By: Ryan Shaw Re: Rev. White 1/2 Contact: Robin Kane, 202-332-6483, ext. 3311, rakngltf@ao

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By: Ryan Shaw Re: Rev. White 1/2 Contact: Robin Kane, 202-332-6483, ext. 3311, STATEMENT FROM THE NATIONAL GAY AND LESBIAN TASK FORCE ON THE ARREST OF REV. MEL WHITE Washington, DC -- February 16, 1995 -- The following statement was issued by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) in response to the arrest of the Rev. Mel White at the headquarters of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on February 15. Rev. White, a former ghostwriter for Pat Robertson, is currently with the Ministry of Justice of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches -- approximately 300 churches that minister predominately to gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Rev. White gave a keynote address in November at the annual conference of NGLTF, attended by 1,200 activists. We deplore the arrest and undignified treatment of Rev. Mel White by the security forces of Pat Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network. Rev. White and a coalition of clergy sought to meet with Robertson to educate the CBN founder (and Rev. White's former boss) about the destructive and divisive impact of Robertson's anti-gay/lesbian rhetoric. White's arrest and imprisonment reveals that Pat Robertson is threatened by the truth, the truth about gay and lesbian people, the truth as told to him by fellow people of faith. Pat Robertson's "Christian Coalition" is neither. When faced with a coalition of Christians who support tolerance and justice for all, Robertson cowers behind a wall of security to protect his fortress of bigotry. The same tactics used to incarcerate Rev. White are used in a much grander scale to deny gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans full justice. Pat Robertson's rhetoric of hate and anti-democratic propaganda endangers the lives of gay people. We support Rev. White's fast and demand that he be immediately released from jail. We urge Pat Robertson to meet with Rev. White -- his former employee -- and the coalition of clergy so that he can learn first hand the pain and discrimination lesbian, gay and bisexual people face as a result of his rhetoric. And we call on clergy of conscious and all people of faith to challenge Pat Robertson's politics of oppression. ___ FMail/386 1.0g - Origin: DisNet <> Albany, NY <> 518/462-6134 <> v32bis <> (1:267/153)


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