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From TK0JUT2@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU Thu Jan 6 02:41:26 1994 Received: from MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU (MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU []) by (8.6.4/8.6.4) with SMTP id CAA11702 for ; Thu, 6 Jan 1994 02:41:24 -0500 Message-Id: <> Received: from NIU.BITNET by MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU (IBM MVS SMTP V2R2.1) with BSMTP id 7359; Thu, 06 Jan 94 01:41:51 LCL Date: Thu, 06 Jan 94 01:38 CST To: MECH@EFF.ORG From: TK0JUT2@MVS.CSO.NIU.EDU Subject: Cu Digest, #6.01 Status: O Computer underground Digest Sun Jan 02 1994 Volume 6 : Issue 01 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Copy Editor: Craig Shergold, XIII CONTENTS, #6.01 (Jan 02 1994) File 1 --Cu Digest Content Index, Vol 5.01 - 5.95 (1993) Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. Subscriptions are available at no cost electronically from The editors may be contacted by voice (815-753-0303), fax (815-753-6302) or U.S. mail at: Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115. Issues of CuD can also be found in the Usenet news group; on CompuServe in DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, and DL1 of TELECOM; on GEnie in the PF*NPC RT libraries and in the VIRUS/SECURITY library; from America Online in the PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters;" On Delphi in the General Discussion database of the Internet SIG; on the PC-EXEC BBS at (414) 789-4210; and on: Rune Stone BBS (IIRG WHQ) (203) 832-8441 NUP:Conspiracy; RIPCO BBS (312) 528-5020 CuD is also available via Fidonet File Request from 1:11/70; unlisted nodes and points welcome. EUROPE: from the ComNet in LUXEMBOURG BBS (++352) 466893; In ITALY: Bits against the Empire BBS: +39-461-980493 ANONYMOUS FTP SITES: AUSTRALIA: ( in /pub/text/CuD. EUROPE: in pub/doc/cud. (Finland) UNITED STATES: ( in /pub/eff/cud ( in /pub/CuD/cud ( in /pub/CuD in mirror2/cud in pub/cud (United Kingdom) KOREA: ftp: in /doc/eff/cud COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST is an open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists and to the presentation and debate of diverse views. CuD material may be reprinted for non-profit as long as the source is cited. Authors hold a presumptive copyright, and they should be contacted for reprint permission. It is assumed that non-personal mail to the moderators may be reprinted unless otherwise specified. Readers are encouraged to submit reasoned articles relating to computer culture and communication. Articles are preferred to short responses. Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 23 Dec 93 00:18:00 BST From: grmeyer@GENIE.GEIS.COM Subject: Cu Digest Content Index, Vol 5.01 - 5.95 (1993) 1994 begins with the Contents of articles from 1993, and for those who missed it, the cummulative subject/topic/name index for Volumes 1-4 were published in #5.94. Be sure to send in articles, news, and other information you think readers would find interesting. Happy '94--- Gordon and Jim ======================================================= Cu DIGEST VOLUME 5 (1993) INDEX ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.01 (Jan 6, 1993) File 1--Index to CuD volume 4 (1992) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.02 (Jan 10, 1992) File 1--DoJ Has NOT "Authorized" Keystroke Monitoring File 2--Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #4.67) File 3--Reports on Ames Raid Available File 4--Hysteria from Forbes via NPR File 5--OECD Security Guidelines File 6--CU IN THE NEWS File 7--"Any one Who Owns a Scanner is a Hacker, or..." File 8--FYI: 3rd Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.03 (Jan 13, 1992) File 1--Moderators' Cornered File 2--STEVE JACKSON GAMES TRIAL DATE SET File 3--Re: COM DAILY ON F.C.C. File 4--with regards to the DoJ's keystroke logging notice File 5--Re: White Sands (SIMTEL-20) and copyrighted software File 6--Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #5.02) File 7--Follow-up to CuD #5.02 File 2 [Re: Dorm Room Raid (CuD #4.67)] File 8--CFP-3 Scholarships Available File 9--Canadian Media and BBSes File 10--United Kingdom Software Seizure Laws File 11--High Students charged in Computer Burglaries (Reprint) File 12--Comments on _Hacker_Crackdown_ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.04 (Jan 17, 1992) File 1--Steve Jackson Games case trial postponed File 2--MAJOR CHANGES AT THE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION File 3--Newsbytes on EFF Reorganization File 4--Some Questions & Comments on EFF Reorganization File 5--Transcript