Is Randal Terry homosexual? 8 January, 1993 The founder of the Christian hate group +quot;

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Is Randal Terry homosexual? 8 January, 1993 The founder of the Christian hate group "Operation 'Rescue'" was on CNN today. His cult was "protesting homosexuality," which amounted to standing in a street yelling at people. One woman, a lesbian, tore Randal a fresh poop-chute by asking him several dozen sharp, decisive questions that he was utterly unable to answer concerning his ad hoc, bigoted assertions. Randal had enough intelligence left from the damage caused by his self-imposed brainwashing and Christian occult indoctrination to beat a hasty retreat from this woman, fleeing into a passing cab where he could lick his wounds. If he were not so morally and ethically bankrupt, one could even feel sorry for him. One of Randal's assertions is that homosexuals -choose- to be homosexual. That must come as a complete shock to most homosexuals, who up until Randal set them straight (so to speak), have been homosexual from the cradle. Just as I did not choose to be heterosexual, nor do homosexuals suddenly one day wake up and decide to be homosexual. When the woman asked Randal just =HOW= a person decides to be homosexual, and if he knew anyone who =CHOSE= to be homosexual, he ignored the questions a dozen times, and then finally admitted he didn't know. Randal then equated homosexuality with suffocating a two-year-old child (and other lesser criminal activity). This is on par with fascists who would be dictator--- when their claims have been utterly refuted and demonstrated to be empty and invalid, they obfuscate the issue by eliciting an emotional response. Randal cannot compete, let alone defend his bold assertions, using logic or even rational thought, so he went for the straw-man argument, which he then proceeded to try and knock over. The woman who was correcting his misconceptions didn't bat an eye, nor did she let him pull such sophomoric stunts, but got him right back on the real issues. I've never seen a woman bloody a man's nose quite so well, and yet never lay a glove on him. Even after such a sound beating, I suspect Randal will still be with us, terrorizing pregnant little girls and women, leading hate groups into criminal activity, and generally playing the sadistic, evil little man. -- David Rice


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