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Computer underground Digest Sun Aug 30, 1992 Volume 4 : Issue 40 Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Copy Editor: Etaion Shrdlu, III Archivist: Brendan Kehoe Shadow-Archivist: Dan Carosone CONTENTS, #4.40 (Aug 30, 1992) File 1--Moderators' Corner (triviata de jour) File 2--CuD Back issues now available from the mailserv File 3--Dvorak, Viruses, and Cracking File 4--Third Annual Xmascon File 5--INTERNET Information Resources for CMC Cu-Digest is a weekly electronic journal/newsletter. Subscriptions are available at no cost from The editors may be contacted by voice (815-753-6430), fax (815-753-6302) or U.S. mail at: Jim Thomas, Department of Sociology, NIU, DeKalb, IL 60115. Issues of CuD can also be found in the Usenet news group; on CompuServe in DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, and DL0 and DL12 of TELECOM; on Genie in the PF*NPC RT libraries; from America Online in the PC Telecom forum under "computing newsletters;" on the PC-EXEC BBS at (414) 789-4210; and by anonymous ftp from ( and For bitnet users, back issues may be obtained from the mail server at European distributor: ComNet in Luxembourg BBS (++352) 466893. COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST is an open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists and to the presentation and debate of diverse views. CuD material may be reprinted as long as the source is cited. Some authors do copyright their material, and they should be contacted for reprint permission. It is assumed that non-personal mail to the moderators may be reprinted unless otherwise specified. Readers are encouraged to submit reasoned articles relating to computer culture and communication. Articles are preferred to short responses. Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 30 Aug 92 10:46:31 CDT From: Moderators Subject: File 1--Moderators' Corner (triviata de jour) Ah, sordid responses and announcements: 1. DON'T FORGET: If you read CuD as Usenet's, YOU MUST change over to The alt group will disappear in two weeks. 2. CuD has been coming out twice a week since the shift to the comp hierarchy. This is temporary, and we'll resume to the normal weekly schedule in about 2 weeks. 3. We plan three special issues in the next few weeks. One will be a retrospective on Cliff Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg. Two others will be (1) a summary of the Software Publisher's Association followed by (2) a set of commentaries on the SPA. We are hoping for a third in which the SPA responds and joins the dialogue. 4. Some Usenet readers had problems reading issue #4.39. We hope we have the kinks worked out, but if you continue to have problems, let us know and we'll try to resolve them. The current format of "Subject:" line, length, and style has been worked out as a compromise between the variations on different systems. For readers new to CuD, we remind ya'll that Usenet readership constitutes less than two-thirds of all readers, and we have to try to accommodate the other third as well. If you have problems, let us know, but we can't always resolve them, especially if they create problems for others. 5. For those wanting back issues: Time (and space) don't allow us mail out back issues in either electronic or hardcopy format. Mike Batchelor has made back issues available via mailserv (see following file), and other sources of back issues are listed in introduction to each issue. ------------------------------ Date: 30 Aug 1992 09:15:07 +0000 (GMT) From: mike@BATPAD.LGB.CA.US Subject: File 2--CuD Back issues now available from the mailserv ((MODERATORS' NOTE: Mike Batchelor has set up a mailserve for back issues of CuD. Bitnet readers without ftp access will find this especially helpful. Below are the instructions)). CuD back issues are in aotd/vol?.zoo. An index is also available, which I'll try to keep updated as new back issues are added. You may request them from as follows: In the body of your message, place the command GET aotd/vol?,zoo UUE GET aotd/index.zoo UUE Use the volume number in place of the question mark. Wildcards are not supported, but you may request more than one file in the same message, one request per line. Files may be requested either UUencoded or XXencoded. The default is to UUencode. The mailserv will soon implement a QUIT command. Until then, just ignore the spurious "Command not supported" message when it eats your sig. This is harmless, and does not affect the status of your request. You are welcome to request the general INDEX file with the INDEX command, and retrieve any files that are available from the mailserv. You may also call The Batchelor Pad PCBoard and download any files on your first call, no muss, no fuss. The telephone number is 310-494-8084, 8N1, 2400-14,400 bps V.32bis/V.42bis. Problems and questions about the mailserv itself should be directed to me, at the address below. Questions about the AOTD list should be