of Secret Service Press Conference in Lubbock ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.05 (Jan 20, 1993) File 1--Balancing Computer Crime Statutes and Freedom File 2--Encryption issues File 3--Response to Mark Carter in CuD #5.02 and #5.03 File 4--Released GSA Docs Slam FBI Wiretap Proposal File 5--Attempted Mindvox Break-in File 6--Keyboarding Explosive Data for Homemade Bombs ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.06 (Jan 24, 1993) File 1--Introduction to Second SPA & BSA Issue File 2--Re: Taking a Look at the SPA (CuD 4.63) File 3--Reaction to SPA statements in CuD 4.63 File 4--SPA EDUCATES THE PUBLIC ON SOFTWARE COPYRIGHTS - NOT! File 5--A Comment on the SPA (Gray Areas Reprint) File 6--Nintendo News Release (Re: BSA APL Bust - Oct '92) File 7--The BSA, APL BBS, and Anti-Piracy Crackdowns ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.07 (Jan 26, 1993) File 1--Mark Carter Clears his Name... File 2--Reply to St.Catharine's "Porn" stories (RE: CuD 5.02) File 3--Legal Strategy on 2600 Nov. '92 Mall Harassment File 4--Re: "Explosive Data for Bombs" (CuD #5.05) File 5--Response to Prosecutor Citarella's Notes (CuD 5.06) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.08 (Jan 28, 1993) File 1--Response to "Resistance at Shopping Mall" (CuD 5.07) File 2--Offworld BBS Raided (StLPD File 3--Colonel Guilty of Sending Computer Porn File 4--ISPTS Organizing Information File 5--New case for EFF, ACLU, and CPSR File 6--Public Service for Cornell Hackers File 7--CFP Special Issue on Security [Change in Due Date] File 8--Talking with the Underground ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.09 (Jan 31, 1993) File 1--Media hype goes both ways (in re: Forbes article) File 2--Forbes, NPR, and a Response to Jerry Leichter File 3--Revised Computer Crime Sent File 4--Balancing Computer Crime Statutes and Freedom +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.10 (Feb 3, 1993) File 1--Steve Jackson Games Trial Summary File 2--More Background on SJG Trial File 3--Steve Jackson Games case (Day 1) File 4--Steve Jackson Games Update 1/28/93 Day 2) File 5--Houston Chron's View of Abernathy Trial (Reprint) File 6--the most wonderful thing happened at the trial File 7--Cell-phone encryption and tapping File 8--Clever Tactics Against Piracy File 9--Rusty and Edie's BBS raided by FBI ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.11 (Feb 7, 1993) File 1--Introduction to a Chat with the SPA File 2--A Chat with the SPA File 3--How does the SPA Calculate Piracy? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.12 (Feb 10, 1993) File 1--CPSR Sues Secret Service for 2600 Docs File 2--Clever Tactics Against Piracy File 3--SPA has Banner Year File 4--Mitch Kapor's Forbes Column on S.893 File 5--Re: Pirate Software File 6--In Re "Legal Strategy on 2600 Nov. '92" (CuD #5.07) File 7--Common Carrier Review Request File 8--Some Comments on "Approach Zero" (review) File 9--For your mailing lists/newsgroups ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.13 (Feb 14, 1993) File 1--Talking with the Underground File 2--System Surfing at U-Cal/Davis File 3--Unemployed Programmers Turning their Talents to Evil File 4--"Hackers" take on the UFOs? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.14 (Feb 17, 1993) File 1--Re: CuD, #5.11 - SPA's Piracy Estimates File 2--Cu News: Pirate Amnesty, Toll Fraud Decline, etc File 3--Re: EFF in Time's Cyberpunk Article File 4--Behar's Response to Godwin File 5--Censorship in Cyberspace File 6--Undercover Rambos?? (NYT Story on "Hakr Trakr") File 7--Social Engineering (Re: CuD #.13) File 8--Cybersmut is Good File 9--Suggestions For a Hi-tech Crime-investigators' Seminar? File 10--Re: Unemployed Programmers Turning Talents to Evil (#5.13) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.15 (Feb 21 1993) File 1--MODERATORS' Corner (ah, sundry snippets) File 2--Re SPA/Piracy (CuD #5.14) File 3--TIME & Puzzlement File 4--Technology and Populist Publishing (GEnie Reprint) File 5--"Time Bomb" Detonated In Pennsylvania File 6--(fwd) CICnet rural datafication / ubiquitous access ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.16 (Feb 24 1993) File 1--Clinton's Silicon Valley Speech/SGI (transcript) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.17 (Feb 28 1993) Subject: File 1--Police motivations re. computer crime Subject: File 2--ACLU Interesting in Rusty & Edie's BBS? Subject: File 3--Re: File 4--Technology & Populist Publishing (#5.15) Subject: File 4--A Case for Electronic Publishing Subject: File 5--Obtaining Back Issues of CuD via FTP Subject: File 6--New Computer Viruses Run Amok (sort of) (Reprint) Subject: