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Computer underground Digest Tue Mar 17, 1992 Volume 4 : Issue 13 Editors: Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (TK0JUT2@NIU.BITNET) Associate Editor: Etaion Shrdlu CONTENTS, #4.13 (Mar 17, 1992) File 1--Some questions for the more informed.... File 2--Letters from Prison-Len Rose's final installment File 3--Standing Up to Stop the Bells File 4--Whistleblowers computer bulletin board extremely successful Issues of CuD can be found in the Usenet news group, on CompuServe in DL0 and DL4 of the IBMBBS SIG, DL1 of LAWSIG, and DL0 and DL12 of TELECOM, on Genie, on the PC-EXEC BBS at (414) 789-4210, and by anonymous ftp from (,, and To use the U. of Chicago email server, send mail with the subject "help" (without the quotes) to European distributor: ComNet in Luxembourg BBS (++352) 466893. COMPUTER UNDERGROUND DIGEST is an open forum dedicated to sharing information among computerists and to the presentation and debate of diverse views. CuD material may be reprinted as long as the source is cited. Some authors do copyright their material, and they should be contacted for reprint permission. It is assumed that non-personal mail to the moderators may be reprinted unless otherwise specified. Readers are encouraged to submit reasoned articles relating to computer culture and communication. Articles are preferred to short responses. Please avoid quoting previous posts unless absolutely necessary. DISCLAIMER: The views represented herein do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators. Digest contributors assume all responsibility for ensuring that articles submitted do not violate copyright protections. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 17:31 EDT From: "Led Go, You are hurding by node - The Elephants Child"@UNKNOWN.DOMAIN Subject: File 1--Some questions for the more informed.... I've just finished reading Shockwave Rider, and am currently starting to read Hackers. Does anyone have a single favorite reference, or suggestion, I'm somewhat curious about the comment of borrowing from the old hippies, in Shockwave Rider. There obviously may be some socio-psychological type references that may be there somewhere. Does anybody have any idea what Brunner was refering to there? It is an obscure mention towards the very end of the book, where the discussion of the far reaching web of the Precipice population, and its models for survival. I myself, was growing up during the last years of the so called hippie decade, so don't have much grasp on the time period. Second: After reading the rules of the Hacker Ethic, as outlined by Levy in 'Hackers', I have the following comment; I agree that information should be freely available, but feel somewhat that if I dig up the information, that anyone who wants it from me should be willing to freely pay what I freely ask for in exchange. They also have the right to not buy the information from me, but to look for another broker. I also have that same right when I'm looking for information. I'm strongly into capitolism, and thus am not at all sure I like the Hacker Ethic as described by Levy about the info should be free rule. Replies, comments, accusations, etc. may be sent to ------------------------------ Date: Wed Mar 4 18:17:21 1992 From: Subject: File 2--Letters from Prison-Len Rose's final installment ((Moderators' note: Len Rose was incarcerated for unauthorized possession of UNIX sourcecode, and has nearly completed his term in federal prison in North Carolina. For those interested in the background to this case, in which Len was considered by many to be a victim of over-zealous prosecution and sentencing, a complete history, including usenet posts, news articles, search and seizure warrant, indictment, and other information is available in the Len.Rose file in the CuD ftp archives. Len will return to Chicago on March 23, and would appreciate any employment leads. Those wishing to contact him may do so through CuD until he has a permanent address)). ++++++++++++ Greetings from Prison! It has been a long time coming, but it looks like I will be leaving here March 23, 1992. I never thought I would make it. I owe my survival to a few people out there on the Net, and I will never forget what they have done for me and my family. I have been able to keep myself informed, reading CuD and occasional articles from the Net that have been sent to me. I am looking forward to working again, and perhaps with a lot of hard work and diligence, I can once again own a home and work for myself. I have been assigned to a halfway house in Chicago, and hope to obtain some employment in the city (at least for 2 months). If I do not or cannot otain work, they may not let me leave the halfway house on weekends (to be with my family). So, if I have to, I will work at McDonalds or clean floors. I have no equipment left, so one of my first priorities will be obtaining some. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase a used Unix system and a decent modem. I will then be able to write code and work on projects for clients. I have a lot to do and very little time to accomplish it. I also have much to be thankful for, and have a very good attitude now. When I was going through the worst of it,I felt like it was the end of the world, but now I know that it's only a temporary setback. I have so much to be grateful for, and, thanks to the people who have stood by me, I will be able to end up just as if it never happened. Nowadays, I am bouncing off the walls in anticipation of seeing my wife and kids again. I haven't been able to see them while incarcerated, because they couldn't afford to visit North Carolina from Chicago, and I was never able to obtain a transfer to a closer prison. However, I guess it will make the reunion that much sweeter. Anyone who says that absence makes the heart row fonder is crazy. It is the worst torture that can be conceived. My leg has mended well enough to permit me to work at just about anything. I usually walk 3 to 4 miles a day here trying to strengthen it. Although I have nothing else to do but read and perhaps tutor people who cannot read, I have managed to pass the time. That has been my worst enemy here lately--boredom. Loneliness for the people I love has been a major enemy from the beginning. I hope to obtain an account on a system that is on the Internet so I can re-establish some contacts. Once I am able to buy some used Unix equipment, I will re-establish and become a network site again. I have so many things to do. Obviously my family will be my primary concern. They are currently receiving some public assistance, and let me tell you, no one can survive on welfare. If not for a few people who cared, they would be living on the street. I am no longer bitter. I have learned that there are some decent folk who care, and all of ou who've helped me are really something special. I just wanted you to know that. Most of you read CuD, so if I never have the chance to speak to you, please consider this a sincere thank you for what you've done. Let's hear it for 1992. I have been dreaming of this moment for so long, and I am anxious to begin my life again. Although I have two months in a halfway house and then a three year probation to get through, I know that I will be unstoppable. If I am left alone, and am able to show the powers-that-be that I only wish to live my life, I now that I will again be a success. Family and happiness are the only things that matter. (And Unix too ((sigh)). Well, if anyone has a job that I can do, I'd be very grateful. I like to work hard and will do it right. I have a lot of catching up to do, but feel sure that I can do so in a prompt manner. Oh well. I have rambled enough. I look forward to meeting you all again on the Net. Who knows? Maybe I will become famous for something other than this....I certainly hope so. Len Rose ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 13:31:44 -0500 From: Craig Neidorf Subject: File 3--Standing Up to Stop the Bells Did you hear about 1-800-54-Privacy? Did you decide to call? I did and the following is the information I received a few weeks later. It outlines some of the serious ramifications of what is going to happen if we do not actively support Congressional bills S 2112 and HR 3515. The information comes from the American Newspaper Publisher's Association (ANPA). Keep in mind, they have a vested financial interest in information services as do many others, and in many ways, the newspaper industry can be and has been just as dishonest and deceptive as the Regional Bell Operating Companies. However, in this particular situation, the ANPA has the right idea and does a pretty good job in explaining why we need to act now and act fast. You know who I am, and what I've been through. My experiences have given me a unique perspective and insight into the methods and goals of the Regional Bell Operating Companies. They are inherently deceptive and if given even the slightest chance, they will screw the consumer and engage in anti-competitive market practices. Additionally, their tactics threaten our personal privacy as well. The RBOCs must be stopped before its too late. Craig Neidorf + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 1-800-54-Privacy 444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 900 Chicago, Illinois 60611 February 14, 1992 Dear Consumer: If you're like many people, you may have been hesitant about leaving your name and address on our 1-800-54-PRIVACY phone line. Why? Quite simply, no one wants to give out information about themselves without knowing exactly how that information is going to be used. But the truth is, you reveal information about yourself EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU PICK UP THE PHONE. By tracking who you call, how often you call and how long each conversation lasts, the seven regional Bell telephone companies have the capability to learn and know more about you than even the IRS. In fact, with modern computer technology, there is practically no limit to what the Bells can learn about your personal life every time you pick up the phone. And there is virtually no limit -- only one's imagination -- to the ways they can take advantage of all the information