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Computer underground Digest Sun Sep 19 1993 Volume 5 : Issue 73 ISSN 1004-042X Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Shadow-Archivists: Dan Carosone / Paul Southworth Ralph Sims / Jyrki Kuoppala Ian Dickinson Cookie Editor: Etaoin Shrdlu, III CONTENTS, #5.73 (Sep 19 1993) File 1--U.S. Gov't Begins Attack on Moby Crypto File 2--Phil Zimmermann's Comments on the Moby Crypto Incident File 3--Crypto Witchhunt? File 4--PRESS RELEASE--Clinton Appoints Sci/Tech Czars (satire) File 5--Libertarian Responsibility of The Cyberpunk Movement (Reprint) File 6--CuNews File 7--Summary of Boys in front of Computers (Thesis) File 8--UPDATE #30-AB1624: Gov Has Until Oct.10th File 9--NETSYS.COM - Public Access availability Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. 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DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 21:15:22 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 1--U.S. Gov't Begins Attack on Moby Crypto ((MODERATORS' NOTE: The following posts on the U.S. Customs Service subpoena directed against Grady Ward and others came from a variety of sources. We pulled together the three that seemed to best summarize events of the past few days. In editing them, we can't reconstruct where they all came from, but most appeared on Usenet in the past few days. The following was distributed on Usenet by Grady Ward)). ++++++++++ Subpoena served on Austin Code Works for material related to Moby Crypto. At 10:30 PM EDT Thursday, 16 Sept 1993 Theodore R. Siggins, special agent for the Department of Treasury, U.S. Customs Service office of enforcement for Austin, TX (512) 482-5502 served the following subpoena: United States District Court Northern District of California TO: Custodian of Records Austin Code Works 11100 Leafwood Lane Austin, TX (512) 258-0785 SUBPOENA TO TESTIFY BEFORE GRAND JURY documents of object(s) PLACE U.S. Courthouse & Federal Building 280 South First Street San Jose, CA 95113 Grand Jury Room 2115 September 22, 1993 9:00 AM YOU ARE ALSO COMMANDED to bring with you Any and all correspondence, contracts, payments, and record, including those stored as computer data, relating to the international distribution of the commercial product "Moby Crypto" and any other commercial product related to PGP and RSA Source Code for the time period June 1, 1991 to the present. CLERK RICHARD W. WIERKING by deputy clerk (illegible) This subpoena is issued on application of the United States of America Michael J. Yamaguchi United States Attorney Assistant U.S. Attorney William P. Keane 280 S. First St., Suite 371 San Jose, CA 95113 (408) 291-7221 s/a Robin Sterzer, Customs 93-1348(SJ) 93-1(SJ) 9 September 1993 served by Theodore R. Siggins special agent Department of Treasury U.S. Customs Service Office of Enforcement P.O. Box 99 Austin, TX 78767 (FTS) 770-5502 (512) 482-5502 +-------------------------- BACKGROUND ---------------------------- The day before yesterday I faxed the following to the NSA: Grady Ward 3449 Martha Ct. Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 826-7715 Charlotte Knepper National Security Agency 301 688 7834 FAX 301 688 8183 Sep 93 Re: Moby Crypto and the Austin Code Works Recently you phoned Maria Guthery at the Austin Code Works (512-258-0785) to voice your concern about the publication for export of my product 'Moby Crypto'. As the editor and author of the compilation I made sure not to include any executable code -- only the algorithmic description in C source code that can be found (and exported) from scores of books and journals from the US distributed throughout the world. I believe that this material qualifies for the 'public domain' technical documentation exception under the current DTR rules. It seems to me that proscribing the publication of material because it is conveyed on a magnetic media rather than paper pulp is an NSA initiative that is both destructive to our basic freedom of expression and to the trade renaissance that Vice President Al Gore and the Clinton Administration are trying to foster. Even the Supreme Court recognizes the role of the computer media in protecting our freedom; beginning this 1993 calendar year all decisions will be provided in electronic form. Further, as you may know, it was recently decided that White House records in electronic form must be protected as a permanent archive of our government. Clearly, magnetic media must be treated as a logical extension of the power and fundamental right of the print media. Please phone, fax, e-mail or post your ideas or any literature to me that you think useful if I have misapprehended the situation. Of course if you wish I will send you a gratis copy of the software (about nine megabytes of sources for DES, RSA, IDEA, Lucifer, PGP, SHA, and so on) for your advice and comments. Very truly yours, GRADY WARD +-------------------- WHAT YOU SHOULD DO --------------------- NSA and the US Treasury has started a new, aggressive campaign