[This is the introduction to the panel on Satanism at the Martin Luther King Rome Tribunal

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[This is the introduction to the panel on Satanism at the Martin Luther King Rome Tribunal on January 19, 1989] In this panel we are going to expose to you some very shocking facts. You will see in the course of this panel that Satanism and the cult of death are the product and result of a major cultural war waged against western civilization. It is a war which is directed by Russia in full complicity with certain gnostic oligarchical networks of the West. It involves the same networks in East and West which during the 19th century unleashed the famous anarchist movement in Europe and which delivered the belief structure for the Bolshevic revolution as well as the racist blood and soil culture for the Nazi movement. The target of this operation is the destruction of the mind, the identity of western man based on the principles of Augustinian Christianity, the principles of love for truth, beauty and love for humanity. Humanist culture and the progress of civilization in the last 2000 years was based on the idenity of man, that he as an individual can self perfect, that the meaning of his entire life is to be creative in the image of God and to contribute to the good. These paradigms of western culture are now in the process of being destroyed, they are supposed to be replaced by a "collective soul", a gnostic one world religion which should serve as the basic belief structure in a one world dictatorship. From this standpoint we should carefully study again the message which was delivered by General Secretary Gorbachov in the United Nations. It was a plea for the "NEW AGE DOCTRINE". Just look for a moment how this cultural war manifests itself? Aside the environmentalists, the nuclear freeze and the gay movement there are estimated 20 million people in Europe who believe in the Occult! In West Germany there are 85,000 practicing Witches. The key center of this Wicca cult is in the city of Worms. In Berlin under the name of "Church of Satan" or Thelema - the OTO is activly recruiting people into black magic sexually pervert rituals. In Italy - with more than 100,000 people involved in magic, we find alone in the city of Turin 30,000 practicing Satan worshippers, who - according to one of their leading members "enjoy the highest level political and spiritual support from the leading families of Turin." The person would not mention the name because..."it could end up with a knife in the person's back." A similar situation exists in France - alone in Paris there are 3000 practicing astrologers - and who knows, their most important clients may come from the banking side, people who do have an intense interest about reading the future of their bank in the stars! In England, as we will hear from Mrs. Core, per year approximately 4000 children die in human sacrifice. [See the inane, silly, stupid nonsense of her's in the text file ROME_DCO.TXT available for download here. -d. rice] Among the 10,000 practicing sorcerers - the owner of the leading black magic shop "The Sorcerers Apprentice Shop" Mr. Bryan (picture) will organize this year a major congress on Satanism. In the US according to a governmental study which appeared three years ago, every year 1,8 Million children dissapear- they either become victims of child pedophilic rings and child pornography rings or are simply becoming victims of black magic rituals (as was the case in the famous Atlanta child murder 1978). This open practice of the cult of death and violence- which has become a mass recruitment force, must be seen together with the enormous spread of drugs and heavy metal satanic Rock groups, such as Kiss, Led Zeppelin, the necrophiliac Alice Cooper- who lives in the house of satanist Aleister Crowley and the Rolling Stones with Mick Jagger, who claims to be the reincarnation of Lucifer and who is member of the "Church of Satan" in California. All these hard rock groups exist, to promote on a mass scale drug culture and satanism as well as to induce young people into homosexual practices. "God told me to skin you alive." sings the rock band "The Dead Kennedys". "I kill children and make their mamas cry. Crush them under my car, I want to hear them scream. Feed them poison candy and spoil their Halloween!" A horror show, you might say? Yes! But a horror show, that is absolutely planned and staged with the help of such institutes like Stanford Research Institute or the famous California based institute "Esalen"- a key center for the manufacturing of cults like SRI or EST, cults which were tested by task forces like "Delta Force" and "First Earth Battallion" on the highest level in the US military and government. This same Institute Esalen has since the beginning sixties