they glean. Of course its one thing to have the capability to do this snooping. It's another thing to have the incentive to actually do it. Until October 7, 1991, the incentive just didn't exist for the Bells. Prior to this date, the vast electronic networks of the Bell monopolies were just neutral carriers of phone messages, data, and other companies' fax, audiotex, and videotex services. For example, when you last called a 1-900 or 1-800 line to get the latest stock quotes, sports scores, or headlines, your local phone company served simply as the pipeline for moving the billions of electrons in your call. The company that provided you with the information over the phone line was not -- and by law, could not be -- the phone company. And that's the way things had been since 1984, when U.S. District Court Judge Harold Greene issued his now-famous decree breaking up the AT&T monopoly and spinning off control of local phone service to seven regional Bell companies. In the decree, the Court expressly prohibited the individual Bells from entering three businesses -- cable TV, telephone manufacturing, and electronic information services. Why? After presiding over the lengthy AT&T anti-trust case and being exposed to hundreds upon hundreds of monopolistic abuses by AT&T, Judge Greene's Court was firmly convinced that, if allowed to enter any of these three current areas, the Bells would undoubtedly engage in the same monopolistic behavior that characterized their former parent. In other words, while cutting off the hydra-like AT&T head, Judge Greene was fearful that, given too much leeway, AT&T's seven so-called "Baby Bell" off-spring might become equal or worse monsters themselves. >From day one, however, the Bells undertook a long-term, multi-million dollar lobbying campaign to fight Judge Greene's ruling and try to convince the Justice Department, the higher courts, and even the U.S. Congress that they should be permitted to enter the content end of the information service business. And, so, on October 7, 1991, after years of heavy lobbying, a higher court came through for the Bells and practically ordered Judge Greene to overturn his 1984 decree and open up the information services industry to the Bells. In the 71-page ruling, a very reluctant Judge Greene devoted two-thirds of his decision to explaining why allowing the Bells to sell information services was bad for consumers and bad for America. For example, he went to great length to discount the Bells' claim that, once given the green light, they would be better able to serve the public than the thousands of already existing electronic information services. To quote from his decision. "In the first place, the contention that it will take the Regional Companies (the Bells) to provide better information services to the American public can only be described as preposterous." Judge Green also wrote: "Moreover, the Court considers the claim that the Regional Companies' entry into information services would usher in an era of sophisticated information services available to all as so much hype." His decision also contains a warning regarding the prices consumers will be forced to pay for Bell-provided services: "The Regional Companies would be able to raise price by increasing their competitors' costs, and they could raise such costs by virtue of the dependence of their rivals' information services on local network access." Finally, here's what Judge Greene had to say about his court's decision and the public good: "Were the Court free to exercise its own judgment, it would conclude without hesitation that removal of the information services restriction is incompatible with the decree and the public interest." If Judge Greene's warnings as well as his profound reluctance to issue this ruling scare you, they should. That's because the newly freed Bells now have the incentive, which they never had before, to engage in the anti-competitive, anti-consumer practices that Judge Greene feared. Besides using your calling records to sell you information services they think you're predisposed to buy, the Bell's may well try to auction off your phone records to the highest bidder. As a result, anyone who ever uses a phone could well be a potential victim of the Bell's abuse. Consider the simple act of making a telephone call to an auto repair shop to schedule body work or a tune-up. By knowing that you made that call, your phone company might conclude that you're in the market for a new car and sell your name to local car dealers. Another example. Think about calling a real estate broker for information on mortgage rates. Knowing you must be in the market for a house, the Bells could sell your name to other brokers. Or they could try to sell you their own electronic mortgage rate service. Now let's say you and your spouse are having some problems and one of you calls a marriage counselor. Tipped off by information purchased from the phone company, a divorce lawyer shows up on your doorstep the next morning. Finally, think about calling your favorite weather service hotline -- a competitor to the weather service operated by your local