directed to Chris at [] Mike Batchelor -- [] Long Beach, California ------------------------------ Date: 28 Aug 92 15:52:10 EDT From: Gordon Meyer <72307.1502@COMPUSERVE.COM> Subject: File 3--Dvorak, Viruses, and Cracking A Cu-Digest reader recently suggested that John Dvorak's column in the May 1992 issue of _PC Computing_ was worth a laugh or two. I eagerly looked it up at the local library... Well, I can't honestly say that the librarian tossed me out for excessive giggling, but I did find some of Dvorak's concepts interesting. For example, it appears Mr. Dvorak believes that anti-cracking laws are responsible for the current wave of computer virus attacks... "...a large group of dedicated hobbyists are writing their {virus} code out of boredom. I think it all stems from the new federal law prohibiting computer cracking. Cracking used to keep these kids busy." (p108) Hmmmm. And I suppose before kids kept busy with cracking they used to shop- lift. I guess it wasn't coincidence I lost my copy of _Steal This Book_ a few weeks before I broke into my first minicomputer. If only I'd been at the drug store stuffing comic books under my jacket instead. Another interesting tidbit found in the same issue is a discussion of "stealth" viruses. Yes, viruses that you don't know you have and can't be detected. I can't wait for the first 'anti-stealth' virus protection software. Reminds me of the old joke about Elephant Repellent. "But there aren't any elephants in NYC"..."See how well it works!." In all seriousness, I've heard of 'stealth' viruses, but Dvorak is really sounding the alarm in this issue, much to the amusement of Jim Seymour, his debate opponent on the matter. Finally, Dvorak treats us to some major 'tsk-tsk'ing' (for our foreign readers: an expression of moral contempt) over VR and sex. He says the entire concept of using Virtual Reality for sexual gratification or exploration is simply "un-American" (whatever that means). Oh Damn, that's exactly what I was going to turn to once the anti-virus laws kick in. ::sigh:: ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 18 Aug 92 21:24 CDT From: dfx@NUCHAT.SCCSI.COM(dFx International Digest) Subject: File 4--Third Annual Xmascon [Pre Announcement - August 17, 1992] dFx International Digest and cDc - Cult Of The Dead Cow proudly present : The Third Annual X M A S C O N AKA H 0 H 0 C O N "Here... why don't you talk to my lawyer" Who: All Hackers, Journalists, Security Personnel, Federal Agents, Lawyers, Authors and Other Interested Parties. Where: Howard Johnson's - Hobby Airport 7777 Airport Boulevard Houston, Texas 77061 U.S.A. Tel: (800) 654-2000 Hou: (713) 644-1261 Fax: (713) 644-1117 When: Friday December 18 through Sunday December 20, 1992 Somebody call hotel security, we're at it again! Xmas/HoHoCon '92, three years and running. HoHoCon '91 turned out to be the largest and most chaotic gathering of any other computer underground conference ever, yet it was also the most organized and well planned. Everything from party ball soccer to interhotel telegrams from Cliff Stoll to elite cYbuR-strippers, and everyone from Bruce Sterling to Erik Bloodaxe & Doc Holiday of Comsec to K0DE WARRI0R himself. It was also the first conference to produce .gifs, a definite new trend. How we got away with it is still a mystery, and how we'll top it, I just don't know. But you can bet we're gonna try! We're looking to get an even larger group of people from the computer underground, computer security, media, and telecommunications world together to discuss a variety of topics. Still no ego trip either, the event will once again be open to the public so that anyone may attend, and everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities. Hotel Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This year, we've moved the conference from Intercontinental Airport to Hobby Airport. This was mainly due to conference room availability and room pricing. It shouldn't create an inconvenience as most airlines service both Airports. The Hobby Airport Howard Johnson's Lodge is located almost directly across the street from the entrance of the airport (approximately one block west if facing the airport). The HoHoCon group room rates are $41.00 plus tax (15%) per night, your choice of either single or double. There are also 2 suites available, a mini and a large. You can call the hotel for pricing and availability of the suites. Once again, when you make your reservations (800-654-2000, which is also reachable from Houston), you will need to tell them you are with the HoHoCon Conference to receive the reduced room rate, otherwise you will be shelling out $59.00. There is no charge for children, regardless of age, when they occupy the same room as their parents. Specially designed rooms for the handicapped are available. The hotel provides free on call transportation to and from the airport. The hotel restaurant, The Mulberry Tree, is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Meal