to prevent the spread of cryptographic ideas, algorithms, sources, and documentation. The subpoena was served on the ACW in the night because they MIGHT have sold a copy of source code, already available worldwide, to a foreign national. If you value the freedom to disseminate ideas on both paper and magnetic and electronic media, you should immediately preserve your right to have such knowledge by obtaining a copy of the source to Pretty Good Privacy and all other cryptographic materials before a possible complete blackout of such material is attempted by the US authorities. It is not yet against the law to possess source code to PGP, the world's foremost encryption application in the United States. Source is available for a variety of platforms including MS-DOS, Unix, and Macintosh from the following sites: and many other sites For more information about PGP, send a blank mail message to: -- Grady Ward 3449 Martha Ct. compiler of Moby lexicons Arcata, CA 95521-4884 e-mail or finger (707) 826-7715 (voice/24hr FAX) for more information ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 22:29:54 CDT From: CuD Moderators Subject: File 2--Phil Zimmermann's Comments on the Moby Crypto Incident On Tuesday, 14 September 93, Leonard Mikus, president of ViaCrypt, also known as LEMCOM Systems, in Phoenix, Arizona, was served a Subpoena to Testify Before Grand Jury, to produce documents. The subpoena was issued by the US District Court of Northern California, by Assistant US Attorney William P. Keane in San Jose, as part of an investigation from the San Jose office of US Customs, conducted by Special Agent Robin Sterzer. The US Attorney above Keane is Michael J. Yamaguchi. ViaCrypt is the company that will be selling a fully licensed commercial version of PGP, starting in November. ViaCrypt has a license from PKP to sell products that embody the patents held by PKP. That includes PGP, using the RSA algorithm. The subpoena, dated 9 September, orders the production of "Any and all correspondence, contracts, payments, and records, including those stored as computer data, involving international distribution related to ViaCrypt, PGP, Philip Zimmermann, and anyone or any entity acting on behalf of Philip Zimmermann for the time period June 1, 1991 to the present." The date specified for the production of documents is 22 September 93. The written agreement between ViaCrypt and myself explicitly states that US State Department cryptographic export controls will be adhered to. The implications of this turn of events are that this US Customs investigation has escalated to the level of a Federal Grand Jury and a US Attorney. US Customs says that this change was precipitated by a ruling recently handed down from the State Department that PGP is not exportable. Other subpoenas and/or search warrants are expected. I am the principal target of the investigation. I have advised EFF, CPSR, and my other attorneys of the situation. A legal defense fund will be set up by my lead attorney (Phil Dubois, 303 444-3885) here in Boulder. This case raises some serious public policy questions regarding First Amendment rights to publish, rights to privacy as affected by widespread availability of cryptographic technology, the equivalence of electronic publication with paper publication, the availability of lawful domestic cryptographic technology in the face of export controls, and certain other Constitutional rights. This may turn into the test case for these issues. Philip Zimmermann ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1993 11:21:17 -0700 From: (Shari Steele) Subject: File 3--Crypto Witchhunt? To the 'net community: EFF is very concerned about the Customs Department-initiated grand jury investigation into encryption export violations. Two U.S. companies have been subpoenaed to produce documents related to the "international distribution" of commercial products utilizing PGP and RSA source code. Neither of these companies are engaged in the international distribution of any illegal materials. EFF is working with the concerned parties and is trying to find out the scope of the grand jury investigation. Unfortunately for us in this case, grand jury investigations are secret, so learning the scope is proving to be quite difficult. What we do know is this: Austin Code Works, a software publisher in Austin, Texas (heavy sigh), has been planning to publish a code document written by Grady Ward called Moby Crypto. Grady describes Moby Crypto as simply containing descriptive source code, not executable object code, describing many cryptographic routines that are freely available around the world. Most of this material has been released in print form already. The important distinction seems to be that Moby Crypto will be released in machine-readable format. Austin Code Works has told Customs Agents that it does not intend to release Moby Crypto outside of the U.S., yet the company has been subpoenaed to release all documents related to this product. (Incidently, if Moby Crypto contains