It's 26/Oct/95 at 7:00 p.m. on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles and tonight on the +quot;John and Ke

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- It's 26/Oct/95 at 7:00 p.m. on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles and tonight on the "John and Ken" show there is none other than charasmatic cult leader Jeff White of the domestic terrorist group "Operation Rescue" calling in from a telephone in his prison. Today we learn that a doctor successfully sued a Christanic terrorist group for their evil acts to the tune of eight and a half million dollars. We also are told about a class action suit against Christanic terrorist groups filed by a collection of abortion and family planning businesses which have been the victims of the terrorist groups the class action suit seeks to punish -- this one to the tune of a mere 200 million dollars. What can be said about the criminal cultist's exposure on KFI that can't be too easilly guessed? Quite simply, he was a ranting loon who constantly ended up having to fight back out-and-out crying. It was easy to tell that the lunatic was working hard to maintain civility to try to appear rational yet, as is typical of anti-abortionists, he just couldn't. He stepped around questions asked of him by callers and tried to change the subject repeatedly. (All the callers except one was quite fed-up with the likes of White... the one exception was a woman who was one of White's fellow terrorists; she stated that she knew White personally and often went to his house. One caller disemboweled White so coldly, rationally, and so pat that after she had hung up, he accused her of being a "plant" working for a business called "Planned Parrenthood." More on the results of that accusation later.) Fortunately, John Cobel, the more outspoken talk show host of the two tonight wouldn't allow White to ignore embarrassing questions and demanded that he address the callers concerns. Eventually Cobel gave up trying to get an honest answer out of the terrorist leader and launched into an angry summation of why honest people are so fed up with terrorists like him (White.) He yelled at White at least a dozen times that he's fed up with him (White) and anti-abortionists like him and all the lies he (White) and his followers spout to try to defend what they do. Cobel was magnificent! Cobel then stated that he wished all the anti-abortion terrorists and all the pro-abortion defenders would just kill each other off and put an end to the whole thing as, "I'm just fed up with it all." When Cobel finally got the terrorist leader to admit that his cult is responsible and engages in terrorist activities, Cobel loudly stated that it is extremists like you (White) who turn off everyone thus making themselves their own worse problem. Both John and Ken took the cultist to task for his paranoid accusations that everyone who calls-in to oppose his cult's Nazi tactics is working for Planned Parrenthood. His defense was to the effect that they must be! It almost appeared as if the cultist actually believed that the majority of Americans accept his group's terrorist activities as acceptable and that anyone who would demand the rights of a woman to be doing so simply to keep their jobs only pretending to be fighting for a woman's Constitutional rights. Sadly, the cultist was allowed to repeatedly mistakenly state that abortion is performed on children and he was allowed to repeatedly state that abortion is murder. Neither John nor Ken were well informed enough to point out those obvious lies. Fortunately, one last caller was brought in during the last few minutes who discussed the cult's violent and inflamatory rhetoric, eventually pointing out that "murder" is very strongly defined, including the illegal taking of a human life. The caller pointed out that abortion isn't murder contrary to the lies the anti-abortion cults spread. No mention was made about the vastly large percentage of abortions which occur spontaneously nor was any mention made to the fact that removing a blot of undifferenciated, fissioning cells within a women is hardly murdering a child. At one point Cobel pointed out that the anti-abortion cultists should return to holding peaceful protests and to leave innocent people alone. The terrorist leader nearly broke into tears as he complained that no one is interested in his cult's religious beliefs and that violence is therefore acceptable. He launched into a disjointed occult rant about these invisible deities of his, murder, pickets, and any number of odd, uninteligible brain farts to try to defend what he wanted to demand was a "civil disobedience..." something everyone else calls "terrorism." All in all, it was the best "interview" of the Christanic terrorist group's ring leader that has yet been offered over either radio or television. There was no attempt to play at being polite to the creep and no attempt to try to pretend that White's cult's "side" of the issue was at all acceptable in a civilized country. He was symbolically brought to the microphone in handcuffs and chains, treated like the filthy Nazi criminal he himself wants to be, then returned to his cell. It was great to listen to the callers dispassionately and logically tear the poor dear several new assholes. I can imagine how many people like yours truely were trying to get past the switchboard call screener. I had hoped to ask White if he enjoyed playing the wife to Bruno, the 310 pound black liquor store robber he (hopefully) shares a bunk with. Though all callers but one expressed their agreement that the law suits against the terrorist groups was "A Very Good Thing," I was disappointed that no one was allowed to rub the fuck's nose in the fact that he's stuck in prison for being a criminal while (the mostly) civilized society on the outside were stateing their relief that he's been locked up. I also wanted to ask when his cult would pay off on the millions of dollars they already owe to both legal athorities as well as private individuals due to all the court cases they've lost. It would have been great to get an admission that his cult has no intention of obeying the judges who imposed the fines but, alas, none of the callers who managed to get through thought to bring it up. Another good aspect of the interview was a caller who stated that no one wants to have an abortion. It's a tough decision, the caller said, but remains the decision of the mother, not the decision of some wide- eyed religious zealot. White tried to focus on the "tough decision" and rhetorically demanded to know what makes it so hard. He tried to claim that "even abortionists know that it's killing a child." Sadly the caller didn't have time to point out that it's only difficult due to the ignorance and superstion associated with abortion. When abortions are accomplished by taking an oral medication eventually, terrorists will not be capable of terrorizing innocent people to the point where they feel the decision is difficult. In fact, the whole non-issue will once again disappear and Christanic death cultists will probably renew their violence upon homosexuals. KFI is a great radio station. Sadly the talk show hosts aren't up on all the aspects of the issues and this interview was one of the ones which could have been better with some additional homework. On a previous morning show, for instance, the totally debunked Creationist David Fasold was on for half an hour and it would have been nice had Bill Handle, the morning talk show host, researched Fasold and uncovered his Velikovsky-like beliefs. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMJBlA4UvVWO7Oab9AQFcewP/XTqrWnLJmgoQPt6AFzGzcidWDU23fe54 4Owzo4SAh1yEpNux/eHiELLD9fLJ31q3Shxyzvo6MAkic7wvfw6XX+I41YyzphYl i7JChUcDfY7r3+WzKPeAAmTm3TPwYSlYS1OshNNx4MHwk/Yy6fV3gpEnT1mp6pRl ZHHE6OznYnE= =zaxq -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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