phone company. By keeping track of people who use its competitor's service, the phone company might just try to get you to buy its weather service instead. Far-fetched? Not at all. Nefarious? You bet. That doesn't mean that, starting tomorrow, your phone company is going to start tracking who you call, how long your calls last, and who calls you. However, they could do it if that wanted to. And, based on past experience, some of them probably will do so at one point or another. That's because the protest of gaining an unfair edge over the competition --companies that have no choice but to depend upon the Bells wires -- is just too tantalizing a temptation for the Bells to ignore. As you might expect, the Bells claim that these fears are totally unfounded and that strict regulations are in place to prevent them from abusing your telephone privacy. However, there simply aren't enough regulators in the world to control the monopolistic tendencies and practices of the Bells. Every single one of the seven Bells has already abused its position as a regulated monopoly. There is no reason to believe they won't in the future. For example, the Georgia Public Service Commission recently found that BellSouth had abused its monopoly position in promoting its MemoryCall voice mail system. Apparently, operators would try to sell MemoryCall when customers called to arrange for hook-up to competitors' voice-mail services. Likewise, while on service calls, BellSouth repair personnel would try to sell MemoryCall to people using competitors' systems. BellSouth even used competitors' orders for network features as sales leads to steal customers. In February 1991, US West admitted it had violated the law by providing prohibited information services, by designing and selling telecommunications equipment and by discriminating against a competitor. The Justice Department imposed a $10 million fine -- 10 times larger than the largest fine imposed in any previous anti-trust division contempt case. In February 1990, the Federal Communications Commission found that one of Nynex's subsidiaries systematically overcharged another Nynex company $118 million for goods and services and passed that extra cost on to ratepayers. The abuses go on and on. In this brave new world, however, it's just not consumers who will suffer. Besides invading your privacy, the Bells could abuse their position as monopolies to destroy the wide range of useful information services already available Right now, there are some 12,000 information services providing valuable news, information, and entertainment to millions of consumers. Every one of these services depends on lines owned and controlled by Bell monopolies. This makes fair competition with the Bells impossible. It would be like saying that Domino's Pizzas could only be delivered by Pizza Hut. It would be like asking a rival to deliver a love note to your sweetheart. It would be a disaster. If the Bells aren't stopped, they will make it difficult -- if not impossible -- for competitors to use Bell wires to enter your home. They could deny competitors the latest technological advances and delay the introduction of new features. They could even undercut competitor's prices by inflating local phone bills to finance the cost of their own new information services. In the end, the Bells could drive other information services out of business, thereby dictating every bit of information you receive and depriving the American public out of the diversity of information sources it deserves and that our form of government demands. Can something be done to stop the Bells? Yes, absolutely. You can take several immediate steps to register your views on this issue. Those steps are described in the attached "Action Guidelines" sheet. Please act right away. In the meantime on behalf of our growing coalition of consumer groups, information services providers, and newspapers, thank you for your interest in this important issue. Sincerely, Cathleen Black President and Chief Executive Officer American Newspaper Publishers Association + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ACTION GUIDELINES Something is very wrong when a monopoly is put into the position where it can abuse your privacy, drive competitors from the market, and even force you, the captive telephone ratepayer, to subsidize the costs of new information services ventures. Can something be done to stop this potential abuse? Absolutely. WHAT YOU CAN DO. The first step is to call or write your local telephone company to assert your right to privacy. The second step is to write your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and urge them to support House bill 3515 and Senate bill 2112. Since the purpose of both HR 3515 and S 2112 is to prevent the Bells from abusing their monopoly position, not to prevent legitimate competition, the Bells would be free to sell information services in any area of the country where they do not have a monopoly -- in other words, 6/7 of the country. However, the bills would delay entry of the Bell companies into the information services industry in their own regions until they