File 7--Netsys Startup +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.18 (Mar 7 1993) File 1--PKZIP Bankruptcy Rumor is a *HOAX* File 2--Hackers in the News (Orange County Register Reprint) File 3--GPO ACCESS - WINDO UPDATE File 4--London Times Educational Supplement Article File 5--FWD: The White House Communication Project ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.19 (Mar 10 1993) File 1--Author responds to Shopping Mall criticism File 2--Re: Hackers in the News (CuD #5.18) File 3--Internet Talk Radio (fwd) File 4--Call for Stories -- Reasons to Build the NII +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.20 (Mar 14 1993) File 1--Steve Jackson Games WINS! (fwd) File 1--On-Line GEnie Interview with Bruce Sterling +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.21 (Mar 21 1993) File 1--CuD Mirror Update File 2--New Info in 2600 Case File 3--Official virus-writing contest File 4--comments on proposed virus writing contest (Bontchev) File 5--Comments on proposed virus writing contest (Frisk) File 6--Response: virus-writing contest File 7--Comments on the Virus Writing Contest File 8--Bruce Sterling on GEnie (#5.20) File 9--Re: The White House Communication Project (#5.18) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.22 (Mar 25 1993) File 1--Judge Spark's Decision in Steve Jackson Games Suit ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.23 (Mar 28 1993) -- Response to Virus Writing Contest (#5.21) -- Akron BBS Sting Update -- Getting information to and from the White House +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.24 (Mar 31 1993) File 1--Special Issue on CFP III (introduction) File 2--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 1) File 3--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 2) File 4--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 4) File 5--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 5) File 6--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 6) File 7--Computer Freedom and Privacy III Conf. (Report 7) File 8--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 1) File 9--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 2) File 10--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 3) File 11--Bridging the Gaps w/Law Enforcement (View 4) File 12--A Few Final Words about CFP '93 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.25 (Apr 4 1993) File 1--CPSR Wins SSN Privacy Case File 2--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 1 (#5.23) File 3--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 2 (#5.23) File 4--Re: Debating the Virus contest - 3 (#5.23) File 5--USPS Freedom of Information Act Requests File 6--Collecting Cu Files (From "LOD") File 7--CU in the news File 8--Comments on SJG Decision (GRID News) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.26 (Apr 11 1993) File 1--Re: Debating the Virus contest - clarification File 2--"The Logic of the Virtual Commons" (Research Report) File 3--CUN News: Online Defamation Alleged / Pentagon Piracy ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.27 (Apr 14 1993) File 1--EFF and CPSR testimony against 18 USC 1030 Sent. Revisions File 2--CPSR Comments on 1030 Guidelines File 3--EFF Response to Proposed Sentencing Guidelines File 4--LEGISLATIVE DATA ONLINE -- AB1624 needs support File 5--AB1624 MANDATES ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS TO LEGISLATIVE RECORDS File 6--Some comments on AB1624 re online legislative access File 7--AB1624 UPDATE#1--Making Leg. Data available Online +++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.28 (Apr 18 1993) File 1--NREN Wrap (or "Joe's Ride at the Houston Chron") File 2--Clinton Proposes National ID Card File 3--White House Crypto Statement File 4--Debate on Gov't Encryption Initiative (from CPSR) File 5--RU Sirius/Mondo interview (from GEnie) File 6--Rune Stone BBS (IIRG Home Board) Back On-Line +++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.29 (Apr 21 1993) File 1--LTES article and Gender on the Nets (Re: CuD 5.18) File 2--LTES article and Gender on the Nets--Response to Larry File 3--LTES Article -- The author Responds ++++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.30 (Apr 25 1993) File 1--New disclosures in 2600 case File 2--Press release on "Clipper Chip" encryption initiative File 3--THE CLIPPER CHIP: A TECHNICAL SUMMARY File 4--Sysop jailed in Georgia (article by Lance Rose) File 5--Phone Fraud in the Telecom Industry +++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.31 (Apr 28 1993) File 1--Response to 'Gender on the Nets' (Re CuD #5.29) File 2--Re: Gender on the Nets (Re CuD 5.29) File 