By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Letter re: Vatican Edict THE DAILY DISPATCH Moline, Illinois (+ seve

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By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Letter re: Vatican Edict THE DAILY DISPATCH Moline, Illinois (& several other newspapers) LETTER TO THE EDITOR The Vatican's sex education guide issued to parents Wednesday says that homosexual sex is "against the laws of nature." Using that sort of "logic" a great many other things can also be considered unnatural. It is unnatural for people to fly. It is unnatural to wear contact lenses, and eyeglasses. It is unnatural for people in the Chicago to eat bananas, since they are not native to the area. I could go on and on. The Vatican seems to be obsessed with what is "unnatural" only when it has to do with sex. The sexual practices of homosexuals are engaged in, and apparently enjoyed by, a great number of heterosexuals as well. Homosexual activity is quite natural for millions and millions of people, and it has also been observed widely in the animal kingdom, from birds to snakes to zebras. Researchers keep reporting evidence of a possible genetic link to homosexuality. And no matter what society you examine or what period of history you study, you find homosexuality. All of this evidence indicates, at least to me, that it is quite natural for a certain percentage of the population. By the year 2,000 there will be 6 1/2 Billion people on planet Earth. We are dealing with what can be called a "procreative cancer" completely uncontrolled at this time. Directly or indirectly, this growing surplus of human births is largely responsible for our most serious world problems -hunger, ethnic strife, environmental degradation, unemployment, disease,ignorance, etc. In view of this disastrous situation the Vatican's positions on sexuality and birth control are absurd and dangerous. The Vatican seems concerned only with life in the most superficial,ideological sense. It's actions amount to a prescription of death now and for the immediate future. --William C. Stosine, Iowa City, Iowa [BCS41@AOL.COM]


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