no longer held a monopoly over local phone service. As soon as consumers were offered a real choice in local phone service -- whether it be cellular phones, satellite communications, or other new technology -- the Bells would be free to offer any information services they wanted. Both bills are fair to everyone. They protect consumer privacy and ensure that the thriving information services industry will remain competitive. Quick action is need to pass these bills. A hand-written letter stating your views is the most effective way of reaching elected officials. It is proof positive that you are deeply concerned about the issue. POINTS TO MAKE IN YOUR LETTER You may wish to use some or all of the following points: A phone call should be a personal and private thing -- not a sales marketing tool for the phone company. The Bells should not be allowed to take unfair advantage of information they can obtain about you by virtue of owning and controlling the wires that come into homes. The Bells must not be allowed to abuse their position as monopolies to drive existing information services out of business. The Bells should not be permitted to engage in activities that would deprive Americans of the information diversity they deserve and that our form of government demands. The Bells should not be permitted to finance information services ventures by inflating the phone bills of captive telephone ratepayers. AFTER YOU'VE WRITTEN YOUR LETTER After you've written your letter or made your phone call, please send us a letter and tell us. By sending us your name and address, you'll receive occasional updates on the massive effort underway to prevent the Bells from invading your privacy and turning into the monopolistic monsters that Judge Greene warned about. There's one more thing you can do. Please ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers to urge their U.S. Representatives and Senators to support HR 3515 and S 2112. We need everyone's help if we're going to stop the Bells. 1-800-54-PRIVACY 444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite #900 Chicago, Illinois 60611 ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 15:29 GMT From: Jean-Bernard Condat <0005013469@MCIMAIL.COM> Subject: File 4--Whistleblowers computer bulletin board extremely successful Whistleblowers computer bulletin board extremely successful Whistle-blowers may now anonymously report government fraud, waste, and abuse via computer to the House Government Operations subcommittee on Government Information, Justice, and Agriculture. The number for the computer system, which will accept files and messages, is (202) 225-5527. Aliases are permitted. The Truelson' PhD published in 1986, draws upon the theoretical framework of systemic corruption--an organized conspiracy to suppress revelation of corrupt practices--to propose a retaliation model to account for organizational retaliation against whistleblowers with legitimate protests. This study is one basis of this uncredible bulletin board. House Government Information Subcommittee's whistleblower computer BBS has been "tremendously successful" and has generated about "50 substantive leads" in its two months of operation, Subcommittee Chief Counsel Robert Gellman said. Board has received 700-800 calls, many from curious browsers who want to see what's available and others who want to discuss policy matters. But Gellman said board was designed solely to allow whistle-blowers to post private notes to alert Subcommittee to instances of waste, fraud and abuse, so there isn't much for anyone else to see. There are no files available to download or bulletin to read, as there are on most bulletin boards. Gellman said message senders often don't use their real names, and Subcommittee staff has used electronic mail feature to send message back asking for more information. REFERENCES 1. Food Chemical News, December 16, 1991, ISSN 0015-6337; 2. Judith Anne Truelson, "Blowing the Whistle on systemic Corruption," University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA), 1986; 3. Communications Daily, February 13, 1992, ISSN 0277-0679. ++++ (A SAMPLE) ++++ ON-LINE SEARCHING Welcome to THE FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER BBS This bulletin board exists to help the United States Congress identify waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government. You are invited to leave messages or upload files that relate to this purpose. There are no public files or public messages on this board. Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise from West Virginia. The CONTENTS of all communications are confidential and not accessible to other users. However, the name you use to sign on may be visible to other users. If this is a concern, please use a pseudonym to protect your identity. What is your FIRST name (pseudonyms okay)? JONES JOHN Checking Users... User not found Are you 'JONES JOHN' ([Y],N)? Y What is your STATE (any entry acceptable)? LYON IN FRANCE Welcome to the FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER BULLETIN BOARD. This Board is operated by an investigative subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise from West Virginia. GROUND RULES: 1. There are NO public files and NO public messages on this board. If you are looking for downloads, games, etc., you won't find them here. 2. If you have a concern about protecting your identity, please use a pseudonym. Because of software limitations, the name you use to sign on with may become known to others. You may leave your real name in the contents of a message, but this is not required. THE CONTENTS OF MESSAGES CAN ONLY BE READ BY THE SYSOP. Messages cannot be read by any other user. Use the Comment command to leave messages to the Sysop. JONES JOHN from LYON IN FRANCE C)hange FIRST name (pseudonyms okay)/LAST name (pseudonyms okay)/STATE (any ent ry acceptable), D)isconnect, [R]egister? R Enter PASSWORD you'll use to logon again (dots echo)? .... Re-Enter password for Verification (dots echo)? .... Please REMEMBER your password Welcome to RBBS-PC, Condat. You have 60 mins for this session. Logging JONES JOHN RBBS-PC 17.3C Node 1, operating at 1200 BAUD,N,8,1 +--------------------------------------------------+ | Welcome to the FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER BBS | +--------------------------------------------------+ Your SYSOP is Congressman Bob Wise BBS Phone: (202) 225-5527 REMINDERS: 1) Remember your password. If you forget it, you can't read your mail and we can't contact you. 2) Use mixed case in messages. ALL UPPER CASE IS HARD TO READ. 3) If you upload a file, please leave a message so we know who provided it. If you don't, the upload will not be acknowledged. This is NOT a requirement. Anonymous uploads are acceptable. 4) Callers may be deleted after 30 days. If this happens to you, just register again. It only takes a second. Checking messages in MAIN.. Sorry, JONES, No NEW mail for you RBBS-PC 17.3C Node 1 Caller # 1279 # active msgs: 74 Next msg # 539 ------*>>> RBBS-PC MAIN MENU <<<*------ ----- MAIL ---------- SYSTEM ---------- UTILITIES ------ ELSEWHERE --- [R]ead Mail to Me [B]ulletins [H]elp (or ?) [F]iles [C]omment to SYSOP [I]nitial Welcome [X]pert on/off [G]oodbye [Q]uit [U]tilities *---------------------------------------------------------------- Current time: 09:38 AM Minutes remaining: 58 Security: 5 *---------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN: 58 min left MAIN command ? B * Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes * ======[ WHISTLEBLOWER BBS Bulletin Menu ]======= Bulletin Description *----- ------------------------------------- 1 Description and Purpose of this Board 2 Upload and Download Policies (NO DOWNLOADS!) 3 Operating Policies 4 How to Blow the Whistle Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)? 3 * Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes * THE WHISTLEBLOWER BBS: OPERATING POLICIES 1. The highest priority on this bulletin board is protecting the confidentiality of callers. A caller concerned about confidentiality should use a pseudonym. 2. There is no Caller-ID service on the bulletin board's incoming line. Incoming calls are not traced. Each caller must consider the possibility that a call to this board is being recorded or traced at the source of the call. 3. The Whistleblower BBS is operated by an investigative subcommittee in the United States House of Representatives. The purpose of the board is to assist the Congress in identifying waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies, programs, contracts, and grants. No action will be taken on any information that does not further this purpose. 4. A higher priority will be assigned to matters that involve large amounts of federal funds or that affect health or safety. Other matters may be pursued to the extent permitted by available resources. 5. We cannot provide any type of general assistance to callers. The board should not be used for any political purpose or to lobby Congress on legislative or policy matters. 6. Messages that relate to the purpose of the board will be acknowledged. A caller who provides an investigative lead is encouraged to call back in the event more information is required. Messages that do not relate to the purpose of the board may not be acknowledged. Most messages will be erased after they are read. 7. General information about investigations that result from activities on the Whistleblower BBS may be made public, although no information specifically identifying an individual caller will be released. Publicity for the board will help to accomplish its purpose. However, a caller will not necessarily be informed about the details of any investigation that results from his or her message. 8. Information obtained on the Whistleblower BBS may be shared with other congressional investigators, agency Inspectors General, and the General Accounting Office (the audit arm of Congress). INFORMATION THAT SPECIFICALLY IDENTIFIES CALLERS WILL NOT BE SHARED. Callers should identify any special confidentiality concerns or expressly state if they need to place any specific restrictions on the use of the information that they provide. Information will not be shared if a caller specifically requests. 