By: David Rice Re: Robertson's hate VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (ITN) A jailed gay minister who wa

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By: David Rice Re: Robertson's hate VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (ITN) * A jailed gay minister who was fasting to get a meeting with Pat Robertson got his wish Wednesday when the religious broadcaster stopped by to discuss homosexuality and drop trespassing charges. Mel White, a former ghost writer for Robertson, was released less than an hour after the nighttime meeting, officials said. He was arrested Feb. 15 after refusing to leave "Christian" Broadcasting Network property. White had told his supporters not to post the $1,000 bond. The minister had been fasting for more than three weeks to pressure Robertson into the meeting. He believes Robertson's views fuel intolerance against gays. During the meeting, Robertson said he condemned violence against gays and rejected White's views that his comments cause the violence. He also restated his belief that homosexuality is "biblically 'wrong.'" "I have never preached hate ... against (homosexuals) as you allege, and the charges that people were injured by violence incited by anything said by me are baseless," Robertson said in a letter he gave White. Robertson, chairman of the Virginia Beach-based CBN, said White's parents had asked for the visit. During the fast, White took only a cup of milk in the morning, a cup of Tang in the evening and water. CBN officials had called the fast and voluntary jail stint a "desperate media campaign." White was a ghost writer for a Robertson book in 1986. He said he acknowledged his homosexuality in 1991, the year all ties with Robertson were severed. White is a leader in the Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Community Church, a 32,000-member Christian denomination for homosexuals.


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