3--Re: Sexual Bias on the Net (Re Cud 5.29) File 4--A Female Response to the Gender Question in Cyberspace +++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.32 (May 2 1993) File 1--If you missed the Galactic Hacker Party of 1989.... File 2--SPA Needs A Different Direction File 3--Some thoughts on Clipper and the Constitution (1) File 4--Some thoughts on Clipper and the Constitution (2) File 5--Clinton Administration Freedom of Information Policy File 6--Hacker Accused of Rigging Radio Contests File 7--"Hacker" Executed in China File 8--Electronic Privacy Conf w/Oliver North & Chris Goggans ++++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.33 (May 5 1993) File 1--Intro to CPSR/EFF Electronic "Hate-Crimes" Inquiry Responses File 2--SEA letter - Hate Crime File 3--EFF Response to NTIA "Hate Crimes" Inquiry +++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.34 (May 9 1993) File 1--Another response to gender issues File 2-- Response to Wes Morgan File 3--Cryptography and Mythology File 4--New NIST/NSA Revelations File 5--About the Clipper Proposal File 6--Dvorak criticizes the SPA File 7--New 'Zine (ORA.COM) by O'Reilly & Associates ++++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.35 (May 12 1993) File 1--My Thoughts/questions on the "Clipper" chip. File 2--Response to Jerry Leichter on Clipper Chip File 3--Response to Rich Mackinnon on Clipper File 4--Another Letter of Concern to "Hate Speech" Inquiry File 5--FBI Raids Telco Manager's Home (TELECOM DIGEST SPECIAL) File 6--DEF CON I Update +++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.36 (May 16 1993) File 1--Yet Another "LOD" Pretender! File 2--Building Bridges of Understanding in LE & Comp. Community File 3--Crypto-Schemes/Mobile Digital Services in Australia File 4--More on Free Speech & Cyberspace File 5--Gene Spafford's Farewell File 6--UPDATE #3-AB1624 Online Access to Legislation / ACT BY 5/13 +++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.37 (May 19 1993) File 1--CPSR Brief in 2600 FOIA Case File 2--Response to Russell Brand (Re CuD 5.36) File 3--"Clipper" Chip Redux File 4--UPDATE #4-AB1624: Legislative Info Online File 5--AB1624-Legislation Online - Making SURE it's "right" File 6--CU In The News--Singapore Piracy / Ethics Conf. ++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.38 (May 22 1993) File 1--Here We Go Again - 2600 Magazine Threatened With Lawsuit File 2--Obtaining Whitehouse E-Publications File 3--UK Computer Misuse case File 4--CPSR Position Openings File 5--A little feedback on Bridges of Understanding ++++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.39 (May 30 1993) File 1--The LOD Files - A CuD Critique File 2--Histories of BBSes (excerpts from the LOD files) File 3--LOD Project Summary and Contact Information File 4--An Interview with the LOD +++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.40 (June 02 1993) File 1--Bridges of Understanding File 2--MTV News, Nets, Feedback from Users File 3--CPSR NIST Crypto Statement File 4--AB 1624/Online Info Bill PASSES MAJOR HURDLE! File 5--UPDATE #8-AB1624--Press Freedom for Paper Pubs Only? File 6--Virus News INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 93 ++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.41 (June 06 1993) File 1-- LODCOM@ Mail Bounces Fixed -- File 2-- CuD (and other stuff) for Non-Internet readers File 3-- A New public CU BBS in Southern Italy File 4-- Sending E-Mail to Clinton and Gore File 5-- Electronic fingerprinting of welfare recipients in CA File 6-- Email "Etiquette" File 7-- Microstate: Old Empires and New (New Repub. Reprint) +++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.42 (June 10 1993) File 1--UPDATE #11-AB1624: Passed the Assembly, More to Do! File 2--Rusty and Edies's: More Information File 3--Timeline for a Network History File 4--Re: Fingerprinting Welfare Recipients in CA File 5--Call for Papers for Feminist Theory & Technoculture ++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.43 (June 13 1993) File 1--Hacker testimony to House subcommittee largely unheard File 2--CPSR Clipper Testimony (6-9-93) in House Subcommittee +++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.44 (June 16 1993) File 1--Interview with a Virus Writer (Gray Area Excerpt) ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.45 (June 20 1993) File 1--LISTSERVE FOR CuD DESPERATELY NEEDED!!! File 2--Re: 2600 testimony to Markey's subcommittee File 3--Newsgroup Moderator Survey -- Respondents Requested File 4--CUnews - SPA sues software rental; Sega/ratings; Censorship File 5--Newsletter on work in computer industry File 6--Course on "Politics and