been in very close collaboration with the Moskow and Novosibirsk based Institute for Parapsychology- as a matter of fact the doctrine which Esalen uses is borrowed from Russian mysticism and spiritualism. But keep in mind, the very same people who have initiated social engineering programs of that kind, are themselves devout satan worshippers and Kooks! So lets just go back to the beginning 1950's. In 1954, the founder of the "Lucifer Trust", later known as Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, wrote a book with the title "Education in the New Age", in which she outlines a New Age program, that will be picked up years later by the Club of Rome and in the beginning sixties by a whole new student and youth movement. "The Piscean age dealt with the details of the endeavour to measure up to a sensed ideal.. The conquests of science, the conquests of nations and the conquests of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with its idealism, militancy and its separativness in all fields- religious, political and economic. But the age of synthesis, the inclusivness and of understanding is upon us, and the new Education of the aquarian age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura.1. Emphasis will in the future shift from the urge to produce a large family to that of producing quality and intelligence in the offspring.. 2. The need of an increasing birthrate will be regarded as erroneous.... the economic situation will make it necessary that certain physical restrictions should be imposed, because it is now evident, that beyond a certain point the planet cannot support humanity...3. The science of eugenics will steadily grow..." The student revolt in the 1960's, with Timothy Leary going around the US campusses distributing LSD for free, the then unleashing of environmentalism as well as peace, anti-nuclear and gay movements, represent the first stage of mass recruitment to the "New Age."(pictures) The key words and symbols against which all hatred is mobilized, are "growth", "Technological and scientific progress", "Authoritarian Personality and bourgeois morality". At the beginning of the 1980's the book "The Aquarian Conspiracy" is presented at the world congress on futurology in Toronto. The author, Marilyn Ferguson from Stanford Research Institute- will use this book to initiate the second wave of mass recruitment. Aside her explicit support for psychedelic drugs, her call for alternative life style, she preaches, that man should look for more spiritual exercizes- by going back to old gnostic beliefs and primitive Oriental religions, to widen their consciousness. Simultaneously a major wave of gnostic and esoteric, theosophic literature begins to flood the markets. The signal is set. After having sucessfully induced cultural pessimism into a majority of young people, now the attack will be directed against the traditional religions, the ethical and moral values per se. Evil will be worshipped for evils sake! Who are the spiritual fathers of this satanic movement? We have to go back to the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, C.G. Jung and Arnold Toynbee. (picture of Nietzsche) One hundred years ago Friedrich Nietzsche in his essay the "Antichrist" and "The Will to Power" called man the "disfigured and sickliest animal." This man, who is so much hailed by the academic world in these days,and who prophecied a Europe without nations under the spiritual guidance of Dostoyevskian culture, launched the battlecry "We believe in OLYMPUS and not in him who was crucified! The sexuality, the addiction to domination, the pleasure in appearance and deception, the great joyous thankfulness for life and its tyrannical conditions , that is what is essential in heathen cult... The highest culture I call it the "PESSIMISM OF STRENGTH". The individual need no longer justify evil. He ENJOYS EVIL PURE, AND HE FINDS SENSLESS EVIL TO BE THE MOST INTERESTING. While he previously needed a God, he is now fascinated by a world order without God, a world of chance in which the horrible and the animal have their place.." (picture Helena Blavatsky) -This lady, a radical Russian feminist, created in 1875 the theosophy movement, by opening Lodges in England, Germany and the US. Together with Count Ignatiev- a member of the Russian Okhrana and Prince Kropotkin- a leading anarchist in Zsarist Russia and very influential figure in the creation of Bolshevism, she ran a very sophisticated Russian cultural warfare operation into the West- where her theosophic lodges would serve as secret societies and conveyer belts for the ideas of Bolshevism and Nazism. Helena Blavatsky believed in the OCCULT. She was a convinced gnostic, an Isis worshipper who borrowed her philosophy from the Tibetans and the Hindus. Like Nietzsche she believed in a cyclical world