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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 07-02-93 (20:55) From: STEVE WORLEY To: ALL Subj: DESENSITIZING AMERICA PT1 Conf: (9) Debate --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Political Correct Desensitizing of American Morality An Article Written by A Concerned American You may define this article as "one man's opinion" or maybe "one crazy man's opinion" but no matter how you interpret the following, I sincerely hope it opens up the thought process that God gave you. Why? Because I believe this country is on the verge of falling prey to "immorality" as "acceptable behavior" which will eventually destroy the moral fiber which holds this country together. That moral fiber is known as a belief in " God." "Morality" by definition: conformity to the rules of right conduct; moral or virtuous conduct. 2. moral quality or character. 3. a doctrine or system of morals. (The Random House College Dictionary, revised ed) Think about and refer to the above definition of "morality" as you read through this article. It may help you in understanding what the Political Corrects and Homosexual Activists are working at redefining. If you are not taking notice of how the liberal and bias news media, homosexual activists and the political corrects have been manipulating the American people into believing falsehoods about homosexual behavior and the homosexual agenda, you need to be aware of it, providing of course, you really care about moral values, morality and traditional family values as Christians and people who firmly believe in God, know them to be. We could also say many things about the ills of our society. However, one ill in particular stands out in our nation. That illness in our society is a commonly referred to special interest group of people known as: homosexuals. They introduced AIDS into our society, are known carriers of an assortment of diseases, deal in perversions and degradations uncommon to a heterosexual populace and mask their immoral behavior patterns with semantic terminology such as "gay","sexual orientation" and "homophobia." The media, political corrects and homosexual activists would prefer you identify them as,"Gays". Why? Well, if we as a nation identify them as "gay" and proliferate that term throughout our society long enough and frequent enough as to reflect a normal term for an immoral class of people which practices perverted behavior as a norm, then society in general will tend to forget the immoral behavior patterns associated with the identity of people known as "gays." Thereby, furthering their goals becomes easier. Sound a little unreal? Think about it. What do you associate with the term "gay?" Do you think of the behavior of homosexuals, their lifestyle, political agenda or think them to be an abomination upon humanity? As long as the news media to include but not limited to liberal and bias television Talk Shows, National magazines, newspapers and key Politically Correct so called leaders in government, endorse the "Gay" approach, the more people will be fooled by this sanitization of immorality. Americans in general are experiencing a desensitized association of not only immoral homosexual behavior to just its opposite, moral behavior. They are also experiencing a redefinition of what is considered to be moral behavior as opposed to immoral behavior. Case in point. January 1993. For some of us I believe, we heard the term "Sexual Orientation" originate from within the Oval Office of the White House. This term was used and has been used extensively in reference to "homosexuals" and the President's quest to lift the ban on homosexuals in the armed forces. The logic here is not to make you believe the Armed Forces has high moral standards and a Uniform Code of Military Justice, which are necessary components in order to uphold the high standards of morale, discipline and esprit de corps within its internal structure. It is to make you tend to believe the Armed Forces discriminates based upon ones sexuality. When most people tend to associate ones sexuality with gender (male -female) the Political Corrects threw out the term "sexual orientation." (Sounds as if one had to enroll in a class at some school for indoctrination into ones sexual being!) Homosexuals therefore became armed with semantic terminology in order to justify their immoral behavior and raise the issue of "discrimination." Fact is, the Armed Services are very selective and have high moral standards of conduct. Homosexuality has been defined by the society it resides in, to be "immoral behavior" otherwise there would not be laws against it. To accept homosexuals into the Armed Forces would then advocate (accept) the "immoral behavior"as "moral behavior." Thus a lowering of moral standards within the Armed Services would occur. However, the subject of "morality" is not a preferred topic of discussion for homosexual activists, political corrects or the news media in general if it is militarily related. Why not? Think about it. If any special interest group declares the Armed Forces "discriminates" based upon "sexual orientation" it is allot easier to convince the American people that there is a "civil rights" issue, than there would be should the same group declare that the high moral values of the Armed Forces prevented homosexuals from entering a branch of military service. If that were the case, then the issue would not only be what is morally correct for the Armed Forces but what is also morally correct for the nation it serves. Morality would then be the issue before the public, not discrimination. And the government would then be forced to redefine "morality" for its people. Considering the Christian populace in this country, I can see where the Political Corrects do not want or raise the issue of "morality." However, should the ban be lifted on homosexuals in the military, our government Political Corrects will be telling its people that homosexuality and the associated behavior of its class is acceptable by the United States Government. Acceptance of homosexuals into the Armed Forces will not only be an acknowledgment by our government that homosexuality is an acceptable alternate lifestyle, it will generate a redefinition of morality throughout the Armed Services. This will be accomplished by