no executable code, it should be exportable under ITAR, just as textbooks containing such materials are exportable.) ViaCrypt, a Phoenix, Arizona,-based (heavy sigh again -- man, does this ring familiar) software producer that has a license to sell software products that use the RSA algorithm, was issued a similar subpoena. ViaCrypt has recently contracted with Phil Zimmermann, creator of the PGP encryption code, to sell a commercial version of PGP. ViaCrypt only distributes its products containing the RSA algorithm within the United States, since RSA is not exportable under ITAR. EFF has been in touch with Phil Zimmermann and his attorney, Grady Ward, and the owner of Austin Code Works. We have advised everyone that there is nothing to hide and that they should abide by the subpoenas and produce the documents requested. We will not know what the appropriate response should be until the grand jury makes its determinations. In the meantime, we want everyone to know that EFF is committed to ensuring that the right to use and publish whatever encryption method an individual chooses to use is protected. Jerry Berman, EFF's Executive Director, issued the following internal message this morning: >I've assured Phil that he is not alone, and I have talked with his attorney. >If Phil is charged with export control violations based on making PGP >available in the US on a non-commercial basis and it happens to get >published or copied overseas, First Amendment issues indeed may be joined. >As of now, ViaCrypt has done no "exporting" and does not intend to. I have >the subpoena. Indeed, EFF has copies of both subpoenas. We will continue to keep you informed of what's going on as we learn the facts. EFF is deeply concerned, and we want Phil and everyone else involved to know that they are not alone. As soon as it becomes clear what specifically is being investigated, EFF will respond. Shari ****************************************************************************** Shari Steele Director of Legal Services Electronic Frontier Foundation 1001 G Street, NW Suite 950 East Washington, DC 20001 202/347-5400 (voice), 202/393-5509 (fax) ------------------------------ Date: 09 Sep 93 21:28:41 EDT From: Urnst Kouch <70743.1711@COMPUSERVE.COM> Subject: File 4--PRESS RELEASE--Clinton Appoints Sci/Tech Czars (satire) (MODERATORS' NOTE: Urnst Kouch is editor of the Crypt Newsletter, an E-'Zine specializing in techno-political commentary, computer virus information, and occasional satire)). +++ >>The press release from Hell: President Bill Clinton announced in late August that he would move quickly to set up a new department, to be headed by newly appointed science and technology czars Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton. "In this new age of information overload," said Clinton in a radio address, "the United States can no longer entrust its technological edge to scientists and engineers, alone. For this reason, I am appointing Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton as heads of a superagency empowered to do whatever it takes to keep the United States an inter-national leader in semi-conductors, biotechnology, multimedia, publishing, the war on drugs, cold fusion, smart nuclear weapons, spy satellites, the war on AIDS, dinosaur revivification, protein sequencing, information superhighway development, virtual reality gaming and pornographic cybersystems, and all sundry grandiloquent, meaningless entertainments." The superagency, to be called the Department Of Ground-breaking Science, High-technology & Intellectual Twaddle (DOGSHIT) will revolutionize the scientific process, replacing the obsolete and stupid approval of new ideas by careful peer review, with a leaner and meaner more cost effective approach, claim Clinton administration officials. According to Crichton's information minister, Michael Eisner, the author and Speilberg would meet for weekly barnstorming sessions in which they would comb through current abstracts in SCIENCE and NATURE as well as breaking developments in OMNI, POPULAR SCIENCE, SPIN, COMPUTER SHOPPER and INFOWORLD. "Michael and Steven will sift the wheat from the chaff every week," said Eisner. "Active researchers are also invited to send electronic press releases describing their current work to DOGSHIT's Internet addresses. These contributions will also be included in the gleaning process." DOGSHIT's Internet portals, said Eisner, are:; and Ideas, information and data deemed worthy of continued serious study will be prepared by Crichton into "action memos." "Action memos" can go any of four ways: into book projects, teleplays, merchandising or to Speilberg's nationalized conglomerate, AMBLIN/Industrial Light and Magic for immediate world wide implementation. "In this manner," said Eisner, "the latest in scientific development can be fielded with maximum benefit to the American citizen without compromising the integrity of the scientific method. For too long, American minds have been the laughingstock of the industrialized