and directed her hatred against the official Christian theology, in particular on the question of Lucifer. Man would never have been able to sin, he would never have individuality, if Lucifer were not there, Blavatsky argued. Therefore Lucifer is the God of Light, whom we worship. (picture of Aleister Crowley) This man was the leading British Satanist. Suspected for having been a naval intelligence agent all through his life, Aleister Crowley -who called himsellf "Satan" founds the ORDO TEMPLIS ORIENTALIS in 1906. Crowley is a total sexual pervert, but even more than that, he is a total drug addict- who for years lives on Opium, Cocain and sniffing substances in his communes in Sicily, Paris and London. He, who supposedly gave Hitler the Swastika symbol (according to one of his OTO collaborators in Berlin) makes in his Book "Master Therion" published in 1930, an open call for the ritual of Human sacrifice:" It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary, and devour them while yet warm... In any case it was the theory of the ancient Magicians, that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal... and in quality to its mental and moral character...A MALE CHILD OF PERFECT INNOCENCE AND HIGH INTELLIGENCE IS THE MOST SATISFACTORY AND SUITABLE VICTIM"! (picture of C.G. Jung) The Swiss psychoanalyst C.G.Jung is definitely one of the most influential New Age spiritual fathers. In the 1920's he began to conduct experiments with savages in Africa and Mexico, to study how to change the Christian Augustinian paradigms, those values, in the words of Jung, "that had created the Renaissance". One of the central meeting points in which C.G Jung would bring experts from East and West together, was at that time the "Monte Veritas" in Ascona. Here in the "Children of the sun" center aside from safehousing Lenin and Trotzky, Jung ran a series of seminars together with his assistant Olga Froebe Kapteyn- the granddaughter of Prince Kropotkin(!) Jung was the key trainer of Mary Mellon and her husband, who later started in the US the Bollingen Foundation (a key institute for the manufacturing of cults). He trained Alice and Foster Bailey in the 1930's- the founders of the "Lucifer Trust" and he was also closely advising CIA director Allan Dulles. An intimate friend of the British psywar expert H.G. Wells, he devoted during the twenties and thirties his efforts to forge a new religious belief structure, which would be based on ancient gnostic texts and symbols. Thus in a famous seminar he held with Olga F.K he made the cult of "Magna Mater" fashionable for the West. Kapteyn argued for the need of a "Magna Mater Cult, given that Magna Mater is the original power or principle which embodies and contains all female divinities wether Mother Earth or Mother Nature, Ishtar, Isis, Ashtar, Artem, Demeter Maria or Sophia by their name. In the east she was worshipped as Tara, Durga and Kali both in her awsome frightening aspect as benefactress. Behind these and other forms in which she appears, lies a universal unintelligible, original power, which we, in order to give it a name, call "Magna Mater". Her countenance is hidden from us, but her faces are numerous and express her various aspects and effects. The faces are like masks which conceal and reflect that original being, WHICH PRESERVES, GIVES BIRTH TO AND DESTROYS THE LIFE OF THE WORLD IN AN ETERNAL TRANSFORMATION>". A world dominated by Magna Mater is cyclical -evil and chaos are just natural expressions of eternal transformation. (pictures of goddesses) (Picture of Arnold Toynbee) This British gentleman, an influential historian, known for his work on the rise and fall of civilizations, who observed with great fascination the rise of Bolshevism and Nazism, argued that the nation state and the ideal of the renaissance man was at the root of all evil. His evaluation on "Marxism" sounded in contrast much more positive, when he writes "For the Russian Marxian, Russian slavophile and Russian Orthodox Christian alike, Russia is "Holy Russia" and the western world is... uniformly heretical,corrupt and decadent..." In "Surviving the Future" he asks "How then, can we arrive at a true and therefore lasting peace? I do not believe that this goal can be reached without a world wide spiritual revolution...The people of each local sovreign state will have to renounce their state's sovreignity of a literally "world wide government". "Of course it would be ideal if we could carry out these reforms voluntarily... but we shall have to use whatever means may prove necessary and I therefore have a foreboding that the career of Lenin may prove to be the future wave... I guess that mankind will aquiesce in a harsh Leninian kind of dictatorship as a lesser evil than self extermination... If the reluctant majority accepts the dicatorship on this