Technology" File 7--GPO WINDO text here! File 8--Re-AB1624: dumbing-down leg displays w/o dumbing-down data File 9--6/17 AB1624: dumbed-down displays - ADDENDA +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.46 (June 23 1993) File 1--Re: File 6--Course on "Politics and Technology" File 2--A public experiment in how private our lives really are File 3--AB1624/Calif Legislature Computer Access -- Full Text File 4--Summercon Synopsis & Playful Precis File 5-- Defense Contractor Attacks Full Disclosure (Reprint) (#1) File 6--The "Offending" Full Disclosure Story (#2) File 7--The Harris Letter Threatening Litigation against FD (#3) File 8--The Full Disclosure Atty's Response to Harris (#4) ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.47 (June 27 1993) File 1--Squelching the Rumor of the CuD ftp Sites File 2--Another Stupid Rumor Bites the Dust File 3--UPDATE #14-AB1624: bill-text as amended (*improved)* File 4--Re: Full Disclosure TRIGGERFISH Hassle (CuD 5.46) File 5--Response to Interview with a Virus Writer (CuD 5.44) File 6--Virus Hits White House ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.48 (June 30 1993) File 1--Time to Review Law Enforcement Forfeiture Practices File 2--Reform of Civil Asset Forfeiture Act (HR 2417) +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.49 (July 4 1993) File 1--*GEnie* Roundtable transcript of VIRUS/SECURITY File 2--CPSR Workplace Privacy Test File 3--JOB OPENING AT EFF File 4--CuDs on BBSes: "Other Side of Infinity" +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.50 (July 7 1993) File 1--New information on Public Key Patents File 2--Galactic Hacker Party, '93 File 3--On-Line Congressional Hearing File 4--Hacker Listens to Secretary's Aides File 5--Virtually no Reality in "Virtual Reality" File 6--Donation Distinctions (By E-Zine Editors/Moderators)CONTENTS, #5.51 CONTENTS, #5.51 (July 11 1993) File 1--Introduction to the AIS BBS Controversy File 2--Response to RISKS' Anonymous Post attacking AIS BBS File 3--Response to Anonymous: AIS BBS File 4--A User's View of AIS BBS File 5--Fear and Loathing: On the Virus Code Trail at AIS File 6--Media, Anti-virus personnel, Ethics, and AIS ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.52 (July 14 1993) File 1--Subjective opinion (Paul Ferguson Responds to #5.51) File 2--Update on 2600 Case File 3--BBSes Carrying CuDs File 4--Re: CRYPT Newsletter +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.53 (July 18 1993) File 1--CPSR Urges Revision of Secrecy System File 2--CPSR/Berkeley Meeting on access to govt info File 3--CU in da Newz File 4--More CuD Sources for Non-Interneters --GEnie File 5--Hyde For Wiretaps File 6--Reply to Ferguson File 7--Re: Cu Digest, #5.51 --The AIS BBS Incident File 8--Viruses (Reply to Paul Ferguson) File 9--Another Reply to Paul Ferguson (RE CuD 5.52) File 10--CONGRESS ASKED FOR HEARINGS ON OWENS (INFO ACCESS) BIL +++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.54 (July 21 1993) File 1--B. Sterling and W. Gibson Comments on Cyberspace & Educ. File 2--An open letter to Frank Tirado (from Paul Ferguson) File 3--Response to The AIS BBS Incident File 4--AIS BBS "debate" ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.55 (July 21 1993) File 1--"What is CPSR and how can we Join?" File 2--Incident Response Workshop info File 3--"Science & Tech Through Science Fiction" Conference File 4--New hearing set for E-Fingerprinting in SF ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.56 (July 28 1993) File 1--Akron Anomaly BBS UpDate (Seizure Warrant) File 2--Call for Paper: Computer Network Use and Abuse Conference File 3--Credit Reports and National File 4--UPDATE #19-AB1624: PROGRAMMERS! START YOUR ENGINES! File 5--Community Network Survey Results Available +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.57 ( Aug 1 1993) File 1--Re: Hacker sentencing File 2--Criminal Records Subject to Abuse File 3--UPDATE: Ideas-Exchange listserv/ Legis Data Programmers File 4--Observations from a "non-cyberhead" File 5--Response to "Observations from a 'non-cyberhead'" File 6--Rep. Markey's Letter in re AIS BBS File 7--Response to Rep. Markey's Letter ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.58 ( Aug 4 1993) File 1--An Apology to Joel Garreau File 2--The Complexity of Issues in the AIS BBS Affair File 3--Virus distribution ++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.59 (Aug 8 1993) File 1-- Unfair Newspaper Article on BBS Network & Replies File 2-- NIRVANAnet BBSes and the Media (CuD Commentary) +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.60 (Aug 11 1993) File 1--CuD #5.59 Glitch & Some Belated Thanks from CuD to "helpers" File 2--Computers, Freedom & Privacy, '94 -- Conference INFO File 3--Congressional Fellowships for PhD/s-telecommunications File 4--$50,000 Fine for "Software Theft" (Canadian News) File 5--SKIPJACK Review (Encryption Background and Assessment) +++++++ CONTENTS, #5.61 (Aug 15 1993) File 1--ERRATA in CuD #5.60 File 2--EFF Job Opening for ONLINE ACTIVIST File 3--NSA Seeks Delay in Clipper File 4--CPSR and the Nat'l Info Infrastructure File 5--Call for Papers IFIP SEC'94 Caribbean File 6--UPDATE #21-AB1624: *ACTION ALERT*: END-GAME APPROACHING File 7--Illinois BBS Sysop Busted for "porn-to-minors" File 8--In response to E-fingerprinting in Calif File 9--Re--NIRVANAnet (A View from Brazil) File 10--Public Domain Internet Information for Teachers File 11--Gory details about texsun (breakin) (fwd) ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.62 (Aug 17 1993) File 1--CU News ("Software felons," "Valuing Info," et. al.) File 2--CuNews ("Technofogies" and more) File 3--Another BBS Seizure in Hartford File 4--Call for Clipper Comments ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.63 (Aug 19 1993) File 1--Frequency of CuDs and Mail Service File 2--Akron BBS Update 6/30/93 - Seeking Equip't Return File 3--SAVE SIMTEL-20!!! File 4--UPDATE #23-AB1624: Clarification of Bill's Obstructors File 5--Digital Library Use (DLU) Project Information File 6--CPSR's 1993 Annual Meeting +++++ CONTENTS, #5.64 (Aug 22 1993) File 1--Has the EFF SOLD OUT?!? File 2--EICAR '93 conference / members' meeting File 3--Re SKIPJACK Review (CuD 5.60) File 4--CuNews ("Smart Kards," Comp Snooping at IRS/FBI, & more) File 5--CuNews -- ("Hackers need not Apply" & more) File 6--Table of Contents for Volume #1 (of P/H Msg Bases) File 7--Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 File 1--Report on Summer Hack-Tic Conference in the Netherlands File 2--Another View of the Hack-tic '93 Conference File 3--Computer Culture and Media Images File 4--Media Images of Cu Digest - CuD Response to SunWorld File 5--CORRECTION on Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 +++++ CONTENTS, #5.65 (August 24 1993) File 7--Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 File 1--Report on Summer Hack-Tic Conference in the Netherlands File 2--Another View of the Hack-tic '93 Conference File 3--Computer Culture and Media Images File 4--Media Images of Cu Digest - CuD Response to SunWorld File 5--CORRECTION on Graduate Paper Competition for CFP-'94 ++++++ CONTENTS, #5.66 (Aug 26 1993) File 1--SPECIAL ISSUES ON BIBLIOS AND RESOURCES File 2--Computerization & Controversy (Biblio Resource) File 3--40Hex is now a print magazine File 4--"In a Different Format" (Review of gender/comp thesis) File 5--"Smoking Dope on IRC--Play/Performance in Cyberspace" File 6--Classifying Grad Theses & Dissertations as "private?" File 7-- O'Reilly Internet Information Service File 8--"The Internet Letter"--Internet's First Commercial Digest +++++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.67 (Aug 29 1993) File 1--Having Problems Reading CuD with your Software? File 2--FERPA Redux--more on disses/theses as "private records" File 3--Cops plead no contest to selling data File 4--Article on Patient Privacy File 5--CuNews - Whitehouse Mail; SPA's "Cities of Pirates" File 6--Technology Conversion Conference File 7--"Dirty Dan" Teaches "anti-hacking" to 3rd Graders File 8--Calif Assem. Bill #1624 - Latest Full Text +++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.68 (Sep 1 1993) File 1--SPECIAL ISSUE -- THE INFORMATION SOCIETY (Biblio list) ++++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.69 (Sep 5 1993) File 1--The Ware House BBS Case Reconsidered File 2--Additional Facts in The Ware House (Hartford) BBS Case File 3--Plea for money forwarded from the IIRG File 4--Calif AB 1624 *IMMEDIATE* ACTION NEEDED or 1624 will die! File 5--Model Letter in Support of Cal E-Access Law (AB 1624) +++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.70 (Sep 8 1993) File 1--World Wide Web Newsletter Information File 2--Big time hacker from the small town File 3--Re: A Class Like None Other [revised] File 4--Imaginary Government Reply to Jim Warren's Model Letter File 5--'Zine Watch: CRYPT, GRAY AREAS and BOARDWATCH File 6--Other BBSes Carrying CuD File 7--Phrack now only available on the CuD shadow archives File 8--EFF Position Opening--DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS File 9--Canadian Document Database File 10--UK Privacy International Conference File 11--CALIF E-ACCESS BILL (AB #1624) PASSES!!! +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.71 (Sep 12 1993) File 1--Law enforcement in