits to appropriate technical assistance providers. -- Tom Freebairn Information Infrastructure Clearinghouse Project c/o Benton Foundation 1634 Eye St., N.W., 12th Fl. Washington, DC 20006 (v) 202.638.5770, x23 (f) 202.638.5771 ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 15 Apr 94 16:54 BST-1 From: Pindar Infotek Ltd Subject: File 6--"Porn Library" Seized at British University (Reprint) Here is an article that appeared in The (London) Times today concerning 'computer porn'. Notice that the man involved does not appear to have been _charged_ (yet) with any crime. English law is, like that of many other countries, very flakey when it comes to this sort of thing. -------------------------------------------------------------- Reprinted from The Times, Friday April 15 1994. Home news, page 5. w/o permission. Computer porn 'library' seized at university By Richard Ford Home Correspondent A BRITISH university is at the centre of an international enquiry into an alleged worldwide computer pornography network after police seized equipment containing large amounts of obscene. Police officers swooped on the metallurgy department at Birmingham University after information from the United States federal authorities investigating computer pornography. A male research associate, 25, who works in the department has been questioned by officers from West Midlands police and Scotland Yard about the haul of material. His home was also raided by officers. Officers seized a computer with "thousands of files" containing child and adult sex pictures from the university. Pornographic films, magazines and computer material were also allegedly found at the man's address. Police believe the man, who lives in the Moseley area of Birmingham, was acting as a "librarian" for the explicit images which allegedly include children as young as two years. They do not believe he received any financial gain from his activities. Pictures taken from hardcore pornographic magazines were transferred on to computer disk. Up to 20 million subscribers to the Internet computer system would have had access to the material if they had known the secret code number. Investigators in Kentucky hacked into the system and traced the pornographic material to Birmingham University. Chief Inspector Keith Bassett of West Midlands Police said: "We are not aware of any money changing hands. It seems he was acting as a librarian purely for personal gratification. The material we have viewed so far is pretty dreadful pornography. There is no way of knowing how many people he had been serving. The possibilities are endless. "Computer devices were seized containing substantial pornographic material, including depicting children in obscene acts," he said. A spokesman for the university said the research associate's contract had expired at the end of March and would not be renewed. He said : "Clearly this is an appalling incident and we will be looking to see if there is anything we can do to ensure it never happens again. Everyone involved with the university is very distressed by this." ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 16 Apr 94 09:08:00 PDT From: Lynn Dimick Subject: File 7--Arrest Made for "Cyber-Stalking" ((MODERATORS' NOTE: We have been informed that on May 5, Connie Chung will do a segment on "Cyberstalking" on CBS's "Face-to-Face.") ON-LINE STALKER SUSPECT CHARGED WITH FRAUD >From the Orange County Register, Saturday, April 16, 1994 A Fresno man suspected of using nationwide computer networks to stalk and harass people was charged Friday with using false credit-card numbers in a scheme to terrorize women in several states. Police hope the arrest of Mark Johnson, 39, will end a months-long reign of threats and harassment by an on-line stalker known as "Vito" to thousands of computer users. Johnson is charged with 44 counts of credit-card fraud, grand theft and distributing pornography to a minor, papers filed Friday in Fresno Municipal Court show. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 09:32:39 +0900 From: Bruce Hahne Subject: File 8--New mailing list: Electronic Frontiers Japan Greetings to all those concerned about Japan's electronic frontier! You are receiving this announcement because I have reason to believe that you might be interested in the following new mailing list. I'm very sorry that I can't send this mail out individually with a personal note, but I have about 50 names on my mailing list for this announcement. If you redistribute this message, please include the Japanese version, as you never know where your version of the announcement may end up. Yours in networking, Bruce Hahne Current address: Permanent address: --------------------------------------------------------------- The Electronic Frontiers Japan mailing list Background and guidelines Mar. 28, 1994 Electronic communication has become an integral part of the lives of people in all corners of the globe. Japan, no exception, is slowly but surely expanding into the electronic frontier, grappling with a myriad of issues such as who will establish and maintain new communications systems, who will control these systems, the level of government regulation to apply, and the rights of individuals as we develop a ubiquitous information infrastructure. To date, the answers to many of these questions have been supplied, not necessarily in the public's best interests, by government agencies and large telecommunications corporations. There has been both a lack of dialogue among those concerned about connectivity issues in Japan as well as a lack of information about available electronic communication services, the political landscape, important public policy decisions, and the law. The Electronic Frontiers Japan mailing list has been formed to provide a public forum for such dialogue. The list's name intentionally anticipates the possibility of forming an organization proper, allied in spirit with similar organizations around the world including the Electronic Frontier Foundation (U.S.), Electronic Frontiers Canada, and Electronic Frontiers Australia. 