ground, I think they will be making the right choice.." The satanic cults of today that were spiritually prepared by these gentlemen, are not a phenomenon, that just hits young people with a weak personality. No they involve, as was underscored by Toynbee, the highest levels in the establishment. Just take the example of Prince Charles from England. (picture)Two years ago a book appeared, written by John Dale "The prince and the paranormal. The psychic bloodline of the royal house." Prince Charles is being revealed as a convinced Jungian Mystic, absorbed by the fascination for the occult and the paranormal. "The protection of the royal House, writes Dale, "...contributed to the fact, that Great Britain became the center of the Occult of the western world. Paranormal practices- unusual in other countries can be freely practiced here." (Picture of Prince Philip) Or take the case of his father Prince Philip, the president of the World Wildlife Fund aside from Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, Philipp Morris, the cigarette producer und Lukas Hoffmann, the son of the Hoffmann Laroche family. The aide of Prince Philip has just rewritten the harvest prayer as we were told which prays "Thank you God, that you took the land away from the peasants, that land is given back to God." The same World Wildlife Fund is one of the biggest land speculators buying up in a big way the land of bancrupt US farmers. The same Prince Philip declared in a recent Interview, that "because of the problem of overpoplation he wanted to be reincarnated as a deadly AIDS virus". (picture of Lucis Trust and picture of OTO and Wicca) Now lets have a look at the key command center of today's New Age movement and satanic cults. It is the "Lucis Trust", which got founded 1924 by Alice and Foster Bailey, the dispiples of Jung, with Foster being a 33 degree leader of the Freemasonry Scottish Rite in the US until his death. Look at the leading sponsors of the Lucis Trust (two pictures McNamara and John D. Rockefeller) Furthermore, Henry Clausen (former president of the World Bank) Grand Commander of 33 Degree, Thomas Watson (IBM and former embassador to Moskow), United Lodge theosophists of New York Eleanore Roosevelt, Anglican Bishop Cannon West and UN General Assistant Secretary Robert Muller. Next (picture) prominent organizations sponsored by Lucis Trust: (see) Look next also at the magazine which they distribute world wide under the name "World Good Will" or "Beacon", and the book list they recommend. (picture) The "Temple of Understanding" is a suborganization of the Lucis Trust, which used to be in the UN. One year ago it merged with the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, starting with a series on Russian culture. The aim of it-promote a one world religion. O.T.O - its key center in Berkely California. Following the example of its founder, OTO is involved in very perverted black magic rituals. WICCA- A radical feminist homosexual movement which worships Witchcraft. One of the leading Witches is Ms Starhawk (see) key promoter of mother earth rituals. What does a Witch promise when she does a pact with the devil: 1. repudiate God.2. eat the flesh and drink the blood of humans. 3. kill men with poison. 4. kill men's cattle, 5. create terror in humans. (pictures.) In this context it is very interesting to note (according to crimnologist Prandtner) that Gudrun Ensslin and Ulrike Meinhof, the two RAF Members were deeply involved in satanic belief, which served as the "source of energy" for terrorist killing. I have no time to go into the case of Lt. Col. Aquino- a top security cleared military and founder of an affiliate to the Church of Satan and OTO, called "Church of Set", with mostly military members. Despite child molesting and pedophilia, despite bragging on US TV that he is a satanist, despite training sessions modled on Himmler rituals and the recommendation to study the Thule Society, this man runs free and carries secrets. He is just symptomatic for a very alarming subversion of our military by these cults- which give a perfect entry for KGB run infiltration operations. Last not least I want to remind you, that the operations started against LaRouche, it was among others "Lucis Trust" which gave their dossier on LaRouche to Senator Moynihan. Aside from Adlai Stevenson III being a devout theosophist, the NBC TV, which started the whole slander operation against LaRouche, claiming ould run a cult, it is this TV network which was deeply involved in the Jim Jones cult. So -as an old Persian scholar recently told us- if you want to find the truth, just look at who attacks us, just look at who runs the drug business, who runs satanic cults and you end up finding the enemy, those who want to destroy the mind.


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