9. Casual visitors to the board may be deleted from the user base at any time. If you call a second time and find that you are not recognized, just re-register. It only takes a few seconds. Users not engaged in current discussions may also be deleted as a security precaution. 10. Text files may be uploaded, preferably in ASCII format. Word Perfect format is a second choice. Files may be compressed using standard compression programs. Files other than text files will be immediately deleted. 11. If you attempt to use a common pseudonym (e.g., John Doe), you may find that it is already in use. When you first enter a name not in use, you will receive a message about the board. If you enter a name that is known to the board, you will be asked for a password. If this happens, you must hang up, call again, and use a different name. Anyone reading this has already solved the problem. This paragraph is included as an explanation. * Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes * ======[ WHISTLEBLOWER BBS Bulletin Menu ]======= Bulletin Description *----- ------------------------------------- 1 Description and Purpose of this Board 2 Upload and Download Policies (NO DOWNLOADS!) 3 Operating Policies 4 How to Blow the Whistle Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)? 4 * Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes * THE WHISTLEBLOWER BBS How to Blow the Whistle on Fraud, Waste, and Abuse 1. You do NOT have to give your name or identify yourself in any way. But you should call again after you have left a message. Use the same name you used the first time and see if there is an answer for you. Use the READ MAIL TO ME command. This permits continuing communications so that we can ask you for more information or clarification. Allow a few days for your message to be read. 2. Remember that we are more interested in conduct involving SIGNIFICANT amounts of federal funds or MAJOR instances of wrongdoing. We have limited resources, and we are less likely to investigate minor matters. When in doubt, we encourage you to report the matter and let us decide. 3. Provide enough information so we can find and investigate the objectionable activity. Whenever possible, tell us WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW. Be as specific as possible. 4. WHO: Identify the agency, office, program, contract, or grant: Vague: ABC Department Okay: ABC Department, Z Bureau Good: ABC Department, Z Bureau, Denver Office Better: ABC Department, Z Bureau, Denver Office, Contract Number 123-456 dated 2/1/89 5. WHAT: Describe the conduct: Vague: Wasted Money Okay: Bought unnecessary computers Good: Bought 200 Personal Computers to use funds at the end of the fiscal year Better: John Smith authorized the purchase of 200 unneeded PCs under contract 123-456 on 9/30/91 to avoid returning excess funds to the Treasury 6. WHERE: State where the activity occurred: Vague: Unnecessary travel Okay: Trips to Los Angeles Good: Trips from Headquarters to Los Angeles Better: John Smith authorized travel for himself from Chicago to Los Angeles every Friday before the UCLA football team played a game at home so he could watch the game 7. WHEN: Provide all relevant dates: Vague: Last year Okay: 1990 Good: Starting in May 1990 Better: Began on May 5, 1990, continued every other week until December 14, 1991 8. WHY and HOW: Explain the conduct involved: Vague: Broke the law Okay: Did not follow procurement rules Good: Failed to obtain sole-source contracting authority Better: Procured 1000 buses from ABC Corp. under contract number 123-456, on 5/1/90, under a sole source contract that was not approved by the contracting officer. * Ctrl-K(^K) / ^X aborts. ^S suspends ^Q resumes * ======[ WHISTLEBLOWER BBS Bulletin Menu ]======= Bulletin Description *----- ------------------------------------- 1 Description and Purpose of this Board 2 Upload and Download Policies (NO DOWNLOADS!) 3 Operating Policies 4 How to Blow the Whistle Read what bulletin(s), L)ist, S)ince, N)ews ([ENTER] = none)? ------*>>> RBBS-PC MAIN MENU <<<*------ *-- MAIL ---------- SYSTEM ---------- UTILITIES ------ ELSEWHERE --- [R]ead Mail to Me [B]ulletins [H]elp (or ?) [F]iles [C]omment to SYSOP [I]nitial Welcome [X]pert on/off [G]oodbye [Q]uit [U]tilities *------------------------------------------------------------------ Current time: 09:41 AM Minutes remaining: 55 Security: 5 *------------------------------------------------------------------ MAIN: 55 min left MAIN command ? C Type comment 60 lines max (Press [ENTER] to quit) [----------------------------------------------------------------------] 1: Hallo! 2: I am a French journalist and will be very please to receive a press 3: information on this curious BBS. 4: My e-mail address is MCI Mail #501-3469 or DialMail #24064 5: Don't hesitate to contact me. 6: Jean-Bernard Condat 7: CCCF, B.P. 8005, 69351 Lyon Cedex 08, France (Fax.: +33 1 47877070) 8: A)bort, C)ontinue adding, D)elete lines, E)dit a line I)nsert lines, L)ist, M)argin change, R)evise subj, S)ave msg, ?)help Edit Sub-function ? s Adding new msg # 539. 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