1. POTENTIAL TOPICS The list is unmoderated and any topics which subscribers feel are relevant to the list are welcome. We anticipate that topics may include, but not be limited to: - The role of government agencies (MITI, MPT, etc.) and communications service providers (NTT, IIKK, AT&T Jens, IIJ, JCIX, NCC, and more) in the formation of Japan's communications policy. - Effective lobbying methods and sources of publicity for impacting Japan's expansion into the electronic frontier. - Freedom and privacy issues as seen in the context of electronic communications, and how Japanese culture may differ from western culture in its approach to these topics. - Electronic Frontiers Japan, the organization: is there general support for such an entity, and if so how should it be structured, funded, and directed? - The cultural and social issues involved in linking to international networks. In particular, issues in linking to the Internet, which is arguably strongly imprinted with western cultural values and within which English has to date been the dominant language. - On-line databases and other resources for research on Japan's networks. - How individuals in Japan can connect to the Internet and other networks (Fido systems, non-Fido BBSes, etc.), and information for system administrators and BBS operators on how to get connected. - Contact and pricing information for Internet service providers, ranging from companies providing high-speed leased line services to sites offering dial-in services for individuals. However, blatant advertising is discouraged. - Subnetworks and links in Japan (WIDE, JUNET, BITNET, etc), as well as technical standards (TCP/IP vs. OSI). - Usenet news, gopher, ftp, telnet, WWW, and similar network-based services in Japan. - Reposts of public information from other sources, i.e. Usenet, Niftyserve, etc. Responsibility for adhering to copyright restrictions rests with the poster. 2. LANGUAGE Mail to the list may be in English, Japanese, or both. We hope to see participation from a wide variety of interest groups and from both Japanese and non-Japanese. If you are posting in English, please be aware that your post will be read by non-native speakers of English. If you are posting in Japanese, please be aware that many sites outside of Japan are not running Japanese terminal programs. In other words, if you post in Japanese we anticipate that not all subscribers will have the technological means to read your message. Software for displaying JIS-encoded text is available for a wide variety of machines at numerous ftp sites. Please try to refrain from posting queries on this topic to the list; instead, please obtain a copy of the sci.lang.japan FAQ from Usenet or request one from Bruce Hahne, 3. LOGISTICAL AND OTHER INFORMATION To subscribe, send the message subscribe Your Name to To unsubscribe, send the message unsubscribe to the same address. To post to the list, send mail to For help with subscription problems, send mail to The following commands can be handled automatically by SIGNOFF - to remove yourself from the list REVIEW - to get a list of subscribers QUERY - to get the status of your entry on the list SET NOMAIL - to remain on the list but not receive mail SET MAIL - to reverse the NOMAIL setting SET CONCEAL - to conceal yourself from REVIEW listings SET NOCONCEAL - to reverse the CONCEAL setting SET NOREPRO - to prevent the list from sending you your own postings SET REPRO - to reverse the NOREPRO setting LIST - to get a list of mailing lists available on this host HELP - to receive a help file The Electronic Frontiers Japan list is not affiliated with, nor a house organ of, the site which runs its mailing list software. List members do not necessarily represent their employers or institutions. ------------------------------ Date: 6 Apr 94 20:35:47 GMT From: dbatterson@ATTMAIL.COM(David Batterson) Subject: File 9--New Dye Sub Printer Photo-Quality Color Printing Becomes Affordable by David Batterson EDEN PRAIRIE, MN--Last year the FARGO Primera Color Printer was introduced, offering high-quality thermal transfer printing at an affordable cost ($995 list). Now FARGO adds dye sublimation color printing, via a Photo-Realistic Upgrade Kit ($249.95 list, PC, Mac or Amiga). If you print a lot of GIF graphics and Photo-CD files, or do any presentation graphics, newsletters and other color DTP work, the FARGO Primera is a good deal, as it's much more affordable than usual dye-sub color printers. The latter can run $7,000 and up; it'll cost you $9.995 list for the Tektronix Phaser IISDX. According to Mark D. Strobel, FARGO's Sales & Marketing VP, "there are all kinds of photo packages that people are now buying for business and scientific applications, for 3-D renderings and multimedia--for dozens of applications. They are not going to spend $7000 for a printer." The Photo-Realistic Upgrade Kit consists of the 10-print photo ribbon, 10 sheets of special paper (actually polyester), a spare ribbon cartridge holder and the software driver. A Photo-Realistic Refill Kit (25 prints) lists for $89.95. Besides the photo-realistic output, the Primera printer prints with thermal transfer or laser paper, transparency film, and T-shirt transfer paper. Strobel recommends that you use the regular 3-color ribbon ($45, 115 prints) or 4-color ribbon ($45, 80 prints) for proofs, then "drop in the dye sub ribbon, and print your final print." The FARGO Primera is very compact, measuring 13.8" by 10.2" by 5.8", and weighs only 15 pounds. It prints pretty fast for a color printer, although it slows down to a crawl in photo-realistic mode. The print quality is quite outstanding. The printer uses four paper sizes: A, A4, A-Long and AR-Long. FARGO was one of the largest manufacturers of bar code printers in the world, but sold its bar code printer division last year to Datamax, Inc. The Primera is sold via computer dealers, VARs and directly from FARGO. Info: FARGO Electronics, Inc., 7901 Flying Cloud Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344; 800-258-2974, 612-941-9470, FAX: 612-941-7836. ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #6.37 ************************************


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