prices range between $5 and $10, with breakfast being closer to $5 and dinner closer to $10. There is also a buffet available for $6.95. The hotel bar, The Hobby Saloon, is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features the general assortment of table games and bar attractions. There is an outdoor pool and an exercise room. Car rental agencies are located in the lobbies of both the hotel and airport. Unlike last year, there will be no need to hack the television sets as the hotel provides free cable tv, which includes HBO (don't know about those wonderfully edited R rated hotel pornos yet, kidz). Check-in and check-out times are both 12:00 noon. Earlier check-in is allowed if there are rooms available. If you need further information, contact us or the hotel directly. If you are only able to get a flight into Intercontinental Airport, there is a shuttle that will take you to Hobby for $11.50. Departures start at 10 a.m. and continue until 10 p.m., leaving every hour on the hour. For more information contact the Hobby Airport Limousine Service at (713) 644-8359. Similar to last year, the hotel is placing the HoHoCon guests (those renting rooms) in their own building (smart move). Thus, we are encouraging people to make their reservations as early as possible to ensure themselves a room in our building. As of this writing, there are 6 rooms reserved and there is a total of 40 rooms in the building. Directions ~~~~~~~~~~ If you plan to drive to the conference, plan your route to get you to Interstate 45. From there, if you are coming from the North (which most of you will be), take I-45 South to the Broadway exit. Make a right on Broadway and drive down for about a mile or so until you come to Airport Boulevard (you will be right in front of the airport at this point). Make a right on Airport Boulevard and the hotel is one block down on the right. If you are coming from the South, take I-45 North to Airport Boulevard. Go left on Airport Boulevard and the hotel will be on the right, one block past the airport. Conference Details ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HoHoCon will last 3 days, with the actual conference being held on Saturday, December 19, starting at 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 noon, depending on the number of speakers, and continuing until 4:30 p.m. The reason for having to vacate the conference room so early is because there is a Christmas party following our conference. Hopefully, the partiers will get so drunk, loud and obnoxious that the hotel staff won't have the time to pay attention to us. This is actually a pre 'official announcement', so at this point, we don't exactly have all of the conference itself planned. We are still in the midst of arranging times and confirming speakers. We would like to have a number of people speak on a varied assortment of topics. If you would like to speak, please contact us as soon as possible and let us know who you are, who you represent (if anyone), the topic you wish to speak on, a rough estimate of how long you will need, and whether or not you will be needing any audio-visual aids. The main announcement will probably be going out in three weeks, and we will be releasing updates every three to four weeks after that. We would like to have people bring interesting items and videos again this year, so if you have anything you think people would enjoy having the chance to see, please let us know ahead of time, and tell us if you will need any help getting it to the conference. If all else fails, just bring it to the con and give it to us when you arrive. We will also include a list of items and videos that will be present in a future update. We received a nice amount of media support last year in the form of pre-conference announcements and would greatly appreciate the same this year. Besides our updates, you will most likely be able to get HoHoCon details from CuD, Informatik, Mondo 2000, and Phrack Magazine. If you are a journalist and would like to do a story on HoHoCon 92, or know someone who would, contact us with any questions you may have, or feel free to use and reprint any information in this file. If anyone requires any additional information, needs to ask any questions, wants to RSVP, or would like to be added to the mailing list to receive the HoHoCon updates, you may write myself (Drunkfux) or any of the other HoHoCon planning committee members (uh... whoever they may be) at: For those without net access, we'll list a few boards to reach us on in the upcoming announcement, as well as a P.O. Box. Currently, your best bet would be to try any of the cDc systems. Mainly, Demon Roach Underground - (806) 794-4362, Login: THRASH, NUP: Jihad (I think). HoHoCon 92 will be a priceless learning experience for professionals (yeah, right) and gives journalists a chance to gather information and ideas direct from the source. It is also one of the very few times when all the members of the computer underground can come together for a realistic purpose. We urge people not to miss out on an event of this caliber, which doesn't happen very often. If you've ever wanted to meet some of the most famous people from the hacking community, this may be your one and only chance. Don't wait to read about it in all the magazines, and then wish you had attended, make your plans to be there now! Be a part of what we hope to be our largest and greatest conference ever. Remember, to make your reservations, call (800) 654-2000 and tell them you're with HoHoCon. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 02:07:38 -0400 From: John Arthur December Subject: File 5--INTERNET Information Resources for CMC Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication ================================================================== Compiled by John December (, Release 1.53, 07 Aug 92 Additions/comments welcome. This document & updates are available via anonymous ftp. Host:, file: pub/communications/internet-cmc ======================== PURPOSE: to list pointers to information describing the Internet, computer networks, and issues related to computer-mediated communication (CMC). Topics of interest include the technical, social, cognitive, and psychological aspects of CMC. AUDIENCE: this file is useful for those getting started in understanding the Internet and CMC; it compactly summarizes sources of information for those who are already exploring these issues. ASSUMPTIONS: to access many information sources listed here you must have access to and know how to use anonymous ftp, email, or USENET newsgroups. Some files are in TeX or PostScript format. ======================== Contents: Section -1- THE INTERNET AND SERVICES Section -2- INFORMATION SERVICES/ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS Section -3- SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Section -4- NEWSGROUPS Section -5- SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ======================== Section -1- THE INTERNET AND SERVICES ======================================================================== This section lists information about the Internet, services available on it, and topics related to computer networking. o INTERNET DESCRIPT,SCRIPT='SPELL'IONS ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New User's Questions fyi/fyi4.txt Hitchhikers Guide rfc/rfc1118.txt Gold in Networks! rfc/rfc1290.txt Zen & Art of Internet pub/zen/ Zen ASCII version pub/net/zen/ Guide Internet/Bitnet libsoft/guide1.txt NSF Resource Guide resource-guide/ NWNet Internet Guide nic/nwnet/user-guide/ SURANet Internet Guide pub/nic/infoguide.*.txt NYSERNet Internet Guide pub/guides/Guide.*.text CERFNet Guide cerfnet/cerfnet_guide/ DDN New User Guide netinfo/nug.doc AARNet Guide pub/resource-guide/ Internet Monthly Report internet/newsletters/ Internet Maps maps/ o INFO REPOSITORIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FYIs fyi/fyi-index.txt RFCs rfc/rfc-index.txt Standards documents/std/INDEX.std Network Info Center netinfo/ Network Info netinfo/ Network Info / UUNET archive uunet-info/ Telecomm Archives telecom-archives/ Usenet Repository pub/usenet/ Library of Congress pub/iug/index o NETWORKING ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Network Reading List inet/doc/ Internetworking Guides pub/docs/ GAO Internet Security pub/doc/gao_rpt List of FTP Sites pub/ftp-list/ NREN Information nren/ NSF Plan/Interim NREN recompete/impl.ascii Uses of Networking pub/gde/netser/usenetworks.gde Intro TCP/IP tcp-ip-docs/tcp-ip-intro.doc o SERVICES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yanoff Services List pub/ MaasInfo Indexes articles/maas/maasinfo.files Gopher pub/gopher/ Archie archie/doc/whatis.archie Alex pub/soft/alex/alexintro.doc WAIS sketch/overview libsoft/wais.txt WAIS paper doc/wais-paper.text WAIS information wais/wais-discussion/ Email Services libsoft/email_services.txt Public access UNIX pub/nixpub/long Internet access BBS pub/ WorldWideWeb pub/www/doc/the_www_book.* Dialup BBS list mirrors/msdos/bbslists Network Service Guides pub/nic/network.service.guides/ List of Whois Servers pub/whois/whois-servers.list HYTELNET pub/hytelnet/pc/ o DIRECTORIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Internet Resource Dir public_access/*.txt Electronic Journals pub/journals/ Barron Library Catalogs library/ St. George Lib Catalogs cerfnet/cerfnet_info/library_catalog/ Technical Reports pub/techreports Interest Groups List netinfo/interest-groups Dartmouth Merged SIGL siglists/ Online Library Catalogs libsoft/guide2.txt Library Access Script pub/ Electronic Conferences library/acadlist.readme o EMAIL ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finding Email addresses libsoft/email_address.txt College Email addresses pub/usenet/ Pine email pine/pine.blurb o COMMUNICATION ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Multiple User Dialogue pub/muds/misc/mud-faq/ Internet Relay Chat(IRC) irc/support/tutorial.