nations; archetyped as scrawny and weak pencil-necked geeks incapable of punching their way out of virtual wet paper bags. Now, from birth until death, every American citizen's life will become part of a continuing educational process. Walk into any mall and cardboard standees bearing government approved DOGSHIT books will educate the learning citizen, no matter his or her age, race or color. Television advertisements and shows will convey all manner of DOGSHIT technological developments, 24 hours a day. Newspapers will carry as much DOGSHIT science and technology as willing, and will receive government subsidies approved by the agency, for doing so. It will be _the_ paradigm for intellectual excellence in the 21st century and in its multi-media/multi-pronged strength-through-joy approach, Americans will use it to conquer the stars and make this a land where, truly, the sun never sets." According to President Clinton, Crichton and Spielberg were chosen for their continuing advancement in all areas of key technologies; Crichton for know-how in technology transfer issues, molecular genetics, epidemiology, cybernetic behavior modification and making difficult scientific concepts understandable to cabbage; Spielberg for his work in supercomputers, optics, IR/visible spectroscopy, high energy physics, SETI and time travel. Crichton and Spielberg were unavailable for comment but a Japanese man-in-the-street from the home island of Honshu, when informed of the US's new plan for technological dominance, screamed and said before collapsing, "We're fucked!" ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1993 18:32:22 EDT From: Cu Digest Moderators Subject: File 5--Libertarian Responsibility of The Cyberpunk Movement (Reprint) ((MODERATORS' NOTE: The following is reprinted from the IIRG's Newsletter _Phantasy_, #18. IIRG's homebase is the Runestone BBS and can be contacted at ++++++ The Libertarian Responsibility of The Cyberpunk Movement By Thomas Icom/Cybertek/IIRG With the moves that various government powers have been taking to institute a totalitarian form of government in this country, it has now become the responsibility of the Cyberpunk movement to take such measures as to prevent these actions from occurring and reverse what damage has already occurred. When one takes into account the various factors involved in reclaiming a democratic state from totalitarian rule, it will be found that the Cyberpunk movement is the best equipped to handle the task. The movement has the necessary political attitudes, equipment, and knowledge to prevent further government progress into totalitarian rule and reverse the steps that have already been taken by various government entities towards that direction. The Cyberpunk movement also has a personal stake in the prevention of totalitarian rule; which has an equal footing with altruism. It is for these reasons that the movement should be at the forefront of "The Second American Revolution", and contribute their knowledge and attitudes to its success, and the restoration of a libertarian form of government to the United States of America. The Cyberpunk movement has always had the libertarian attitude of "The government which governs best, governs least.", and "Technology belongs in the hands of the people". These attitudes follow in the footsteps of the country's founding fathers. The lack of such an attitude by those in power has been a major factor in the totalitarian slides this country has been experiencing. The Cyberpunk movement has also stayed away from the forefront of politics; preferring to stay in the background, let others "run" things, and act as "watchers"; keeping vigilant for lapses in judgement by the ruling powers. This attitude is precisely what is needed for those who will be at the forefront of The Second American Revolution, for once the initial job is done, "disinterested" parties will be needed to ensure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. The existence of well-equipped Cyberpunk "Watchers" will act as a future deterrent to those wishing to revert back to totalitarian ways. The Cyberpunk movement has always given a high priority to acquiring knowledge in many different technological and other fields. They have also been adamant about implementing the mass-distribution of such information. These two factors alone are qualifiers for any group conducting low intensity conflict towards the institution of a libertarian form of government. In addition, the Cyberpunk movement stresses practical "hands-on" applications of the knowledge they collect and disseminate. This is another factor that makes the movement well suited for the task at hand. Since the Cyberpunk movement has the proper attitudes and knowledge available to it, they are well suited for the task of ensuring the United States regains and maintains a libertarian form of government. Just as the founding fathers had a responsibility to create the United States, the freest country in the world; it is now the responsibility of the