the Elansky case File 2--The Elansky Case and the (edited) Anarchy Files Reprinted File 3--More Non-Net Sources for CuDs, Phrack, etc +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.72 (Sep 16 1993) File 1--Still more on the Elansky/Hartford BBS Case File 2--Thoughts on the Elansky Case - A Response File 3--Attitude TV show about hackers in Australia File 4--CuNews File 5--CPSR Annual Meeting +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.73 (Sep 19 1993) File 1--U.S. Gov't Begins Attack on Moby Crypto File 2--Phil Zimmermann's Comments on the Moby Crypto Incident File 3--Crypto Witchhunt? File 4--PRESS RELEASE--Clinton Appoints Sci/Tech Czars (satire) File 5--Libertarian Responsibility of The Cyberpunk Movement (Reprint) File 6--CuNews File 7--Summary of Boys in front of Computers (Thesis) File 8--UPDATE #30-AB1624: Gov Has Until Oct.10th File 9--NETSYS.COM - Public Access availability +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.74 (Sep 22 1993) File 1--Phil Zimmerman Comments on Encryption Flap File 2--NEW State Dept FLASH on Moby Clipper (Grady Ward) File 3--"Secret Science" File 4--Comment on Elansky BBS/Conn. Law File 5--Fingerprinting Welfare Recipients File 6--Gov't Computer Databases & Right to Privacy (Thesis Abst) File 7--Revised WH E-mail FAQ +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.75 (Sep 26 1993) File 1--THE ANARCHISTS AMONGST US: Is PBS One of *THEM?* File 2--Elansky/Hartford BBS Update, 25 Sept '93 File 3--Raising the Issue of Copyright on the Nets File 4--Ethics of reposting File 5--Number of CuD Articles File 6--CuD Posting Policies and Processes (A Response) File 7--September 29 BBLISA meeting] File 8--The State of Security of Cyberspace (SRI Research Summary) +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.76 (Sep 29 1993) File 1--Bruce Sterling on ABC/Australia's Attitude (excerpts) File 2--the Cyberspatial Copyright File 3--Forum for Research on Virtual Culture File 4--Computer-Mediated Comm Volume -- Call for Papers File 5--Question EFF yielding of crypto authority to NIST File 6--PGP/Zimmermann News Clippings Needed! File 7--EFF's Comments to NIST on Encryption/Escrow File 8--Three Cheers for Legal Action; Re: Mody Crypto File 9--PumpCon II +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.77 (Oct 3 1993) File 1--Grady Ward DOES NOT Encourage Illegality File 2--Response to Jerry Leichter in re Moby Crypto File 3--EFF RESPONDS TO PGP CASE File 4--Summary of BBLISA meeting (CuD 5.75) File 5--E-Jrnl of Virtual Culture--Gender Issue Call For Papers File 6--B. Sterling's Keynote address at EFF/EFF-Austin Crypt Conf File 7--Summary of EFF/EFF-Austin Cryptography Conference +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.78 (Oct 6 1993) File 1--The Elansky Case (A Response to CuD's Editors) File 2--CuD and the Elansky Case (Response to L. Detweiler) File 3--CA state Legislative Info Bill File 4--U. Minn. Campus Police Investigate Software Theft Ring File 5--Computers & Writing Call for Proposals File 6--ACTIVIST ALERT-CPSR Solicits CLIPPER/SKIPJACK comments +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.79 (Oct 10 1993) File 1--FOIA Releases 10-4-93 File 2--CPSR Key Escrow Comments File 3--Sea Joins the Encryption Game File 4--Re: ITAR and export regulations File 5--Sexual harassment via computers (newspaper article). File 6--The Net and Netizens (Paper) File 7--E-mail Announcements From O'Reilly & Associates File 8--A Few More CuD-Carrying BBSes File 9--Survey: what harassment _is_ there on the Net? +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.80 (Oct 13 1993) File 1--CALIF AB1624 signed into law - PUBLIC INFO ACCESS! File 2--Thanks to The folks who made AB1624 possible File 3--Response to Cohen in re ITAR & Export Regs File 4--Space computer hacker gets bond. File 5--all machines moving 10/15-10/18 File 6--IGC Wins Public Interest Aw File 7--Response to PGP Encryption Flap (RE:CuD 574) File 8--Elansky/Hartford bbs Hearings - Case Continues +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.81 (Oct 17 1993) File 1--Another BBS/Bombing Connection (Ill.) File 2--BBS "Porn" Bust in Oklahoma - Another LE Misstep? File 3--A Few Biblio Items (Paulsen, Encryption, & P. Zimmerman) File 4--Fourth Annual HOHOCON File 5--"Hacker" Documentary Proposed File 6--CuNews File 7--Student Pugwash Conference File 8--Response to CuD 5.80 - Itar article ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.82 (Oct 20 1993) File 1--Fair Info Practices with Comp. Supported Coop Work File 2--LA Times does cyphertech; odds & ends File 3--IGC Wins Social Responsibility Award File 4--Full Description of Proposed "Hacker" Documentary" ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.83 (Oct 24 1993) File 1--CuD is taking TWO WEEKS OFF (Returning 7 November) File 2--Elansky Accepts Plea Agreement (Hartford BBS update) File 3--A Foreign Embassy Information Infrastructure File 4--DES Broken? File 5--Computers & Sustainable Society File 6--Students Suspended For Electronic Documents File 7--NOMA (Nat'l Online Media Association) BBS Org. Formed File 8--A Reporter meets "cyberpunks" (news item) File 9--"Cyber Comics" (Monterey Cty Coast Weekly Summary) File 10--Belated response to F. Cohen (CuD 5.80) ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.84 (Nov 7 1993) File 1--Computers, Freedom, and Privacy '94 Conference File 2--CFP '94 Scholarship Announcements File 3--Korea 94: Call for Papers File 4--CPSR NII Paper File 5--DES: Broken! File 6--NAFTA mandates software patents (fwd) File 7--Phiber Optik Sentenced to One Year in Prison ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.85 (Nov 10 1993) File 1--Electronic 'Zine List ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.86 (Nov 14 1993) File 1--Details on Phiber Optik Sentencing (Newsbytes Reprint) File 2--Sentencing in Elansky Case set for Nov. 19 File 3--BCS Community Technology Publication Available File 4--NII Call for Action File 5--On-Line Access to Gov't Info in Texas File 6--CPSR NII Call for Action File 7--DOS 6.2 BUG!!! ++++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.87 (Nov 17 1993) File 1--Mike Godwin's Letter to Judge Stanton (in re phiber optik) File 2--Another Comment on Phiber sentencing File 3--CuD Commentary on Phiber Optik Sentencing File 4--CPSR Crypto Resolution File 5--Operation "Root Canal" File 6--ANNOUNCEMENT/Cyberculture Documenatary (fwd) File 7--Internet Encyclopedia (Interpedia) group project/mailing list File 8--Dos Bug (Re CuD 5.86) File 9--Students Suspended For Electronic Documents File 10--U.S. Law and the Constitution File 11--DES Key Search Paper Available +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.88 (Nov 21 1993) File 1--Michael Elansky ("Ionizer") Sentenced / Saga ends File 2--Electronic Bill Of Rights and Responsibilities File 3--Student sues to regain Internet access File 4--Toll Fraud on French PBXs--Phreaking File 5--Brendan Kehoe File 6--Advertise your skills! +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.89 (Nov 28 1993) File 1--Cyberspace and Social Struggle File 2--Computers and the Poor: A Brand New Poverty File 3--A Psychopunk's Manifesto File 4--ANNOUNCEMENT: Markey Bill debuts in House File 5--Response to Steshenko case (in re CuD 5.88) File 6--What's a "CuD?" File 7--CuD has Moved to a New LISTSERV at UIUC ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.90 (Dec 1 1993) File 1--Conference in Russia File 2--HR 3627 - Export Controls on Cryptography Software File 3--Psuedospoofed again File 4--re: Student sues to regain Internet access (CuD 5.88) File 5--Re: Cu Digeset, #5.89 File 6--Commentary on Cyber-issues in Elansky/Ionizer Sentence ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.91 (Dec 5 1993) File 1--Anarchy Gone Awry File 2--PC Security books reprints material from AIS (Review) File 3--Apple Computers bitten by Conservatives File 4--GAO Report on Computers and Privacy File 5--New Docs Reveal NSA Role in FBI Digital Tele Proposal File 6--REMINDER: CFP '94 SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE APPROACHING File 7--DIAC-94 Call for Participation +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.92 (Dec 8 1993) File 1--Senator Simon Introduces Privacy Bill File 2--Cantwell & Markey bills, GAO report, etc. online at EFF File 3--ANNOUNCEMENT: DPSWG Crypto-Policy Statement to White House File 4--A Superhighway Through the Wasteland? File 5--Health Privacy Radio Program File 6--Apple "Accepts" Texas Bigotry +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.93 (Dec 12 1993) File 1--Internet Resources -- U.S. Federal Gov't Information +++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.94 (Dec 15 1994) File 1--EFF Policy on Cryptography and Privacy / 8 Dec '93 File 2--CPSR Clipper Letter to Clinton File 3--EFF Statement on Markey Infrastructure Bill File 4--Child Porn Bust in North Carolina File 5--Complaints prompt Patent Office hearings on SOFTWARE PATENTS File 6--Edited ASIS '94 Mid Year Meeting Announcement ++++++++++ CONTENTS, #5.95 (Dec 19 1995) File 1--CUMMULATIVE SUBJECT/TOPIC INDEX TO CuDS - Vols 1 to 4 ============== END CONTENTS, VOL 5 =================== ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #6.01 ************************************


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