* o LANGUAGE/CULTURE ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Net Etiquette Guide pub/nic/netiquette.txt Computer Jargon pub/jargon/jargon* Smileys pub/misc/funnies/smiley.txt Post-Gutenberg pub/jnl/harnad.jnl o POPULAR TOPICS ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Weathermap GIF wx/sa* Whois Registration netinfo/user-template.txt ======================== Section -2- INFORMATION SERVICES/ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS ======================================================================== This section lists sources of information devoted to the study of CMC and computer network technology. Below the description of the services, newsletters, and journals are tables describing online access if it is available. [see also DIRECTORIES/Electronic Journals in Section -1-] o INFORMATION SERVERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALMANAC. A service for multi-media document and information delivery. It offers many database functions as well. Comserve. An electronic information service for people interested in human communication studies. FTP MAIL get files at anonymous ftp sites via email HCIBIB. A mail-based retrieval system interface to a database related to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). LISTSERV. A mailing-list server for group communication. LISTSERVE lists of interest of interest include: CNI-DIRECTORIES Coalition for Networked Information Directories. RFCs (Request For Comments). Documents about various issues for discussion, covering a broad range of networking issues. o ELECTRONIC JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Cites. A journal which provides citations and brief annotations for articles from 30 journals in networks and information and computer technology. Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de Communication (EJC/REC). Covers communication theory, research, practice, and policy. EJournal. Concerned with implications of electronic networks and texts. Netweaver. The Newsletter of the Electronic Networking Association. NETTRAIN is a discussion list about training/support of others in using the resources available on Bitnet and Internet. o NEWSLETTERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos Corner Dr. Chao's random and interesting things about computers, networks, and other things ConneXions Newsletter on information on networking Inquire: Internet Review. An "irregular and on-line journal of new and internesting stuff on the net." Internet World a newsletter from Meckler Associates Inquire: Linkletter. The Merit Network's newsletter. Matrix News (paper newsletter, but partially online) Covers crossnetwork issues. Some back articles, editorials, and indices online. Inquire: NETNEWS newsletter for network resources The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACSR) o JOURNAL/SERVICE Access with email to Body of letter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~(Name = your full name)~ ALMANAC send guide Comserve Send Comserve Helpfile Comserve CMC list Sub CMC Name Comserve CMC notes Send CMC Notebook EJC/REC Directory EJCREC EJournal listserv@albany.bitnet Sub EJRNL Name HCIBIB query: Netweaver Send Netweave Winter91 RFCs help: ways_to_get_rfcs LISTSERV send listserv memo CNI-DIRECTORIES Subscribe CNI-DIRECTORIES Name NETTRAIN Subscribe nettrain Name FTP MAIL help PACSR Subscribe PACS-P Name o JOURNAL/SERVICE/DOC ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaos Corner cc*.txt Current Cites current.cites/ Discussion of Comp Conf rfc/rfc1324.txt Linkletter newsletters/linkletter/ Matrix News (parts) pub/mids/matrix_news/ NETNEWS libsoft/netnews*.txt ======================== Section -3- SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS ======================================================================== This section lists societies and organizations which are concerned with issues of electronic information and communication. Below the description of each organization is a table describing online access to more information if it is available. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR): alliance of computer professionals who discuss the impact of computer technology on society. (Contact: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): public interest organization to educate public about computer and communication technologies. The Internet Society (ISOC): supports the development of the Internet and promotes education and applications. Electronic Networking Association (ENA): " promote electronic networking in ways that enrich individuals, enhance organizations, and build global communities." [see Netweaver newsletter in Section -2-] o INFO FOR ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EFF pub/EFF ISOC internet-society/ o INFO FOR Access with email to Body of letter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~(Name = your full name)~ CPSR SUBSCRIBE cpsr Name ======================== Section -4- NEWSGROUPS ======================================================================== Newsgroups are sometimes a rich source of information about the Internet, networks, and CMC issues. This section lists newsgroups in which topics related to networks, the Internet, or CMC are discussed. (FAQ) = periodic posting of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & answers. o INTEREST AREA NEWSGROUP(S) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beginners news.announce.newusers FAQs news.answers Internet, Usenet alt.culture.usenet, alt.uu.future, news.lists Internet BBS alt.bbs.internet (FAQ) Email comp.mail.misc (FAQ) WAIS comp.infosystems.wais Gopher alt.gopher Network Info Sources comp.archives, comp.internet.library, news.lists, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroups news.groups, news.announce.newgroups Information Systems comp.infosystems ISDN comp.dcom.isdn Technical Reports comp.doc.techreports Computer BBS comp.bbs.misc Telecomm comp.dcom.telecom, clari.nb.telecom Computer Underground MUDS (FAQ) IRC alt.irc PostScript Net Maps Hackers alt.hackers ======================== Section -5- SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY ======================================================================== This section lists useful information sources. o ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHIES ANONYMOUS FTP HOST FILE OR DIRECTORY/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Communication pub/bib/parker.bib Networked Info Bib pub/bib/stanton.bib WAIS Bibliography pub/bib/lincoln.bib Electronic Serials pub/bib/bailey.bib FYI Bibliography fyi/fyi3.txt o NETWORKS/CMC JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scientific American, volume 265, number 3, September 1991. Issue on computer networks. Journal of Communication, volume 39, number 3, Summer 1989. Issue on computer communication affecting social power distribution. Communication Yearbook, volume 12, 1989, chapter 8, "Issues and Concepts in Research on Computer-Mediated Communication Systems." o TECHNICAL JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Computer Communication Review (ACM SIGCOMM), Communications of the ACM, IEEE transactions on communication technology, IEEE Spectrum, Electronics and communication engineering journal, ONLINE, Information Today, LinkUp, MIS Quarterly, Information World Review Telecommunications, Telecommunications Products and Technology, Global Networks o HUMAN COMMUNICATION JOURNALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Communication Quarterly, Communication Research, Communication Yearbook, Computers and Human Behavior, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Technical Communication, World Communication o BOOKS: a selected listing of particularly useful books. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Romiszowski, A. J. Computer-mediated communication: a selected bibliography. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Educational Technology Publications, 1992. --COMPUTER NETWORKS: Adams, Rick and Frey, Donnalyn: !%@:: A Directory of Mail Addressing and Networks, 2nd Ed. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly & Associates, 1990. Kehoe, Brendan P. Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide. 2nd ed. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1992. Kessler, Gary C. ISDN: concepts, facilities, and services. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1990. LaQuey, Tracy L., ed. The User's Directory of Computer Networks. Bedford, MA: Digital Press, 1990. Motorola Codex. The Basics Book of Information Networking. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1992. Quarterman, John S. The Matrix: Computer Networks and Conferencing Systems Worldwide. Bedford, MA: Digital Press, 1990. --COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION: Chesebro, James W. and Donald G. Bonsall. Computer-mediated communication: human relationships in a computerized world. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1989. Dunlop, Charles and Rob Kling, eds. Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices. Academic Press, 1991. Hiltz, Starr Roxanne and Murray Turoff. The Networked Nation: Human Communication via Computer. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1978. Sproull, Lee and Sara Kiesler. Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization. MIT Press, 1991. ======================== This document is Copyright 1992 by John December ( Permission to use, copy, or distribute this document for non-commercial, educational purposes is hereby granted, provided that this copyright and permission notice appear in all copies. I make no representations about the suitability, stability, or accuracy of this document for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without expressed or implied warranty. ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #4.40 ************************************


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