Cyberpunk movement to restore the freedom that this once great country lost, and to take on the responsibility towards the operational aspects of The Second American Revolution and the re-establishment of a libertarian form of government in this country. There is, however, an even more important and pressing reason as to why the movement should act. Throughout history, even in benign and democratic governments, there has been prejudice towards individuals and groups who have the capability of self-sufficiency. Such groups have been persecuted severely, with their members often facing death. This has occurred even if such groups have had no political leanings whatsoever. They were simply viewed as a threat to the powers that be, and dealt with. By taking a look around, any astute observer will be able to see this beginning to happen with the Cyberpunk movement. In this instance, we have the greatest responsibility of all, the responsibility to ourselves to ensure our survival. One must remember that our responsibility to the revolution does not imply we should organize any more than we already have. In fact, our activities should be kept to small groups, and be as disorganized overall as possible, as to better stay hidden and difficult to track down. Twenty small groups operating on their own will be harder to track down than one large group. If everyone just simply does there part, there will be no problem winning this one. Our shadowy existence and characteristic of being "everywhere and nowhere" will also act as a deterrent to keep the future government leaders from acting as stupid as the ones we presently have in existence. ------------------------------ From: grmeyer@GENIE.GEIS.COM Date: Sat, 18 Sep 93 04:28:00 BST Subject: File 6--CuNews Auto Rentals and Poor Drivers ============================= More and more automobile rental companies are embracing "DriverCheck", a database marketed by TML Information Services, Inc of Forest Hills, NY. DriverCheck allows companies such as Hertz, National, Thrifty, Dollar, and Enterprise (Alamo is currently testing the system) to check state drivers licence data before renting a car to a potential customer. If a driver has too many tickets, they may be stranded without being able to rent a car. The system is similar to the one used by insurance companies when issuing automobile policies. (Information Week. Sept 13, 1993 pg15) Health Care Fraud Database ========================== US Representatives Stark (D-California), Schumer (D-NY), and Senator Cohen (R-Maine) have drafted legislation to create a national database of people guilty of health care fraud. (ComputerWorld Sept. 13, 1993 pg14) Cyberspace is a Goldmine for Ethnographers ========================================== Robert Wright, in an article in the Sept 13th (pg 20) issue of The New Republic, suggests that the Internet is a boon for anthropologists. It presents a fascinating opportunity for observation and study of groups and behavior. [As the CuD moderators have been saying since 1986.] (Information Week. Sept 13, 1993. pg54) ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 14 Sep 93 9:36:49 MET DST From: Jorgen Nissen Subject: File 7--Summary of Boys in front of Computers (Thesis) ((MODERATORS' NOTE: The following thesis abstract describes Jorgen Nissen's project. A longer version can be found in the CuD ftp archives in /pub/cud/papers)) Abstract Boys in front of Computers Young Enthusiasts in the World of Computer Technology Link|ping Studies in Arts and Science No. 89 Pojkarna vid datorn Unga entusiaster i datateknikens v{rld J|rgen Nissen The aim of this study is to describe and to search for an understanding of Swedish computer captivated youth. This group is generally known as hackers, often connoting queer loners and/or persons indulging in illegal activities. This picture is shown not to be a good representation of the Swedish counterpart. Several methods have been employed; participatory observation, interviews, questionnaires, analyses of the content of computer-mediated communication and of computer magazines. In the first part of the thesis theoretical concepts are discussed such as developmental task, culture (sub-, counterculture) and modernity. The concept microworld is launched as a research tool. The microworld includes the activities generated around the computer as well as the actors. In the second part the content of the microworld is analysed. Almost without exceptions, the inhabitants are boys and men. One chapter addresses the history of computer interest, and three themes are elaborated; a tendency towards political alternativism, illegal activities and the existence of a hacker-ethic. Formal associations and informal groups are described. The content of a so called BBS, a computerized notice-board, was found to be ordinary. The magazines nourish dreams about making a fortune as a professional computer game programmer. The third part focuses on the inhabitants of the microworld. Three different groups are identified and presented