desensitizing moral behavior for that of sanitizing the immoral behavior of homosexuals. This concept will force the rest of our society to eventually redefine its moral values to coincide with those of the political corrects within our government and the homosexual populace. In other words, white wash the behavior through the desensitizing process, let's use the military as a starting point and if successful, the rest of society will have little recourse except to fall in line. As the target is presently the military environment, once it has been reached by these homosexual activists with government endorsement, then their agenda to integrate homosexuality lifestyle philosophy into other closed environments such as school classrooms across the country, will be allot easier to accomplish. The Political Corrects know this will occur and it is part of the homosexual agenda. Sound far fetched? Not really, because there can't be a dual set of morality definitions i.e. one for the Armed Forces and one for the society it serves. That is like saying, society will condone the immoral behavior of homosexuals, however within the confines of a military installation, immoral behavior will not be condoned or perhaps the just the opposite will true. No matter how you look at it, morality (moral behavior) will be redefined to suit its environment. Only in this case, the Political Corrects have chosen the environment of the military to experiment with "immorality" disguised as a "civil rights" issue. Are we to lower the moral standards of the Armed Forces and not the moral values of the society in which it serves? There are currently 26 states which have laws against homosexuality and associated perverted homosexual practices. Are those states mentioned to succeed from the Union in order to maintain morality laws? Not hardly. However and not to be overlooked are probable "forced changes" through Liberal Supreme Court rulings that State Statutes which outlaw homosexuality practices, will be declared unconstitutional? Thus "morality" will be redefined to include the "immoral behavior" of homosexuals. Of course, this is just one man's opinion or is it a "crazy man's" opinion... You decide. *The End* ========================================================================== From: C. J. Henshaw Kill To: All Msg #442, 14-Jul-93 10:52pm Subject: THE LAST HURRAH - !CROSSPOST! Hello All! Remember that "Desensitizing of America" post that someon forwarded here a few days ago? Well here's the form letter that Biggot Worley sent out as a reply to most arguments: Read and laugh, or cry. ============================================================================= * Forwarded by C. J. Henshaw (1:250/820) * Area : DEBATE (DEBATE Conference) * From : Steve Worley, 1:147/20 (Monday July 12 1993 14:25) * To : All * Subj : THE LAST HURRAH ============================================================================= Psychology: the science of the mind or of mental states and processes. This message goes out to all who responded to the posting of an article entitled "The Desensitizing of America." The responses I received were 99.9% negative in nature. In addition, the same percentage of responses were all from that of homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, transvestites, pagans, satanic and idol worshipers. One person was so kind that he corrected all the grammatical errors of the article and sent it back to me. Such thoughtfulness. Above all else, I just can't express my gratitude enough to the weirdo who was in love with and married to his horse. His response was a real work of art! Some of you decided to try and convince me of your chosen lifestyles which advocate practice of deviate sexual behavior, are moral lifestyles. Also, there were those of you who advocate homosexual equal rights. However no one ever bothered to explain moral justification of homosexual behavior. Nor did I receive voluntary input on homosexual lifestyle teaching to preschool children as is advocated by the Rainbow Coalition League. Did receive plenty of rhetoric which did not substantiate the integration of homosexual lifestyle philosophy into the public school systems across this country. There were those of you who decided that since I posted a controversial article, it was neccesary to label me as a bigot, homophobic, ignorant religious fundamentalist and other words to generate arguments. Did you see my name on the article? Answer: no. Did anyone ever stop to consider that perhaps the article was generated by someone other than myself? Answer: no. If you had taken offense to anticipated rebuttals, who was to blame... As for the article, it was posted to generate information. Your responses were greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, most of you who responded assumed the article was written as a direct insult upon your moral character. It was also misinterpreted as a declaration of morality by definition. As far as my responses to your inputs, they were also meant to generate information. Again, my responses to yours were what was expected, were they not? Did you forget if you can't see the forest for the trees, don't enter the forest? From a personal standpoint I vehemently oppose homosexuality in every sense of its definition. I object to the promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable alternate lifestyle. Therefore, I will continue to legislate against the homosexual agenda. Politicians who advocate support for the homosexual agenda as well as those who identify with the anti-christian concept of political correctness will also receive my nonsupport. If you feel this is bigotry, homophobia and or discrimination, so be it. Remember, millions upon millions of Americans do not accept homosexual philosophy and they represent the moral majority of this country. Lastly, there is no need to submit replies to this message or prior posts in reference to the article. The subject is closed. Your replies will not be answered. It will be a waste of your time. Thanks again for all the responses. Rest assured your prior replies will be used in a professional and literary manner. ========================================================================== * Origin: Wanted: Pat Robertson, for crimes against humatity (1:250/820)


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