through comprehensible portraits. The groups can be distinguished by means of several criteria of which two are decisive: Does the boy earn money regularly or not on his skill? Is he or is he not well integrated into the microworld? A questionnaire survey shows that the group of severely computer captivated boys in Sweden is quite small. In the final part the microworld is discussed as being partly a counterculture. The computer skills provide ways for the boys to enter into adult life. The microworld also encompasses an informal educational system. Important driving forces behind the boys intense interest in computers is gaining social benefits and a sense of belonging to a wider social context. Index terms: computer-mediated communication, computer interest, counterculture, crackers, developmental task, hackers, microworld, modernity, subculture, Sweden, youth. ISBN 91-7139-128-2 ISSN 0282-9800 Institute of Tema Research Department of Technology and Social Change Link|ping University, S-581 83 Link|ping, Sweden Link|ping 1993 ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1993 21:00:53 -0700 From: Jim Warren Subject: File 8--UPDATE #30-AB1624: Gov Has Until Oct.10th Sep. 17, 1993 GOV. WILSON'S PRESS OFFICE: NO WORD ON AB1624 AS OF SEP.17th P.M. I called the Gov's pressoids this afternoon. They said the bill probably wasn't even in the Governor's offices yet, and estimated that his action on it - if any - might not come for several weeks. GRRR! CORRECT STAFF CORRECTED THE CORRECTION OF THE CORRECT DEADLINE First I was told that Gov. Wilson had until Oct. 10th to sign, veto or ignore AB1624 (ignoring it equals signing it; California has a "pocket signature" as opposed to a "pocket veto"). I tol' ya so. Then legislative staff researched it more and - the day after the bill passed the told me that Wilson only had 12 days from that event, since it was the first year of a two-year legislative session. I tol' ya so. Now, they have researched it further - sez they: If the bill had passed the legislative more than 12 days before the end of the legislative session (Sep. 10), then the Gov would only have had twelve days. However, AB1624 passed on Sep. 8th, only two days before the session ended. Therefore -- yes! -- the Governor *does* have until Oct. 10th to diddle de bill. See? I tol' ya so. IF YOU HAVEN'T YET CALLED OR WRITTEN SUPPORTING AB1624, PLEASE DO - SOON! Covert opposition to AB1624 can prompt Wilson to veto the bill unless he knows that, "The whole world is watching." Well, more or less. :-) Gov. Pete Wilson, State Capitol, Sacramento CA 95814 voice/916-445-2841; fax/916-445-4633 BOWEN'S LEGISLATIVE AIDE: AB1624 GOT ITS SUPPORT FROM ONLINE ACTION Mary Winkley, the [underpaid!] workaholic aide to AB1624-author Debra Bowen, has reiterated that our online-organized efforts and saturation actions just before crucial votes were what kept the bill alive and pushed it through the legislature. NEAT! I am hoping to get contact-info for the 70+ organizations now supporting the bill. I am *nost* interested in researching what impacts net-action had on this legislative effort. And - of course! - I'll write up the findings for all to see. OVER 70 ORGANIZATIONS AND 1,200 INDIVIDUALS NOW FORMALLY SUPPORT AB1624 Winkley reported that there are now 74 organizations who have filed formal notices with Bowen's office supporting AB1624. Just a sample: Academic Senate of the California State University System American Association of Law Libraries American Association of University Women American Foundation for the Blind California Common Cause California Congress of Parents, Teachers and Students California Council of the Blind California Environmental Associates California Newspaper Publishers Association California Public Interest Research Group (CalPIRG) California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation\ Council of California County Law Libraries [county-funded] Friends of the River The Fund for Animals HIV/AIDS Information Bulletin Board System Housing California Independent Owner/Operators Bookkeeping Association League of Women Voters of California Los Angeles Women's Legislative Coalition Northern California Association of Law Libraries Palo Alto Working Group on Civil Liberties Serenity Guest House Sierra Club Solano County Taxpayers' Association South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce Tiburon Fire Protection District University of California University of Southern California Western Center on Law and Poverty Westside Center for Independent Living World Institute on Disabilities and the cities of Berkeley, Los Altos and Sonoma, and counties of Del Norte, Glenn and Santa Cruz, plus the Computer Software Industry Association, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - Berkeley Chapter, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Government Technology Magazine, and of course Apple, Autodesk, Internex, People's Computer Company, Snyder Research, Sunnyside Computing, SunWorld Magazine, Wired Magazine, etc. [I was told there was also a significant statewide push by the Perotoids that generated a flood of several hundred cards and letters supporting the bill - that show up in a list of 1200+ individual supporters.] And - yes! - Gov. Wilson *can* ignore these supporters and veto AB1624, unless he and his staff are made aware that all of us really *are* interested - and watching for his decision. Something like that happened last year with an effort to reform the state's open-meetings law. *SOMEDAY* I *WILL* CATCH UP ON WEEKS OF BACKED-UP EMAIL Honest. I will. I will. [I need a "smiley" representing "Blush!"] ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1993 21:00:38 -0700 From: Earle Ady Subject: File 9--NETSYS.COM - Public Access availability ((MODERATORS' NOTE: One of the FAQs we receive is: "I don't have Internet access. Can you tell me how I can get it?" If you cannot obtain access through your employer or local school/university, then the best way is to obtain an account on a public access system. While systems such as Compuserv, GEnie, or Prodigy are among the most popular, they do not provide the same services as systems such as The Well, Mindvox, Netcom, and others. We try to identify new entries that have promise. Some users find multiple subscriptions helpful. While this may seem expensive, systems have different personalities, specialize in particular files or services, and off unique features not found on others. Although some systems may be in competition with others, in general, the more quality systems there are, then the more the cyberculture grows. As the culture grows, the systems flourish. BOARDWATCH Magazine runs stories and advertisements on BBS-type systems, and remains an excellent source of information for systems-shoppers. Some systems, such as The Well and Mindvox, have become so well known that they need little advertising. One impressive new entry is (telnet Services include full Internet access, including IRC, ftp capability, reasonable rates, and other features. We briefly described it in a past CuD issue, and asked for additional information. The following answers most basic questions about +++ NETSYS COMMUNICATION SERVICES Palo Alto, California Netsys is a network of large Sun servers dedicated to providing Internet access to individuals and corporations that need solid, reliable Internet connectivity. An account on Netsys will provide members with : Electronic Mail: to/from the Internet and gatewayed networks. (including BITNET, MILNET, and even Compuserve). Usenet: The worldwide networked message system that generates roughly 40-50 megabytes of information daily. Telnet: The capability to login to any remote host in any part of the world. Ftp: The ability to send and receive documents/programs/data to/from any site in the world. Misc: Archie,Gopher, Internet Relay Chat, and WAIS search tools. Support: 24 hour emergency response service. Dialups: Palo Alto area, High Speed (V.32 and PEP) Private Accounts: $20 monthly ( with file storage capacity of 5 megabytes) $1 per megabyte per month over 5 megabytes. Commercial Accounts: $40 monthly (file storage capacity of 10 megabytes) $1 per megabyte per month over 10 megabytes. Newsfeeds: We offer both nntp and uucp based newsfeeds , with all domestic newsgroups,and including all foreign newsgroups. SPECIAL FEATURES THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN PROVIDE Satellite Weather: Netsys has available real time satellite weather imagery. Images are available in gif, or Sun raster format. Contact us for NFS mirroring, and other special arrangement. These images are directly downlinked from the GOES bird. Contact Steve Eigsti ( Satellite Usenet: Netsys is offering Pagesat's satellite newsfeed service for large volume news distribution. Members of Netsys can obtain substantial discounts for the purchase and service costs of this revolutionary method of Usenet news distribution.Both Unix and MS Windows software available. Contact Kate Alexander ( for product information. Paging Services: Netsys is offering Pagesat's Internet to Pager mail service. Members of Netsys can obtain critical email to pager services. Pagesat has the ability to gateway any critical electronic mail to your display pager. Leased Line Internet Connections Pagesat Inc. offers low cost 56k and T1 Internet connections all over the United States. Since Pagesat is an FCC common carrier, our savings on leased lines can be passed on to you. For further information, contact Duane Dubay ( We offer other services such as creating domains, acting as MX forwarders, and of course uucp based newsfeeds. Netsys is now offering completely open shell access to internet users. For accounts, or more information , send mail to Netsys will NEVER accept more members than our capacity to serve. Netsys prides itself on it's excellent connectivity (including multiple T1's, and SMDS) ,lightly loaded systems, and it's clientel. We're not your average Internet Service Provider. 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